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Final Fantasy 3

Typed out by DarkHero -Page 2- Table of Contents War of the Magi 4 Controls 6 Name Input 8 Vehicles 9 Getting Started 10 Saving Progress 11 Subscreen 12 Order in the Ranks 14 Front/Back 15 Item Screen 16 -Page 3- Special Skills 18 Equipping Fighters 20 Relics 22 Status Screen 24 Config Screen 26 Fighting Screen 30 Changes in Status 34 Village Locations 36 Items 38 Relics 40 Espers 44 Magic Spells 48 Building Parties 52 Special Events 53 Character Guide 54 Terra 54 Gau 64 Locke 55 Shadow 66 Mog 56 Celes 67 Edgar 58 Setzer 68 Sabin 60 Strago 70 Cyan 62 Relm 72 Adventurer's Advice 73 The Story Begins 74 Accessories 82 -Page 4- War of the Magi Beasts of doom, known as Espers, were created and unleased to do the bidding of their masters. -Page 5- Beings of pure magic once ruled the world with power and command. But power rarely leads to contentment... A dispute amongst these beings turned into an all-out war. Beasts of doom, known as Espers, were unleased to do the bidding of their masters. This "War of the Magi" reduced the world to smoldering rubble. When it ended, the Espers were gone, as were most of the citizens of the world. Many centuries have passed since the war. Civilizations have been rebuilt with iron, machines and technology. For years the Espers have existed only in ancient legends. Now, an Esper has been discovered and the forces of magic are beginning to return. The risk of another, more devastating war is growing. The future -Page 6- Controls There are two main types of action that you'll experience in playing Final Fantasy III: fighting and traveling. The methods of control are different for each activity. Here's a basic rundown: Super NES Controller Control Pad Use the Control Pad to move you party across the field, to move the cursor on menu screens and to steer Chocobos and Airships. Start Button The main function of the Start Button is to pause the action in battle scenes. Press the Start Button for a breather while you're fighting. You can also use it to turn the field map on and off while traveling and to complete the name entering process. Select Button Press the Select Button in menu screens with long lists to scroll the length of an entire screen. -Page 7- L/R Button In fighting scenes, you can press the L button or the R button to make a spell affect all of you enemies. You can also attempt to run from a fight by pressing and holding both buttons. X Button Use the X button to go to the subscreen while you're in the field or in towns. The X button also allows you to go to the action inside the flying Airship and to skip party members in battles. Y Button In multi-party battles, you can switch from one party to the next by pressing the Y Button. You can also use it to show the Magic Points needed for spells in the spell list. A Button The A Button is the main action button. With it, you can talk to villagers, open treasure chests and push switches. You can also use the A Button to confirm choices in all menus and the subscreen. Move the cursor to the appropritate space with the Control Pad, then press the A Button to make the selection. In vehicle driving scenes, the A Button allows you to make the Chocobo or Airship move forward. B Button In most cases, the B Button cancels the last choice you made. It also lets you climb off Chocobos and the Airship. -Page 8- Special Controls Name Input When a new character is introduced into the game, you can keep the pre- set name by pressing the Start Button, or change the name to something else. A Button Use the A Button to confirm each letter and move on to the next space. B Button You can erase a letter in the name and move back one space with a tap of the B Button. Control Pad Move the cursor through the alphabet with the Control Pad. Start Button Press the Start Button when you have arrived at a name to your liking. You can stay with the name that appears automatically or change the name. The name must be made of six or fewer letters. -Page 9- Special Controls Vehicles When you're riding Chocobos or Airships, enemies in the field cannot attack. Both types of vehicles are controlled in similar ways. Chocobos The Chocobo is an ostrich-like bird that travels on the ground. When you dismount, it will run back to its stable. Press Up to move forward. Press A to move forward. Press Left and Right to turn. Press B to dismount. Airships When you secure the Airship, you'll be able to explore the world quickly and freely. Press Up or Down to adjust height. Press X to switch your view to the inside. Press Left and Right to turn. Press Y to turn the Airship when Press A to move forward. it's not moving. Press B to leave the Airship. Use L/R to make high-speed turns. -Page 10- Getting Started The game pak's built-in battery holds as many as three saved game files. If there are saved files, you'll have the choice to continue a quest or start a new game. Beginning Anew If there are no saved files, the game will begin with the introduction story, without showing the saved file screen. Shortly after you begin, you'll arrive at a place where you can save the game to a new file. Continuing a Quest If the battery is keeping one or more saved files, you will have the option at the beginning of the game to choose a file and continue a quest. Move the cursor to the desired file and press the A Button. New Game You can start a new game even if the battery is keeping saved files. Move the cursor to the New Game option on the saved file screen and press the A Button. The game will start from the beginning. -Page 11- Saving Progress When you save the progess of your adventure, you can replace an old file or choose an empty file. The Save option is on the subscreen. If the option is highlighted, you can save the game by moving the cursor to the word "Save" and pressing the A Button. Safe to Save You can save your progress at any time in the field or at specific "Save Points." If the Save option is available, the word "Save" will be highlighted on the subscreen. -Page 12- Subscreen The subscreen gives you access to important information about your party and allows you to make decisions relating to the party and the game in general. Press the X Button to enter the subscreen. Your Party Commands In this section of the subscreen, Items See Page 16 you can examine the members of your Skills See Page 18 party and take a look at their Equip See Page 20 current status. Relics See Page 22 Status See Page 24 Play Time Config See Page 26 This entry keeps tabs on time Save See Page 11 invested in playing up to your current position. Steps / Gold Here you can see how many steps your party has taken and examine your wealth. -Page 13- Name The name of the character is shown here. If you've changed the name, the new name will be displayed. Character Close-Up Level This depiction of the character's As your character gains experience, face is a good representation of his or her experience level what the character looks like. increases as shown here. Hit Points This entry shows the Hit Points that remain for the character and the Hit Point maximum. Magic Points Current Magic Points and current Magic Point maximums are shown here. -Page 14- Order in the Ranks The members of your party can be positioned in any order you wish. Only the character in the lead will be shown as the party marches through the field. Press Left on the Control Pad. The pictures of the party members will shift to the right and the cursor will appear on the left. Move the cursor so that it points to one of the characters you would like to move, then press the A Button. Move the cursor so that it points to the other character involved in the switch, then press the A Button again. -Page 15- Front / Back The members of you adventuring party can storm up to the front of every battle or they can stay back and take a more defensive poisition. This posturing dictates the amount of damage they will take an inflict. Move the cursor so that it points The fighter in question will change to one of your fighters, press the from the front to the back or from A Button twice. the the back to the front. Front Back A position on the front lines of By stepping to the back, fighters the battle means a fighter will can be more defensive, taking and inflict as much damage as possible inflicting about half as much on the enemies. damage. -Page 16- Item Screen Special items can be used to recover Hit and Magic Points, and to cure your characters from various states. Items, unequipped Weapons and Relics are shown on the Item screen. All of the Items in your party's This line explains the use of the possession are shown in this list. Currently selected item. Use the Control Pad or the L and R Buttons to scroll through the list. Item Commands The Item commands allow you to use Items, change the order of the list and display those Items in the list which are very rare. Press the B Button to make the Choose a command and press the A cursor go from the Item list to the Button to enact that command. Item commands. -Page 17- Using Items All of the Items which are highlighted at any one time can be used. Choose an Item, then select the character who will use that Item. Move the cursor to that it points Select the character who will use to the desired Item, then press A. the Item, then press A again. Weapons, Armor and Relics Unequipped Weapons, Armor and Relics appear on the Item list. You can examine their properties from the list. Move the cursor so that it points Push A twice, then Left to list the to a Weapon, type of Armor or a properties of the Item. Relic. Arrange The Arrange option organizes the Items in your list into groups of Items of similar types. -Page 18- Skills Special skills of your party members are accessible from the subscreen. Individual skills are also included as battle options. Once you've switched to the Skills You'll have the option to look at option, select a character and highlighted Magic powers, Espers and press the A Button. any other Skills. Espers Mysterious beings known as Espers give Magic powers to fighters in your party when they are equipped by the fighters. Equip a character with an Esper and When enough Magic Points have been accumulate Magic Points. earned, the fighter equipped with the Esper learns the Esper's spells. -Page 19- Magic Some characters automatically learn the use of Magic Spells. Others must be equipped with Espers in order to learn Spells. Choose a Spell from the list and Your target will vary depending on press the A Button. the nature of the Spell. SwdTech See Page 62 This special ability is unique to the character Cyan. He will learn up to eight powerful sword techniques over the course of the adventure. Blitz See Page 60 The Blitz technique is used by Sabin. After you choose a Blitz, you must press a series of buttons in order to enact one of up to eight techniques. Lore See Page 70 The character Strago is capable of learning up to 24 different Spells from enemy characters. In order to learn a Spell he must survive its power once. Rage See Page 64 Gau is a resident of the Veldt who can learn the fighting techniques of other Veldt characters. Dance See Page 56 The character Mog can quickly learn powerful, magical dances in each of the eight areas of the World. -Page 20- Equipping Fighters A fighter can hold equipment in each hand and wear Armor on his or her head and body. Equipping fighters increases their offensive and defensive power. Equip The Equip command puts equipment on the selected fighter. Different pieces of equipment affect the fighter's powers in different ways. Select the hand, head, or body to Yellow numbers indicate added be equipped and press A. strength. Gray numbers indicate less strength. -Page 21- Optimum The useful Optimum command equips the fighter in question with the available Items that can add to that fighter's powers in the best possible way. Choose the Optimum command and The fighter will wear all of the press the A Button. best available equipment. Rmove The using the Rmove command, you can take away a particular piece of equipment from the selected fighter. Empty Use th Empty command on a fighter to remove all of that fighter's current equipment. Then re-equip the fighter anew. Survey the Troops With a quick command, you can call up a list of all the equipment your fighters are currently using. Press Left when the cursor is Press the A Button. A list of the flashing on the word "Equip." This fighters and their currently will make the cursor point to all equipped items will appear. fighters. -Page 22- Relics Relics are items that, when equipped, give fighters special abilities. Each fighter can be equipped with up to two Relics at once. Select a Relic and press A. The The Relic will work its magic and Genji Glove in this example allows impart a special ability on the a fighter to carry a Weapon in each fighter. hand. Powers Change Some Relics are best suited for particular characters, changing that character's special powers. The Thief's Glove, for example, makes Locke's stealing capability more powerful. -Page 23- Strength in Relics As is the case with Weapons and Armor, some Relics change a fighter's offensive and defensive strengths. You can see these potential changes before the Relics are offically equipped. Some Relics add to a fighter's The yellow numbers indicate an offensive and defensive strengths. increase in power. Relics to Relish While all Relics have their good points, there are a trio of Relics which are particularly useful. They are: Sprint Shoes When any character in your party is equipped with this fast footwear, you'll move with twice as much speed in all areas except the overworld. Wall Ring The incredible Wall Ring Relic makes enemy Spells bounce off of the equipped fighter and shoot back at the enemy. Black Belt The magic of the martial arts makes a fighter who is equipped with the Black Belt randomly counterattack when hit. -Page 24- Status Screen The Status screen clues you in on the experience, power and abilities of the members of your party. You can access the information from the subscreen. A fighter's level of experience and his or her Armor and Weapons contribute to the offensive and defensive powers. The Status screen allow you to analyze those factors. By looking at the Status screen, you can determine the strengths and weaknesses of the fighter in question. -Page 25- 1 Experience The Experience level of you fighter directly affects his or her maximum Hit Points, Magic Points and offensive and defensive powers. 2 Next Level This entry lets you know the number of points your fighter needs to reach the next level. 3 Vigor A fighter's Vigor relates to his or her general strengths and abilities to take and inflict damage. 4 Speed If your fighter has a high Speed rating, his or her Power meter will rise quickly after each attack in preparation for the next attack. 5 Stamina If your fighter has a high Stamina level he or she will gain more Hit Points with the next rise in Experience Level. 6 Mag. Power Magic Power indicates the offensive strength of your fighter's Magic abilities. It should be low for fighters that don't use Magic. 7 Bat. Power Battle Power relates to your fighter's total attacking power. If it's high, he or she will be a powerhouse with the Fight command. 8 Defense The Defense rating shows your fighter's current defensive power, taking into account the Armor that he or she is wearing. 9 Evade The Evade rating shows the percentage of enemy attacks aimed at the fighter in question which are likely to miss. 10 Mag. Def. Magic Defense relates to the power of the fighter's magic abilities to ward off or weaken enemy attacks. 11 M Block Magic Block is the percentage of enemy Spells directed at your fighter and which are likely to fizzle out before they can cause damage. -Page 26- Config Screen Several features relating to the performance of the game can be adjusted in the Config screen. There are two "pages" of adjustable entries. -Page 27- Bat. Mode The two possible settings for Battle Mode are "Active" and "Wait." These settings relate to the attack methods of your enemies. If the Battle Mode is set on "Active," the enemies will attack whenever they have the power to do so. If the setting is "Wait," the enemies will not attack while you are accessing menus in the middle of a fight. Active Active mode allows enemies to attack at will in fighting scenes, whenever they have enough power. Wait Wait mode keeps enemies from attacking when you're looking through Item and Magic menus. Bat. Speed The Battle Speed determines how quickly battles will be played out. Msg. Speed Message Speed makes screen text appear on the screen at various speeds. Cmd. Set The two Command Set options are "Window" and "Short." These options relate to the way commands are laid out in fighting scenes. The "Window" configuration is the default method of displaying the commands. The "Short" configuration features a shorter window with commands arranged in a more compact manner. -Page 28- The Command Set option allows you In the "Short" set-up, the fight to choose between the "Window" or commands are arranged in a three "Short" set-ups. line format. Gauge This option allows you to turn off the power bar which shows the progress of your fighter returning to battle strength. When the Gauge option is on, you When the Gauge option is off, your can monitor the return to battle current Hit Points and maximum Hit strength of each fighter. Points are displayed. Sound The Sound option allows you to switch from stereo to mono output. Cursor With this option, you can make the cursor "remember" its position in a particular situation. This feature is useful if you always use a fighter to attack or defend in a certain way. You can set it up once, then simply press the A Button repeatedly to carry out the action. -Page 29- Re-equip When the Re-equip option is set on Optimum, the game will automatically re-equip your fighter with optimum pieces when your equip power-changing Relics. Controller While Final Fantasy III is generally a single-player game, you can use the Controller option to set the game up for use with two controllers in fighting scenes. The multi-controller feature allows you to assign individual fighters to Controller 1 or Controller 2. Mag. Order The Magic Order option affects the format of the Spells list. The configurations give varying priorities to different types of Spells. While one configuration puts healing Spells at the top of the list, followed by attacking Spells and effect Spells, another configuration reverses the order. There are six configurations in all. Window This option allows you to select one of eight different designs for window backgrounds. Color With the Color option, you can change the entire backgroiund, the color of the letting in the game text ("font") and the borders around the edges of the windows. Save See Page 11 Once you've set all of the configurations to your liking, make sure to use the Save option on the subscreen to secure all of your choices. -Page 30- Fighting Screen When monsters attack, the encounter will take place in the fighting screen. This is where your preparation and battle strategies pay off. 1 Enemy attackers usually appear on the left side of the screen. If they ambush, they could appear on the right side or surround your party. 2 When the members of your party are energized to a point where they can make a battle action, their options appear here. 3 Several types of enemies may be attacking at once. The names of the enemy types are listed in the lower-left section of the screen. 4 Enemies and members of your party take turns carrying out battle actions. The current action is shown here. 5 The members of your party are shown on the right side of the screen, unless they've been ambushed. Their appearance indicate their current state. 6 Information relating to the current Hit Points and battle readiness of your party members is shown in the lower-right section of the screen. -Page 31- Battle Example 1 When enemies attack, the members of your party are forces to fight them off in a face-to-face battle. 2 When the gauges of your fighters are full, they're ready to rumble. A list of possible commands for each fighter then appears. 3 Every fighter has the option to Fight, use an Item or practice a special Skill. 4 When the action of a fighter or an enemy has been decided upon, the fighting begins. 5 If your party manages to defeat all the attacking enemies, the battle will be won. 6 Victory brings Gold, Experience and Magic Points and, occasionally, a special Item, Weapon, or pieces of Armor. -Page 32- Fighting Commands When a member of your party is powered-up and ready to fight, a list of commands will appear in the lower-left section of the fighting screen. It's up to you to decide exactly how your fighter will contribute to the effort. Fight A fighter given the command to "Fight" jumps into the middle of the action and hits the chosen target with his or her Weapon. Special Skills See Pages 54-72 Many of the fighters in your party will have special Skills which will help them dispatch enemy attackers. These Skills often cause more damage to the enemies than a standard attack. Magic While few of your fighters will have Magic power at the beginning of the adventure, they will have the opportunity to learn Spells from the Espers. After you've selected Magic as a fighting command, you'll have a list of available Spells to choose from. Esper Magic When chosen, Espers can only attack once in every enemy encounter. Press Up on the Control Pad in the Magic menus to access the equipped Espers. -Page 33- Items Most of your special items will provide Health and Power for the members of your party. When you use Items, you'll be able to target one of the fighters in your party to be the recipient of that item. When you're in the Item list, you Items generally add power to your can manage your Weapons by pressing party members or cure them from a up on the Control Pad. bad state. They often prove to be useful in long, tough battles. Row By pressing Left on the Control Pad, you can instruct a fighter to step to the back row when it's his or her turn to fight. Defense Press right on the Control Pad to command a member of your party to set up a defensive position. Run If you're not ready to fight, press and hold the L and R Buttons. The members of your party will attempt to make a run for it. You can continue to fight while you party members try to flee. -Page 34- Changes in Status Enemies can trigger a variety of damaging "status changes." If you have acecss to the right Items or Spells you can correct negative conditions. Condition Effect Float You can defend against the awesome powers of a Quake spell by casting Float on the members of your party. Petrify This strange condition turns your fighters into statues, so that they cannot move or attack. Use Soft to make them return to normal. Imp The Imp spell turns the spell recipient into an Imp. If you wish to cure the condition, you can use a Green Cherry. Clear Clear makes the targeted fighter invisible. Use Remedy to cure this condition. Poison Poison causes the members of your party to lose Hit Points during battle and with every step they take. An Antidote will set things right. Zombie Fighters in a Zombie state are controllable. A shot of Revivfy will bring a Zombie back to his or her normal state. Dark Ink-shooting enemies can cover the eyes of their opponenets, making them miss on many of their attacks. Eyedrop does the job here. -Page 35- Wounded If a member of your party has lost all of his or her Hit Points, he or she is "wounded." Fenix Down will cure this condition. Psyche Some enemies can cause your fighters to nod off. The only action that will wake them up is a direct attack. Muddled Muddled fighters attack monsters and members of their own party. A Remedy is a useful counter to this condition. Mute A Mute condition silences the Magic powers of your party members. Echo Screen will give them a voice again. Condemned Condemned party members will lose all of the Hit Points if the countdown above them reaches zero. Berserk This condition makes fighters go wildly out of control. Use Dispel to bring them back to normal. Slow Fighters that have been targeted by a Slow spell will be slow to return to battle readiness after they make a move. Stop If your fighters have been hit by Stop, time is standing still for them. Use Dispel to get the clock ticking again. Regen You can use Regen on the members of your party to make them regain Hit Points at regular intervals during a fight. -Page 36- Village Locations There are several villages in the world of Final Fantasy III. In addition to gathering important information from the villagers on the streets and in houses, you can revitalize the members of your party at Inns and purchase Items in shops. Inns If the members of your party are suffering from a negative change in Status or if their Hit Points or Magic Points are low, you can power them up for a small fee at an inn. Weapon Shops Weapon shops offer a variety of powerful items that will add to the performance of your fighters in the field. If you're low on cash you can sell old Weapons for half their purchase price. While you're shopping for Weapons and Armor, you'll notice a lineup of fighters at the bottom of the screen. Each fighter will raise his or her arms if he or she can be equipped with a particular item. -Page 37- Armor Shops If you're in the market for protective gear, an Armor, Shop is the place to be. Look through the list of items available and purchase the items which will be of the greatest benefit to your party. Item Shops Items are generally used to replenish Hit Points and to cure fighters from changes in Status. Stock up with as many Items as you can afford before you venture into the unknown. Relic Shops Every fighter in your party can equip up to two Relics. Buy as many different types of Relics as you can afford and use them wisely. Chocobo Stables Chocobos are available in a few villages and remote forest locations. For a fee, you can hop onto a Chocobo and ride across the fields, free of enemy intervention. Cafes While you're in town, make sure you visit these establishments to catch up on current events. -Page 38- Items You can hold up to 99 of each type of Item. They can be found in Item Shops and Treasure Chests. You can also earn some Items by defeating enemies. Item Effect Cost Green Cherry This item reverses the effect of an Imp 150 spell, changing an Imp back to normal. Tincture If a magic user drinks a Tincture, he or 1500 she will recover 50 Magic Points towards his or her current maximum. X-Ether This powerful potion recovers all of the No Cost targeted fighter's Magic Points. Ether A standard Ether potion will recover 150 No Cost Magic Points for the targeted Magic user. X-Potion If you find an X-Potion in the field, you No Cost can use it to fully recover the Hit Points of a fighter in your party. Elixir The power-packed Elixir recovers Hit No Cost Points and Magic Points fully for the targeted party member. Soft If your party members have been 200 petrified, you can bring them back to normal with this item. Smoke Bomb You can set a smoke screen in a battle 300 with this explosive device and escape unharmed. Super Ball Toss this bouncing sphere at attacking 1000 enemies and set them up for big damage. Revivify If a member of your party has fallen 300 under the power of the Zombie spell, you can use Revivify to counter the effects. Warp Stone Use a Warp Stone to escape quickly from 700 an enemy confrontation or underground maze. Tent By pitching a tent at save points or in 1200 in the field, you can recover your entire party's Hit Points and Magic Points. -Page 39- Item Effect Cost Antidote If a fighter in your party is poisoned, 50 you can counteract the poison with an Antidote. Sleeping Bag A Sleeping Bag recovers all of the Hit 500 Points and Magic Points for one member of your party. Potion A Potion recovers 250 Hit Points for the 300 targeted fighter. Remedy This cure-all recovers a fighter from any 1000 negative status change with the exception of the Zombie spell. Fenix Down A wounded fighter will be on the road to 500 recovery after a rest in these curative feathers. Dried Meat This food item gives the receiving party 150 member recovery of 150 Hit Points. Tonic If a member of your party sips a Tonic, 50 he or she will recover 50 Hit Points. Magicite The mysterious Magicite calls on a No Cost randomly selected Esper for a quick blast of magic. Eyedrop Use an Eyedrop to take away the mask of 50 ink worn by a fighter who has been stricken with Dark. Echo Screen When a Muted fighter is hit with the Echo 120 Screen, he or she is able to use Magic once again. Megalixir A Megalixir instantly recovers all Hit No Cost Points and Magic Points for your party. Rename Card This elusive item allows you to rename No Cost the characters that have joined you in your journey. Shadow Edge Use the Shadow Edge to spread shadows out 400 across the battle field. Fire Skean Your enemies will fell the heat of a fire 500 attack when you use this item. Inviz Edge The fighter who throws this item will be 200 invisible to attacking enemies. -Page 40- Item Effect Cost Water Skean Toss this item into the fray for a 150 powerful water atttack. Thunder Edge When a fighter throws this item, you'll 500 have help from a lightning and thunder blast. Relics Relics can be equipped by members of your party two at a time. They impart a variety of different abilities. Item Effect Cost Amulet When a member of your party wears an 5000 Amulet, he or she is protected from Poison, Dark and Zombie. Back Guard This item protects your party from Back 7000 Attacks and Pincer Attacks. Rage Ring Wearing the Rage Ring will give more No Cost power to Umaro's Rage attack. Earrings Earrings allow Magic users to cause extra 5000 damage with offensive spells. They're more powerful when paired. Running Shoes When a fighter wears Running Shoes, he or 7000 she has the power of the Haste Spell. Offering The mighty Offering relic gives extra No Cost power to the bearer's Fight command. Marvel Shoes Wear the Marvel Shoes and marvel at their No Cost unpredictable effects. Gauntlet While holding the Gauntlet, a fighter can No Cost hold one Weapon with two hands, causing more damage per swing. Atlas Armlet A member of your party can cause 5000 additional damage while fighting if he or she is wearing this powerful item. -Page 41- Item Effect Cost Gold Hairpin A Magic user wearing a Gold Hairpin can No Cost cut in half the Magic Power needed for each spell. Goggles Fighters wearing Goggles can protect 500 against the damages of a Dark spell. Crystal Orb The Crystal Orb increases maximum Magic No Cost Points by half against their previous amount. Merit Award The Merit Award allows the bearer to wear No Cost heavy Armor. Exp. Egg The amazing Exp. Egg doubles the No Cost Experience Points the wearer receives. Genji Glove Fighters looking for a two-fisted attack No Cost can wear the Genji Glove and carry two swords at once. Blizzard Orb If Umaro is looking to cool down his No Cost enemies, they will experience the chilling effects of the Blizzard Orb. Jewel Ring Wearing the Jewel Ring will protect the 1000 bearer from Dark and Petrify spells. Sniper Sight Accuracy is the name of the game with 3000 this Relic. It ensures a 100 percent hit rate with the Fight command. Economizer Magic users will be able to do a lot of No Cost good with this item. It cuts spell costs to one Magic Point each. Safety Bit Wearing this item will protect the bearer No Cost from magic attacks which would have inflicted mortal damage. Gem Box This Relic adds power to all Magic Spells No Cost cast by the bearer. Zephyr Cape The Zephyr Cape allows a member of your 7000 party to dodge attacks with more success. Charm Bangle When the leader of the party is wearing No Cost the Charm Bangle, few enemies will attack from the field. Tintinabar The Tintinabar has the opposite effect of No Cost Poison. The bearer recovers Hit Points with every step. -Page 42- Item Effect Cost Sprint Shoes When anyone in your party wears Sprint 1500 Shoes, your party will walk twice as fast as before. Fake Mustache A fighter with a Sketch command can No Cost change it to Control while wearing the Fake Mustache. Cherub Down A fighter who bears the Cherub Down has 6300 the power to cast a Float spell. Cure Ring When a member of your party wears the No Cost Cure Ring, he or she can cast a Regen spell. Sneak Ring When Locke wears this ring, he has a 3000 higher success rate while using his ability to Steal. Thief Glove The Thief Glove changes Locke's Steal No Cost command to Capture. True Knight This item offers protection to members of 1000 your party who are low on Hit Points. Cursed Ring The Cursed Ring, being true to its name, No Cost is cursed. Hyper Wrist When a fighter wears the Hyper Wrist, his 8000 or her Vigor is raised. Gale Hairpin When a member of your party wears the 8000 Gale Hairpin, your chances of making preemptive attacks are greater. Barrier Ring The Barrier Ring casts a Shell spell when 500 the wearer is low on Hit Points. Dragon Horn If a fighter is equipped with the Dragon No Cost Horn, he or she will jump at every opportunity. Fairy Ring The bearer of the Fairy Ring has 7000 protection from Poison and Dark spells. Relic Ring This powerful Relic has mysterious No Cost effects on wounded fighters. Black Belt This martial arts powerhouse makes the 5000 bearer fight back automatically when hit. -Page 43- Item Effect Cost Hero Ring The wearer of the Hero Ring is given No Cost increased power for the Fight and Magic commands. Czarina Ring The wearer of the Czarina Ring casts Safe 3000 and Shell spells when his or her Hit Points are low. Guard Ring The power of the Guard Ring causes the 5000 bearer to cast a Safe spell when his or her Hit Points are low. Coin Toss The Coin Toss relic changes Setzer's No Cost Slot command to GP Rain. Star Pendant When a member of your party is equipped 500 with the Star Pendant, he or she is protected from Poison. White Cape This cloth shield protects the wearer 5000 from the power of Imp and Mute spells. Muscle Belt The bearer of the Muscle Belt can add 50% No Cost to the total of his or her maximum Hit Points. Pod Bracelet While wearing this accessory, a member of No Cost your party can cast Safe and Shell spells. Beads Beads give the wearer a better chance of 4000 avoiding enemy attacks. Mithril Glove The Mithril Glove casts a Safe spell when 700 its bearer is low on Hit Points. Marvel Shoes The mysterious Marvel Shoes have No Cost unpredictable powers. Moogle Charm If the leader of your party wears the No Cost Moogle Charm, your party will be protected from random attacks. Peace Ring The bearer of the Peace Ring is protected 3000 from Berserk and Muddle spells. Ribbon The Ribbon protects the wearer from all No Cost status changing ailments. Dragon Boots The nifty boots change the Fight command 9000 into a Jump command. -Page 44- Espers The magic force of the Espers can be learned by fighters who are equipped with Espers while they earn Magic Points. When a fighter learns 100 percent of an Esper's spell, he or she can use the spell. Equipping Espers Each fighter in your party can use one Esper at a time. Select the Esper command from the Skills heading for a particular fighter and move the cursor to an Esper that is highlighted, then press the A Button to equip that Esper. Select from the list an Esper which While you wear the Esper, Magic is not already being worn by a Points you earn will go toward member of your party, then press A. learning the Esper's spells. Bonus Points As your fighters increase their Experience Levels, some Espers will reward them with extra powers. -Page 45- Espers and Their Spells Listed below are the Espers and their spells. The numbers next to the spells are learning rates. These numbers are multiplied by earned Magic Points. When the results reach 100, the spells are learned. The Esper's Name Starlet Each Esper has as many as Cure . . . . . . . x25 five Spells to pass on to the Cure 2 . . . . . . x16 equipped adventurer. Cure 3 . . . . . . x 1 Regen . . . . . . x20 Remedy . . . . . . x20 Kirin Phoenix Cure . . . . . . . x 5 Life . . . . . . . x10 Cure 2 . . . . . . x 1 Life 2 . . . . . . x 2 Regen . . . . . . x 3 Life 3 . . . . . . x 1 Antdot . . . . . . x 4 Cure 3 . . . . . . x 2 Scan . . . . . . . x 5 Fire 3 . . . . . . x 3 Unicorn Palidor Cure 2 . . . . . . x 4 Haste . . . . . . x20 Remedy . . . . . . x 3 Slow . . . . . . . x20 Dispel . . . . . . x 2 Haste 2 . . . . . x 2 Safe . . . . . . . x 1 Slow 2 . . . . . . x 2 Shell . . . . . . x 1 Float . . . . . . x 5 Sraphim Ifrit Life . . . . . . . x 5 Fire . . . . . . . x10 Cure 2 . . . . . . x 8 Fire 2 . . . . . . x 5 Cure . . . . . . . x20 Drain . . . . . . x 1 Regen . . . . . . x10 Remedy . . . . . . x 4 -Page 46- Shiva Odin Ice . . . . . . . x10 Meteor . . . . . . x 1 Ice 2 . . . . . . x 5 Rasp . . . . . . . x 4 Osmose . . . . . . x 4 Cure . . . . . . . x 3 Maduin Raiden Fire 2 . . . . . . x 3 Quick . . . . . . x 1 Ice 2 . . . . . . x 3 Bolt 2 . . . . . . x 3 Bismark Crusader Fire . . . . . . . x20 Merton . . . . . . x 1 Ice . . . . . . . x20 Meteor . . . . . . x10 Bolt . . . . . . . x20 Life . . . . . . . x 2 Ramuh Bahamut Bolt . . . . . . . x20 Flare . . . . . . x 2 Bolt 2 . . . . . . x 2 Poison . . . . . . x 5 Shoat Tritoch Bio . . . . . . . x 8 Fire 3 . . . . . . x 1 Break . . . . . . x 5 Ice 3 . . . . . . x 1 Doom . . . . . . . x 2 Bolt 3 . . . . . . x 1 -Page 47- Alexandr ZoneSeek Pearl . . . . . . x 2 Rasp . . . . . . . x20 Shell . . . . . . x10 Osmose . . . . . . x15 Safe . . . . . . . x10 Shell . . . . . . x 5 Dispel . . . . . . x10 Remedy . . . . . . x15 Ragnarok Golem Ultima . . . . . x 1 Safe . . . . . . . x 5 Stop . . . . . . . x 5 Cure 2 . . . . . . x 5 Terrato Stray Quake . . . . . . x 3 Muddle . . . . . . x 7 Quartr . . . . . x 1 Imp . . . . . . . x 5 W Wind . . . . . x 1 Float . . . . . . x 2 Carbunkl Fenrir Rflect . . . . . x 5 Warp . . . . . . . x10 Haste . . . . . . x 3 X-Zone . . . . . . x 5 Shell . . . . . . x 2 Stop . . . . . . . x 3 Safe . . . . . . x 2 Warp . . . . . . x 2 Phantom Siren Bserk . . . . . . x 3 Sleep . . . . . . x10 Vanish . . . . . x 3 Mute . . . . . . . x 8 Demi . . . . . . x 5 Slow . . . . . . . x 7 Fire . . . . . . . x6 -Page 48- Magic Spells Some warriors who join up with your party will be born Magic users, but the bulk of the fighters will have to learn Magic from the Espers. Spell Collection Every Esper offers a series of Spells for the wearer to learn. Some Spells are offered by more than one Esper. When a fighter learns 100 percent of a particular Spell, he or she can use it. Different Espers, Different Speeds Some Spells are offered by more than one Esper, but the learning speeds vary. Compare the learning speeds so you can learn each spell as quickly as possible. Magic, Armor, Weapons and Item Some items other than Espers allow adventurers to learn spells. Try experimenting by equipping a variety of Armor and Weapons. -Page 49- Recovery Magic Offensive Magic Cure - A single Cure spell can Fire - Enemies will be on the recover as much as 270 Hit Points. receiving end of a blast of heat and The casting cost is five Magic flame when this spell is cast in Points. their direction. Cure 2 - Cure 2 is capable of Fire 2 - This blazing spell offers reviving a fighter with three times three times the blast of the first as many Hit Points as the first Fire spell for a cost of 20 Magic Cure spell. Points. Cure 3 - This Hit Point reviving Fire 3 - Fire 3 is the strongest spell is seven times as powerful as Fire spell at six times the power of the original Cure spell. the original. The cost is 57 Magic Points. Life - This spell has basically the Bolt - Lightning strikes attacking same effect as a Fenix Down. It enemies when the members of your brings wounded fighters back to party have the power to cast Bolt. fighting strength. Life 2 - This deluxe spell revives Bolt 2 - The second incarnation of a fighter from Wounded status and Bolt Magic has three times the power replenishes all of his or her Hit of the first Bolt spell. Points. Life 3 - Life 3 has the same Bolt 3 - This lightning spree is six initial effects as the original times as powerful as the original. Life spell. It revives the fighter The casting cost is 53 Magic Points. when Hit Points are depleted. Antidot - For an affordable casting Ice - This freezing spell is cost of three Magic Points, this especially powerful against snakes, spell cures fighters from Poison. frogs and other slimy creatures. Remedy - The Remedy spell has the Ice 2 - Ice 2 has three times the same effect as the Remedy item: power of Ice. The casting cost is 21 recovery from all status changes Magic Points. except Zombie. Regen - The Regen spell revives Hit Ice 3 - This freezer is six times as Points at regular time intervals powerful as the original for a for several seconds after being casting cost of 52 Magic Points. cast. -Page 50- Offensive Magic Meteor - With this spell, the battleground changes to outer space and a meteor hits the enemy target. Poison - By casting Poison on your Ultima - This super-powerful spell enemies, you can cause gradual hits all attacking creatures at a damage for a cost of three Magic cost of 80 Magic Points. Points. Drain - Drain magic takes Hit Quake - The ground shakes and hits Points from the enemy and gives all ground-bound enemies when this them to the caster until the caster spell is cast. is maxed out. Bio - The Bio spell is similar to W.Wind - This spell hits the enemy Poison, causing multiple hits as target with a tornado that takes 90 time goes on, only it is more percent of its Hit Points. powerful. Break - The Break spell turns Merton - At a cost of 85 Magic enemies to stone at a cost of 25 Points, this spell hits the enemy Magic Points. target with a piercing fire attack. Doom - The awesome power of Doom Effect Magic will destroy most enemies when it hits. Pearl - This elemental attack can Scan - For a casting cost of 3 Magic be cast at a cost of 40 Magic Points, you can examine the enemy's Points. power and weak points. Flare - The Flare spell hits Slow - Your enemy takes more time to several enemies at once for big gear up for an attack when you cast damage at a cost of 45 Magic this spell. Points. Demi - At a cost of 33 Magic Rasp - This unusual spell takes Points, this spell can cut an Magic Points away from the enemy. enemy's Hit Points in half. Quartr - The Quartr spell is half Mute - When an enemy is hit with as powerful as the Demi spell at a Mute, it can't use Magic to cost of 48 Magic Points. retaliate. X-Zone - This mysterious spell Safe - The Safe spell raises the sends enemies into the X-Zone for a defensive power of the targeted cost of 53 Magic Points. fighter. -Page 51- Sleep - Enemies will be knocked Slow 2 - This spell succeeds at unconscious when this spell is cast slowing down the battle readiness upon them. of all attacking enemies. Muddle - For a casting cost of 8 Osmose - You can take away enemy Magic Points, you can confuse Magic Points with this spell. enemies so that they hit each other. Haste - The Haste spell give the Warp - The Warp spell has the same targeted fighter the ability to effect as the Warp Stone, allowing ready for attacks more quickly. you to escape from fights and caves. Stop - For a casting cost of 10 Quick - This 99 Magic Point spell Magic Points, you can temporarily gives your party the speed advantage freeze your enemies in time. over attacking enemies. Bserk - A fighter hit with a Bserk Dispel - The Dispel spell dissolves spell will attack before receiving enemy spells cast on your characters orders to do so. at a cost of 25 Magic Points. Float - This levitation spell is the perfect defense against Quake. Imp - This spell changes the target creature to or from the strange Imp beast. Rflect - The Rflect spell reflects enemy spells at a cost of 22 Magic Points. Shell - The Shell spell is a defensive barrier that protects the target character from enemy spells. Vanish - This spell makes the target character temporarily invisible. Haste 2 - Haste 2 speeds up the battle readiness of your entire party. -Page 52- Building Parties Adventuring parties can include up to four fighters. There are considerably more than four fighters who are willing to join up with you. At certain points, you can make a new party from all of the available fighters. Single out fighters from the row in You can have as many as four the middle of the screen and move adventurers in your party at any them to the box in the lower left. one time. Party Planner There are only a few places where you can regroup your party. One of those places, the Airship, is mobile. If you're looking to change your party, find the Airship or head to Narshe. -Page 53- Special Events There are a few instances when slightly modified controls or actions will come into play. They are as follows: Multi-Party Battles When you're managing more than one party in a battle against another multi-party side, you can switch control from one party to the next by pressing the Y Button. Opera House and Dinner Party Your verbal responses will play an important role in a pair of social circumstances. In these cases, you'll be given the choice of several things to say (or sing). The results of the interaction will be dependent on your choice of words. Follow the Star The solution to a dungeon maze is revealed by the flight of a star. You must move your party in the same pattern as the start in order to get through the maze. Look for other unusual events throughout the course of the game. -Page 54- Character Guide Terra Terra represents the re-birth of magic. She has abilities the likes of which on one in the world has seen before. The evil army has tried to harness her magic powers, but the magic of the Espers will see to it that she will escape from the army's control. Special Skill: Morph When Terra learns more about herself and her origins, she will gain the ability to morph into a blazing, spirit-like creature. She'll have twice as much strength in her morph state as she has in her normal form. Terra begins the adventurer as a When she learns to Morph, Terra will normal creature with moderate magic have twice her previous strength. powers. -Page 55- Locke The great treasure hunter, Locke, doesn't mind breaking a few locks in his search for fortune and fame. Nevertheless, he'd rather be called a hero than a their. Locke's strong will and cunning make him a good ally. Special Skill: Steal -) Powerup Accessory: Theif Glove -) Capture Locke can actually take possessions from attacking enemies in the middle of a fight. His Steal skill will come in handy more than once as he lifts valuable items and, sometimes, the clothes from the backs of unsuspecting enemies. With the Steal Command, Locke can The Theif's Glove Relic gives Locke remove items from enemies. the power-packed Capture command. -Page 56- Mog Don't let his cute looks deceive you. The teddy bear-like Mog can fight with a vengeance, especially when he has learned his powerful, magical dances. Mog is generally a peaceful creature, but he can make a big commotion on the dance floor. Special Skill: Dance Mog can learn a series of dances for each of the eight types of terrain in the world. After he gets one good hit in a fight, he'll learn the dances of the region. Then he'll go into hoofing high gear. Before he can Dance, Mog has to Mog's Dances will send his audience fight and learn the steps. to the floor. -Page 57- Wind Song Earth Blues In the grass fields of the world, The Earth Blues are learned in the Mog learns the dances of the Wind mountain regions of the world. Song. Wind Slash - This collection of Land Slide - Rocks drop and bowl steps will blow monsters away. over enemies as the result of this Sun Bath - Fun in the Sun recovers dance. Hit Points for the whole party. Sun Bath - This Hit Point recovering Plasma - This little jig sends out dance is also featured in the Wind A bolt of devastating power. Song. Cockatrice - The power of the Sonic Boom - This dance produces a Cockatrice dance pierces enemy boomerang-like weapon. defenses. Whump - The dance of Whump sends and animal attack out on the enemies. Forest Suite Water Rondo While Mog fights in the woods, he When Mog goes underwater, he can learns the dances of the forest. learn these dances of the deep. Rage - This strong blast blow El Nino - These steps of the Water Leaves into enemy forces. Family sends mosters into the Wild Bear - By dancing the Wild undertow. Bear, Mog recovers the status of Specter - As is the case with the the party. Love Sonata, Specter confuses Elf Fire - The Elf Fire steps set creatures. the dance floor ablaze. Plasma - This bolt-producing dance Wombat - This fierce shuffle breaks is also a part of the Wind Song through enemy defenses. dances. Wild Bear - As is the case in the Forest Suite, this dance recovers status. Desert Aria Dusk Requiem In the desolate desert regions, Mog Mog learns these dances in caves. learns the dances of the sand and You'll see him use these dances wind. first. Sand Storm - Enemies will be lost Cave In - Rocks fall on enemy in the flurry of this wild dance. Attackers when this dance goes into Wild Slash - This blowing swing is effect. also part of the Wind Song package. Elf Fire - A blazing flame is the Antlion - The Antlion dance is result of this popular dance. another powerful blast of wind. Snare - A phantom hole appears and Kitty - This cat dance casts Haste sends enemies into the ground. on the party for more speed. Pois. Frog - The poisonous frog of this dance knocks out enemy Hit Points. Love Sonata Snowman Jazz Mog can learn these steps in rare Mog learns the steps of the Snowman Situations when he fights in a Jazz dances in the snow fields. town. Elf Fire - This fiery dance is also Snowball - This powerful blast of part of the Forest Suite cold cuts enemy Hit Points in half. Collection. Snare - This hole-producing dance is Specter - This ghostly dance a popular set of steps. Confuses enemies into attacking Surge - The Surge dance is a dance each other. of the Ice family. Tapir - The magic of the Tapir Ice Rabbit - This cold bunny hop dance recovers status in all party recovers Hit Points for the party. members. -Page 58- Edgar The King of Figaro castle is very handy with machinery and tools, making him a very valuable part of the team. He also fancies himself to be a ladies' man, but moves in that direction often result in failure. Special Skills: Tools Edgar's mastery of machinery turns out to be a very useful skill. He can use all eight Tools that are available throughout the adventure. Many of them can defeat an entire party of attacking enemies at once. The Tools command puts powerful Most of the Tools hit enemies with a machinery in Edgar's hands. very strong blast. -Page 59- Autocrossbow Drill This arrow-firing device will hit When Edgar uses the Drill, he can go all of the attacking enemies. right through one enemy's defenses. Bio Blast Debilitator The Bio Blast sends out a green This odd item finds weak points in cloud of gas over all of the enemy attackers. enemies. Flash Chainsaw The Flash hits monsters with a This hard to find item is capable of brilliant Hit Point-reducing light. destroying an enemy attack with one slash. Noise Blaster Air Anchor This big horn sends out a noise The Air Anchor is capable of making that confuses the enemy party. enemy attackers self-destructive. -Page 60- Sabin Sabin is the brother of King Edgar. After a falling-out with his family, Sabin left for the mountains and learned the martial arts. Sabin's Blitz techniques and strong conviction make him a good member of the team. Special Skills: Blitz The Blitz techniques that Sabin learns over the course of the adventure each call for a different button-pressing combination. You can see those combinations using the Skills Menu from the subscreen. Every Blitz command requires the A correctly executed Blitz will input of a button-pushing sequence. unleash a powerful attack. -Page 61- (Transcription Note: Because there are no arrows in the ASCII character codes, I'll use compass directions for control pad directions. N=up NE=up+right E=right etc. Buttons are in parenthesis.) Pummel Mantra W E W (R) (L) (R) (L) (X) (Y) When Sabin Pummels an enemy, he Sabin's Mantra brings Hit Point hits it with punching bag recovery to the members of his precision. party. Aurabolt Air Blade S SW W N NE E SE S SW W The Aura Bolt sends out a white The complicated sequence of the Air blast that pierces enemy defenses. Blade results in a wind-blown attack on all enemies. Suplex Spiraler (X) (Y) S N (R) (L) (X) (Y) E W Using this wrestling move, Sabin This selfless Spiraler move takes lifts enemies high above the ground Hit Points away from Sabin and gives and slams them down them to the party. Fire Dance Bum Rush W SW S SE E W NW N NE E SE S SW W The dance of flames spreads fire This tough technique delivers one onto all of the enemy attackers. big hit to a single enemy. -Page 62- Cyan Cyan is a soldier and swordsman of Doma Castle. An enemy attack on the castle has convinced him to join the resistance against the evil army. His sword technique will prove to be very useful. Special Skills: SwdTech The master of the sword can lash out at enemies with a series of brilliant strikes. There are eight different techniques in all. The advanced techniques require more preparation time than the others. Cyan must build up a certain amount When Cyan slashes, his enemies take of power for each technique. notice. -Page 63- Dispatch Empowerer This quick attack has good results This advanced technique takes Magic when it centers on a single enemy. Points and Hit Points from the enemy. Retort Stunner When Cyan is using Retort, he This incredible blast of Magic hits automatically attacks after being the whole attacking party and stops hit. them. Slash Quadra Slice With the Slash technique, Cyan hits The Quadra Slice hits four times enemies and earns Hit Points. with twice the strength of the Quadra Slam. Quadra Slam Cleave It takes a while to prepare for, This most advanced sword technique but this four-slash blast is worth hits the entire attacking party for it. big damage. -Page 64- Gau The wild boy of the Veldt left home when he was very young. He now lives and communicates with the animals. If you can manage to get Gau to join your party, you'll be able to use his abilities to learn the powers of the Veldt animals. Special Skills: Leap / Rage When Gau is fighting with your party in the Veldt, he can Leap onto one of the attacking creatures and ride away with it. Gau will reappear in another Veldt encounter with knowledge of the monster's fighting techniques. Use Leap to make Gau learn the Use Rage to carry out Gau's learned techniques of the monsters. techniques. -Page 65- Rage on the Veldt Learning the Skills of the Monsters Gau leaps onto the back of an Gau has the unique ability of being attacking monster. able to communicate with ferocious beasts of the Veldt and learning In the next encounter, Gau is their methods of attack. missing from the party. When Gau uses his Rage skill, he can Gau returns, knowing the enemy's choose from a long list of enemy method of attack. skills that he has learned to use. Some are more useful than others. Gau's Rage demonstrates his knowledge of enemy attacks. -Page 66- Shadow The mysterious ninja, Shadow, is a loner. His only friend is his dog, Interceptor. When Shadow joins the party, he brings with him the ability to throw objects with accuracy. Special Skills: Throw Shadow's throwing skills allow him to hit enemies with no danger to himself. Some village shops sell Weapons that the ninja can aim at enemy attackers. They have varying strengths and properties. Shadow can throw a variety of items A direct hit can make a big designed with that purpose in mind. impression on enemy attackers. -Page 67- Celes At one time, Celes was a General of the evil army. She has since been disillusioned by the army and has decided to join the resistance. She has command over Runic Blade which absorbs enemy spells. Special Skills: Runic Celes has the power of Runic which, when cast, makes all enemy spells target her. She can absorb the spells without causing much damage to her or the other members of the party. Use Runic to thwart enemy magic Spells will target Celes and fizzle users. out, giving her MPs. -Page 68- Setzer The rich owner of the only Airship in the world likes to fly and he likes to gamble, too. When Setzer joins your party, you'll be able to use his Airship to travel to remotes parts of the world. You'll also gain a worthy fighting partner. Special Skills: Slot Setzer's Slot attack is a bit of a gamble. When he uses it, the wheels of a slot machine appear and start spinning. The results of the spin determine the nature of the attack. Setzer has access to the strange If you're lucky, the attack will and powerful Slot attack. result in a big win. -Page 69- Setzer's Slots 7-Flush Joker Doom The effect of the Slot [All 7s] [7] [7] [Bar] command depends on All 7's brings defeat This unfortunate where the wheel stops. to the entire enemy combination brings party. defeat to both parties. Lagomorph H-Bomb Magicite [Any other combo] [All Airships] [All Bars] Any losing spin earns This three-Airship Three Bars will bring some Hit Points and combo hits all of the out a randomly chosen status recovery. enemies with a strong Esper for a big attack. blast. Chocobop Mega Flare Flash [All Chocobos] [All Doves] [All Diamonds] This Chocobo combo The result of this spin When three Diamonds calls out a flock of is similar to that of appear, the enemies trampling birds. the Flare spell. receive a blast of light. Special Skills: Powerup Accessory: Coin Toss -> GP Rain When Setzer is equipped with the Coin Toss Relic, his Slot command changes to GP Rain. This attack uses gold coins, costing as many coins as points of damage it inflicts. The Coin Toss relic turns Slot into Coins-a-plenty rain down on GP Rain. unsuspecting monsters. -Page 70- Strago The old man, Strago, is both a passive and powerful Blue Mage. He has the ability to learn the spells of some enemy attackers, but he must feel the effect of those spells before he can use them. Special Skill: Lore The special skill that Strago brings to your party is Lore. When enemies aim their spells at Strago and he is hit, the bounces back with knowledge of the spells after the battle has been won. The Lore command brings up a list Strago can use spells that he has of learned spells. experienced first hand. -Page 71- Aqua Breath Roulette Big Guard This spell is the The Roulette spell Safe and Shell spells special attack of the results in an are combined with the water elemental. unpredictable attack. Big Guard. Stone Exploder Pep Up This spell creates a This super-charged This magic cures one damaging and confusing spell results in big character, but spells stone attack. damage. doom for Strago. Aero Clean Sweep Reflect??? The Aero spell emits a Like the Aqua Breath, The effects of this blustery blast of wind. this is a water Reflect spell relates to elemental specialty. status changes. Dischord Rippler Revenge This spell decreases The Rippler spell makes The Revenge spell deals the enemy's experience enemies trade status out an equalizing blast. level by one half. with party members. Quasar Blow Fish L.3 Muddle The Quasar attack The Blow Fish hits Characters with levels pierces enemy defenses. enemies for 1000 points at a multiple of 3 are of damage. confused. Sour Mouth Force Field L.4 Flare This strange spell Use the Force Field for Characters with levels cures status changes in a barrier against enemy at a multiple of 4 are party members. offenses. hit with a Flare. Grand Train Step Mine L.5 Doom The Grand Train rolls This spell results in Characters with levels through enemy defenses. gradual damage to enemy at a multiple of 5 are attackers. destroyed. Condemned Pearl Wind L.? Pearl This spell creates a When the Pearl Wind The multiple factor is countdown to doom for blows, party members the last digit of your the enemy. experience recovery. GP total. -Page 72- Relm The granddaughter of Strago. Relm is a great artist and a friend to Shadow's dog. She can sketch enemies and attack with their powers through her drawings. Special Skills: Sketch Relm's sketch skill centers around her artistic abilities. When she sketches, she learns that enemy's methods of attack. She can also control enemies while wearing the Fake Mustache relic. The Sketch command allows Relm to Relm is a living reminder of the attack with the powers of her power of art. enemies. -Page 73- Adventurer's Advice Before you begin exploring the World of Final Fantasy III, you should take a look at these helpful tips and live by them when you embark on your adventure. Save Your Progress Explore Thoroughly It pays to save your progress when There are many hidden items in the you have the chance. Always save World of the game. Get in the habit immediately before you enter a no of touching objects and pressing the save situation. A Button to find items. Buy Potions Galore Losers Prosper In the early parts of your Even if the members of your party adventure, Potions and Terra's are annihilated, they'll retain limited Heal spell are the only their Experience Points. Don't reset things that will keep your party the game. going. Equip on Party Changes Esper Management When characters join your party, Some Espers give rewards when your make sure to take a look at their characters go up in Experience equipment. They may be in need of Levels. Make sure to equip with Weapons or Armor that you have. those Espers before leveling up. -Page 74- The Story Begins Two soldiers escort the captured magic user, Terra, on Magitek machines. She is unaware of her magical origins. But, soon she will remember. Magitek machines emit powerful When monsters are defeated, you'll blasts of energy. earn Experience Points. The first opportunity to save You can save your progress onto any progess is in this cave. of three files. The Boss monster of the first cave Aim a Tekmissile on the enemy's is a giant snail. head. Don't attack the shell. -Page 75- Multi-Party Battle This battle is for the protection Mog learns the Dusk Requiem Dance in of Terra. the cave. You'll find training facilities Inside, you can save, recover Hit outside Narshe. Point and pick up tips. Figaro Bound Locke is good friends with Edgar, the King of Figaro. When things go sour in Narshe, Locke takes Terra to the safety of Figaro Castle. Once you're in the field, you can Figaro Castle is in the middle of save your progress anywhere. the desert. -Page 76- On to South Figaro The drama between Edgar and the evil Kefka results in the sinking of the Castle in the desert. Edgar, Locke and Terra venture through a cave to South Figaro. In the cave, they find treasures and the refreshing Water of Recovery. In the City South Figaro is in real danger of being taken over by the evil army. Our adventurers decide to leave and seek assistance in their effort to overtake the army. Before they leave, they should buy Sprint Shoes, Potions and Antidotes. Mountain Adventure Edgar's brother is in the mountains. The party meets up with his martial artist and other "Returners." After some drama, they join each other and decided to move on together. Mt. Kolts is a maze of caves. A short fight takes place on the mountain top. -Page 77- Returner Hideout The Returner Hideout is the headquarters of the resistance. Terra is the key here. She has to talk to the leader, Banon, and make the decision to join the resistance. River Ride The growing party takes a raft on the Lete River. While the party fights, Banon provides everyone with recovery from damage using his Health spell. The Party Splits Up After the ride on the river, the story splits up into three different scenarios. You'll eventually play out all three scenarios. The order in which you play them is your choice. -Page 78- Locke's Scenario South Figaro has been taken over by the army. It's up to Locke to go into the city and save Celes. He'll achieve his goal by using his ability to steal from attackers. The clothes of a merchant and a soldier will allow him to explore the city. Locke can gain access to certain Celes is hidden away in the city. areas of the city by stealing and Locke must find her. wearing certain clothes. Banon's Scenario Banon and Terra leave for Narshe to regroup and find out what to do next. Their quest is straightforward and quick. The only challenge is to find a way into the city. The main entrance to Narshe is Follow the star inside the cave to blocked off. You'll find another find the way through this open maze. entrance left of the training area. -Page 79- Sabin's Scenario Sabin has a long road ahead of him. He will start at the edge of the Lete River and work his way through an enemy camp, several towns and a handful of challenging areas. Along the way, he'll meet up with Cyan, Gau, and possibly Shadow. Shadow may or may not join up with When the party boards the Phantom Sabin - it's your choice. Train, you'll find a save point in the caboose. The Phantom Forest is a challenging Cyan joins when his castle is maze. poisoned by Kefka. Ghosts in the train fight, sell The engine of the train is strong, items, and sometimes offer to join but your party will win in the end. you on your journey. -Page 80- Baren Falls Sabin's odyssey leads to Baren Falls, where he and Cyan go over the edge. The fall is long and dangerous. The pair even end up fighting enemies on their way down, all in the name of adventure. The Veldt When Sabin and Cyan finally reach the bottom of Baren Falls, they wash up on the shore of a river. Here they make their first contact with the wild boy, Gau. Eventually, you'll be able to befriend Gau by giving him food. Gau knows where Sabin and Cyan can find a mask to breathe underwater and continue their adventure to Narshe. -Page 81- Serpent Trench The Serpent Trench is an enemy-packed, fast-flowing river. The party follows the flow of the river and makes a few turns to reach underwater caves and safety in the port town of Nikeah. Nikeah After the members of the party buy items, relics, armor and weapons, they can board a vessel and take off for Narshe, where they will meet up with the other members of the resistance. The Adventurers Regroup Now that all of the adventurers are back together, they can decide how they will proceed. The first thing to do is be victorious in a decisive battle, then listen carefully to the clues. Good Luck! -Page 82- Final Fantasy 3 Accessories Nintendo Player's Guide: Final Fantasy 3 Get the complete lowdown on Final Fantasy 3 in this 160-page player's guide, available now from Nintendo. The guide includes complete maps, strategies, and lists of all Items and Spells. A true adventurer can't be caught without it. Get your hands on Square ware. We've got a surprise for all you Square Heads! Now you can order the coolest T-shirts, posters and other great stuff from Square. Just check out the catalog on the Poster and call 1-800-889-7638 to order. Call the Squaresoft Game Counselors at 206-861-0303 if you don't have a catalog.

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