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Knights of the Round

Knights of the Round A Special Message from Capcom Thank you for selecting Knights of the Round, the latest addition to CAPCOM's library action titles for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. Following such hits as FINAL FIGHT 2, Knights of the Round continues the CAPCOM's tradition of action-packed arcade titles. Knights of the Round features colorful state-of-the-art high resolution graphics and stereo sound. We at CAPCOM are proud to bring you this exciting new addition to your game library. Joseph Morici Senior Vice President -[PAGE 3]- TABLE OF CONTENTS Safety Precautions............................4 Getting Started...............................5 The Grail Quest...............................6 Controlling Your Character....................7 One Land, One King!...........................8 Knights of the Round..........................9 The Power of Merlin..........................10 Treasures of The Realm.......................11 Survival Tactics.............................12 Using The Options Screen.....................13 Warranty Information........................n/a -[PAGE 5]- GETTING STARTED 1. Insert your Knights of the Round Game Pak into your Super Nintendo Enterainment System and turn the power ON. 2. When the title screen appears, you will see the following choices: 1P GAME A one player game 2P GAME a two player game OPTION Allows you to changes button and difficulty settings. Use the control pad to highlight the a 1P GAME or 2P GAME and press the START button. (For an full explanation of the OPTION MODE, please read the "Using the Option Screen" section of this manual.) 3. When the next screen appears, push left of right on your control pad to select you character. Once you have chosen your character, press the B button to start the game. Listen closely to Merlin, for the fate of the grail and all of Britain lies in your hands. 4. To end your adventure at any time, simply turn the Super Nintendo Enterainment System OFF and remove your Game Pak. NOTE: During the game, a small black bar will appear above and below the game screen. This is normal. -[PAGE 6]- THE GRAIL QUEST Legend says the man who pulls the sword "Excalibur" from the stone, is destined to be king. And so it was that Arthur, a young knight, pulled the sword from the stone and claimed his birthright. But none of the other lords and knights would follow the "boy king" and the land quickly began to wither and die. At last Arthur turned to Merlin for guidance and advice. Merlin explained that only the Legendary Grail holds the power needed to unite Britain under Arthur's rule. Lost for ages, the grail would heal the rift between the land and the one true king and will bring prosperity to the land and to its people. So, with aid of his trusted friends Lancelot and Percival, Arthur set forth on his quest to dispel the evil from the land and to reclaim the lost grail. -[PAGE 7]- CONTROLLING YOUR CHARACTER To move your character left, right Press the control pad LEFT,RIgHT,UP or up or down or DOWN. To use your weapon Press the Y button. To make your character jump Press the B button. To use mega crush sword attack Press the A button. (Decreases your health.) To block (defense) Press the X button. To run forward (Percival Only) Quickly press forward twice. To turn the horse when riding Press the B button. To jump forward when riding the Quickly press forward twice. horse To pause the game Press the START button. NOTE: The buttons used for certain actions can be changed by using the OPTION MODE screen. L ____________________||_______________________R / _ x \ / _ select start (_) \ / _| |_ _ _ _ _ a \ ( |_ _| // // (_) (_) ) \ |_| // // y _ / \ _____________ b(_) / \____________/ \____________/ -[PAGE 8]- ONE LAND, ONE KING! Arthur begins his quest to find the legendary grail, his power and experience levels are quite low. But as he hacks his ways through the challenges that lie before him, he will collect experience points. Once he collects enough experience points, he will move to the next level and his level and power armor will increase. Only by raising his experience level to the highest levels will Arthur and his knights be truly worthy of the grail and the awesome power that it holds. EXPERIENCE POINTS | PLAYERS REMAINING ._________________|____/____________________________. | 46133 / 48385 | | Arthur x00/ | CURRENT| ================== | LEVEL---- L8 Next 53000 | | / | PTS. _|______________/ | NEEDED | | FOR NEXT|:.::::::::::_:::::::::::: ::::::::::::::::::::.. | LEVEL |:::::::::::]_}:::::::::::....:::::::::::::::::::::.| | |\.___ | | _|\_ | | | `---------------------------------------------------' -[PAGE 9]- KNIGHTS OF THE ROUND Arthur Power * * * * Defense * * * * Speed * * * * Training to be a great and noble knight, Arthur learned his true destiny when he removed the sword "Excalibur" from the stone. Lancelot Power * * * Defense * * * * Speed * * * * * A talented swordsmen, Lancelot has traveled the world seeking a strong and noble king whom he could serve. Percival Power * * * * * Defense * * * * Speed * * * Pure of spirit, Percival's strength and stamina have always prevented his defeat in battle. -[PAGE 10]- THE POWER OF MERLIN The mighty sorcerer Merlin has left magic items along Arthur's path. Touch them to activate their magic. Always be sure to use them wisely for once they have been used, their magic is gone forever. HORSE STATUE Calls Arthur's horse to his side. CRYSTAL ORB Defeats all enemies on screen. Red orbs will also transfer the points won to your experience points. Green orbs will also transfer the points to your health points. MERLIN'S STAFF The player moves up 1 experience level. A red staff increases the player one experience level. A green staff increases all players one experience level. KNIGHT STATUE Grants a player one additional life. -[PAGE 11]- TREASURES OF THE REALM Mountains of gold and treasures beyond belied lie on the road to the Grail. Smash open barrels and pick up the gold or smash the chests open to evenly divide the booty between the knights. CHEST OF JEWELS A player adds 800 experience points to his total. CHEST OF GOLD A player adds 600 experience points to his total. CHEST OF SILVER A player adds 400 experience points to his total. SILVER TEA SET A player adds 500 experience points to his total. ROAST TURKEY Adds your 56pts to your health meter. FRUIT PLATTER Adds your 32pts to your health meter. MILK Adds your 16pts to your health meter. -[PAGE 12]- SURVIVAL TACTICS 1. Dont use the mega crush attack too much. Each time you do, youll loose part of your health bar. 2. If you successful block an sword attack, you will be invincible for a second. Use this tactic against the bosses! 3. Merlin has left magical items in barrels. Knock them open with your sword and then pick up to activate them. -[PAGE 13]- USING THE OPTIONS MODE When the title screen appears, push the control pad up or down to move the marker next to OPTION MODE and press the START button. When the next screen appears, push the control pad up or down to highlight the option you wish to change. GAME LEVEL The option determines how hard the game is. There are 3 different settings, EAST, NORMAL and HARD. Press the control pad left or right until you find the difficulty settings you wish to use. KEY CONFIG This option allows you to change the buttons used in the game Press the control pad up or down until you highlight the action you wish to change. Once the action is highlighted, press the button you wish to use for that action and it will automatically change. MUSIC This setting allows you to hear the various music used in the game. Press the control pad left or right to change the music number and then press the A button to hear the music. SOUND This setting allows you to hear the various sounds effects used in the game. Press the control pad left or right to change the music number and then press the A button to hear the sound. -[PAGE 14]- USING THE OPTIONS MODE Cont. EXIT This option allows you to return to the main screen. After you have made your changes, press START to return to the main screen.

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