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Flashback: The Quest for Identity

Typed out by Jesse Smith SNS-5S-USA FLASHBACK THE QUEST FOR IDENTITY INSTRUCTION BOOKLET U.S. GOLD SUPER NINTENDO ENTERTAINMENT SYSTEM FLASHBACK THE QUEST FOR IDENTITY THE ADVENTURE BEGINS On a quest for his lost identity, Conrad Hart must combat alien conspirators and their minions on Earth and on alien worlds. On the way he encounters allies who offer advice and clues so he can complete his mission to save Earth. TABLE OF CONTENTS Getting Started 4-5 Summary of General Commands 6 Interacting With Your Surroundings 7 Inventory Menu 8 Object List 9-10 Miscellaneous Devices 11-12 Taking Transportation 13 Hazards 14 FLASHBACK The Comic Book 15-29 Levels 30-32 Resetting the Game 33 End of Game 33 Character Moves 34-35 Caution: Read Only if You Want the Deepest Secrets of Flashback 36-37 U.S. Gold GAMEIine 38 Limited Warranty 39 3 GETTING STARTED After the Title screen appears, an animation sequence begins. Press the Start button to jump to the Main Menu. Main Menu Use the Control Pad to highlight an option, then press the Start button to select the option. Start Select to start a new game. Password Menu Enter a password to start the game from the beginning of the level that the password corresponds to. Use the Control Pad to highlight a letter and select using the Y button. The B button will backspace one space and erase one letter. The A button will clear all letters selected. When you have entered all the letters, press the Start button. If the password is incorrect, you will return to the Main Menu. At the start of each level, a new password will appear at the top of the screen. Write it down for easy reference. 4 GETTING STARTED cont. Options Menu Press the Control Pad up/down to select an option. Press the Control Pad left/right to change the setting. Level of Difficulty Choose easy, normal, or expert. Language Choose from English, German or French game text. Controller Set up : Choose from 3 different button configurations. Exit: Returns you to the Main Menu Demo : Runs a demo of the game. Pressing any button will return you to the Main Menu. 5 SUMMARY OF GENERAL COMMANDS Control Pad - Moves the character during the game. Select button - Opens and closes the Inventory during the game. Shortens the animated scenes. Default control settings: Y button - The Action button, which allows Conrad to run, jump, talk, fire his gun, pick up objects and hang on ledges. B button - The Use button selects an object from the Inventory. Simultaneously press the Control Pad down and the Use button to place an object down. A button - Draws the gun or puts it away. 6 INTERACTING WITH YOUR SURROUNDINGS As you move through each level, you will come across many people and objects. Each time you come across one, its name and an icon will be displayed at the top left of the screen. The icon will explain which way you can interact with the object. Pressing the Action button performs the action indicated by the icon. The various icons are as follows: Take - Pick up an object (stone, key, etc.), and place it in your inventory. Talk - Talk to a person. Look - Examine an object or a notice. Activate - Causes some action to happen such as opening a door, calling an elevator, etc. Recharge - Recharges your shield or cartridge. Use - Insert an object into a device meant for that purpose (i.e.: insert a key card into a card lock, a cartridge into a generator). It will also give an object to someone. 7 INVENTORY MENU To open/close the Inventory, press the Select button. At the start of the game, there are already several objects listed. As you find items while progressing through each level, they will be added to your Inventory. At the end of each level, any unnecessary objects will be discarded and you may be given extra objects to help you complete the next level. After opening the Inventory, use the Control Pad to highlight an object. Select the object and exit the Inventory by pushing the Select button. The last selected object will now be moved to the beginning of the Inventory. If you give away the object, the previously selected object becomes current again. The current object is displayed at the top right hand corner of the play screen. Pressing the A, B, or Y button while in the Inventory menu will display the current score and difficulty level. 8 OBJECT LIST Here are some of the objects which you may find in the course of the adventure. Holocube Contains important information. Force Field Creates an energy barrier which stops enemy shots. Stone Can be thrown or placed. Credits Money. Magnetic Cartridge Creates an energy source when recharged and placed in the corresponding generator. Mechanical Mouse Advances along the ground setting off pressure pads and cameras. Exploding Mouse Like the mechanical mouse, but explodes at the slightest touch. May be picked up when not moving. 9 OBJECT LIST CONT. ID Card Identification card. Sometimes it may be used as a key. Teleport Receiver Only works with the teleport remote. It teleports you to where the receiver is thrown or placed. Teleport Remote Control Only works with the teleport receiver by teleporting you to the receiver's position. You can get the receiver back automatically by placing the teleport remote control on the ground. 10 Used with certain objects to activate them. Teleport Teleports you towards a mission or to a place which is otherwise inaccessible by foot. Energy Generator Recharges the shield or magnetic cartridge. Switch Opens a door or calls an elevator. Camera Opens or closes a door, calls an elevator, etc. It also triggers the laser cannon's fire. Pressure Pad Located on the ground. When crossed, opens or closes a door, calls an elevator and may also set off an alarm. Card Lock Used with a card, opens doors. Key Lock Used with a key, opens a door or trap-door. 11 MISCELLANEOUS DEVICES CONT Save Saves the game where the station is. Shield The shield is an item in your Inventory. You start with 4 shields, and each time you are hit, you will lose 1 shield. If you have no shields left and you take a hit, you lose your life. You can recharge our shield using the energy generator. However, rook out for the following death hazards: Disintegrator Loss of life if you touch this. Electrified Floor Run or jump over it. 12 TAKING TRANSPORTATION To call a taxi Stand facing the taxi station and press Y button. To take the subway Stand in the entry zone, wait for the train to arrive and press the Y button. To get off at a station, press the Y button. 13 HAZARDS There are various enemy and lethal objects in the game. Destroy enemies with your gun. However, some lethal objects can not be destroyed. These objects are as follows: Land Mine Explodes when you pass over or near to it. An explosion destroys one shield. Avoid them by jumping over them. Falling Mine Explodes on contact with the ground, an object, or a character, etc. and destroys one shield. If any object passes beneath one of these mines it will cause it to fall. Laser Cannon Try to avoid its deadly rays. It is activated by a camera or pressure pad. If Conrad falls more than two floors, he loses his life. However, it is possible to stop him from falling if he is lucky enough to catch a side wall. 14 LEVELS Level 1 - Planet Titan Conrad awakens on the artificial jungle of the planet Titan. He has neither memory of past events nor the circumstances which brought him to this place. You must pick up the holocube before continuing through the first level. The holocube is found immediately by dropping down the ledges on the screen where you start. After you pick up the cube, go back up to the top and continue exploring to the right. The next item you will need is the cartridge. You will find your way down to a screen with a guard and a robot watchdog. Shoot both enemies. The cartridge can be obtained next to the fallen guard. Now you will need to charge the cartridge. Continue going down and to the right. When at the bottom, move right and avoid the disintegrator. You can run and jump across the electrified floor. Don't stand or walk on it or you will be zapped! The energy generator is located on the platform next to the elevator. Remember, you can energize your shield anytime throughout the game when in contact with an energy generator. Press the Use button with the cartridge selected from your Inventory and you’re set. Go back left and down. When you come to the cartridge lock next to the ravine, insert the charged cartridge to make the energy bridge appear. Once this is done, the bridge will stay indefinitely. Continue left. After crossing the energy bridge, avoid the electrified floor and step onto the first elevator in the middle of the screen. Go up and then to the left. Here, you will see the teleporter lying on another elevator. Climb up the first ledge. This will activate a pressure pad and bring the elevator down. If you move off the pressure pad, the elevator will go back up, making retrieval impossible. While standing on the pressure pad, face left and throw a stone at the wall. The 30 LEVELS CONT. stone will bounce off the wall and activate the pressure pad to bring the elevator down. Pick up the stone to raise the elevator and continue down to the elevator below. With the teleporter in your possession, continue downward. On your left is a ledge with the first save post. Jump onto it and save your game. Now go to the right and drop down the hole where the elevator used to be. Defeat all of the enemies and head right as far as you You will need to get the ID card from the wounded man. Go back to the first energy generator and move up and to the right. Give him the teleporter and he will leave his ID card for you to use later. Level 2-New Washington Conrad manages to find his friend, Ian, and recover his memory. He knows he must return to Earth to stop the alien conspiracy. Unfortunately the voyage to Earth is expensive. Conrad must earn credits by completing some jobs. Level 3-Cyber Tower Conrad is a contestant on The Cyber Tower television game show to try to win a free ticket back to Earth. The Cyber Tower is a dangerous labyrinth guarded by formidable replicants having the power to move at breathtaking speed. 31 LEVELS CONT. Level 4-Earth Once on Earth, the aliens discover his true identity and try to liquidate him. After escaping he finds his way to the aliens' headquarters. Conrad must face watchdogs, replicants, laser cameras, and rockets. Level 5-The Secret Base of "Paradise" In the Paradise Club Conrad uncovers the aliens' plan to dominate the human race. Unfortunately he is discovered by the aliens and captured. Conrad finds himself on the planet Morph, the home of the aliens. He sets out to find crucial information which will destroy the planet. 32 RESETTING THE GAME When playing the game, you may re-set it by pressing Y, B, A and the Select button simultaneously. This will take you to the Continuation screen. END OF GAME If Conrad loses his life, the game is over, and the Continue screen will be displayed. If you decide to continue, press the Start button to start the game from the last saved point or the beginning of the last level. If you do not wish to continue, press the A, B or Y button to speed up the counter. 33 CHARACTER MOVES Notice the difference between Tap and Hold: Tap is a quick press of the button with an immediate release. Hold is pressing the button for a few seconds. To Ascend on an elevator Hold the Y button and up on the Control Pad. To Descend on an elevator Hold the Y button and down on the Control Pad. To Somersault while running: Hold the Y button and tap left/right on the Control Pad, then tap down on the Control Pad to somersault. Small Jump: Hold the Y button and tap up on the Control Pad. Going down one floor: Stand at edge. Hold the Y button and down on the Control Pad. Going up one floor Method 1 - Stand under the ledge. Hold up on the Control Pad. Method 2 - Top up on the Control Pad and hold the Y button. Tap up on the Control Pad to pull yourself up. 34 CHARACTER MOVES CONT. Running Long Jump: Hold the Y button and tap left/right on the Control Pad, then tap up on the Control Pad to jump. Run and hang onto a higher floor automatically Hold the Y button and tap left/right on the Control Pad. Hang to the left or right towards a lower floor: Hold the Y button and tap down on the Control Pad, then tap the Control Pad in the opposite direction to turn around. Walk with the Gun: Tap A button to pull out the gun. Left/right on the Control Pad to move with the gun out. Press Y button to take aim. Somersault with gun: Tap A button to pull out the gun. Tap down on the Control Pad to kneel and tap left or right twice to roll. Drop down a floor with the gun drawn on landing: Tap A button to pull out the gun. Advance to the edge by pressing left/right on the Control Pad. When at the edge, tap left/right once more on the Control Pad to drop down. Climb up a floor with the gun drawn: Hold up on the Control Pad. When pulling yourself up, tap A button. Somersault Hold down on Control Pad. While crouching, press and hold left/right on Control Pad. 35 CAUTION READ ONLY IF YOU WANT THE DEEPEST SECRETS OF FLASHBACK How do I get to the second platform in the beginning of New Washington? Get onto the first platform on the right and turn to the left once you hit the wall. Now hold down the Action button and tap Left on the Control Pad once. Remember not to let go of the Action button. Conrad will automatically jump up to the second platform. How do I get out of the room with all of the Orbs in Restricted Area 2? The electronic orbs have a key you will need. Destroy them and open the doors for the VIP. In order to destroy the orbs, Conrad must shoot them while standing. Where do I insert the Terminal Card in Mission 4 of New Washington? Once inside the computer room, stand in front of the third computer terminal from the left, which is in the center of the screen and just to the right of the computer tower. Make sure you have selected the computer card from your Inventory and put it into the computer with the Use button. 36 CAUTION: READ ONLY IF YOU WANT THE DEEPEST SECRETS OF FLASHBACK CONT. How do I get into Club Paradise? After getting dropped off by the taxi save your game. Climb up to the top ledge, run right and jump across to the roof of the Paradise Club. Jumping between platforms is tricky. For the first jump you'll have to make a leap of faith to the right. Just make a second jump to get to the roof of the club. Shoot out the glass door and enter the club. Where is the key in Club Paradise? After defeating the first replicant, climb onto the blue light fixture and shoot the glass wall to the left. The key is just behind the broken glass. How do I defeat the Auxiliary Brain? Alternate between shooting at the right and left sides of the brain. Return to the bottom of the screen, shoot the morphs and repeat this procedure. The right door will open after the brain is beaten. Where do I drop the Atomic Charge? After defeating the brain continue to the right as far as possible. Drop the atomic charge when you are told. Flick the switch to have the charge dropped to the main brain. 37 U.S. GOLD GAMELINE For U.S. Gold GAMEIine call 1 -900-288-GAME(4263). $85 per minute charge. If you are under 1 8 years of age, be sure to get your parents' permission. The GAMEIine requires a touchtone telephone and is only available in the U.S. Messages are subject to change without notice. Available Now! The Official Flashback-The Quest for Identity Guide This detailed guide is full of hints, strategy tips, plus the further adventures of Conrad by Marvel(R) Comics. For your copy of the Strategy Guide, send a check or money order for $7.95 along with your name and address to: U.S. Gold, 303 Sacramento St. 4th Floor, San Francisco, CA 94111 Attn: Flashback SNES Strategy Guide. Make the check payable to U.S. Gold. Allow 2-3 week delivery time. 38

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