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Judge Dredd

Typed out by Gregory Bishop ----------------------------------------------------------------------- U/SNS/AJDE-USA JUDGE DREDD(TM) INSTRUCTION BOOKLET T TEEN AGES 13+ Acclaim(R) entertainment, inc. SUPER NINTENDO(R) ENTERTAINMENT SYSTEM ----------------------------------------------------------------------- WARNING: PLEASE READ THE ENCLOSED CONSUMER INFORMATION AND PRECAUTIONS BOOKLET CAREFULLY BEFORE USING YOUR NINTENDO(R) HARDWARE SYSTEM OR GAME PAK. THIS PRODUCT HAS BEEN RATED BY THE ENTERTAINMENT SOFTWARE RATING BOARD. FOR INFORMATION ABOUT THE ESRB RATING, OR TO COMMENT ABOUT THE APPROPRIATENESS OF THE RATING, PLEASE CONTACT THE ESRB AT 1-800-771-3772. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (2) Table of contents THE LAW................................3 BEFORE YOU BEGIN PATROL................4 OPTIONS................................5 GAME FEATURES..........................6 FIGHTING...............................8 ARRESTING OR SENTENCING PERPETRATORS...9 WEAPONS AND AMMUNITION.................9 PICKUPS...............................11 LAYING DOWN THE LAW...................12 ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (3) The Law The few inhabitable areas left in America are sprawling metropolitan areas covering what used to be the states. In between the three Mega- Cities lies the wasted radiation desert called the Cursed Earth, created during the Great Atomic War of 2070, where mutants spawn and retiring Judges go for The Long Walk...A world where automation and robotics have made unemployment the rule, where caffeine dealers risk their lives to sell a quick jolt to restless, embittered citizens, and where mere littering can earn you jail time in an Iso-Cube. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (4) Welcome to Mega-City One, home to 400 million citizens. Here up to 60,000 people exist in soulless self-contained city blocks that provide cradle-to Resyk ŇlivingÓ, if the inhabitants arenŐt destroyed in the vicious intra-block rivalries that erupt into Block Wars. Within the dreary confines of this enormous sprawl, order is no longer kept by a police force. In the year 2139 A.D., the seething citizens of the world are judged not by their peers, but by Judges, unforgiving, authoritarian keepers of the peace who believe in speedy justice. Justice is dispatched on the spot. Judge Dredd(TM) finds himself on the wrong side of the law as unseen forces work to bring him down. Before you begin patrol... 1. Make sure the power switch is OFF. 2. Insert the JUDGE DREDD(TM) Game Pak as described in your SUPER NINTENDO ENTERTAINMENT SYSTEM(R) instruction manual. 3. Turn the power switch ON. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (5) When the JUDGE DREDD title screen appears, pressing the START BUTTON will bring you to the options menu, where you may use the CONTROL PAD to highlight and the START BUTTON to select from the following options: OPTIONS START GAME--When this option is highlighted, press the START BUTTON to begin a game, before or after setting options. PASSWORD--When this option is highlighted, press the START BUTTON to access the password function. To pick up a game where you left off, JUDGE DREDD features a Password option. To select a password, use LEFT or RIGHT on the CONTROL PAD to highlight letters. Use UP or DOWN on the CONTROL PAD to scroll through letters and numbers. Once you have assembled the desired password, press the START BUTTON to exit this option. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (6) GAME FEATURES LIVES--Judge Dredd begins each game with three lives, each represented by a shield which appears at the top left of the screen. ENERGY--Judge Dredd begins each life with a full energy bar, which appears at the top of your screen. Each time he sustains damage, his energy bar will decrease to reflect the amount of damage. When it reaches zero, he loses that life. SCORING--Judge Dredd earns differing amounts of points for different activities throughout the game, such as either Arresting or Sentencing a perpetrator, completing a level or destroying a boss, etc. His score appears at the top right of the screen. Note that for the highest score, Arresting someone is sometimes preferable to Sentencing them. VID LINK / COM LINK--Judge Dredd is able to communicate with Justice Central by means of a Com Link. Before each mission, a Video Phone communication informs Dredd of the missionŐs objectives. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (7) JUDGE DREDDŐS MOVES Judge Dredd is capable of the following movements: MOVING WALKING--Press LEFT or RIGHT on the CONTROL PAD to walk in any direction. RUNNING--Tap LEFT or RIGHT twice on the CONTROL PAD to run in any direction. PUSHING--When Judge Dredd comes upon a solid looking object, pushing on it may cause it to slide out of the way, revealing hidden pick ups. Hold LEFT or RIGHT on the CONTROL PAD to push in either direction. EXITING--When Judge Dredd is in front of a flashing area exit, press UP on the CONTROL PAD to enter it. CROUCHING--Press DOWN on the CONTROL PAD to crouch. CRAWLING--Hold down LEFT or down RIGHT on the CONTROL PAD to crawl left or right. JUMPING--Press the B BUTTON to jump. Press the B BUTTON and LEFT, DOWN or RIGHT on the CONTROL PAD to jump in those directions. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (8) CLIMBING--When Judge Dredd is standing in front of a ladder, press UP or DOWN on the CONTROL PAD to climb in either direction. GRIPPING--When Judge Dredd is hanging from an object, press LEFT or RIGHT on the CONTROL PAD to grip the next object in either direction. FLYING--When Judge Dredd has collected an Anti-Grav Belt (see Pickups), press the B Button and the CONTROL PAD in the desired flight direction. FIGHTING HEADBUTT--When Judge Dredd is very close to an enemy, press UP + the A BUTTON to headbutt. PUNCH--When Judge Dredd is not close enough to an enemy for a headbutt, press TOWARDS + the A BUTTON to punch. KICK--When Judge Dredd is not close enough to an enemy to punch, press the A BUTTON to kick. FIRE WEAPON--When Judge Dredd is not close enough to an enemy to punch, press the Y BUTTON to fire a weapon. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (9) ARRESTING OR SENTENCING PERPETRATORS Judge Dredd can mete out justice in either of two ways, Arresting or Sentencing. Some lawbreakers can be subdued and arrested. More vicious felons must be dealt with more harshly: for them, the sentence is usually fatal. Keep in mind that higher points are awarded for making an appropriate Arrest than for wantonly wasting every dirtbag in sight. To make an Arrest, walk into an unarmed offender and press the X BUTTON (disarm the suspect by force if necessary) when the GUILTY marker flashes above them. WEAPONS AND AMMUNITION THE LAWGIVER This handgun is a JudgeŐs standard issue weapon. It is encoded with an individual JudgeŐs DNA in the handle. The Lawgiver fires a number of different projectiles, which can be found at various locations throughout the game. Press the Y BUTTON to fire the Lawgiver. Judge Dredd MUST select which ammunition he wishes to fire by pressing the LEFT OR RIGHT TRIGGERS to cycle through his available supply to the desired ammunition. Pressing the LEFT and RIGHT TRIGGERS simultaneously will return Dredd to the General Purpose Shell. The various types of projectiles are explained in detail below. GENERAL PURPOSE SHELL--This is the default shell. Dredd carries an unlimited supply of these, which are useful in sentencing wrongdoers. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (10) HEAT SEEKER--These heat seeking missiles lock on to the nearest source of heat and detonate on impact. RICOCHET MISSILES--These are rubber-based shells that rebound off hard surfaces such as floors and walls. Ideal for stunning humanoids prior to arrest, they do very little permanent damage. But be careful to fire them at an angle, or the shell may rebound directly back at you! INCENDIARY MISSILES--This projectile explodes into a fireball on impact. Useful for burning any trash that threatens the harmony of Mega-City One. ARMOR PIERCING MISSILES--One of the most damaging types of ammunition available to Dredd, these shells are capable of penetrating even thick steel. GRENADE--This is a short range projectile that detonates on impact! HIGH EXPLOSIVE MISSILE--This is a long range projectile. It is more powerful than the grenade, and detonates on impact. DOUBLE WHAMMY--This is a dual projectile version of the Heat Seeker shell: it fires two Heat Seeker Shells at one time. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (11) BOING BUBBLE--This plastic-like material forms bubbles when fired, and is the only thing that can contain the spirit form of the Dark Judges. It is capable of shattering after a short time, however, and the shards can be damaging to anyone touched by them. PICKUPS There are a number of pick ups Judge Dredd can collect throughout the various levels of the game. Some, like the various bits of contraband Dredd can confiscate from Looters or Caffeine Dealers, have point values which will enhance your score. Others carry no points, but are useful in completing the game. Good Luck! SMALL ENERGY ICON--This small heart icon restores Judge DreddŐs energy bar to half a full bar. LARGE ENERGY ICON--This large heart icon restores Judge DreddŐs energy bar to full. EXTRA LIFE--Pick up these valuable shield icons to collect an extra try. ANTI-GRAV BELT--Judge Dredd immediately gets 10 seconds of flying ability when he picks up this device and presses the B Button. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (12) FORCE FIELD GENERATOR--Judge Dredd is immediately protected by an invulnerable shield for 10 seconds when he picks up this icon. BOOK OF LAW--This book is the guide for Judges. It must be picked up to complete certain levels. SECURITY DOOR CARDS--In the Halls of Justice, sealed doors can only be opened with special door cards which must be found by Judge Dredd. PASSWORD DISK--Pick up this password disk icon to receive a password allowing you to return to the level where the disk is collected. ILLEGAL CAFFEINE BAG--Earn points by collecting any contraband caffeine dropped when a Caffeine Dealer is Arrested. BAG OF CREDITS--Earn points by collecting illegally gotten credits dropped by fleeing felons such as Caffeine Dealers or Looters. LAYING DOWN THE LAW JUDGE DREDD consists of 12 levels, each having both a primary and a secondary objective. Complete all of them for a Mega Bonus at the end. That is all. Good Luck! ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (13) BLOCK WAR When a vicious band of lowly squatters, led by a charismatic loser named Zed decide to play, itŐs a Block War! As usual, Dredd lets his weapon do the talking! His primary objective is to locate and destroy all ammunition supplies in the area. His secondary objective is to Arrest or Sentence all Block War participants. BREAKOUT AT ASPEN A vicious inmate sparks a riot at the Aspen Penal Colony, a prison in the middle of the dreaded wasteland known as Cursed Earth. As the foremost Judge in service, Judge Dredd is dispatched to quell the riot. DreddŐs primary objective is to close all security doors (using the computer consoles) to prevent further escapes. His secondary objective is to see that all perps still in the area are Arrested or Sentenced. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (14) SHUTTLE CRASH IN CURSED EARTH As part of a secret plot, Judge Dredd is framed for the murder of a newsman named Hammond. Because tradition allows a retiring Chief Judge one final ruling, Chief Judge Fargo elects to retire in order to commute DreddŐs sentence from death to life without parole in Aspen Penal Colony. When the shuttle transporting Dredd to prison is shot down by the crazed Angel Clan, Dredd manages to escape. His primary objective is to find Judge Fargo and seek his wisdom. Once he has done so, DreddŐs primary objective will then to find the Book of Law, which will help him prove his innocence. His secondary objective is to Arrest or Sentence all perps in Cursed Earth. PREPARE FOR THE FINAL FIGHT Judge Dredd learned from Judge Fargo and the Book of Law that he is the genetic twin of ex-Judge Rico. Rico was sentenced to death, but was secretly spared by powerful allies and escaped from Aspen. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (15) Dredd realizes that it was RicoŐs DNA on the Lawgiver that killed Hammond! ItŐs clear to him that he must get back to the city to prove his innocence. His primary objective will be to rearm himself for what may follow. He will also need to Arrest or Sentence any perps who hinder him. LOCATE RICO Fully armed, DreddŐs primary objective is to reach the Council Chamber in order to convince the Council of Judges of his innocence. His secondary objective is to avoid or disarm any Judge Hunters in the Hall. He enters the Hall of Justice only to find that the Council of Judges have all been murdered--by Rico! His new mission is to find RicoŐs secret location by using the Central Terminal. But the Hall of Justice is secured by a series of doors that can only be opened with security cards. Each door requires a key card, which must be found and inserted in the right terminal. Dredd must continue to avoid or disarm the Judge Hunters who are after him as he tries to escape the Hall, or heŐll never reach Rico! ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (16) ESCAPE FROM THE JUDGE HUNTERS Judge Dredd must move quickly to get to RicoŐs hideout in the Janus Lab. Spying a Lawmaster IV prototype cycle, Dredd and his side-kick Fergie take off, pursued by a gang of Lawmaster-mounted Judge Hunters! The Judge Hunters are firing heat seeking missiles, and itŐs up to Fergie to shoot down the missiles while trying to get a clean shot at the Judge Hunters. Use your CONTROL PAD to aim the crosshairs and press the Y BUTTON to fire. Once the pursuing Judge Hunters get too close, Dredd must fend off attacks by KICKING at the Judge Hunters. If Dredd can manage to escape the Judge Hunters, he may still be able to reach the Janus Lab! ACCESS THE JANUS LAB Dredd learns the Janus Lab is in the forgotten ruins of the Statue of Liberty! He must find the entrance to the Statue of Liberty, where the Janus Lab is guarded by outlawed ABC Robots. His primary objective is to defeat the ABC Robots. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (17) ENTER THE JANUS LAB When he discovers that Judge Dredd has gained access to the lab, Rico prematurely ŇhatchesÓ the clone forms from their cloning tubes. Dredd must deactivate all computer terminals to shut down the labŐs power system, preventing any future cloning. His secondary mission is to find and destroy all the cloning tubes. Rico challenges Dredd to a Judge vs. Judge battle to the finish--with the future of the justice system in the balance! INVASION BY GILA MUNJA Mega-City One has been spared the threat of Rico and the Janus Project, but things never remain quiet for long. The Gila Munja, a band of mutant assassins, are lurking in the sewers below Mega-City One, hoping to get in. Judge DreddŐs primary objective is to locate and destroy all Gila Munja. Gila Munja are spinning tops of terror and are tough to sentence. Judge Dredd must also contend with the usual day-to-day dreck of Mega- City One: Looters, Squatters, Arsonists and the like. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (18) RC 4 HOSTAGE SITUATION Processing Radical Carbon 4, a highly toxic substance, isnŐt must fun. When the disgruntled workers at the RC4 Processing Center riot and take hostages, DreddŐs primary objective is to locate and destroy all RC4 canisters before the city is contaminated. His secondary objective will be freeing the hostages. Dredd must deal with Blitz Agents and escaped Aspen convicts hoping to deal him some destruction. RIOTS IN MEGA-CITY ONE Judge DreddŐs primary objective is to Arrest or Sentence the lead Sky Surfer who has whipped up a frenzy in Mega-City One--thereŐs a riot going on! His secondary objective is Arresting or Sentencing all perps involved, restoring order to Mega-City One...for now! ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (19) ABOARD JUSTICE ONE Judge Dredd learns that the recent disturbances were distractions meant to cover up a plot by the Dead Judges to steal an inter-dimensional jump device hidden aboard Justice One, allowing them to travel between Dead World and Mega-City One at will! As Dredd travels aboard Justice One, his primary objective is to activate all the shipŐs security systems to prevent the theft of the jump device. He must also clear the ship of any perps who have gained entry. After securing Justice One, Dredd must then locate the jump device and protect it--with his life! FINAL JUDGEMENT Discovering that the inter-dimensional jump device he has been guarding is a clever fake, Judge Dredd follows the Dark Judges to Dead World, where he must put an end to the mad plans of the Dark Judges and their evil spirit leader, Judge Death! Dredd must rid Earth of this threat forever, but in a land where the dead rule, survival isnŐt easy! ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (20) [Well, this page is basically one big picture of Sly Stallone dressed up as Dredd. Trust me, he looks pretty dorky.] ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (21) Notes _________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________ ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (22) ACCLAIM ENTERTAINMENT, INC. LIMITED WARRANTY ----------------------------------------------------------------------- LOOK FOR DC(TM) JUSTICE LEAGUE(TM) TASK FORCE ItŐs a bird! ItŐs a plane! ItŐs Superman?!!! Can anyone match the FlashŐs speed? Green ArrowŐs bow turns friend to foe. SUPER NINTENDO(R) ENTERTAINMENT SYSTEM SUNSOFT(TM) Acclaim(R) entertainment, inc. Contact the ESRB at 1-800-771-3772 for more information on game ratings. Marketed by Acclaim. Distributed by Acclaim Distribution, Inc., One Acclaim Plaza, Glen Cove, NY 11542-2708. PRINTED IN USA -----------------------------------------------------------------------

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