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Typed out by Steve Begin SNS-BB-USA KA-BLOOEY Instruction Booklet KEMCO SUPER NINTENDO ENTERTAINMENT SYSTEM INSIDE COVER ------------ Warning: Please read the enclosed consumer information and precautions booklet carefully before using your Nintendo(R) hardware system or game pak. Copy must appear in all caps. Licensed by Nintendo Nintendo, Super Nintendo Entertainment System and the official seals are registered trademarks of Nintendo of America Inc. (C) 1991 Nintendo of America Inc. (picture of the Official Nintendo Seal of Quality) This official seal is your assurance that Nintendo has approved the quality of this product. Always look for this seal when buying games and accessories to ensure complete compatibility with your Super Nintendo Entertainments System. All Nintendo products are licensed by sale for use only with other authorized products bearing the official Nintendo seal of quality. PAGE 1 ------ Thank you for purchasing this KA-BLOOEY Game Pak for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System; it's sure to be the most EXPLOSIVE puzzle game you've ever played! You'll have to blast your way through 130 MIND-BLOWING levels, each harder and more complicated than the last, but you're sure to get a CHARGE out of it. The object of the game is to strategically DETONATE every bomb in each level, and still leave yourself a safe place to stand! Good Luck, and have a BLAST! (picture of the game title screen) PAGE 2 ------ TABLE OF CONTENTS PAGE 3 ------ Game Controls......................4 Getting Started....................6 Password Info......................8 Game Strategies...................10 Game Screen.......................12 Regular Tiles.....................14 Special Tiles.....................16 Bombs and Mines...................18 Explosion Areas...................20 Enemy Characters..................22 Warranty..........................24 PAGE 4 ------ GAME CONTROLS (picture of the Super NES controller) CONTROL PAD SELECT BUTTON: Switches between the game screen and a detailed, close up map. START BUTTON: Switches between the game screen and the Overall map screen. Y BUTTON: Same as the B Button. X BUTTON: Same as the A Button. A BUTTON: Blows up bombs. Executes choice on the select screens. B BUTTON: Transports a bomb. Note: You may only transport a bomb if there is a SLOT in the tile with the bomb. PAGE 5 ------ To detonate a bomb, you must stand on the same tile the bomb is on. Press and hold the A button for three seconds (you will see a count down) then move to a safe tile. CONTROL PAD (+ BUTTON): Moves the bomb cursor on the select screens. Moves your character. Note: Since KA-BLOOEY is played on a 3-D screen, the control pad works a bit differently: * To move Character Down and Left, press Down. * To move Character Down and Right, press Right. * To move Character Up and Right, press Up. * To move Character Up and Left, press Left. Hint: Rotate the controller to the right 45 degrees for ease of use. (see below) (picture of the SUPER NES control pad rotated 45 degrees to the right) PAGE 6 ------ GETTING STARTED Insert the Game Pak into the Super NES and turn on the power. After the Kemco information screen, the KA-BLOOEY title screen will appear. Press any button on the controller to advance to the player select screen. On the Player Select screen, move the bomb cursor to the right or left using the control pad to select 1 or 2 players. Press the A button to make your selection. At this point, you'll have to choose New Game or Password. If you have played the game before, and know the password to the level you wish to begin on, move the cursor to "Password" and press A. Enter the password to begin where you left off. If you haven't yet received a password from playing the game, select "New Game" and press start to begin the game on level 1. Hint: You may also watch the select screen to see a brief explanation of all the objects that appear in the game. PAGE 7 ------ (picture of the game title screen) (picture of the game title screen after the bomb explodes) PAGE 8 ------ PASSWORD INFO KA-BLOOEY has a built-in password feature that allows you to return to whatever level you left off at, even after you turn off the power! At the start of each level, a password will be shown on the screen that you can use to return to that level at any time. Make sure you write down these passwords. When you wish to restart, select "Password" after choosing 1 or 2 players. Use the control pad to choose and enter each of the letters that spell out the password of the level you wish to return to. Up and down changes the current letter, left and right will move forward or backward through the password. Press the A Button to enter the password. When you enter a correct password, the game will resume at the level with the corresponding password. Note: If you get totally blown away, you may select the "continue" option to restart the game at the level that you perished. You will not have to enter a password, as long as you don't turn off the power. PAGE 9 ------ (picture of the password entering screen) (picture of the Player-1-get-ready screen) PAGE 10 ------- GAME STRATEGIES Once you get started, it is time to work out your strategy. At the beginning of each level, press the Start button to see the map. Study the map and use it to plan your strategy for the level. The timer will stop while you look at the map, so take as much time as you wish. Make sure you take into account effective use of the different explosion areas of the different bombs. Once you have planned an effective strategy, return to the 3-D screen and let the excitement begin. PAGE 11 ------- (picture of the Overall map game screen) (picture of the close-up map game screen) PAGE 12 ------- GAME SCREEN Be Quick! If you hesitate, time will run out on you. A -BONUS The amount of time you have left to finish the level. If a player fails to complete the stage within the required time limit, that player will lose a life. B -LEVEL Indicates the stage that the player is currently playing. There are a total of 130 stages in the game. C -BOMBS The number of bombs remaining to be blown up on the current level. Once this number reaches zero, the stage is cleared, and the player will advance to the next level. D -SCORES (1 UP and 2 UP) This is the number of points each player has. Each player will receive points for blowing up bombs, destroying enemies, and clearing levels. Hint: You are awarded 10 bonus points for each tile left intact after blowing up all the bombs in a level. PAGE 13 ------- (picture of the game screen) A (Bonus timer at left bottom of the screen) B (Level number at center bottom of the screen) C (Bombs remaining on the level at center bottom of the screen) D (Player scores at right bottom of the screen) PAGE 14 ------- REGULAR TILES PAGE 15 ------- No 3D MAP VIEW 1 (picture of a green plain tile) Normal Tile Can be destroyed by an explosion. 2 (picture of a green tile with Slot Tile a slot yellow on its center) Bombs are transportable only on these slotted tiles. Can be destroyed by an explosion. 3 (picture of a riveted green tile) Riveted Tile Indestructible 4 (picture of a cracked tile) Dissolver Crumbles to pieces after you've stepped on it. Can be destroyed by an explosion. 5 (picture of an ice covered tile) Ice Tile So slippery, it will spin you out of control! Can be destroyed by an explosion. PAGE 16 ------- SPECIAL TILES PAGE 17 ------- No 3D MAP VIEW 1 (picture of a green tile with Temple a pyramid on its center) This tile will stop an explosion, but in the process it will be destroyed. 2 (picture of a green tile with Teleport a propeller on it) Warp from one place to another by step- ping on this tile. An explosion will destroy it. 3 (picture of a green tile with Spinner a spinner on it) If you step on a spinner tile, you'll be thrown off in a random direction. An explosion will destroy this tile. 4 (picture of a green tile with Switch a switch on its center) The A button activates the Switch and a new block will appear. Flip the switch again to make the block disappear. The Switch can be destroyed by an explosion. 5 (picture of a green tile with Squeak a brown ant face on its center) Activate Squeak with the A button, then steer him like you would your own character. It doesn't matter if Squeak goes KA-BLOOEY as long as you are safe. 6 (picture of a green tile with Bubble a blue ant face on its center) Activate with the A button, then steer him like you would a Squeak (he looks like a Squeak except he is red). Unlike a Squeak, he'll explode if he touches a bomb. (note from Steve: There's possibly an error here... the picture of Bubble is blue and the text says that its red... I don't know which info is right) PAGE 18 ------- BOMBS AND MINES PAGE 19 ------- No 3D MAP VIEW 1 (picture of a small red bomb) Small Bomb 2 (picture of a mid-sized red bomb) Mid-Sized Bomb 3 (picture of a large red bomb) Large Bomb 4 (picture of a small red bomb Small Aerial Bomb with a satellite dish on it) When an Aerial bomb is detonated, all the other Aerial bombs will explode. 5 (picture of a mid-sized red bomb Mid-Size Aerial Bomb with a satellite dish on it) 6 (picture of a large red bomb Large Aerial Bomb with a satellite dish on it) 7 (picture of a small white mine) Small Mine Mines will explode when stepped on! 8 (picture of a large white mine) Large Mine 9 (picture of a large red bomb) Swell Bomb It's size will swell from a small bomb to a large bomb, and back. The explosion size will also change depending on when it is detonated. PAGE 20 ------- EXPLOSION AREAS You must be familiar with the explosion areas of the different size bombs to plan a successful strategy. Refer to the drawings at right to see the different explosion areas: PAGE 21 ------- B = The location of the exploding bomb * = The total explosion area + = Any other bombs located in this area will also be triggered! + + Small Bomb: + B + + * + + Mid-sized Bomb: + * B * + + * + + + + * + + * * * + Large Bomb: + * * B * * + + * * * + + * + + PAGE 22 ------- ENEMY CHARACTERS If your character is touched by one of these nasties, you'll lose a life! PAGE 23 ------- No 3D MAP VIEW 1 (picture of four yellow balls) This moves on the surface of the tiles in a set pattern. 2 (picture of a big red ball) This bounces on the surface of the tiles in a random pattern. PAGE 24 & INSIDE BACK COVER: WARRANTY (not written) BACK COVER ---------- (KEMCO logo) Kemco America, Inc 8415 154th Ave N.E. Redmond, WA 98052 Printed in Japan

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