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Goof Troop

Typed out by Goof Troop Developer: Capcom Publisher: Capcom Fishin' For Trouble It was a great day for fishing in Spoonerville, so Goofy and his pals went out to the ocean with their boats. Cruising for the big ones in open waters, Pete and PJ were suddenly caught in the ominous shadow of a gigantic ship. When Goofy and Max looked up, they saw a huge pirate ship heading out to Spoonerville Island. Pete and PJ were onboard, victims of a pirate kidnapping! Goofy rowed for all he was worth, but he couldn't catch up to the pirate ship before it landed on the island. determined to rescue their friends, Goofy and Max set out to explore and find the pirate stronghold. Controlling Max and Goofy To move Max or Goofy left, right, up, or down *Press the Control Pad Left, Right, Up, or Down. To make Max or Goofy raise or lower their hands *Press the B Button. To pick up a barrel or other object *Stand next tot he object you wish to pick up. Turn and face the object and press the B Button. To throw an object after picking it up *Press the B Button. To kick a block *Stand next to the block you wish to kick. Turn and face the block and press the B Button. To use a special tool *Press the Y Button. To collect a piece of fruit or Gem *Touch the fruit or Gem. To switch special tool (1-player mode only!) *Press the L Button. To Pause the game *Press the Start Button. The Pirates' Island Once ashore on Spoonerville Island, Goofy and Max soon find that the island is infested with a notorious band of pirates! Following the twisted paths through the jungle, Goofy and Max try to stay one step ahead of the pursuing pirates. But when cornered by the burly buccaneers, Goofy and Max are ready wit a barrage of barrels that will send them scurrying back to the sea! Down at de shore, mon, or in de volcano. De islanders always will tell you what dey know. They're not joining up wit' you; they're just being nice. So press de B Button, mon, and take their advice. De pirate leaders, dey lurk behind de lock gates. So search de island for keys and avoid all de mates. When they're guarding the gates (and they do in some spots), you gotta hit dem wit' barrels and smash them with pots. Tricky Traps As the natives of Spoonerville Island will tell you, Keelhaul Pete is a crafty old pirate. He's devised a host of tricky traps and perplexing puzzles to keep unwanted visitors away from his gold. It's a battle of wits as Goofy and Max try to solve these puzzles in order to save their chums before it's too late. But not all of Keelhaul Pete's puzzle rooms are that easy! Sometimes they require you to kick ALL the blocks onto the markers before they will open the gate to a special key or doorway! Puzzle Tip! *If you make a mistake on a puzzle screen, just walk off a screen and then walk back on screen and the blocks will reset to their original positions. Special Tools Washed up along the beaches and scattered across the island are special tools which Max and Goofy use to help them in their quest to free their pals. Once you find a tool, use the Y Button on your controller to use it. Rope Gun *This gun fires a small Grappling Hook which is attached to a rope. After shooting and attaching the rope to metal hooks, Goofy and Max can use the rope to walk across streams or bottomless pits. Candle *Candles are used by Max and Goofy to light the way through dark passages. Keys *Keys open doors, but only if you have the right one. Shovel *Max and Goofy can dig for buried items using the shovel. Bell *Ringing the bell will bring pirates running! Board *Use the board to cross the broken bridges. Tropical Items Blocks *Kick the blocks onto markers to open doors. Barrels *Pick these up and throw them at pirates to knock them for a loop. Cherries *Picking up the cherries adds 1 heart to Max or Goofy's health meter. Bananas *Picking up the Bananas adds 2 Hearts to Max or Goofy's Health Meter. Diamonds *Collecting Diamonds will help Max or Goofy earn extra continues. Red Diamonds *Picking up the Red Diamond will give Max or Goofy an extra chance to complete the adventure. Using the Option Screen When the Title Screen appears, push the Control Pad Left or Right to highlight OPTION and press the Start Button. When the next screen appears, push the Control Pad Up or Down to highlight the Option you wish to change. Controller Type *This option changes the buttons used to make Max or Goofy pick up and use Items. Press the Control Pad Left or Right to see the various button options that are available. Throw Type *This option changes the type of throw that is used in the game. If you select TYPE 1, Max or Goofy will hold onto an Item until you throw it. If you select TYPE 2, Max or Goofy will throw an Item as soon as they pick it up. Press the Control Pad Left or Right to select the THROW TYPE you wish to use during the game. B.G.M. *Press the Control Pad Left or Right to select the different background music and press the B Button to hear the music. S.E. *Press the Control Pad Left or Right to select the different sound effects and press the B Button to hear the music. Sound *This option allows you to select either Stereo or Monaural sound. Push the Control Pad Let or Right to highlight the option you wish to use. Exit *Highlight this option and press the Start Button to exit the OPTION screen with your current changes. Using the Password Screen After you complete each stage of the game, Goofy and Max will be given a special Password. Write down which items are in the various boxes and then put your Password in a safe place. The next time you play the game, enter the Password and you will begin right where you received your Password. To enter a Password you have received, push the Control pad to the Left to highlight PASSWORD on the Title Screen and press the Start Button. When the next screen appears, you will see five boxes. Highlight each box using the Control Pad, and press Up or Down on the Control Pad to select the correct item for each . When you have finished selecting all the items, press the Start Button. If the Password is correct you will return to the level where you received the Password. Helpful Hints 1) Goofy is a bit stronger than Max and can blast some big pirates with a single barrel. 2) Max makes up for his lack of strength with blinding speed. Making a quick dash for the doorway, Max can run rings around even the fastest pirates. 3) Max and Goofy can play catch with items like coconuts, barrels, and even cannonballs. Just raise your hands and have your partner throw the item to you. You'll catch the item and immediately be ready to let it fly! 4) If Max or Goofy gets hit by an enemy, they will be invincible for a second. Use this time to get by troublesome enemies or areas. 5) If you are having trouble with a puzzle room, take some time and try to figure it out. Sometimes the answer is easier than you think.

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