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Faceball 2000

----------------------------------------------------------------------------- * Inside Cover page WARNING: PLEASE READ THE ENCLOSED CONSUMER INFORMATION AND PRECAUTIONS BOOKLET CAREFULLY BEFORE USING YOUR NINTENDO HARDWARE SYSTEM OR GAME PAK. LICENSED BY Nintendo Nintendo, Super Nintendo Entertainment System and the official seals are registered trademarks of Nintendo of America Inc. 1991 Nintendo of America Inc. * Nintendo's Seal of Quality logo is here... This official seal is your assurance that Nintendo has approved the quality of this product. Always look for this seal when buying games and accessories to ensure complete compatibility with your Super Nintendo Entertainment System. All Nintendo products are licensed by sale for use only with other authorized products bearing the official Nintendo seal of quality. * Page 1 FaceBall 2000(TM) Instruction Manual Bullet-Proof Software * Page 2 Copyright 1992 Xanth Software F/X, Inc. All rights reserved. Original game and design 1987. Distributed under license from Xanth Software F/X, Inc. FaceBall 2000 is a trademark of Bullet-Proof Software, Inc. Packaging and documentation 1992 Bullet-Proof Software, Inc. Bullet-Proof Software and BPS are registered trademarks of Bullet-Proof Software, Inc. Some background graphics by Roger Dean. * Page 3 Contents Foreword .....................................................4 Introduction .................................................5 Getting Started ..............................................5 Inter-Face Menu ..............................................6 Controls .....................................................8 Play Screens .................................................9 CyberZone ...................................................12 Special-Ups .................................................14 Power-Ups ...................................................15 Arena .......................................................16 Smiloids ....................................................18 Playing Tips ................................................20 * Page 4 Forward Enter the fantastic world of FaceBall 2000 and experience thc greatest Virtual Reality sport of the future. Players from all over the globe can enter the Arena where participants can compete against the computer or each other in a contest of skill, bravery and survival. Or test your skills to the limit by entering the CyberZone, the ultimate cybernetic obstacle course. When you begin FaceBall 2000, the "Inter-Face" assigns you a Holographically Assisted Physical Pattern Yielded For Active Computerized Embarkation (HAPPYFACE) represented in this cybernetic world as a smiling sphere. You may team up with another player or go it alone in your quest for fame and fortune. Standing in your way are the Smiloids, programmed to pursue you relentlessly. Luckily, they are without the cunning and instinct of human players. Despite this, they are unflinching in their prime dircctive: Delete the Intruder. So, either alone or with a friend, prepare for FaceBall 2000! * Page 5 Introduction You are about to enter FaceBall 2000 where you may compete with a friend one- on-one in the Arena, or tackle the ever more difficult challenges of the CyberZone. In CyberZone, thc object is quite simple: defeat the Master Smiloid and become the new CyberZone Champion. To do this, you must make your way through 41 challenging levels filled with Power-Ups and hostile Smiloids. In the Arena, play a computerized version of tag. The first player to get ten "tags" is the winner, at least until the next match begins. You may also try your hand (or face) against a selection of Smiloids. One or two players may play free-for-all or on a team. Getting Started To start the game insert your FaceBall 2000 cartridge into your Super NES and turn the power switch on. The title screen will appear. Push start to begin. At this time you may select One or Two Players to play in either Arena or CyberZone. * Page 6 Inter-Face Menu CyberZone The object is to complete a series of levels guarded by Smiloid opponents and ultimately eliminate the Master Smiloid. One or two players may go in as a team or individually. Choose your starting level based on your experience. First time players should start at Training. (See page 12 for more details.) Arena In Arena mode, you may compete against another player or computer-controlled Smiloids in a maze of your choice. The first player to score ten tags, wins. Arena may be played free-for-all or in team play mode. (See page 16 for more details.) * Page 7 Options: Move cursor to the desired menu item and press "A." Choose Done to return to the previous menu. Face: You may select the type of FACE that the other player will see you as. Use the control pad to cycle through the selections and prcss "A". There are fifteen different faces to choose from. Name: You may enter your own name using this option. Move the control pad Up/Down to the desired letter, press Left/Right to change the position of the cursor. Press "A" when you are finished. Team-Play (2 player mode only): Press Left/Right to turn Team-Play On/Off. When Team-Play is on, your shots will not affect your teammate. Revive: This determines how many hits you are able to withstand when you are materialized in the Arena: Happy = 3 hits, OK = 2 hits, Weak = 1 hit. Revive-1, Revive-2 (2 player mode only): This determines how many hits Player 1 and Player 2 are able to withstand in the Arena: Happy = 3 hits, OK = 2 hits, Weak =1 hit. Music: This turns the background music on and off. Sound effects are not affected. Stereo: This turns stereo on and off. If you don't have your Super NES attached to a stereo television or speaker system, you should turn stereo off. * Page 8 Controls Control Pad: Controls your movement. Pressing up or down moves you forward or back. Pressing left or right turns you to the left or right. A Button Fire. B Button In CyberZone, the "B" button is used to collect the contents of an open Pod. Start Pauses the game and displays the map. The player appears as a blinking dot. The other player and computer controlled Smiloids appear as non-blinking dots. The arrow indicates the direction you're facing. In CyberZone, only the player and other humans are visible, unless the player has the Sensor Special-Up (see page 14). Top R/L Buttons Turns the player right or left in smaller increments than the Control Pad. When used in combination with the Control Pad, the player can turn faster than normal. X Button Displays the map without pausing the game. * Page 9 Play Screens (4) (3) | / ----------------|----------/------- | | | |/ | | | / | | ----------------/- | |ARMOR / | ---- --------------/--- | | | | / | ---- | | |SPEED | / | |STOP|----- (9) |--- | / | ---- | | | | | / | ---- | | | |SHOTS | + | | |----| (8) ---- | | ---- | | (2) ---------------------- ROVER | ---- | | | / | | |----- | -/---------------- ---- | | / -------------- | | / | STATUS | | | / | TAGS= 9 -------------- (5) | / | SCORE= 50 -------------- (6) | / | LIVES= 12 -------------- (7) | / -------------- | --/-------------------------------- / (1) CyberZone Play Screen: 1) Playing field. 2) Message window - shows targeted opponent's name and pod contents. 3) Crosshairs - visible only when you are reloaded. 4) Hit status indicator- *(smiley face) Happy ............Over 2/3 of total hits remaining *(straight face) OK .............2/3 to 1/3 of total hits remaining *(sad face) Hurt ........Less than 1/3 of total hits remaining *(sick face) Unconscious .........................Lose one life * Page 10 5) Tags - This indicates how many Smiloids need to be tagged before the exit opens. On Bonus levels, Timer appears. When the Timer runs out, you'll go to the next level. 6) Score - For every 5000 points, you earn a life. 7) Lives remaining. 8) Special-Up indicator bar - Icons for Special-Ups are displayed here. When a Special-Up is active, its icon will be highlighted. An icon will flash when that Special-Up is running out. 9) Power-Up indicator bar - Icons for Power-Ups are displayed here. As the player gains Power-Ups, the bar graphs below each Power-Up name will increase. Arena Play Screen: (4) (3) | / ----------------|----------/------- | | | |/ | | | / | | ----------------/- | | / | | --------------/--- | | | / | | | | / | | | | / | | | | / | | | | + | | | | | | (2) ---------------------- BOUNCER | | | / | | | -/---------------- | | / -------------- | | / | | | | / | -------------- (5) | / -------------- | ----/------------------------------ / (1) 1) Playing field. 2) Message window - shows targeted opponent's name. 3) Crosshairs - visible only when you are reloaded. 4) Hit status indicator - *(smiley face) Happy .............3 or more hits remaining *(straight face) OK ........................2 hits remaining *(sad face) Hurt .......................1 hit remaining *(sick face) Unconscious .....................tagged out * Page 11 5) Tags - How many opponents you or your team has tagged. The first player or team to get 10 tags, wins the round. Shaded faces indicate how far ahead in tags the opposing player, drone or team is. * Page 12 CyberZone The object is to complete a series of 41 levels guarded by Smiloid opponents, and ultimately eliminate the Master Smiloid. Players may go in individually or as a team. CYBERZONE is divided into eight zones. Each zone has 5 levels plus one bonus level. The master Smiloid is located on level 41. Bonus levels have no Smiloids, just pods with Power-Ups and points. Grab as many pods as you can before the time runs out. After completing a bonus level, a summary screen appears. It shows what type and how many pods you picked up. It also shows the percentage of total pods that you took. Completing a Level: Each level has an exit surrounded by black walls. When a player or team tags the required number of Smiloids, the black walls disappear, revealing the flashing exit. To finish the level, simply run across the exit. In 2-player mode, if one player completes the level, both players complete that level. Lives: You start the game with three lives. You will gain lives as your score increases and as you take Life Special-Ups. When you lose a life by getting tagged, you lose all active Special-Up effects and reenter at the current level. When you lose your last life, the game is over. You then have the option to play again from your original starting level. If there are two players, a player that loses his last life waits for the other player to complete the level, at which time both players proceed to the next level. If both players lose their last lives on the same level, the game is over. * Page 13 Score: Your score increases by shooting Smiloids and picking up coins. A player will gain a life for every 5000 points earned. Timer: The timer only appears on bonus levels. The amount of time varies by the level. The timer will blink when time is almost out. Pods: Pods appear as small flashing balls and diamonds. Pods contain Special-Ups and Power-Ups. If a player presses against a pod, the pod will pop open and reveal the contents. The player may take the contents of a pod he touches (it does not have to be open) by pressing "B". You have to tag Pod-Drones to get a pod. Pod-Drones: Pods appear after a flashing Smiloid ("Pod-Drone") has been tagged. A pod will not appear if the Pod-Drone is tagged in a floor square that contains the exit or another pod. Pod-Drones start appearing after some Smiloids have been tagged. Pod-Drones require more hits than normal Smiloids. If you touch an exploding Pod-Drone, you don't get a pod. * Page 14 Special-Ups Special-Ups appear in diamond shaped pods. Some have a timed effect. The Special-Up icon will be highlighted when it is active, and will flash when it is about to run out. Pod Symbol Shield: *(smiley face inside an upside-down umbrella without the handle) The player is briefly immune to all shots. Freeze: *("STOP" sign) Freezes all Smiloids for awhile. Camo: *(smiley face covering its eyes) Smiloids will temporarily ignore the player. Life: *(smiley face) Adds one life to the player. Sensor: *(a square with a maze inside it) Reveals Smiloid locations on the map. This will go away if the player loses a life. Coin: *(circle with "500" written inside it) Adds 500 points to a player's score. * Page 15 Power-Ups Power-Ups appear in round pods. Power-Ups permanently increase the player's abilities to move, shoot and take damage. They have a cumulative effect, meaning the more you pick up, the stronger, faster, etc., you are. Pod Symbol Armor: *(a square with brick borders that has a smiley face inside it) Adds 1 hit to the player's total hits. This will also heal any damage the player has taken. Weapon (Shots): *(3 bullets- one on top of the other on top of the other like this): ---> ---> ---> Increases by 1 the number of shots that a player can have in the air at one time. The second shot fired will disappear when a player fires another, if his maximum number of shots are already in the air. Speed Up: *(sideways smiley face whose behind looks like it's on fire) Increases player's movement and turning speed. * Page 16 Arena In the Arena, you can play a single game against other players or against computer-controlled Smiloids. The first one to score 10 tags wins the round. 1 player: When entering the Arena by yourself, the object is to compete against computer-controlled Smiloids in a maze that you select. You choose the type and number of computer-controlled Smiloids, up to a total of six. 2 players: You can choose to compete against each other, or play together on a team, against a team of Smiloids. Free-for-all: The first player to score ten tags wins the game. Team Play: A team has a single, pooled score. When a player tags an opponent, a point is added to the team score. When the team score reaches ten, the team wins. There is no effect if a player hits a team mate. Team play may be turned on or off in the Options Menu. * Page 17 Handicapping If you are playing with people of different skill levels, it is possible to even the game by giving one player an advantage. This can be done in two ways. 1. Give the more experienced player a weaker REVIVE. This is the number of hits he enters the game with. This is done on the OPTIONS screen. 2. Give the less experienced player more speed. This is done by holding down the top L & R buttons when pressing START at the Maze Selection Menu. In Two Player mode, you may only give Speed-Ups to the other player, not to yourself. You may give a variety of speeds: L .........1 Speed-Up R .........2 Speed-Ups L+R .......3 Speed-Ups You may also give yourself Speed-Ups in one-player Arena. This is done in the same manner as two-player mode. Try experimenting with these options to provide a greater variety of play. Give one player more Speed-Ups and the other extra hits. In one player mode, try confronting a large group of strong Smiloids with alot of speed and low hits. Let us know what your favorite combinations are. * Page 18 Smiloids These are your computer opponents. Some Smiloids attack by touch, while others are able to shoot. Each type of Smiloid has strengths and weaknesses. It will be up to you to discover these. Some can be very tricky. They may look like a familiar type of weak Smiloid, but they have a different color. Watch out! This is a completely different type of Smiloid and will probably be tough. Smiloids that flash contain pods and are tougher than normal Smiloids. Here are some of the types of Smiloids you will run into: (An opponent's name will appear at the bottom of the Playfield). Hits Speed Attack Reload Sensors -------------------------------------------------------------------------- SHOOTME: 1 none touch* none none A target Smiloid. SHOOTME2: 1 slow touch* none none Moves randomly. ISHOOTU: 1 none shot/touch* slow none Spins and shoots randomly ISHOOTU2: 1 slow shot/touch* slow none Moves and shoots randomly. TURKEY: 1 slow shot average short Weak, but shoots back. GREMLIN: 2 average touch* none very short Basically a guided missile. WALLY: 2 slow shot slow short Tends to follow walls. ROVER: 3 average shot slow short Can be dangerous in groups. BOUNCER: 4 fast shot average average One tough customer. * Page 19 Hits: The number of hits the Smiloid can take. Speed: Average speed is about equal to a player's beginning movement. Attack: Indicates whether the Smiloid attacks by touch, shot or both. * = Self destructs on contact, causing 1 hit. Reload: Time it takes to reload an attack, average is about half a player's reload time Sensors: How far and how well the Smiloid detects the player. A player's vision is average. * Page 20 Playing Tips Here are a few tips to get you going: 1. Keep moving! You are an easy target standing still. 2. Practice moving and shooting at the same time. 3. It is possible to dodge long range shots. Weave from side to side. 4. You will recover lost hits with time. You will hear a "ping" when you heal a hit. Keep an eye on how happy you are. 5. Try peering out from a corner, taking a shot and then retreating around the corner again. 6. You can have a limited number of shots in the air at a time. If you fire when you already have the maximum number of shots in the air, the second shot fired disappears. You start with a maximum of 2 shots. 7. In CyberZone, be sure to grab all Pods before you exit a level. You will need them later. 8. You have to tag Pod-Drones to get a pod. If you touch a exploding Pod-Drone, you don't get a pod. 9. If you tag Pod-Drones on a floor segment containing the exit or another pod, you don't get a pod. * Page 21 is a "Notes" page. * Page 22 is blank. * Page 23 Limited Warranty Bullet-Proof Software, Inc. warrants to the original purchaser of this Bullet-Proof Software product that the medium on which this computer program is recorded is free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of ninety (90) days from the date of purchase. This Bullet-Proof Software program is sold "as is" without express or implied warranty of any kind, and Bullet-Proof is not liable for any losses or damages of any kind resulting from use of this program. Bullet-Proof agrees for a period of ninety (90) days to either repair or replace, at its option, free of charge, any Bullet-Proof Software product, with proof of date of purchase, at its factory. This warranty is not applicable to normal wear and tear. This warranty shall not be applicable and shall be void if the defect in the Bullet-Proof Software product has arisen through abuse, unreasonable use, mistreatment or neglect. This warranty is in lieu of all other warranties and no other representations or claims of any nature shall be binding on or obligate Bullet-Proof Software. Any implied warranties applicable to this software product, including warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose, are limited to the ninety (90) day period described above. In no event will Bullet-Proof be liable for any special, incidental, or consequential damages resulting from possession, use or malfunction of this Bullet-Proof Software product. The provisions of this warranty are valid in the United States only. Some states do not allow limitations on how long an implied warranty lasts or exclusions of consequential, or incidental damages, so the above limitations may not apply to you. This warranty gives you specific rights, and you may also have other rights which vary from state to state. Bullet-Proof Software, Inc. 8337 154th Ave. N.E. Redmond, Washington 98052 (206) 861-9200 * The last two pages are also blank...

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