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Typed out by Gregory Bishop SNS-AF7E-USA Frogger INSTRUCTION BOOKLET MAJESCO SALES, INC. E(TM) EVERYONE CONTENT RATED BY ESRB SUPER NINTENDO(R) ENTERTAINMENT SYSTEM ----------------------------------------------------------------------- WARNING: PLEASE READ THE ENCLOSED CONSUMER INFORMATION AND PRECAUTIONS BOOKLET CAREFULLY BEFORE USING YOUR NINTENDO HARDWARE SYSTEM OR GAME PAK. THIS PRODUCT HAS BEEN RATED BY THE ENTERTAINMENT SOFTWARE RATING BOARD. FOR INFORMATION ABOUT THE ESRB RATING, OR TO COMMENT ABOUT THE APPROPRIATENESS OF THE RATING, PLEASE CONTACT THE ESRB AT 1-800-771-3772. LICENSED BY Nintendo(R) NINTENDO, SUPER NINTENDO ENTERTAINMENT SYSTEM AND THE OFFICIAL SEALS ARE REGISTERED TRADEMARKS OF NINTENDO OF AMERICA INC. (C)1991 NINTENDO OF AMERICA INC. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (1) Thank you for purchasing Frogger(R) for the Super Nintendo(R) System. Before starting, please read through this manual carefully, and keep this instruction booklet for future reference. TABLE OF CONTENTS ----------------------------- Overview....................2 Getting Started.............3 Player Selection............4 Playing a Two-Player Game...5 The Game Screen.............6 How to Play.................8 Game Scoring...............10 High Scores................11 Hopping Hints..............13 Caring for Your Game.......14 Warranty Information.......15 KONAMI “KONAMI” and “FROGGER” are the trademarks of KONAMI Co., Ltd. (C)1981 KONAMI All Rights Reserved. (C)1997 Hasbro, Inc. (C)1997 Hasbro Interactive, Inc. All Rights Reserved. ©1998 Majesco Sales, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Frogger ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (2) OVERVIEW Congratulations! You now own the classic arcade game, Frogger. The goal of the game is simple, to safely maneuver 5 frogs across five lanes of busy traffic, a fast moving river, three lanes of treacherous logs, two lanes of swimming turtles, while avoiding snakes, alligators and crocodiles. Sounds easy? You’ll need lots of skill, and a bit of luck, as you hop to victory, while trying not to become a highway statistic by leaving your “mark” on the roadway! Good Luck! Frogger ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (3) GETTING STARTED To get started with Frogger(R), please begin with the following: 1. Making sure your Super Nintendo(R) System is turned off, plug the Frogger Game Cartridge into the Super Nintendo(R) System. 2. Turn on your Super Nintendo(R). In a few moments the Majesco Sales, Inc. Company Logo Screen should appear. [Screenshot of the Majesco Title Screen] Frogger ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (4) PLAYER SELECTION Press the Start Button to display the Player Selection Screen. Once the Player Selection Screen appears, you may press the Control Pad up or down, or press the Select Button to choose either a one or two player game. (For two players, read Playing a Two-Player Game.) [Screenshot of the Player Selection Screen] When the frog icon is on the desired player mode, press the Start Button to begin! Frogger ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (5) PLAYING A TWO-PLAYER When playing a two-player game, each player’s turn will continue until they have lost their current frog. After the current frog is lost, the Get Ready Screen will appear indicating that the next player can begin by pressing the Start Button. Play will alternate until both players have lost all of their frogs. [Screenshot of the Get Ready Screen: “TRY NOT TO CROAK IN LEVEL THREE”] Frogger ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (6) GAME SCREEN Most of the screen displays the Roadway and River Areas of the game. In the Roadway Area, which occupies the lower portion of the screen, you must maneuver the frog between the moving traffic. In the River Area, which occupies the upper portion of the screen, you must maneuver the frog into one of the five open bays located at the very top of the screen by way of the floating logs, turtles and crocodiles. [Screenshot of the Game Screen: level one] Frogger ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (7) THE GAME SCREEN Score: The current score. Frogs remaining: This shows how many frogs the player has in reserve. When there are no more frogs displayed, the player is controlling their last frog. Timer Bar: This indicates how much time the current player has to successfully maneuver their frog into an open bay. A warning sound will be heard when less than 8 seconds remains. If time runs out, the player will lose their current frog. Frogger ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (8) HOW TO PLAY Each player starts with 5 frogs. To maneuver the frog from its starting position to the safety of an open bay, use the Control Pad as follows: Pressing Up hops the frog up the screen one lane. Pressing Down hops the frog down one lane. Pressing Left hops the frog to the left. Pressing Right hops the frog to the right. Avoid collision with all automobile traffic by hopping quickly between the moving cars and trucks. Once across the road, hop onto the logs, turtles, and crocodiles to safely maneuver into an open bay at the top of the screen. Once you have successfully placed the current frog safely into an open bay, the remaining time on the Time Bar will be added to your score. Then you will begin again with a new frog at the bottom of the screen and a full Timer Bar. If at any time during play the current frog is hit by traffic, of falls into the water, the player will lose that frog and will need to begin at the bottom of the screen again with a new frog. If there are no more frogs remaining, the game is over. Press the Start Button at any time during play to pause the game. Pressing the Start Button once again takes the game out of pause and resumes play. Frogger ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (9) GAME SCORING During play, you may collect points in the following manner: Jump into a new lane: 10 points Jump onto a log or turtle: 10 points Reach a bay: 50 Points Eat a fly: 200 points Deliver log frog to bay: 200 points Finish level (5 frogs): 1,000 points Win an extra frog every 10,000 points! Frogger ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (10) HIGH SCORES When the game is over, the High Score Screen will appear. If the current player’s score is higher than any score currently on the high score list, the player will be able to enter their name on the high score list by doing the following: 1. Press the Control Pad Up to move forward through the alphabet. 2. Press the Control Pad Down to move backward through the alphabet. 3. Pressing Button A enters the currently displayed blinking letter and moves the cursor one space to the right. Press the Start Button at any time, to exit the Name Entry Mode. 4. Pressing Button B erases the currently displayed blinking letter and moves the cursor one space to the left. [Screenshot of the High Score Screen] Frogger ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (11) HOPPING HINTS 1. Be sure to hop off the logs and turtles before reaching the left or right edges of the screen, if you don’t...frog legs any one? 2. Be careful of diving turtles, once they start to dive you better hop off, or else! 3. Avoid the moving snake on the center wall at all costs, or else your hisssssstory! 4. It’s safe to jump on the backs of the crocs and snakes, but not their heads! 5. Collect flies that appear in the river bays for extra points, but watch out for gator heads that appear, for you can only hop safely into a gator filled river bay when its head is not completely visible. 6. Link up with the hopping log frog and deliver it to an open bay for extra points. [Screenshot: Jump on the Backs of Crocks!] Frogger ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (12) CARING FOR YOUR GAME 1. Use your Frogger(R) Super Nintendo Game Pak only in your Super Nintendo(R) System. 2. Always make sure your Super Nintendo’s(R) power is off before inserting your Frogger(R) Game Pak. 3. Store your Frogger(R) Game Pak in its protective case when not in use. 4. Keep your Super Nintendo(R) System and Frogger(R) Game Pak free from dust, water, and dirt, and keep them safe from direct sunlight, high heat, and extreme cold. 5. Never touch the terminals of your Frogger(R) Game Pak. Frogger ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (13) WARRANTY Frogger ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Majesco Sales, Inc. 244 Fernwood Avenue Edison, N.J. 08837 “KONAMI” and “FROGGER” are trademarks of KONAMI Co., Ltd. (C)1981 KONAMI All Rights Reserved. (C)1997 Hasbro, Inc. (C)1997 Hasbro Interactive, Inc. All Rights Reserved. KONAMI Printed in U.S.A.

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