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Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest

Typed out by Entrax FINAL FANTASY : MYSTIC QUEST Done by Entrax. Licensed by NINTENDO SQUARE SOFT , INC. THE STORY BEGINNING THE QUEST OVERWORLD EXPLAINED VITALITY WINDOW PEOPLE COME AND GO IN THE TOWNS MAIN MENU USING ITEMS SPELLS ARMOR WEAPONS STATUS CUSTOMIZE SAVE BATTLE LIST OF ITEMS LIST OF SPELLS LIST OF WEAPONS LIST OF ARMOR HERE WE GO! THE STORY ------------------ For centuries the Focus Tower had stood at the very heart of the World. It had been a center for trade and knowledge, and the people of the World had met there to peacefully settle their differences. But on one warm summer day, the Tower was suddenly transformed into a symbol of the purest evil. For on that day, powerful monsters battled their way into the Tower, stole the four Crystals of the Earth, and then took off with the magical Coins that had kept the Tower's doors unlocked. With the Tower doors sealed behind them, the monsters relaxed their guard and turned their attention to the Crystals. As they basked in the radiant glow of the Crystals, the monsters grew stronger and meaner and even more wicked. The more light the monsters consumed, the more the World was drained of its warmth and color. Tremors soon shook the land. The sky grew cloudy and dark. The seasons went berserk. Monsters appeared everywhere and terrorized the people. The World was thrown into total chaos. Something had to be done... Enter Benjamin. Benjamin was the most normal youngster you could imagine. Like most responsible villagers of his age, he arose at the crack of dawn to take his family's livestock to the upper meadow to graze. Other kids teased him because he read while tending his heard, and because a village Elder had taken him in as a promising student. Although Benjamin seemed mature beyond his years, he still dreamed of being more than he was -- faster, stronger and more daring. Little did he know his wishes were about to be fulfilled the hard way... BEGINNING THE QUEST ------------------------------------- STARTING A NEW GAME -------------------------------------- Choose "NEW GAME" if you are starting a new game and press the A Button. Otherwise, highlight a data file, and press the A Button to begin your last saved game. ENTER A NAME ------------------------- If you have selected NEW GAME, you will next see the Letter Select screen shown at right. Select letters for the Hero's name using the Control Pad. Press the A Button to enter a letter, the B Button to erase a letter. Press the START Button to enter the name, and begin the game. THE QUEST BEGINS ------------------------------- After entering the name of your Hero, the opening scenes will begin. Listen well to the mysterious elderly man who will assist you throughout the adventure. He'll give you your first destination. OVERWORKED EXPLAINED ---------------------------------------- The world of Mystic Quest is divided into an Overworld full of Icons, and the places behind those Icons - which you'll have to enter to explore. You'll notice you can't move freely about the Overworld. You can only move in the direction of a blinking red and yellow arrow. Once in an Icon, however, you can move freely. BASIC OPERATION ----------------------------- Just press the Control Pad in the direction of a blinking red and yellow arrow, and you will automatically travel to the next Icon in that direction. If no blinking arrows appear, press the A Button to enter the Icon. Press this button, and then SELECTuse the Control Pad to scan the entire Overworld. Press again for game play. A Press to enter an Icon X Brings up the SAVE menu START Brings up the Main Menu B Lets you enter an Icon Y Switches your ally's Battle Mode from AUTO to MANUAL SO MANY ICONS -------------------------- Wherever the Hero stops on the Overworld you'll find an Icon, Some are Battlefield Icons, and others look like towers, towns, and dungeons. To get from one Icon to the next you may have to find your way through a maze, solve a puzzle, or fight some intense battles! Gray arrows will flash red and yellow when you've cleared a new route. SUBTITLES ------------------ The name of your location is displayed on the Overwold map. Once you have dropped into the Icon, you'll also see the place name until you press a button. Floor numbers of caves and towers remain on the screen at all times. ENTERING ICONS ---------------------------- Press the A Button or the B Button to enter an Icon. Once you've dropped into the world behind the Icon you'll find you can walk around and examine things as you wish. Remember, to move from one place to another, you have to exit an Icon, and follow the route shown on the Overworld map. EXITING ICONS ------------------------- Once you enter an Icon, be sure to remember what the entrance looks like - you'll probably have to find it again to get out! You can leave Battlefield Icons after finishing one or more rounds, or if you can manage to run from an enemy. UNABLE TO ENTER ------------------------------ You can't enter Battlefield Icons that have already been cleaned out. But fear not! There will be more battlefields to come, and more treasure to be won. VITALITY WINDOW ------------------------------ The Vitality Window, located at the bottom of the screen, allows you to keep track of your party's life essence. Run out, and you're a goner! Always make sure your characters have plenty of Cure Potions, or a working Cure Spell handy. NAME : The name you entered at the beginning of the game will appear here. CURRENT WEAPON : The Icon of the weapon you are presently using appears here. LIFE METER : This shows the amount of life essence remaining in two different modes. SECOND PARTY : Your ally's Vitality Window looks just like yours, except for the AUTO/MANUAL battle function that can be changed quickly by pressing the Y Button. PEOPLE COME AND GO ------------------------------------ throughout the game people will join your party for a while, and then leave. You'll never have more than one ally at a time. These people can help you in your quest, so put them to good use. Hint : they make it easier to clear out Battlefields! LEVEL OF CHARACTER ------------------------------------ Although they're usually stronger than the Hero, characters joining your adventure won't gain levels, and won't grow in ability and strength as you do. Be sure to note their strengths and weaknesses, especially their Vitality Level. ABILITY OF CHARACTER --------------------------------------- As you make your way through the adventure, the characters that join you will be stronger and have more abilities. Always check a new ally's Item, Spell, Armor and Weapons lists to see what they bring to the party! WHO WAS THAT, ANYWAY? ------------------------------------------ Some people who join you during the game leave rather abruptly. You can make your quest more enjoyable by writing down the names of characters, their relationships to other characters, their hometowns and so forth. IN THE TOWNS ------------------------ You can walk about freely in the Worlds behind the Icons, such as towns. Whenever you meet people, stop and listen, to what they have to say. Use the information to figure out where to go next. A single character you fail to speak to may hold a clue crucial to the progress of the game. CONVERSATION -------------------------- When you want to talk to someone, guide your character with the Control Pad and walk right up to him or her. then press the A Button. Remember, walking up to monsters will provoke battles. 2 OR MORE TALKING --------------------------------- Look for the small mark sticking out from the straight lines of the dialog window to see who is talking. the latest message will appear brightly on the screen. D-BUTTON Move your Hero Allows you to talk to A people or to use your weapon. Press to jump over B people, or from one object to another. X Brings up the SAVE Menu. Switches your ally's Y Battle Mode from AUTO to MANUAL. L Changes Hero's Weapon R Changes Hero's Weapon CHOP A TREE --------------------- Whenever you're in an Icon World you can use your weapons for purpose other than fighting. For example, you can use your Axe to cut trees or mushrooms that block your path. In an icy world, try whacking statues with your sword. JUMPING --------------- Reach some areas in Icon Worlds by pressing the B Button and jumping over obstacles and people. Try jumping across things that look like stepping stones. OPEN ALL CHESTS! ------------------------------ When you find a chest, walkup to it and press the A Button. You will be rewarded with the contents if you have room for it. Unlike Wooden Chests, which hold replenishable items such as Cure potions, Treasure Chests contain powerful and rare items, often necessary to finish the game. Find them all! MAIN MENU -------------------- All sub - commands, such as ITEM, SPELL, ARMOR, and WEAPONS, are selected from the MAIN MENU. Simply press the START Button to call up the MAIN MENU. THE SCREEN -------------------- You can still see your Vitality Window(s) at the bottom of the screen. The left side of the screen shows some of your ITEMS. The right side of the screen displays subcommands. MAGIC ------------ Just above the Vitality Window(s) is the MAGIC LEFT indicator, which displays how many spells of each kind of magic you and your ally, if present, have remaining. Press up or down to D-BUTTON indicate the desired sub - command. A Brings up the desired subcommand screen. Cancels the MAIN MENU, B and returns you to the Game Screen. X Not used. Switches your ally's Y Battle Mode from AUTO to MANUAL L Changes Hero's weapon. R Changes Hero's weapon. ITEMS ---------- Press the A Button when this command lights to call up the ITEM MENU. ITEMS include Vitality and Magic restores, Cure potions, and objects you will need to make your way through the game. You'll start with no ITEMS, but will gain them along the way. ITEM MENU ------------------- All ITEMS in your possession are shown when you bring up the ITEM MENU. Use the Control Pad to move the cursor to the desired ITEM. The name of the selected ITEM will appear in the upper left corner of the screen. UPPER ROW ------------------- The number above each ITEM in the top row of the Icon list indicates how many you have left of the ITEMS immediately below. You can replenish these 4 numbered ITEMS, but you can't carry more than 99 of them. Press up or down, left D-BUTTON or right to select the desired ITEM. Press to confirm A selection, and to use an ITEM Press to cancel a B selection, or to cancel the ITEM sub- command return to MAIN MENU. X Not used. Switches your ally's Y Battle Mode from AUTO to MANUAL. L Changed Hero's weapon. R Changes Hero's weapon. SPELL ---------- Press the A Button when this command lights to call up the SPELL MENU. You will have to find SPELLS during your quest. Some SPELLS replenish your vitality. Others are used only in battle. Your SPELLS are shown on the left side of the screen, your ally's (if present) on the right. THREE TYPES OF MAGIC -------------------------------------- There are 3 major classes of magic : WHITE, BLACK, and WIZARD. There are 4 different SPELLS within each of these categories. Check the MAGIC LEFT Window (above the Vitality Window) to see how many SPELLS you have remaining in each category. USING THE MENU ---------------------------- Select the Icon of the desired SPELL using the Control Pad. Press the A Button to confirm your choice. Select the target of the SPELL using the Control Pad. Press the A Button to cast the SPELL. Press left, right, up or D-Button down to select the desired SPELL. Press to confirm A selection, and to cast SPELL. Press to cancel the SPELL B sub - command and return to MAIN MENU. X Not used. Switches your ally's Y Battle Mode from AUTO to MANUAL. L Changes Hero's weapon. R Changes Hero's weapon. ARMOR ------------- Press the A Button when this command lights to call up the ARMOR MENU. When found or purchased, stronger ARMOR is automatically equipped on the HERO. Your ally's ARMOR and WEAPON are shown on the right side of the screen. ARMOR is stronger the further you make your way into the game. USING THE ARMOR MENU ----------------------------------------- You can't change the Hero's ARMOR, but you can see what strengths a piece of ARMOR has. Select the desired ARMOR using the Control Pad. The name of the ARMOR will appear in the upper left of the screen. The number after Defense Total is the total protective strength of your equipped ARMOR. DEFENSE POWER --------------------------- The higher the DEFENSE POWER number, the stronger the ARMOR. Small Icons under the Defense Power rating indicate if the ARMOR is strong against certain attacks. Press left, right, up D-BUTTON or down to examine pieces of ARMOR. A Not used. Press to cancel the B ARMOR sub - command and return to MAIN MENU. X Not used. Switches your ally's Y Battle Mode from AUTO to MANUAL. L Changes Hero's weapon. R Switches Hero's weapon. WEAPONS ---------------- Press the A Button when this command lights to call up the WEAPONS MENU. The Hero can use 4 classes of weapons: Swords, Axes, Claws and Bombs. When you win or find a stronger WEAPON, it will automatically be equipped onto the Hero. Only the strongest WEAPON in each class can be used. USING WEAPONS --------------------------- Switch the Hero's WEAPON by pressing the L and R Buttons. Use the Control Pad to move the cursor to find information about your WEAPONS. The number following the Attack Power indicator indicates the strength of the selected WEAPON. Small Icons beneath the Attack Power rating indicate if a WEAPON is strong against certain attacks. WEAPONS LEFT ------------------------ Supplies of certain WEAPONS, such as Explosives and your ally's Ninja Stars are limited, and must be replenished throughout the game. Numerals below these WEAPONS indicate the number remaining. Press left, right, up D-BUTTON or down to examine WEAPONS. A Not used. Press to cancel the B WEAPON sub - command and return to MAIN MENU. X Not used. Switches your ally's Y Battle Mode from AUTO to MANUAL. L Changes Hero's weapon. R Changes Hero's weapon. STATUS ------------ Press the A Button when this command lights to call up the STATUS MENU. The STATUS screen displays the vital statistics of your Hero (left side) and ally (right side). ELEMENTAL DEFENSE ----------------------------------- If you, or your ally are equipped with ARMOR or WEAPONS that make you strong against certain elemental attacks (earth, water, fire, and air attacks), this information is indicated by small Icons next to the ELEMENTAL DEFENSE indicator. SPECIAL DEFENSE ---------------------------- Small Icons next to the SPECIAL DEFENSE indicator show if you or you ally are equipped with ARMOR or WEAPONS that make you strong against attack. Icons include : (Top row) Doom, Petrify, Paralyze, Sleep, (Bottom row) Confusion, Poison, Blind, and Silence. EXPLANATIONS ------------------------- GP Shows how many Gold Pieces you have. EXP Shows experience points. NEXT Shows how many experience points you need to reach the next level. ATTACK Shows current Attack strength. DEFENSE Shows your current Defense rating. SPEED The higher the number, the better your chances are of attacking first! MAGIC The higher the number, the more effective the Spell will be. ACCURACY The higher the number, the more damage you'll do to an enemy. EVADE The higher the number,the better your chances of running from battle. CUSTOMIZE ------------------- Press the A Button when this command lights to call up the CUSTOMIZE MENU. Use this menu to change the screen to suit your tastes. LIFE INDICATE ------------------------ Press the Control Pad up or down to highlight the LIFE INDICATE window; left or right to choose SCALE or FIGURE. SCALE displays a bar - graph of your Vitality. FIGURE displays your Vitality as a fraction. CONTROL ---------------- Press the Control Pad up or down to highlight the CONTROL window, left or right to switch from AUTO to MANUAL. In the AUTO mode, your ally (if present) will be guided automatically by the computer. In "MANUAL", you can guide your ally's attack as well as your own. MSG. SPEED ------------------- Press the Control Pad up or down to highlight the MSG.SPEED window, left or right to adjust the setting. This controls the speed of Battle messages only. WINDOW COLOR --------------------------- Press the Control Pad up or down to highlight the WINDOW COLOR window, up or down to select R (red), G (green), or B (blue), and left or right to adjust color. Hint: Darker colored window are easier to read! SAVE -------- Press the A Button when this command lights to call up the SAVE MENU. Use this menu to save your progress in the game. After you have saved your data, you will see the name of the character(s), the current level(s), elapsed time, and the location where saved. SAVING DATA ---------------------- Select the desired data file using the Control Pad , and press the A Button. The words "Save completed" will flash in the upper left of the screen when your game has been saved. You can save over an old file, but all the old data will be erased. BUILT-IN CLOCK --------------------------- Every time you save a game, you can see the elapsed time, in hours and minutes, for your game. Look under the place name, to the right of the capital letter "T" for your time. TIPS ON SAVING -------------------------- Save your progress frequently so that you don't have to retrace your steps in the event of a lost battle. Save after a major battle to avoid having to fight a Boss Monster twice! BATTLE ------------- In order to grow stronger and faster you must engage in battle. Make sure you fight enough monsters to keep growing, or you might not be able to make it past a powerful Boss Monster! Hint : The higher the level, the easier it is to defeat an enemy! BATTLE ICON ---------------------- Although you will encounter numerous monsters throughout the game, you can also choose to hone your battle-skills by entering Battlefield Icons. Simply walk onto a Battlefield Icon that has not been cleaned out, and press the A Button. BATTLE SCREEN -------------------------- You can fight just one Round, or clear the Battlefield completely, but in any event, you will have to become familiar with the Battle Screen. You will be shown the name of your enemy and given three choices: BATTLE, RUN, and CONTROL. FIRST DECISION -------------------------- Decide whether you want to fight your enemy, run from it, or change your ally's Battle Mode from AUTO to MANUAL (or back). CHOOSE BATTLE --------------------------- When you choose BATTLE, the screen will change, and you will be presented with 4 choices: ATTACK, SPELL, ITEM, and DEFENSE. Think carefully, does your party have sufficient Vitality to take a few hits from monsters? ATTACK -------------- Highlight the ATTACK window, press the A Button, and make sure your Hero is equipped with the desired WEAPON. (Switch WEAPONS by pressing the L or R Buttons as necessary). Press the A Button to confirm your choice. use the Control Pad to select your target. (Press the B Button to cancel, and return to the Battle Menu.) Then press the A Button once again to attack your enemy. SPELL --------- Highlight the SPELL window and press the A Button. Press the Control Pad up or down to select the correct category of MAGIC (WHITE, BLACK, or WIZARD), and then left or right to select the desired SPELL. After selecting a SPELL, press the A Button to confirm your choice. Next, press the Control Pad left or right to select a target. Hold the Control Pad up to select all enemies (certain type of SPELLS). Hold the Control Pad down to select both members in your party (certain types of SPELLS). ITEM --------- Highlight the ITEM window, and press the A Button. Move the Control Pad left or right to select the desired ITEM, and press the A Button to confirm your choice? Finally, use the Control Pad to select either the Hero or ally, and press the A Button. DEFENSE --------------- Highlight the DEFENSE window, and press the A Button. using the Control Pad, select the character in your party who is to be on the defensive, and press the A Button once again. Instead of fighting, the selected character will merely defend him/herself to the best of his/her ability. ITEMS ---------- CURE Recovers Vitality. Find in POTION Chests/purchase in Shops. use anytime. Recovers health (Poison, HEAL Petrify,etc...) POTION during/after battle. Find in Chests. Use anytime. Recovers Magic Points. Find SEED in Chests/purchase in Shops. use anytime. Recovers status lowered REFRESHER during battle (speed, defense,etc...)Used only during battle. Healing Potion. ELIXIR Neutralizes Minotaur poison, saves Kaeli. Sand Temple. TREE Shows extent of damage in WITHER the Level Forest. Level Forest. Magical water from the WAKEWATER Spring of Life Temple. Melts evil Ice. Open the Chest containing VENUS KEY the Venus Shield. See Spencer. Opens everything that's MULTI-KEY locked! Ask Tristam about it when you can't unlock a door... MASK Lets you see things through gas. Volcano. MAGIC Lets you see monsters that MIRROR were invisible. Ice Pyramid. THUNDER Powers up the Rainbow Road. ROCK Firebug. CAPTAIN Cap'n Mac's trusty cap. If CAP you have it, he'll know you're a friend of Kaeli's. Let's you warp from one LIBRA place to another by CREST standing on the Libra Crest in. Wintry Cave. Let's you warm from one GEMINI place to another by CREST standing on the Gemini Crest icon. Battlefield. Warp from one place to MOBIUS another by standing on the CREST Mobius Crest icon. Spencer's Place. SAND COIN Opens gold door in Focus Tower. Bone Dungeon. RIVER Opens blue door in Focus COIN Tower. Ice Pyramid. SUN COIN Opens purple door in Focus Tower. Lava Dome. SKY COIN Opens green door in Focus Tower. Pazuzu's Tower. MAGIC ------------ White Magic. Escape from EXIT dungeons, towers, etc. In battle, sends enemy to oblivion. White Magic. Recovers CURE Vitality like Cure Potion. Foresta. White Magic. Recovers HEAL conditions like Heal Potion. Falls Basin. LIFE White Magic. Reverses "Fatal" status. Found in Lava Dome. Black Magic. Causes QUAKE bone-jarring earthquake under enemies. Bone Dungeon. BLIZZARD Black Magic. Freezes enemies. Focus Tower. Black Magic. Casts flames at FIRE enemies. Won after clearing out a Battlefield. AERO Black Magic. Casts tornado at enemies. Focus Tower. Wizard Magic. Casts fiery METEOR meteors at enemies. Alive Forest. Wizard Magic. Casts bolt of THUNDER lightening at enemies. Won after clearing out a battlefield. Wizard Magic. Showers enemies WHITE with purifying energy. Found near Lava Dome. Wizard Magic. Traps enemies FLARE in a red-hot sun flare. Pazuzu's Tower. WEAPONS --------------- STEEL SWORD Your trusty first weapon! KNIGHT SWORD Found in Ice Pyramid. EXCALIBUR Look in Pazuzu's Tower. AXE Kaeli will give it to you in the Level Forest. BATTLE AXE Someone sells it in Fireburg. GIANT'S AXE Alive Forest. Get it from Phoebe in the Wintry Cave. Can do the CAT CLAW following damage to monsters : Poison, Paralyze. In the Mine. Can do the following damage to CHARM CLAW monsters : Poison, Paralyze, Sleep, Confuse, Blind. Get it from Tristam. Can do DRAGON the following damage : CLAW Poison, Paralyze, Sleep, Confuse, Blind, Doom, Stone, Silence. Blows open sealed doorways. BOMB tristam will teach you the way of Bombs in the Bone Dungeon. Next size up from Bomb. JUMBO BOMB Phoebe will teach you how to use'em in the Falls Basin. MEGA The strongest Bomb. Thrown. GRENADE Someone in Fireburg will tell you how to use'em. MORNING Equipped on Reuben. STAR Powerful ball-and-chain weapon. BOW OF Phoebe is equipped with GRACE this. Strong stuff! NINJA STAR Tristam tosses these with great accuracy. ARMOR ------------- STEEL HELM Buy it in Aquaria. MOON HELM Strong against : fire attacks. Lava Dome. APOLLO Strong against : fire HELM attacks. Mount cale. STEEL Already equipped at the ARMOR beginning of the quest. NOBLE Strong against : water, ARMOR poison attacks. Ice Pyramid. GAIA'S Strong against : thunder, ARMOR poison, sleep attacks. Ship Dock. RELICA Strong against : water, ARMOR petrify attacks. Kaeli wears it. MYSTIC Strong against : thunder, ROBE poison, sleep attacks. Ship Dock. FLAME Strong against : fire ARMOR attacks. Reuben wears it. BLACK Strong against : doom ROBE attacks. Tristam wears it. STEEL SHIELD Bone Dungeon. VENUS Strong against : paralyze. SHIELD Focus Tower. AEGIS Strong against : paralyze, SHIELD petrify attacks. Doom Castle. ETHER Strong against : drain, SHIELD paralyze, sleep attacks. Phoebe uses it. Strong against : charm CHARM attack. Win it after clearing out a battlefield. MAGIC Strong against : silence RING attacks. Win it after clearing out a battlefield. CUPID Strong against : silence, LOCKET confusion, blind attacks. Buy it in Windia. HERE WE GO! --------------------- Prepare yourself. It is time to thrash the forces that are veiling the World in Darkness. Talk to everyone you meet , but remember, monsters usually dine first, and ask questions later. Enter your name, and press the START Button to begin. 1) IN THE LEVEL FOREST --------------------------------------- 2 gray arrows mean you can't go anywhere on the Overworld. Press the A Button to enter the Icon. Now you're in the Level Forest. See the elderly man floating in front of you? Walk up and talk to him by pressing the A Button. He'll tell you to save the Crystal of Earth. Head toward the eastern part of the forest, and help the man you meet there. Then exit towards the east. A new path has opened! Press the Control Pad in the direction of the blinking arrow, and press the A Button when you stop. 2) IN FOREST A KAELI JOINS YOU ---------------------------------------------------- Take the Tree Wither you were given in the Level! Forest to Kaeli in Foresta. She'll see the dry branches and get mad enough to join the fight. Go through all of the house in the upper right corner of the town from the back, after talking to the owner. Use the B Button to jump across the steps in the water behind the house. 3) BACK TO THE LEVEL FOREST -------------------------------------------------- After Kaeli joins your party, return to the Level Forest. Exit Foresta the same way you entered, press the Control Pad toward the Level Forest, and press the A Button when you arrive there. Once in the forest, head towards the north. You can see some chests behind small trees. Be patient, you'll be able to open these soon enough. Go through the forest until you see two trees blocking the path northward, and bump into the reddish-tinged one. Be prepared to do battle! 4) FIRST BATTLEFIELD ------------------------------------ After leaving the Level Forest follow the new path northward by pressing up on the Control Pad. the first Icon you'll reach is a Battlefield Icon. Practice your fighting skills and gain some experience here so you can grow stronger. Hint : Battlefields are easier to clear when you have an ally with you! 5) SAND TEMPLE --------------------------- Enter this Icon and open the chest in the upper right corner. It will be empty, but some cheeky guy will walk into the room and ask you if you want some Cure. This is Tristam , who is going to give you some Elixir for Kaeli, but at a price. You'll have to go treasure hunting with him into the depths of the Bone Dungeon! 6) NEXT BATTLEFIELD ----------------------------------- Now you have another chance to polish your fighting skills in a Battlefield! Take Tristam with you, and put him to work here. If you beat the monsters you'll win the Charm Pendant, which protects against Charm attacks. 7) BONE DUNGEON - 1F ------------------------------------ It's hard to move through the Bone Dungeon because of the shifting sands. Steer clear of the middle of the caverns. You'll have to fight monsters to reach treasure chests. Walk through the mouth of the skeleton at the top of the screen to reach level Basement 1 (B1). Jump across the turtle shells in the water by pressing the B Button. A bone gate blocks a secret path at the top of the screen. Forget about it for now. Walk into the water, and through the jaws of the beast skeleton on the far left. Climb out the water, and you'll see a sealed door. 8) GO GET THE SHIELD AFTER LEARNING BOMB! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- When you approach the door, Tristam will show you how to use Bombs and sell you some. Return to the bone gate you passed before, blow it up, and find the Steel Shield that's hidden there. 9) BACK THROUGH THE DOOR ------------------------------------------------ After fetching the Shield, go back to, and through the door Tristam opened for you with a Bomb. Walk into the cavern beyond, find a chest of Ninja Stars for Tristam, and then make your way toward the stairway on the left. Fight every chance you get. You must become stronger! But save at least 2 Bombs for the last 2 sealed doorways! 10) FIGHT FOR EXPLOSIVES ------------------------------------------- Fight the Gorgon in B2 for a chest of Explosives. You'll need these to replenish your supply. Make sure and save your game often! 11) BLOW OPEN THE RIBS ----------------------------------------- Ribs are blocking the path as you head upwards in B2. Just use a Bomb to clear them out of the way. To the right find more Ninja Stars for Tristam, and then walk to the left. 12) STAY AGAINST THE EDGE ---------------------------------------------- As you reach the top of B2 the sands begin shifting, so keep to the edges of the cavern. Fight through the monsters blocking your way to the next set of ribs. Blow them open, and take the stairs leading to the next skeleton in a different part of B2. 13) MORE RIBS! ------------------------- Blow open the jaws. You'll fins Seeds in a chest toward the top of your screen. Exit the ribs to the left. More jaws! Through these lies the Quake Spell, at the top of the screen, and one more set of jaws off to the right. Blow up these to reach the Boss Monster. 14) MEET THE BOSS ------------------------------- The fearsome Flamerous Rex is guarding some priceless treasure. He's using the power of the Crystal of Earth, so be careful. You have to beat him so that Tristam will give you the Elixir you need. Try your Quake Spell out on him, or use your Sword. Tristam should attack with Ninja Stars. Make sure you save the game before taking on this beast! 15) RECEIVE ELIXIR -------------------------------- tristam scoops up the treasure and leaves, but not before handing you the Elixir Kaeli needs to get well. Be sure and check the Chests before leaving, especially on the right side of the cavern where you'll find the Sand Coin. 16) BACK TO FORESTA ----------------------------------- Make your way out of the Bone Dungeon, but first save the game after you have thrashed the Flamerous Rex! Now, can you find the exit? It's at the bottom of the screen on the 1st floor. But watch out - you have to fight your way out of the last cavern. Take the Elixir back to Kaeli in Foresta, then return to the Sand Temple. A new route is open! 17) BATTLEFIELD #3 -------------------------------- Take the right route from the Sand Temple. The first stop will be a Battlefield Icon. You can try to tackle some of the monsters here, but you might want to wait until you're joined by an ally. 18) INTO THE FOCUS TOWER --------------------------------------------- Now you're entering a realm of great darkness. You've recovered the light from the Crystal of Earth, but three Crystals are still being drained. You must pass through the Focus Tower on your way to your next destination. 19) INSIDE THE TOWER ------------------------------------- As you make you're way toward the top of the screen, you'll see that curious elderly man floating in a room to the left of the screen. Go up and to the left to talk with him. You'll see treasure chests in rooms around you. You can't get to these yet - just be patient. 20) TALK TO THE OLD MAN ------------------------------------------- Listen carefully to what the man says, for he is giving you your next clue (To find Phoebe). Then go up the stairs you see to the left. Remember that the people you meet are going to guide you through your quest. Write down the clues if you want to! 21) ONE ROOM, THREE DOORS ------------------------------------------------ At the top of the stairs you'll find three doors - gold, blue and purple. Note that there is a different Icon on each door, indicating the magical Coin that you must have before you can enter that door. 22) THROUGH THE GOLD DOOR -------------------------------------------------- Walk up the gold door and press the A Button. It opens! The Icon on the door matches the shape of the Sand Coin you took from the Bone Dungeon. If you had overlooked the Coin, you'd have to go back and find it now! Always search all caverns, rooms and other places carefully! 23) EXPLORE --------------------- Once through the gold door, go up the stairs at the top of the screen. You'll see a door on the second floor. Don't head that way yet! Go around, and down until you see a Chest. Hop over the gap in the wall if you have to, using the B Button, to get to the Chest. 24) IT'S THE FIRE SPELL! -------------------------------------- Walk up to the Chest and press the A Button. You'll find the Fire Spell! Use it in your next battle, but keep an eye on your Black Magic Spells Remaining counter. 25) OUTSIDE THE TOWER --------------------------------------- After finding the Fire Spell, go back to the stairways, and exit through the door you see there. You're back in the Overworld! Now you have to find Phoebe. Press the Control Pad in the direction of the blinking arrow. 26) BATTLEFIELD --------------------------- Another Battlefield awaits you. What might you win here? Before you begin slugging away, you might want to have an ally join you. 27) LIBRA TEMPLE ------------------------------ Continue on, following the flashing arrows, and you'll arrive at the Libra Temple. Enter the Temple and go toward the top of the screen. A girl is standing there! Talk to her, and you'll learn that she's Phoebe. You've got to help her! When she joins you, follow the blinking arrows through Battlefields, stopping to clear them, to Phoebe's house in Aquaria. And now you're on your own!

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