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Illusion of Gaia

Typed out by Gregory Bishop SNS-JG-USA NINTENDO POWER EXPLORER HANDBOOK ILLUSION of GAIA SUPER NINTENDO(R) ENTERTAINMENT SYSTEM --------------------------------------------------------------- (2) WARNING: PLEASE CAREFULLY READ THE CONSUMER INFORMATION AND PRECAUTIONS BOOKLET INCLUDED WITH THIS PRODUCT BEFORE USING YOUR NINTENDO(R) HARDWARE SYSTEM, GAME PAK, OR ACCESSORY. Thank you for selecting the Super Nintendo Entertainment System(R) ILLUSION of GAIA(TM) game pak. Please read this instruction booklet thoroughly to ensure proper handling of your new games. Then save this booklet for future reference. (R) AND (C) ARE TRADEMARKS OF NINTENDO OF AMERICA INC. (C)1994 NINTENDO OF AMERICA INC. (C)1993, 1994 ENIX/QUINTET/MOTO HAGIO/MARIKO OHARA/YASUHIRO KAWASHI LICENSED TO NINTENDO. -------------------------------------------------------------------- (3) CONTENTS THE COMET OF AGES............4 THE COMPANIONS...............8 BEGINNING THE SEARCH........10 THE CONTROLLER..............12 GAME SCREENS................15 BUILDING UP.................19 DARK SPACE..................20 DARK POWER..................21 ITEMS.......................24 TRAVEL TIPS.................26 THE EXPLORER'S GUIDE........27 ----------------------------------------------------------------- (4) THE COMET OF AGES In a civilization so ancient that nothing of it remains today, the first great flowering of human knowledge produced remarkable breakthroughs in the sciences of biology and genetics. These nameless ancients used their knowledge to create new forms of plants and animals that would make life better on earth. Inevitably, some people twisted the science and molded violent beasts of war with hideous intelligence. The monsters terrorized the people and the civilization began to crumble. In the end, two forces fought over the earth, the Knights of Light and Darkness. The ultimate weapon used in that war was a comet that blazed with radiation and a strange light. The coming of the comet destroyed that race and mutated many people and animals into evil forms, which then hid in the deepest recesses of the world. In the ages that ------------------------------------------------------------------ (5) followed, from the time of the Egyptians and Babylonians to the Incas, the comet continued to return every 800 years. And with the return of this Chaos Comet came times of darkness, destruction and disease. Fragmented legends of the comet's effects and clues about its origin were passed down to the civilizations that followed. But as those nations rose then fell and time turned their works to dust, only a few treasures remained hidden in the most ancient ruins of the world. ------------------------------------------------------------------- (6) Our story begins in the age of exploration, a time of great discoveries when brave explorers drew back the dark shrouds of fable and shed light on the ancient wonders. In that time, a party of adventurers from the seaside town of South Cape set off to unlock one of the greatest of mysteries--the legendary Tower of Babel. Olman, the leader, led his fellow townsmen and even his son, Will, into the tower. But then something happened and the expedition was lost without a trace...except for one. Unfortunately, young Will couldn't remember what had happened, how he had been saved, or even how he had managed to return home after his ordeal. Even stranger was the fact that Will now possessed the power to move objects through thought alone. ----------------------------------------------------------------- (7) The Illusion of Gaia follows Will and his companions as they seek the answers to the lost expedition. As they begin their journey, they don't suspect that it will eventually lead them around the globe or that the fate of the planet lies in their inexperienced hands. They'll have to learn and grow and mold their characters into the stuff of heroes as they face the monsters created by the comet in past ages. Not all of the friends complete the journey. Some may turn aside to discover new destinies. And along the way, help may arrive from unexpected quarters--from Gaia, the spirit of the earth, and Freedan, a powerful knight, and from the mysterious Shadow. But Will must go the entire distance, fighting every battle and returning to the Tower of Babel where he must attempt to end the plague of the comet and to find out what happened to his father. And where Will goes, you go as well. ---------------------------------------------------------------- (8) THE COMPANIONS WILL Will enjoys spending time with his friends, but he also likes to explore with his father. He has yet to understand the importance of his unique abilities. KARA Kara, Princess of Edward Kingdom, has led a sheltered life. She is stubborn, and insists upon doing whatever she wants. Kara sometimes causes trouble with her spoiled ways, but she can actually be helpful in some situations. ------------------------------------------------------------------ (9) LILLY Lilly is from Itory Village. She has special knowledge and can turn into a dandelion. Your grandmother has asked Lilly to help you in your quest. LANCE Lance's father was also lost in the Tower of Babel. Now Lance is determined to find him. You and Lance are good friends and work well together. SETH Shy and skinny, Seth is not very active, but he is very intelligent. He hangs out in the secret cave, playing games all day with his friends. ERIK Erik is a few years younger than the others, but he wants to help. Unfortunately, his youth may cause problems. He is the son of the richest man in town. ------------------------------------------------------------------ (10) BEGINNING THE SEARCH When the Title Screen appears, you will see the opening story explaining the game. Push Start to bypass this. You will then be able to choose from four options: 1 Start Journey 2 Erase Trip Diary 3 Copy Trip Diary 4 Change Snd/Buttons 1. START JOURNEY Once you select this option, you'll be asked Which Diary? If playing for the first time, a Diary begins at the start. Each recorded journey starts where it was last saved. Continue To return to an earlier game, move the cursor to the Diary and push A. See Page 20 to learn how to save the game. ------------------------------------------------------------------ (11) 2. ERASE TRIP DIARY Select this option when you want to erase a trip Diary. You cannot retrieve an erased Diary. Choose the Diary and push the A Button to erase it. 3. COPY TRIP DIARY You can copy your Diary to an empty slot. You cannot copy over a saved Diary, so you must erase one if you have no empty spaces. 4. CHANGE SND/BUTTONS Use this to change the button functions or to switch from mono to stereo. Make your selection and push A. To exit, select End Changes and push A, or push B. --------------------------------------------------------------- (12) THE CONTROLLER TYPE 1 SETTING Below are descriptions of the Controller Buttons as they function in the Type 1 setting. You can change to Type 2 in the Change Snd/Buttons Screens, but new games start with Type 1. Control Pad Press the Control Pad to move in any of eight directions. Select Button Push Select to go into the Item Window and again to exit. Start Button To begin the game or to pause during play, push the Start Button. A Button Press A to attack an enemy or to talk. Push A again to keep talking. B Button Once you have selected an item from the Item Window, push B to use it. L/R Button To use the flute for defense or to move objects, push L or R. * The X and Y Buttons are not used in the Type 1 setting. ----------------------------------------------------------------- (13) WILL'S TALENTS You have telekinetic skills. You are also a great jumper and a skilled fighter. At times, you can transform into two types of warriors. Attack When you are ready to attack monsters, move in close, then press the A Button. Jump Attack After pushing A, press the Control Pad toward the monster. You will strike with more power. Defense Turn to face the attacking enemy. Push L or R and you will twirl your flute in defense. Run Push the Control Pad twice in the direction you want to run, and hold it the second time. ----------------------------------------------------------------- (14) To Jump At an opening in a wall or roof, move to the edge and push down on the Control Pad. Running Jump When you find a ramp, climb the nearby hill and run down. Release the Control Pad when you hit the ramp. Telekinesis You can use your telekinesis to move objects when you push and hold L or R. You must be facing the object to be moved. Conversation The people you meet will usually tell you something. To talk, push A when you are near someone. Search Touch a barrel or jar and push A to find out if any items are hidden inside. If no information appears, nothing is there. --------------------------------------------------------------- (15) GAME SCREENS MAIN SCREEN This screen shows your surroundings, and scrolls with you as you move. You cannot walk through walls or objects. Keep an eye on the meters at the top of the screen. They show how many Lives and Renews you have left. When you talk to people, a conversation window appears on the Main Screen. A. Life Meter The blue circles in the upper left corner of the screen are your Life Meter. When they are gone, you return to the beginning of that stage. B. Dark Gems This shows how many Dark Gems you have. Gather 100 to get an extra Renew, then start collecting again. C. Renew If you are defeated, but have one or more Renew, you will go to the entrance of the room where you lost your life. Proceed carefully! ----------------------------------------------------------------- (16) D. Enemy's Life Meter An enemy's Life Meter appears only when you fight him. To defeat him, you must battle until all of the red circles on his meter are gone. E. Will When necessary, you can turn yourself into other powerful warriors, see Pages 22-23. F. Enemy You will obtain Dark Gems by defeating monsters, so don't leave any foes behind. G. People You should talk to everyone you meet. Some people you should approach more than once--their words may change after a while. MAP SCREEN As you leave town, ruin or dungeon, the Map Screen appears and asks: Where are you going? Select a destination from the list and push A. To cancel your choice, push B or choose Quit on the list. ---------------------------------------------------------------- (17) RADAR SCREEN In dungeons or ruins, push Start to see the Radar Screen. It will show you where your enemies are in that area. Monsters are indicated with blue marks, including those that are hiding. A. Force Indicator This symbol appears on the Radar Screen if monsters are holding a heart, shield, or sword Power Jewel. If you do not see a symbol, there is no Power Jewel. B. Number of Enemies Look here on the Radar Screen to see how many enemies are surrounding you. C. Number of Items This tells you how many items you should be searching for in chests, jars and barrels. D. Position Your position is shown on the Radar Screen. E. Enemies' Positions Use the Radar Screen to see where your foes are lurking, then plan your attack pattern. ---------------------------------------------------------------- (18) ITEM SCREEN Push Select to enter the Item Screen. Your items will then appear, along with a list of options for manipulating the items. A. Items Choose this to equip an item. Before you can use an item on the Main Screen, you must equip it. B. Order Arrange items by selecting the item you want to reposition, then moving the hand icon to the new location. C. Remove Use this to discard. The game will prevent you from discarding an item you need. D. Cond. (Condition) You can get three types of information with this option. First, you can study your Power Jewels status. Second, you can find out which item you have equipped. Third, you can see what Dark Powers you have gained. ------------------------------------------------------------- (19) BUILDING UP As you defeat enemies, Power Jewels will appear. Collecting them will boost your strength and abilities. Check the Radar Screen often to make sure you get all the monsters. A. HP - Hit Points Heart Power Jewels increase your Life Meter. Recover low HP with Herbs or go to the Dark Space. B. DP - Extra Renews Collect 100 Dark Gems to get one additional Renew. They usually appear after you defeat monsters. C. STR - Strength Power Jewels shaped like swords will increase your attack power as you collect them. D. DEF - Defense Shield-shaped Power Jewels improve your defense ability so that you suffer less damage from attacks. --------------------------------------------------------------- (20) DARK SPACE The entrance to the Dark Space appears as a glowing ball. When you approach, it turns into a gateway. In the Dark Space, you can save your progress. Gaia will heal you if you are injured, and she will give you Dark Powers when you have earned them. Only in the Dark Space can you transform into Freedan or Shadow. Go back through the door to return to the Main Screen. A. Gaia Gaia, the guardian spirit of Earth, is your protector. When you stand before her, she will talk to you. Gaia will restore your HP, then ask if you want to save. Select an answer and push the A Button. B. Freedan Move in front of the left statue to transform into Freedan, the Dark Knight. C. Shadow When you stand before the right statue, you become Shadow, the Ultimate Warrior. -------------------------------------------------------------- (21) DARK POWER As Will, Freedan, or Shadow, you will earn Dark Powers, which are wondrous skills. Gaia gives you these Dark Powers when you are in the Dark Space. WILL You are better at moving or jumping over obstacles than you are at fighting monsters. When facing many barriers in a ruin or dungeon, use your Dark Powers. Psycho Dash Press and hold the A Button until you begin flashing. Release it, and you can smash obstacles. Psycho Slide To slide through a narrow opening or to attack foes, press the A Button while running. Spin Dash Hold the A Button. When flashing, push L and R repeatedly. Climb steep hills with this move. ----------------------------------------------------------------- (22) FREEDAN Transform into Freedan when faced with many enemies. Freedan's long sword allows him to reach things you can't as Will. Freedan can also use Dark Powers that Will cannot. Dark Friar Shoot from the sword with this move. Push and hold the A Button until Freedan flashes. Release to fire at enemies. Aura Barrier Create a protective barrier by holding the A Button until Freedan is flashing, then push L and R repeatedly. Earth Quaker Press the A Button when jumping down. When Freedan lands, an earthquake will briefly freeze all enemies. ----------------------------------------------------------------- (23) SHADOW In the Pyramid, Gaia will at last present you with the power of transforming into Shadow. Once you are Shadow, push the A Button to fire a cresent-shaped beam at your enemies. Liquify With the Aura Sphere, given to you by Gaia, Shadow can change into a liquid. In this state, he is not harmed by enemy attacks. To transform, equip the Sphere, then push B to use it. In liquid form, Shadow can sink through some floors to other areas. --------------------------------------------------------------- (24) ITEMS RED JEWEL Will can collect up to 50 Red Jewels in the game. Return them to Gem the Jeweler for items and Power-Ups. Collect all 50 to reach a secret area. Jewels are found in jars, chests, behind pillars--everywhere! ROAST Will must find and make use of many items throughout the game, some of which can only be used once, like the Roast. Although you find the Roast in Edward's Castle, you won't eat it until later. HERBS You can find Herbs along your path in both story areas and fighting areas. One bag of Herbs will replenish some of your lost HP. Since the number of Herbs is limited, use them sparingly. PUZZLE PIECES Will must solve puzzles of many types throughout the game. In this example, you'll find a Diamond-Shaped Hole, then you'll find a Diamond- Shaped Block. Put them together to open a new passage. ----------------------------------------------------------------- (25) WIND MELODY Several melodies can be learned on your journey. Pick up the Wind Melody on the Larai Cliffs in the Incan Ruins. If Will blows a melody on his flute in the right place, something good may happen. KEYS Many doors throughout the game are locked. Will must find the proper keys and use them to open the doors. If a door requires a key and you don't have it, a message will tell you so. DARK GEMS When you defeat an enemy, a Dark Gem appears in its place. Collect all the Dark Gems to earn Renews. Renews allow Will to start over in the same area if he loses a life. MYSTIC STATUES You'll have to find and win six Mystic Statues in the game. Sometimes you'll be given a Statue without having to defeat a guardian character, but be patient. The fight will be just ahead! --------------------------------------------------------------- (26) TRAVEL TIPS For a successful journey, there are a number of things you must remember to do. If you take these actions, you are sure to triumph, eventually. 1. TALK OFTEN Begin conversations with everyone. You may not be allowed to leave town if you have not spoken with enough people. 2. DESTROY ALL ENEMIES Do not leave any enemies behind. You cannot progress further in ruins or dungeons until all monsters are defeated. 3. SWITCH CHARACTERS Be sure to use Will's abilities wisely, as well as Freedan's and Shadow's. Certain situations demand special talents. 4. NEVER GIVE UP! You will often need to be very patient. At times, you must wait for the puzzle to be solved or for equipment to start working. ----------------------------------------------------------------- (27) THE EXPLORER'S GUIDE WARNING DON'T TURN THE PAGE UNTIL...'ve read this message. The information, tips and techniques described in the following pages may reduce the challenge of the Illusion of Gaia. The Strategy General recommends that you attempt to solve puzzles and work through areas of the game on your own before turning to these pages for help. Once you've turned the page, you will lose your innocence! CAUTION ------------------------------------------------------------------ (28) PLOTTING GAIA The plot or story flows from one location to another in the Illusion of Gaia. Use this chart to find the area of the game where you need specific help, but don't read ahead unless you want to ruin the surprise. SOUTH CAPE PAGE 30 EDWARD CASTLE PAGE 32 EDWARD PRISON PAGE 34 EDWARD CASTLE PAGE 38 ITORY VILLAGE PAGE 39 MOON TRIBE PAGE 40 INCAN RUINS PAGE 41 ASTOTH PAGE 45 GOLD SHIP PAGE 46 DIAMOND COAST PAGE 48 FREEJIA PAGE 48 DIAMOND MINE PAGE 50 NEIL'S COTTAGE PAGE 53 ----------------------------------------------------------------- (29) NAZCA PLAIN PAGE 53 SKY GARDEN PAGE 54 VIPER PAGE 59 SEASIDE PALACE PAGE 60 LAND OF MU PAGE 63 VAMPIRE COUPLE PAGE 69 UNDERSEA TUNNEL PAGE 70 ANGEL VILLAGE PAGE 70 WATERMIA PAGE 72 GREAT WALL OF CHINA PAGE 74 EURO PAGE 75 MT. KRESS PAGE 76 ANGKOR WAT PAGE 77 DAO PAGE 78 PYRAMID PAGE 79 TOWER OF BABEL PAGE 81 ---------------------------------------------------------------- (30) SOUTH CAPE Will's quest begins in his hometown of South Cape. Here you'll learn about your new powers, plus talk to people for clues to the mystery of the Chaos Comet and other secrets. You'll also collect three Red Jewels. When you're ready to move on, the guard at the town gate will no longer block you. Companions of the Cave Will often meets with his school friends in a seaside cave in the south part of town. Erik, Seth and Lance demand a demonstration of Will's mental powers. Grandma and Grandpa Since his return from the doomed expedition, Will has lived with his grandparents, Lola and Bill. Listen to their wise words, but don't eat too much of Lola's chow. ---------------------------------------------------------------- (31) GEM THE JEWELER On the rooftop below the school, Gem the Jeweler waits to collect Red Jewels and dispense gifts from his inventory. Gem appears in other places, too. You can send your Jewels to Gem by selecting them from your inventory. [ 1] Inside the bell tower on the school roof is a Red Jewel. [ 2] Downstairs in Lance's house is hidden another Red Jewel. [ 3] The fisherman catches a jar with the third Red Jewel inside. Jewel Trading As you collect and return more Red Jewels to Gem, he offers you items and powers. If you manage to collect all 50 Jewels, you'll learn Gem's well kept secret and enter a hidden area of the game. ---------------------------------------------------------------- (32) EDWARD'S CASTLE Will's first adventure takes him to King Edward's Castle. Even though you don't have the Crystal Ring, go and talk to everyone. Finally, see the King. No matter what you say, he'll throw you in prison. Breakfast for a King Be sure to talk to everyone and poke your head behind everything as if someone is hiding there. You'll learn some useful and some mysterious facts. Captive Kara Something is rotten in Edward's Castle. The queen has hired a professional hunter and tracker and Kara has been forbidden to leave. She needs your help to escape. ----------------------------------------------------------------- (33) [ 4] Behind the pillar is a hidden voice and a Red Jewel. Lock Him Up! Will doesn't have a chance. The King locks him in prison no matter what you say. Talk to every wall and object, then wait for messages. Finally, Hamlet will help you escape. Palace Rumors The castle is abuzz with rumors of a dark hunter who has been hired for unknown, but supposedly evil purposes. Make sure you talk to everyone. ----------------------------------------------------------------- (34) EDWARD'S PRISON All prisoners must learn the lesson of patience. Will should talk to everything in sight, the wall, the moss, the ball and chain, the door. Once Hamlet helps him escape, he must fight his way to freedom. Locked Up The only way to get out of prison is to wait. He'll drift off to sleep and dream of a message from his father. A Dark Gem appears and Olman reveals Will's mission. Saved by Hamlet When Hamlet shows up at the prison door, Will notices that a letter and key are tied to the porker's tail. Select the Key from inventory and open the door. To the right is a Dark Space to save the game. ---------------------------------------------------------------- (35) Gem Collecting Make sure you collect all the Dark Gems that appear after enemies are defeated. Collect 100 of them for an extra life. Use your special power by pushing the Left or Right Button to draw the Gems to you. Statue Heads In the early part of the dungeon, Will finds his path blocked by two heavy stone heads. Use your telekinetic power to move one block and open up a pathway between the stones. Switch Hitting In Edward's Prison, you can find an Herb in a Treasure Chest by hitting the first Floor Switch with your flute. Switches open and close pathways and doors of many types. ----------------------------------------------------------------- (36) The Stuck Switch The second Floor Switch is rusted shut. Jump on it from above to find the Red Jewel, then talk to the spirit in the corner. You'll learn about the Dark Gems and how to gain an extra life with 100 of them. The Flower Room Defeat the bats to reach the hall with the flower. Select Lola's melody and play it. You'll receive a message. Hit the right Switch when the numeral 3 appears. Too Short The Switch beyond the stone wall can't be hit by Will's short flute. Proceed to the pier, destroy the serpents, and enter the new Dark Space where you can gain a new power. ------------------------------------------------------------------ (37) Transform Into Freedan Freedan, a knight from long ago, offers his service to Will in the Dark Space. In many action areas ahead, you will have the choice to play as Will or Freedan. Freedan is a great fighter. [ 5] Take the Red Jewel from this Treasure Chest. [ 6] Don't miss this Chest in the dark recesses of the prison. [ 7] This is the final Red Jewel to be found in the prison. ------------------------------------------------------------------ (38) RETURN TO THE CASTLE Having escaped the prison, Will must return to Edward's Castle and help Kara escape from her imprisonment. In story segments of the game, you won't fight, but sometimes you'll explore areas and solve puzzles. Kara's Escape Luckily, Old Snorehead is living up to his name so you and Kara can sneak by and escape from her room. Don't forget to raid the roast in the basement. Return to South Cape After the castle, you'll find yourself in Will's house. The place is a mess. It's been turned over by the notorious Black Jackal. Your grandparents are gone. Lilly of the Itory appears at this time. ------------------------------------------------------------------ 39) ITORY VILLAGE Lilly takes you to her home, the invisible village of the Itory people, home to Will's late mom. You'll set off on your second adventure in the Incan Ruins from here. You'll also find another Red Jewel. Running Dash In Itory Village, you'll learn a new skill. By running like mad down a slope, you can soar across wide chasms. Not only is it fun, it allows you to reach new areas. Incan Statue A Jump over the chasm and talk to the spirit in the flowers. He'll tell you how to get the first Incan Statue. In the cave below, use the Psycho Dash to open the back wall. [ 8] Look in the log pile it Itory Village for a Jewel. ----------------------------------------------------------------- (40) THE MOON TRIBE The Flower Spirit tells you to see the Moon Tribe, so have Lilly guide you there. The Shadows on the mountain top reveal more about the comet, and they tell you how to get the second Incan Statue. Voice of Shadows The Shadows tell a story of the Chaos Comet, how it is the remnant of an ancient, terrible battle. They also tell of how the comet's light has mutated their people. Incan Statue B Go into the cave beneath the Moon Tribe's plateau and fight the warped creatures for the second Incan Statue. You'll have only 20 seconds to destroy the enemies. ------------------------------------------------------------------- (41) INCAN RUINS The lost civilization of the Incas holds the first Mystic Statue and the path to the fabled ship of gold. Will must place the statues in the proper positions on the cliff, then battle the guardian of the ruins. Diamond Block The Diamond Block fits into the Diamond Hole near the pit of spikes. Battle through to the Treasure Chest to win the Block, then return and set it in the Hole to open a new route. The Psycho Dash Use Will's power of the Psycho Dash to destroy the statues. Fighting these obstructions won't get you anywhere. The Dash lets you pass on to the Treasure Chest. ----------------------------------------------------------------- (42) The Secret Leap Out on the cliffside, look for a gap in the ring of stones. You can jump down to another terrace and enter the cave. More caves and ruins are now open for exploration. Freedan's Reach Return to this room when you have found the Dark Space and transformed Will into Freedan. With Freedan's longer attack reach, you'll be able to destroy the statue in the square of blocks. Four Gold Plates The secret of the four gold plates lies in the four gold statues. Will can twirl his flute and move the statues. Position three of them on the plates while Will stands on the fourth. A door will open. ----------------------------------------------------------------- (43) Wind Melody As Freedan, you'll find a doorway out onto the top of a giant statue. Standing there, you'll learn the Melody of the Wind, which is used later by Will. Switched On The four enemies exist in statue form when you first enter. You must bring them to life by hitting the switch, then you can defeat them and move on. Will Returns In order to solve the mystery of the gold floored room, transform into Will. You'll need him to blow the flute, which in turn will open a new door. ------------------------------------------------------------------ (44) [ 9] Open this Treasure Chest to find a Red Jewel. The Flashing Tile Blow the Melody of the Wind at the top of the stairs to activate the floor tiles. Stand on the flashing tile until a door opens in the wall. Be patient. Set the Statues Place Incan Statues A and B in the slots atop the cliff heads. Proceed to the three pillars. When the wind picks up, you'll be blown to a new terrace and the entrance to the guardian's lair. ------------------------------------------------------------------- (45) CASTOTH Your critical target is the guardian's claw-like hands. Defeat them both while dodging his shots. The safest place is on the back ledge. At first, strike the hands repeatedly. Watch out for the head beams. Dodge them as best you can. Having gloriously destroyed your foe, it's time to jump down the hole, which will land you on the Incan Ship of Gold. ----------------------------------------------------------------- (46) THE GOLD SHIP The ancient fable of the lost ship of gold turns out to be true. Will not only finds himself on board, but the Incans there seem to think he's their king. The Queen & the Statue Find the Incan Queen on her throne below deck. She'll tell you where you can find the Mystic Statue in the hold of the ship. Go downstairs and fetch the statue, then return topside. Speak to the entire crew. The Crow's Nest The ship won't set sail on it's long-delayed journey until you are in the Crow's Nest atop the mast. From here, you'll watch the ship emerge into light. ----------------------------------------------------------------- (47) The Dream You've had a long day and it's time to get some rest. Crawl onto the platform and sleep takes hold. Your mom appears with portents of the comet. [10] When you wake up, look for Seth aboard the now decrepit ship. Seth will give you a Red Jewel. Make sure you don't go to the Queen first. Journey by Raft When Kara takes the ring, it is the beginning of the end. You are shipwrecked and cast adrift for weeks on the open sea. There's not much to do here by follow the story and eat fish. ----------------------------------------------------------------- (48) DIAMOND COAST At long last your raft is cast up on a distant shore, but Will's health is failing. In the long month at sea, he has contracted scurvy. Next time, bring some orange Juice. [11] Look in the jar outside the house to collect a Jewel. FREEJIA The lovely town of Freejia was named after a sweet-smelling flower, but there is decay at the roots of this town. Here, Kara and Will begin a new adventure. Make sure to cash in your Jewels with Gem and get the appropriate upgrades. Enter this house to find a Dark Space. ------------------------------------------------------------------ (49) The Hiding Laborer Take the dead end alley, then go up the backside of the hotel to find where the runaway laborer is hiding. Be a skunk and turn the poor guy in. Break In The voice in the house in the northeast corner of town belongs to a coward. Break in his door and rescue your friend. Now you can go to the mines. [12] On the second floor of the Freejia inn is Jewel #12. [13] A man on the other side of a flower bed gives you a Jewel. [14] Get a jewel from a slave trader in Freejia. ------------------------------------------------------------------- (50) DIAMOND MINE It's time to do the right thing and save the laborers in the Diamond Mine. You'll have to fight and search for keys, plus figure out several puzzles. A Locked Elevator There's no way to open the elevator to the lower levels of the mine without the key, which lies much deeper in the mine. Follow the clues on these two pages. Save the Laborers You are the only hope for these poor souls. When you reach them, hack through their chains and they'll thank you with news and useful items like keys. ------------------------------------------------------------------ (51) Four Switches Hit the four switches on the cross-shaped platform to open the door in the middle. The lower level contains the biggest secret of all. [15] In this corner, you'll notice that Will's hair blows in the wind. [16] But where is the wind coming from? Use the Psycho Dash against [17] the crack in the wall. Double Dark Spaces At the end of the passage is a Dark Space without Freedan, the only one who can defeat the last enemy in the main room. Use the Psycho Dash at the back wall to discover a second room and a Dark Space with Freedan. You'll need to use the Psycho Dash at the back wall to break through into the second chamber. In the second room, you'll find the Dark Friar Power-Up that let's you shoot fire from Freedan's sword. --------------------------------------------------------------- (52) The Fence To defeat the enemy on the upper ledge, you'll need Freedan and his shot power. With the fence removed, you can now get the Elevator Key. Keys to the Mine Take the elevator to the cemetery. Here you'll find skeletons everywhere, and a shiny key. In another room, you'll get the Memory Melody to help Lance. Look for a tiny shiny key on the floor. Get keys from the laborers. Use the keys to open the doors. Sam's Memory Melody helps Lance. ----------------------------------------------------------------- (53) NEIL'S HOUSE After stopping in Freejia to restore Lance's memory with the Memory melody, move on to Neil's House. Will's cousin, Neil, lives near the Nazca Desert. He's an inventor, and he will join the party. Ahead of his Time Neil has invented some incredible stuff, including an airplane, telescope, and other cool tools. When you're at his house, check it out. Some of the machines are used later. NAZCA PLAIN Talk to everyone and wander to every corner in the desert. In one corner you'll find the Moon Tribe. Now you can move on to the Sky Garden! ---------------------------------------------------------------- (54) THE SKY GARDEN Above the Nazca Plain floats a garden of creatures warped by the comet's light. Your goal is to find the four Crystal Balls and use them to create a bridge to the guardian. The puzzles will turn you upside down. Topsy Turvy The Sky Garden of the Moon Tribe has a hidden side. If Will steps off a facing edge, he'll flip around and land on the backside. He'll find a whole new area to explore. First Crystal Ball Go to each of the four Crystal Ball areas starting with the upper right area and proceeding clockwise. You shouldn't have any trouble here. Just hit everything! None of the enemies should present a problem in this area. Visit both sides of the garden and get the Crystal Ball. ---------------------------------------------------------------- (55) A Secret Door The guardian statue comes alive if hit. Fight off its flying sword, then stand back. The statue will move aside revealing a door to a Dark Space. Second Crystal Ball The trick in this area is the jumping. You'll have to charge down the ramp and leap over to the right side. Use Freedan on the backside to strike foes across the blocks. [18] Be sure to pick up Red Jewel #18 in the Chest. [19] This Treasure Chest holds another Red Jewel. ----------------------------------------------------------------- (56) More Switch Hitting Use Freedan to hit the switch on the backside from a distance so you don't get trapped. Then, go back to the front side where you can reach the Dark Space. Crystal Ball Three In this area, you'll have to use the switches on both sides to remove blocks. You must also use Will and his special abilities in several instances described below. You'll need a running start to get up to the Crystal Ball Chest. The block in the middle can be lowered from a switch on the backside. Use Will's Psycho Dash to reach the statues and break them. Will's telekinetic power will move the statue onto the switch. Now Will can run across the open space without hitting the block. After all that, you've finally reached the Treasure Chest! ----------------------------------------------------------------- (57) Statue on the Switch In this area, you'll have to spin your flute to move the statue in the blocked-off area onto the floor switch. A new passage will open up if you succeed. The Final Crystal Ball This final area of the Sky Garden contains a series of rush jumps and an almost maze-like layout. Follow the caption directions to find the Crystal Ball. At this point, you have the choice of two jumps. Although the top jump leads to treasure, it's not the Ball. Flip to the backside and make your way to the lower left to flip back. The lower jump takes you to the Crystal Ball. ---------------------------------------------------------------- (58) Set The Crystals Look for the four holes around the center of the garden. Place each Crystal Ball in one of the holes and suddenly a bridge appears that leads to the final area. Save Now Make use of the Dark Space at the upper left corner before crossing the bridge. The bridge disintegrates as you cross it. Beyond the bridge waits Viper, so go in powered up. Saving Strategies Master each area completely so that you can pass through it without using Herbs. Once you've mastered the area, save it. In this way, you can save the Herbs for the tough times ahead. ---------------------------------------------------------------- (59) VIPER Viper, a giant eagle god, holds the second Mystic Statue at his narrow aerie above the Sky Garden. Dodge his feathers and hit him when he swoops in. He's not as mean as he looks. Viper swoops toward Freedan with outstretched talons. The feathers are very dangerous. Freedan fights back with his mighty sword. Attack quickly and repeatedly. After the fight, Will falls from the platform. Luckily, Neil and his airplane are on hand. ----------------------------------------------------------------- (60) SEASIDE PALACE The journey takes you back to the Seaside Palace where a rumor of vampires haunts the halls. Your first task is to purify the well. Then, after talking to people, hunt down the vampires in Mu. Kara Fading Kara appears in one of the Palace's rooms, but she is not herself. She appears faded, almost transparent. Find the Purification Stone and put it in the well. [20] Look for this Jewel in a Treasure Chest in the Seaside Palace. [21] Make sure you go everywhere in the Palace to find the three Jewels. [22] These three Red Jewels are relatively easy to find. --------------------------------------------------------------- (61) The Purification Stone Lilly has been travelling in Will's pocket, but she can fly into the small openings in the coffins to report on their contents. In this way, you'll be able to find the Purification Stone. More Faded Friends In the lower reaches of the Palace, you'll find more of your companions suffering from the same, strange effects. Take the Stone to the lowest basement. The Fountain Now that you've found the fountain, select the Purification Stone and throw it in the water. The effects aren't dramatic, but you can now learn much more. ----------------------------------------------------------------- (62) The Victims Speak Unbelievable, but true! These poor saps were sold by the laborer traders to the vampires as a living blood bank. They'll tell you that the vampire pair can be found in Mu. The Key to Mu Talk to this person in order to obtain the key to the doorway upstairs in the Palace. With the key, you can unlock the path to the lost realm of Mu. The Long Save Mu may be the biggest challenge in the game, at least so far. Early on, return to the Dark Space in the Seaside Palace to power up Will when necessary. ---------------------------------------------------------------- (63) THE LAND OF MU Suddenly, the enemies fight harder and the mazes are tougher. The puzzling statues stare at lost secrets. You'll learn the Psycho Slide, find the two Statues of Rama, and eventually face two powerful vampires. Enemy Alert What's going on with these monsters? They seem considerably tougher than those in the Sky Garden. The same thing happens at Angkor Wat. For now, do your best and hunt down the Dark Spaces. The mysterious statues are giving you a clue in the way they look. The Flasher wizards appear and vanish at random while firing shots. [23] Look in this chest in Mu to find Red Jewel #23. ----------------------------------------------------------------- (64) Propulsion Rings The flashing rings can be a hindrance as well as a help. Move them by hitting them or using Will's telekinetic power. Bounce off them and run to go up hills. Hit the ring away, or draw it toward you using Will's power. For a boost, activate your run right after bouncing off the ring. Room of Hope When you first pop inside this chamber there isn't anything you can do. Come back once you've collected the Statue of Hope. There are two statues and two rooms. Statues of Hope Look for two locations where stone heads are set at 90 degrees. Follow the line of their gaze, stand in that spot and push the A Button, as if talking. You'll find the Statues. ------------------------------------------------------------------ (65) Using the Statues Return to the Rooms of Hope once you have the statues. Ascend the altar, select the Statue of Hope and use it. The water will drop one level. Bouncing Up Bounce off the flashing ring at the bottom of the incline and quickly push the Control Pad Up twice to activate Will's or Freedan's run. You'll race all the way up the slope. Speed Spikes There are several areas of spikes that pop out of holes. In this case, the switch will lower the spikes for a few seconds. Hit the switch then run up and run down to clear the spikes. ------------------------------------------------------------- (66) The Psycho Slider In Mu and later areas you'll have to slide through low openings in walls. Only Will can use the move. He can also attack enemies while Psycho Sliding. Gaia awards you with the Psycho Slider in the Dark Space. Run towards the hole, then push the Attack Button to Slide. Statue of Hope #2 As before, look for two stone heads and where their gazes meet. In this case, it is on the narrow ledge below one head and to the right of the other. Beware of Vampires!! The vampire pair can be brutal, so save your Herbs for the fight at the end. ------------------------------------------------------------------ (67) Rama Statue #1 Look for this area west of the Dark Space where you received the Psycho Slider. Here you'll find the first Rama Statue, which is a key to reaching the end of Mu. Rama Statue #2 The second Rama Statue can be found in a cul-de-sac north of the Dark Space. With both statues in hand, you can proceed to the final area, and the battle against the vampires. Placing the Rama Statues Southeast of the Dark Space, in the lowest level of Mu, you'll find a room with two altars. Place your statues here. You'll be transported to the Mu Burial Ground. Inside Rama's room, place the statues on the altar and sit back. Talk to Rama and the spirits in this area. ---------------------------------------------------------------- (68) Mu Burial Grounds Go to the back of the room and talk to Rama, then visit all the spirits. After that, return to Rama and talk to him again. He'll open the passage to the vampires. Mystic Statues Rama gives you the Mystic Statue in this area, but don't let that fool you. The real fight is just ahead. After receiving the statue, you'll have to face the two vampires. -------------------------------------------------------------- (69) VAMPIRES Jack and Silvana, the two vampires that have devastated Mu and the Seaside Palace, greet you with fast, coordinated attacks. Make sure you fight them as Freedan. Keep moving and avoid the combination attacks at all costs. Concentrate on one at a time. Stay near intersections so you can dodge. The combination attack can reduce your energy by about a third. Run from it. Hide around corners and fire Freedan's Dark Friar shots. The time bomb must be defused, but cutting either wire will do the job. ---------------------------------------------------------------- (70) UNDERSEA TUNNEL After your gallant defeat of the Vampires, Will and company hike under the Great Ocean in a tunnel made by the people of Mu. Although you must eat mushrooms to survive, there is no real danger. Talk to everyone in the tunnel, as usual. Expect a visit from Seth, who is now in fishy form. ANGEL VILLAGE The ancestors of the ancient Muians now live underground in Angel Village where they must hide from the sunshine. Expect Kara to cause trouble. Ishtar's Door One of the natives guards the door to the deep passage where Ishtar the painter works in solitude. You will be warned of the dangers beyond the door, but you must go on. ---------------------------------------------------------------- (71) Tunnel of Winds Listen to the advice of one native. She says that the flames bend toward the exit. Also look for wind and listen for a waterfall. Use the Psycho Slider when necessary. Kara is Nicely Framed You must solve four puzzles to earn the Magic Dust that restores Kara to three dimensions. Look for the color of jars, changing chest contents, and wind in Will's hair. [24] Check out the fountain in the dance hall for a Jewel. [25] Look in this Chest in the basement of Angel Village. [26] A Jewel is hidden in the room next to Ishtar's studio. [27] In the third puzzle room, the Chest contains a Jewel. --------------------------------------------------------------- (72) WATERMIA It seems that every peaceful town has a hidden side. In Watermia, the shadow is cast by a deadly gambling game. Will must also travel to the Great Wall of China, then return to Watermia. Kruks Aren't for Sale There's no way Will can buy a Kruk to cross the desert. He'll have to win at Russian Glass to obtain the animals. Remember, the right glass isn't right! The real action doesn't take place here, but on a separate raft. After returning from the Wall, the leaf takes you to the game. Lance's Reunion Lance discovers his mad dad in Watermia. Will comes upon them in the hut next to the one where the group is staying. Talk to Lance, Lance's dad, then Lance again before leaving. ----------------------------------------------------------------- (73) Lance & Lilly Lance and Lilly vanish after the party. Maybe true love is just as unpredictable in video games as it is in real life. It's Will's job to get these two crazy kids back together. Lance Leaves A Letter So Lance is gone and nothing is happening in Watermia. Check your inventory and you'll see Lance's letter. Having done that, you can go on to the Great Wall. Notice that there is a letter added to your inventory. Read it. The Great Wall of China is now a destination on your travel map. [28] This Jewel in a jar can be found on the left side of Watermia. [29] Look in the jars in the gambling house to find a Jewel. ---------------------------------------------------------------- (74) GREAT WALL OF CHINA Following Lance to the Great Wall, Will tracks his friend by picking up shiny pieces of the necklace that Lance dropped. You'll learn the Psycho Spin and battle the fierce Sand Fanger for the fourth Mystic Statue. Spin and Jump With the Psycho Spin, Will can hurl himself up ramps and make long leaps. You can use this spinning action to attack enemies. Jump down from the ledge here to reach the Dark Space below. You'll cruise over slopes to reach new areas of the Wall. [30] Don't pass up this Treasure Chest in the Great Wall. There's a Jewel inside. ---------------------------------------------------------------- (75) EURO The center of the notorious laborer trade is located here in Euro. Incidentally, so is the Rolek company, and Neil's parents, who own Rolek. To find the connection, Will needs the Teapot on Mt. Kress. The Statue in the Shrine Will finds a statue in the Shrine down the alley. It will move aside to reveal a hidden room. Inside the room you'll find chained laborers. Hear their terrible tales. [31] In the dead end alley near Rofsky's, you'll find a Jewel. [32] A girl named Ann exchanges a Jewel in return for Apples. [33] Examine the barrel in the Shrine. A Jewel is there. [34] Return to Watermia from Euro to receive Lance's Jewel. ----------------------------------------------------------------- (76) MOUNT KRESS Will's search for truth leads to the mushroom forest of Mt. Kress. You'll win the Aura Barrier for Freedan, but you must also navigate the confusing maze. Cartographers will succeed while others are lost. Mending the Vine Magic Mushroom Drops will cause broken vines to grow together. Will should find three such Mushroom Drops on his way to the Teapot. One Drop mends one broken vine. Vine Jumping Use the curving ends of vines to leap over to new areas. Run down the vine and you'll fly off the end, landing safely far away. The ramp vines add to the complexity of this maze. [35] Only one Red Jewel is in a Treasure Chest on Mt. Kress. ---------------------------------------------------------------- (77) ANGKOR WAT Deep in the jungle near the Natives' Village is the mysterious ruins of Angkor Wat. Expect some of the toughest fighting yet from the bizarre inhabitants. Find the skeletons in the courtyard for tips and aid. [36] Look in a jar in the hut in Natives' Village for a Jewel. [37] Open this Treasure Chest in the temple of Angkor Wat. [38] Go into every room to find all the Jewels in the temples. [39] Angkor Wat is a Jewel collector's paradise. [40] Another Jewel in the vaults of Angkor Wat. [41] A girl you restore from stone gives you a Jewel. ----------------------------------------------------------------- (78) DAO In the desert town of Dao, you'll receive a useful gift from your grandparents. You can also play a snake game, talk up a storm and prepare for the Pyramid. You're nearing the end now, so check out everything. Olman's Journal Will receives a package from Bill and Lola containing his father's journal. In the notes he finds a partial translation of ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics, which will prove invaluable. [42] Look in the bushes at the right side of Dao for the Jewel. [43] You can win two Red Jewels at the Snake-panic game. [44] Hit as many snakes as you an in a minute to win. ---------------------------------------------------------------- (79) THE PYRAMID Most of the Pyramid lies deep underground. To reach those chambers, you must transform into Shadow. The puzzle of the Pyramid is in six pieces. Put them together, then face the Black Jackal and the Mummy. Liquid Shadow Select the Aura Ball to turn Shadow into a puddle of liquid to seep through cracks and reach hidden areas. He can also use it for defense in the Tower of Babel. You'll first meet Shadow in the Dark Space in the upper Pyramid. Turn into liquid and seep down to where the real action is. Six Hieroglyphic Tiles Each of the six doors leads to a hieroglyphic tile that is used in the Pyramid's top chamber. Place them in the slots in the same order that they appear in Olman's Journal. ---------------------------------------------------------------- (80) Meet the Mummy Queen As Freedan, attack the Mummy from the upper ledge and jump down when the ghosts expand outward. Continue in a circuit of attacking, jumping and dodging. Use Dark Friar shots. [45] Explore the Pyramid carefully to find this Jewel. [46] Always try Shadow's liquid to find rooms below. [47] Walk through empty mummy slots. [48] In some areas, you'll have to use Will to reach the Jewels. [49] Look for invisible enemies on the way to some Jewels. --------------------------------------------------------------- (81) TOWER OF BABEL At long last Will has returned to the enigmatic Tower of Babel where his father's expedition was lost. The battles ahead will truly test your will. Herein lie all the answers to your questions. Air Neil Time is short and the Chaos Comet is approaching. Luckily, Neil shows up in his airplane to take you from the Pyramid to the Tower of Babel where you drop in unannounced. One More Time You'll have to face all the guardians one more time. You'll use Shadow, and you won't be able to save or heal up between many of the fights. Use the same techniques as when you first fought these foes. Use Herbs only after losing to obtain the maximum benefit. --------------------------------------------------------------- (82) Journal's End If you survive the brutal gauntlet of guardian attacks, you'll actually meet your destiny at the comet itself. But what awaits you there cannot be foretold. You must see it for yourself. [50] The final Red Jewel is hidden in the altar at the Tower. Visit Gem Gem the Jeweler can take you to a secret area if you have collected all 50 of the Red Jewels in the game. He'll also reveal his surprising history. Meet Gem in the alley at Dao and ask him to share his secret. One hidden stage remains for Will to explore. --------------------------------------------------------------- (83) WARRANTY AND SERVICE INFORMATION ---------------------------------------------------------------- NEED HELP WITH INSTALLATION, MAINTENANCE, OR SERVICE? CALL 1-800-2555-3700. Nintendo(R) Nintendo of America Inc. P.O. Box 957, Redmond, WA 98073-0957 U.S.A. PRINTED IN JAPAN

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