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Indiana Jones Greatest Adventures

Typed out by El_Diablo Indiana Jones' Greatest Adventures Instruction Booklet ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ INTRODUCTION Grab your trusty whip and slash your way through all three Indy classsics in this no-thrills-barred-blockbuster adventure! If it happened in the movies, it happens in here...The great boulder from Raiders Of The Lost Arc, the mine cart chase from Temple Of Doom, the Three Trials from The Last Crusade, Rene Belloq and Colonel Vogel... It's three times the action, all on one fully loaded game pak. CONTENTS STARTING THE GAME-3 CONTROLS-4 MODE 7 LEVEL CONTROLS-5 MAIN GAME MENU-7 MAIN GAME SCREEN-8 CHEATS-9 3 STARTING THE GAME 1. Turn off your Super Nintendo Entertainment System by sliding the POWER bar away from the Game Pak slot. Plug a game controller into your system. 2. Insert the Indiana Jones' Greatest Adventures Game Pak, labal facing front, in the system slot. 3. Turn on the system by sliding the POWER bar toward the Game Pak slot. 4. When the title screen appears, press the START Button to begin play. 4 CONTROLS To Move Indy: Press the Control Pad in corresponding direction To Pause Game: Press the start button To Throw A Grenade: Press the X button To Use Current Weapon: Press the Y button To Jump: Press the B button To Swing: Latch whip onto pin, hold the Y button and press the Control Pad LEFT or RIGHT To Roll: Hold the Control Pad DOWN and press the A button To Punch: Press the L or R button To Cycle Through Weapons: Press the SELECT button 5 MODE 7 GAME CONTROL Snow Raft Controls: TO STEER RAFT: Press the Control Pad LEFT or RIGHT TO JUMP: Press the B button Mine Cart Controls: TO POSITION GUN SIGHT: Press the Control Pad in any direction TO FIRE GUN: Press the Y button Biplane Controls: TO FLY PLANE: Press the Control Pad in any direction TO FIRE GUN: Press the Y button 7 MAIN GAME MENU To make a selection in the Main Game Menu, position the cursor with the Control Pad and press the START button to enter your selection. The following is a list of what appears on the Main Game Menu. START: Select this to begin play. PASSWORD: Enter your password here by positioning the arrows by pressing the Control Pad LEFT or RIGHT, then make your letter selection by pressing the Control Pad UP or DOWN. (Passwords are assigned every other level.) OPTIONS MENU: To toggle between the various option settings, press the Control Pad LEFT or RIGHT. Here you can adjust the difficulty setting (easy, normal, hard), play in stereo or mono, listen to the different background music selections and reconfigure your control settings.

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