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Kendo Rage

Typed out by Kendo Rage Developer: Seta Publisher: Seta U.S.A The Story Kendo is Japanese fencing. Centuries ago some samurai decided it was more fun and much safer to practice swordplay with bamboo swords instead of steel swords. Jo is into Kendo in a big way. A black belt in karate by the time she was twelve, Jo began looking for a new challenge. She found it in Kendo-Japanese swordsmanship. Now Jo's parents are pretty cool. They sent her to Japan for summer vacation to study under Osaki Yoritomo, Japan's greatest Kendo master. Jo was jazzed until she got off the plane in Tokyo. Osaki sensai had green hair and called himself "Bob". Wouldn't you wonder if your "great sword teacher" looked like some psycho-cyberpunk with green hair? It gets better. Bob starts ranting about all your special psychic powers and how it's your duty to banish evil from the world. Than he hands you the Zopikki talisman. Kind of neat but it turns you into some kind of retro 70's super hero. Bob might be the greatest sword master of all time, but he's not a fashion designer. Bob is either crazy or a genius, but you know this will be the weirdest summer vacation of all time. Kendo Kendo, the Way of the Sword, has a long history in Japan. Thousands of years ago Japanese warriors studied Kenjutsu, the Art of the Sword, to hone their martial skills. As civil wars in feudal Japan heated up the study of swordsmanship became more important. Skilled swordsmen opened their own dojos gym to train samurai in the Art of Fighting. As you can guess training with a live blade was just as dangerous as combat! Finally a great master developed a bamboo sword to train with. This allowed a warrior to work on form and style without the threat of injury. Over the years, Kendo has become a full fledged sport with a growing international following, For more information on how you can study Kendo and learn the Way of the Sword, contact: Kendo Federation P.O. Box 2004 Lomita, CA 90717 Getting Started Breeze through the following section to jump right into the action. *From the Title screen press the Start Button to advance to the Menu Screen. *Press the Control Pad up or down to select Game Start. *Press the Start Button to enter your selection. *Press the Start Button to skip the opening animation and swing into action. *You're ready for some Kendo Raging. Control Check out the section below and send Jo out swinging like a champ. L & R Button *No function, Start Button *Press to pause the game. B Button *Press to Jump. A Button *Press to Dash Attack. X Button *No function. Y Button *Press to attack. Select Button *No function. To crouch *Press down on the Control Pad. To attack in a specific direction *Press the Control pad in the direction you wish to attack & press the Y Button to implement the attack. Configuration Cruise this section to check out your options. 1) From the Menu Screen press the Control Pad up/down to highlight Confi guration. 2) Press the Start Button to advance to the Configuration Screen. Choose the following selections: Exit *Returns you to the Menu Screen. Level *Choose from three levels of difficulty; Easy, Normal, and Hard. **Press the Start Button to cycle through the three settings. Sound *Press the Control Pad up/down to highlight Sound. *Press the Start Button to advance to the Sound Menu System. *The Stereo features allows you to choose Stereo or Mono. *The Code feature allows you to hear the sound effects used in the game. *Press the Control Pad left/right to select a code. *Press the Start Button to hear the sound effect for the selected code. *Press the Control Pad up/down to highlight Exit and press the Start Button to return to the Configuration Screen. Key assign This feature allows you to configure the Control Pad. *Press the Control Pad up/down to highlight Key Assign. *Press the Start Button to advance to the Key Assign screen. *Press the Control pad up/down to highlight the function you wish to reassign. *Press the button that you want to use for the highlighted function. The letter for that button will appear on the screen. *Pressing a button that is already displayed on the screen for the highlighted function will cause it to disappear from the screen. *Highlight Exit and press the Start Button to return to the Configuration Screen. Monitor Test Kind of cool and very colorful it allows you to know if your monitor is in top form. *Press the Control Pad up/down to highlight Monitor Test. *Press the Start Button to advance to a fun color test pattern. *Press the Start Button to advance to a fresh black and white grid. *Press the Start Button once more to return to the Configuration Screen. Pad Test Use this function to make sure your Control Pad is doing the job. *Press the Control Pad up/down to highlight Pad Test. *Press the Start Button to advance to the Pad Test screen. *From the Pad Test screen press and hold any button. *On the screen the status of the button pressed should change from off to on. Releasing the button should return it to off status. *Press the Start Button to return to the Configuration Screen Heads Up! Jo's gotta know what's up with the world around her to survive. Give a glance to the following section to learn about the Game Screen. This knowledge could save Jo's life. Timer (upper left-hand corner of screen) *Indicates the time remaining for Jo to finish the stage. Pyschopower Meter (lower left-hand corner of screen) *Indicates Jo's charge of mental mojo juice. when Jo is charged she can burn through her enemies with special attacks. Attacking uses this power. Hit Points (bottom left-hand corner of screen) *Indicates how much damage Jo can take. When the bar disappears Jo has lost one life. Special Attack (near bottom-center of screen) *Indicates the current type of special attack power up. Shield (to the right of the bottom center of screen) *Indicates the number of hits you can take without receiving damage. Lives (lower right-hand corner of screen) *Indicates the number of lives remaining. Bosses Health Meter *Indicates the bosses remaining hit points. It only appears during boss encounters. Attacks Bob always says that the best defense is an awesome offense. Master this section and you can practice his advice. Normal Attack - Nothing fancy but it works! *Press the Y Button to attack with your sword. Dash Attack -An incredible attack that blasts the enemies out of your path. Watch out! This attack isn't easy. It takes so much power that your health meter goes down! Use it only when you need it. *Press the A Button to Dash Attack. Special Attacks - There are three different types of special attacks and a shield. To change special attacks grab a colored ball from the crazy critter that flies across the screen. Each color represents a different type of attack 1) Blue *This power up gives your sword the power to launch a spirit shotgun attack. 2) Green *This power up allows you to do the butterfly attack, a savage series of strikes that sting! 3) Red *Shoots a stream of fire from your sword. You can't use it for attacking up or down though. 4) Yellow *This gives your sword the power to absorb one hit. Executing a Special Attack *To do a Special Attack your Pyschopower meter must be charged. *Press the Y Button to use the Special Attack. Note: When you're charged with Psychopower, pressing the Y Button will execute a Special Attack. When you are not charged, pressing the y Button results in a normal attack. Items As Jo works her way through the world of Kendo Rage she will encounter various items. Cruise through the section below to find out how the items can help her on her quest. Clock *Stops the Timer for awhile. Shish Kebab *Restores part of your Health Meter. Rice Bowl *Restores all of your Health Meter. Face *Gives you a 1-Up. Hints When the going gets tough start reading this: *Try to keep your Psychic Power charged for emergencies. *Use your Dash Attack to charge your way through lots of enemies. *Plan your route. Find out where the enemies are and how to take them out before you move. *Remember, you can attack left, right, up and down! Use all the directions to clear out the baddies. *Practice. Bob didn't get green hair overnight and you might not clear a round on your first try. Keep at it and have fun!

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