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Lethal Weapon

Typed out by Lethal Weapon Developer: Ocean Publisher: Ocean of America Case Briefing *You know what it's all about. That's right. The crazy cop and his almost crazy partner are back to do the city a world of good. As Martin Riggs or Roger Murtaugh, you've got a lot to decide - like how you're going to outwit and outdo the major outlaws of L.A. Riggs *Is a Vietnam veteran, trained in the techniques of the U.S. Commandos. He's high-strung, unpredictable, and impulsive, with little regard for his own safety. His incredible skill in Martial arts makes him truly a living, breathing Lethal Weapon. Murtaugh *Is more of a career cop and a family man. He thought he had it easy until Riggs showed up a few years ago... and those few years already seem like a lifetime. Preferring ammunition over hand-to-hand combat, Murtaugh is less athletic than Riggs - but he still packs a mean punch. *Now this mismatched duo must take on drug smugglers, terrorists, The Organization and a live bomb at a a shopping mall. *Which of these four missions will you tackle first? One thing's for sure, they'll all be tricky... and deadly. How much of your life and your future are you willing to risk? As Riggs? As Murtaugh? Choose the better man for each mission. Remember, you'll need muscle and wits, so choose wisely. If you're sharp enough and your quick enough, you may have time to catch your breath before you begin your final task for the Internal Affairs Department. This time, you'll be tracking down a corrupt ex-police officer; one who knows how you move! So get moving... and do it carefully! Your Controls Control Pad Up *Climbs up ladders, ropes, and pipes. Control Pad Down *Duck or climb down a ladder. Control Pad Left *Walk or run left. Control Pad Right *Walk or run right. Button A *Press button to kick. Button B *Press button to jump. Button Y *Press button to shoot a gun or roll when swimming. Start Button *Press button to pause or unpause the game. *When moving left or right, press the Control Pad Down and press Button Y simultaneously to Roll. This Roll can also be used to attack the enemy. Playing the Game *Under the guise of diplomatic immunity, a ruthless gang of international villains have made vast sums of money through narcotics and racketeering. They are now attempting to export the money from a shady dockside in downtown L.A. Riggs and Murtaugh must infiltrate the heavily guarded dock, board the ship and retrieve the money. They expect heavy resistance. *For your second mission, Undercover Operations have discovered a plot to hold the entire city ransom by planting bombs on the subway. A group of suicidal terrorists have entered the subway via the city's sewer system. You must follow them and attempt to stop them. *Yet another terrorist organization has called to say that they have planted a huge bomb in the mid-town shopping mall. You must enter the mall through the car park and located the bomb in order to defuse it. *Deep within an office complex, a hostage lies bound in a darkened room waiting for his heroes to liberate him. Riggs and Murtaugh must enter the complex with as much stealth as possible and rescue the hostage - Leo Getz! *Having successfully completed the other four missions, you must now investigate reports of bullets being shat a police that penetrate their bullet-proof vests. These bullets have been coming from an ex-police sergeant who has been infiltrating the police storage department and procuring the bullets and guns that have been confiscated on previous arrests. You must find out who it is and stop him. Pick-Ups *There are several objects that may be collected: Bullets *Provides you with a new clip of ammunition for your gun. Clock *Increases your time to complete the mission. Police Badge *Increases your energy by giving you a shield (2 extra hits). Playing Tips *try not to get too close to the bad guys, as they will hit you. *Conserve your ammunition throughout the level to face the tough guys. *Always remember that time is ticking away.

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