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SNS-MB-USA Earthbound (TM) [Abbreviated] Nintendo (R) Player's Guide The complete guide to EarthBound -- straight from the pros at Nintendo! ---------------------------------Cover2-------------------------- WARNING: PLEASE CAREFULLY READ THE CONSUMER INFORMATION AND PRECAUTIONS BOOKLET INCLUDED WITH THIS PRODUCT BEFORE USING YOUR NINTENDO (R) HARDWARE SYSTEM, GAME PAK, OR ACCESSORY Thank you for selecting EarthBound for your Super Nintendo Entertainment System (R). Please read the following instructions thoroughly to ensure the proper handling and use of your new game. Please save this manual and strategy guide for future reference. This official seal is your assurance that Nintendo has reviewed this product and that it has met our standards for excellence in workmanship, reliability and entertainment value. Always look for this seal when buying games and accessories to ensure compatibility with your Nintendo product. All Nintendo products are licensed by sales for use with other authorized products bearing the Official Nintendo Seal of Quality (TM). KIDS TO ADULTS: AGES 6+ ANIMATED VIOLENCE This product has been rated by the Entertainment Software Rating Board. For information about the ESRB rating, or to comment about the appropriateness of the rating, please contact the ESRB at 1-800-771-3722. ---------------------------------pg. 01--------------------------- WELCOME TO EARTHBOUND (TM) Can four average kids save the world from certain destruction at the hands of an evil, alien invader? They might be inexperienced, but don't count them out! The four spunky kids have the fate of mankind in their hands and the weight of the world on their shoulders, so it's a good thing that they have psychic powers -- and you -- on their side. As you begin this unique gaming experience and explore the world in search of the sinister spirit of Giygas, pack along our travel guide. You'll need it to find your way through Earthbound's twisted and hilarious world, and you won't want to miss a single side-trip or pass up any sights along the way. Just remember to phone dear old Mom and Dad -- after all, the kids will wander a long way from home. STAFF Publisher ............... M. Arakawa Editor-in-Chief ......... Gail Tilden Editors ................. Scott Pelland Leslie Swan Terry Munson Marcus Lindblom Producer ................ Yoshio Tsuboike Art Director ............ Hiroko Nagami Strategy Layout ......... Yoshio Orimo Design .................. Wendy Salvatori Hiroshi Nakae Ritsuko Yamaji Maps .................... Ape Inc. Brandon Baltzell Illustrators ............ Katsuyuki Asanuma Sonja Morris Marty Pappas Scott Douwes Gregg Coomer Project Coordinator ..... Nancy Ramsey Electronic Prepress ..... Jay Wergin Steve Spellman James Catechi Billy Noland Michael d. Sinkula Jefferson Fletcher Karl Deckard The EARTHBOUND Player's Guide is published by Nintendo of America Inc., 4820 150th Ave. N.E., Redmond, WA 98052. The EarthBound Player's Guide is published at $11 in the U.S.A. ($17 in Canada) only by Nintendo of America Inc., 4820 150th Ave. N.E., Redmond, WA 98052. (c) 1995 Nintendo of America Inc. All rights reserved. Nothing that appears in the EarthBound Player's Guide may be printed in whole or in part without express written permission from Nintendo of America Inc. Printed in the U.S.A. Nintendo is a registered trademark of Nintendo of America Inc. (c) 1995 Nintendo. Nintendo of America Inc. P.O. Box 957 Redmond, WA 98052 -------------------------------pgs. 02-03------------------------- CONTENTS: EARTHBOUND PLAYER'S GUIDE MANUAL Controller Functions ................... 4 Starting Out ........................... 5 Our Hero and His Friends ............... 6 Decisions, Decisions, Decisions ........ 8 Game Screen/Command Window ............. 9 How to Fight .......................... 10 Battle Screen/Command Window .......... 11 Before You Begin ...................... 12 STRATEGY Prologue .............................. 14 Onett Times ........................... 16 Twoson Tribune ........................ 26 Threed Journal ........................ 38 Winters News .......................... 42 D.D.D. News/Science Club News ......... 56 Fourside Post ......................... 60 Summers Daily ......................... 74 Today's Dalaam/Science Club News ...... 78 Scaraba Papyrus ....................... 86 Deep Darkness ......................... 94 Lost Underworld Journal .............. 104 Saturn Valley News ................... 114 Onett Times .......................... 120 CHARTS Weapons .............................. 122 Protection ........................... 123 Goods ................................ 124 Food ................................. 126 Condiments/Medicine/PSI .............. 127 ---------------------------------pg. 04------------------------- Controller Functions Basic game control in EarthBound utilizes the Control Pad, the A Button, and the B Button. The Control Pad is used for moving a character or cursor, the A Button is used for selecting an option, and the B Button is used to cancel. Each of the buttons on the controller has at least one use, except for the Y Button, which has no function in the game. Control Pad The Control Pad is used to move your character or characters while on the main screen. When controlling a group of two or more, the Control Pad moves the lead character and all others in the group will follow. The Control Pad is also used to move a cursor through a list of actions you can take, options presented to you, or items that are being held. SELECT The Select Button has the same use as the B Button. It can be used in place of the B Button when you wish to use the one-handed option of controlling the game. START The Start Button will start the game from the title screen. This is the only use that the button has in EarthBound. L Button The L Button can be used to "check" your surroundings or "talk to" someone. It also allows you to control the game with your left hand only. By pressing Select, the HP and PP window appears. If you then press the L Button, the Command Window appears. Pressing Select again clears the screen. R Button The R Button has only one function in the game. When riding a bicycle, pressing the R Button will ring the bell. Give it a try! You'll almost feel the breeze blowing through your hair. X Button You can view the town map, once you have it, by pressing the X Button. Pressing the X Button again closes the map. A Button The A Button is used to register a selection that you have made from a list of options or items. The A Button is also used to open the Command Window. B Button The B Button is used to cancel a selection and return to the previous screen. While moving on the main screen, pressing the B Button brings up the HP and PP window. This allows the player to view current Hit Points (HP) and Psychic Points (PP) for the main character or for the group. Pressing the B Button again clears the screen of the HP and PP window. ---------------------------------pg. 05-------------------------- Starting the Game You should now be ready to start your adventure in the world of EarthBound. Your adventure will be a long one, so you will be creating a game file in which to save your progress. Opening Screens Once you have turned the Power ON, you will see the title screens and the game demonstration screen. At anytime during the demonstration, you may press either the Start Button, the A Button, or the B Button to progress to the Game File window. Game File Selection After exiting the demonstration screen, the Game File window displays three separate files. Your progress in the game is saved in the file that you select. The first time the game pak is played, all of the files are titled "Start New Game." Selecting one of the files opens the next window. If you are continuing a previous game, select the proper file, and a window opens allowing you to: continue your game, copy the file to another file, delete the file, or change the file set up. File Set Up Selection Once the game file has been selected, the Text Speed window opens. This window allows you to select how fast the game text will scroll. You can select either Fast, Medium, or Slow. The speed can be changed at any time by opening an existing game file and selecting Set Up. After text speed, the Sound Setting window opens. You may select Stereo or Mono sound. Again, this can be changed later using the same method as changing the text speed. If you can play the game in stereo: If your Super Nintendo Entertainment System is hooked up to a stereo television, or your television is connected to a stereo, you can take advantage of the stereo sound effects in EarthBound by selecting "Stereo." If you can't play the game in stereo: If your Super Nintendo Entertainment System is not hooked up to play stereo, you should select "Mono" to be sure you hear all of the sound effects. If you select "Stereo," you'll miss some sounds. Saving Your Adventure After you have selected the game file where your progress will be saved and established the game set up, you are given the chance to name the four main characters that appear in the game. You also name your dog, enter your favorite homemade dish and key in your favorite thing. Once all the necessary information has been registered and verified by you, the file where your save information is stored is then established. During the game, you have the chance to save your progress when you speak to your father by telephone. Once You've Saved As mentioned earlier, you continue a saved game by selecting the proper file in the Game File window, then selecting "Continue." You continue your game from the last point at which you saved the game. Should you want a back-up file, you can select "Copy" and create a duplicate file. If you select "Delete," the file is completely erased, and all of the information is permanently lost. Be careful with the "Delete" command. Also, as indicated, the text speed and the sound setting can be changed by selecting "Set Up." Your EarthBound game information is saved by the built-in battery in the EarthBound game pak. -------------------------------pgs. 06-07------------------------ Our Hero and his Friends In EarthBound, you play as four friends who are on a mission to save the world, and ultimately the universe, from an evil entity named Giygas. At the beginning of the game, you are a single character who has been given an awesome adventure to complete. As you travel from place to place, you meet these friends, and the power of your group grows. An age-old prophecy tells of the group of friends, and their influence on the plans of Giygas. Now, step in the shoes of these friends as they strive to fulfill their incredible destiny. NESS: Unlikely Protector of the Earth He is a normal kid living in Onett, a town in Eagleland. Once the meteorite lands, however, everything changes. An alien believes him to be a very special human -- one with the power to affect cosmic events. Ness has a good balance of speed, IQ, offensive power and mysterious psychic abilities. His psychic (PSI) powers include healing abilities that he can use on himself and his friends. His preferred weapon is some type of baseball bat, and he loves to wear a special baseball cap with his favorite team's logo on the front. PAULA: Possessor of Psychic Powers She is the first friend that Ness meets on his adventure. She comes from Twoson, where her mother runs a preschool out of the family home. All the children at the preschool love her! Though she looks like your average sweetie pie, she has powerful Psychic abilities that help make the group a force to be reckoned with. Television reporters have reported on her powers. Her Psychic abilities are great for offensive attacks. When she needs a weapon, she prefers a frying pan. Her girlish charm also acts as some type of defense against attacks. JEFF: Mechanical Genius of the Team Winters is home to the son of a famous scientist. He is the same age as Ness, so they naturally have a lot to talk about. Jeff's own scientific knowledge is tremendous, and he can use machines and gadgets that none of the other three friends have any idea to use. Jeff is especially good at repairing broken devices. Winters is an island country, so meeting up with the group becomes a major undertaking. Jeff doesn't have any Psychic abilities, but his mechanical skills make up for it. Weapons that he has repaired can be used by only him. POO: Mysterious Prince from the East The prince is from the country of Dalaam, an eastern country that is very mysterious to most people living in Eagleland. He is a little older than Ness, and he has great physical, mental, and spiritual strength. He seems very popular with the girls, as well. Though he has all of these tremendous attributes, he remains modest and loyal. He commands strong Psychic abilities that only he can use. His weapons and protections are mostly unknown because of his mysterious background. Now, if he could only get used to western-style food ... ---------------------------------pg. 08--------------------------- Decisions, Decisions, Decisions When you start a new game, you have the chance to name the four friends that make up the group. It's always more fun to play a game with characters named after you and your friends. Give it a try! After completing the game Set Up, you are asked to name the four friends that battle Giygas in EarthBound. By naming the characters yourself, EarthBound feels more realistic., and it's easier to imagine yourself wandering through the strange locations and meeting the even stranger inhabitants of the world of EarthBound. You have five spaces to use when naming your characters. To select a letter, move the cursor to that letter and press the A Button. It will appear in the box in the top-left corner of the screen. If you make a mistake, you can either use the B Button to erase the mistake, or you can select "Backspace" on the Name Entry screen. Once a name is complete, select "OK" on the Name Entry screen and press the A Button. This opens the next Name window. After the four friends, you are also asked to name your dog, your favorite food, and your favorite thing. Unfortunately, you only get six spaces for naming your dog, food, and thing. Finally, after you have completed all of the names, you have the chance to verify that they are correct. If there is a problem, you can select "Nope" at the bottom of the screen or press the B Button, and the Name Entry screens start over again. If you prefer, there are a number of default names and items that you can choose from as well. On the Name Entry screen, select "Don't Care," and a name or item is automatically selected for you. If you do not like the selected name or item, press the A Button to cycle through the default names and items. Once you find one that you like, move the cursor to "OK" and press the A Button. You can mix and match your names and items, too. Some you may want to enter yourself, while with others you may want to use a default name or item. Below is a list of all the default names and items. Boy Girl Genius Prince Dog Food Fave Thing Ness Paula Jeff Poo King Steak Rockin Alec Nancy Dan Kato Peach Pie Hammer Roger Skye Henry Kai Sparky Pasta Love Will Paige Isaac Omar Rex Cake Gifts Brian Marie Ralph Ramin Baby Eggs Slime Tyler Holly Sean Aziz Rover Bread Gaming Lane Jane Rob Lado Misty Salmon Boxing ---------------------------------pg. 09-------------------------- Game Screen/Command Window In EarthBound, you open windows to gain information about yourself and others around you. When there is no open window on screen, press the B Button to view your current HP, PP, and cash on hand. Command Window By pressing the A Button, the Command Window is displayed. Five or six commands are displayed, depending on your ability to use Psychic power. Talk to When next to a person, select "Talk to" in order to communicate. If you are next to a phone, it also picks up the receiver. PSI Selecting PSI gives you a chance to use some of your PSI powers. If you have not yet realized any of your PSI powers, or no one is present that uses PSI, this option does not appear in the Command Window. Check This command allows you to check the surrounding area. It is especially useful when you find a gift box, chest, or coffin. By checking these containers, you gain many useful items. When going to the ATM, you also use the Check command to activate the ATM. Goods This command allows you to look at all of your items. By selecting "Goods," you view the items that you are carrying. By pressing left and right on the control pad, you are able to cycle through the characters in your party. You can then select items and Use, Give, Drop, or get Help! about them. Equip This command is very important. In order to fight effectively, you must make sure that your strongest items are properly equipped, or in use. This command allows you to change what is being worn or held by your characters. If you buy something at a store, you can equip it right then. Status This command allows you to view the health and attributes of your characters. There are a number of categories displayed on the status screen. Pressing left and right on your control pad allows you to look at the status of all your characters. Level Your current level as determined by how much Experience Points you have acquired. Condition [below Level:] If you're ailing somehow, it is indicated here. Hit Points/Psychic Points Displays current levels as well as maximum levels. Experience Points The number of Experience Points currently earned. Next Level The number of Experience Points needed to reach the next level. Offense Displays offensive power using the currently equipped weapon. Defense Displays defensive power using the currently equipped items. Speed Displays current speed level, which is important in escaping. Guts Displays the guts level, affecting your frequency of SMAAASH attacks. Vitality Displays vitality, affecting how fast your max HP increases. IQ Displays IQ, affecting how fast your max PP increases Luck Displays Luck, which affects whether or not an attack on you misses. caption: From the Status screen, you can also view the PSI powers that a character possesses by pressing the A Button. You can view Offense, Recover, Assist, and Other types of PSI powers. Press the B Button to exit the PSI screen. ---------------------------------pg. 10-------------------------- How to Fight In EarthBound, your travels will take you to many unusual and hostile places -- even your own hometown! There is a wide variety of monsters as well as normal people that you must battle. Many regular animals and people have become violent because of the influence of Giygas over the evil in their minds. Monsters and evil citizens can be seen wandering around while on the main game screen. If a person is under an evil influence, their face will appear to be blue. Animals lurk everywhere and try to ambush you as you explore an area. Worst of all, there is a huge assortment of strange monsters that have been unleashed because of Giygas' plot for universal destruction. Below are screens detailing how a battle takes place. caption: On the main game screen, you find enemies and others looking for a fight. They are often very fast and difficult to avoid. Try ducking behind a tree or another object to avoid a battle, though this may not work. caption: If you decide you want to attack, or you are not able to avoid an enemy, a battle begins when you touch the enemy. Occasionally, other nearby enemies may join in on the fight, even though they were wandering around separately. caption: Once you have encountered an enemy, you enter the battle screen. You and the enemy continue to attack until one side is totally defeated. Complete loss of HP determines when one side or the other is defeated. caption: Once you cause all attacking enemies to lose their HP, a "You Won" message appears. When enemies are defeated, they disappear, while a person or animal becomes normal again. You then gain experience points for winning the battle. Hey! The battle swirl is a different color! As mentioned, you enter battle when you, or anyone in your group, touches an enemy. Since enemies are quite fast, it can be very difficult to avoid a battle. You should always, therefore, try to fight your battles so that you have the greatest possible advantage. This is accomplished by being aware of which way you are facing when you and an enemy touch. Face to Face If you touch an enemy from the front or side while you are facing forward or to the side, the swirl that signifies a battle will be black. This indicates that neither side has gained any special advantage, and the battle begins as normal. Most battles will occur in this manner. Your Surprise Opening Attack If you're lucky, you may be able to successfully approach an enemy from behind and force a battle before the enemy has a chance to turn around. In this case, the swirl preceding a battle might be green. You and your party will then get a free opening attack on the enemy before the regular battle begins. The Enemy's Surprise Opening Attack If you are approached by the enemy, and they attack you from behind, the swirl preceding the battle will be red. In this case, the enemy might get a free opening attack. It is very important to avoid this attack whenever possible, especially when the enemies begin to get very strong. ---------------------------------pg. 11----------------------------- Battle Screen/Command Window After you encounter an enemy, the Battle Screen appears. The enemy is in front of you, possibly in two separate rows if enough enemies are present. Two windows also appear, your HP and PP window and the Battle Command Window. Your condition is constantly indicated by the HP and PP window at the bottom of the screen. Command Window The Battle Command Window is different for each character in the game. Use the Control Pad to move the cursor to the desired action and then press the A Button. Select the target of the attack, if applicable, and press the A Button again. To cancel a selected action, press the B Button. Ness (The Hero) Ness has a number of options to choose from as he is the leader of the group of friends. He is offensively well balanced, with strong physical as well as psychic attacks. Be sure to equip the strongest bat possible. A bat is Ness's weapon of choice. Bash Bash deals damage to the enemy by use of a physical attack. A strong weapon results in greater damage done. PSI Allows you to select a PSI attack, recover, or assist power. Be sure to watch your PP level! Goods Allows you to select an item and use it on the enemy. Some goods are very effective weapons, others aren't. Defend Places you in a defensive position, which can minimize the damage that gets dealt to you. Auto Fight The computer selects a course of action for you. To cancel Auto Fight, press the B Button Run Away As it sounds, this is your shot at running away from a battle. Sometimes you succeed, sometimes you don't. Paula (First Friend) For the most part, Paula's battle commands are similar to Ness's, with a single notable exception, the Pray command. If Ness is knocked unconscious, Paula also has the chance to select the Auto Fight and Run Away commands. Pray This command is very mysterious, and the effects can vary widely. Though potentially helpful, be careful! Jeff (Second Friend) Jeff is not able to employ any psychic abilities, but he makes up for it by being able to fashion great weapons out of broken items. Though he is not a very strong fighter, Jeff is indispensable to the success of the group. Spy A very special ability that allows Jeff to size up the enemy and report all weaknesses to you. Goods As mentioned, there are special weapons that only Jeff is able to use. Look for broken gadgets he can fix! Poo Prince Poo is a mystical fighter who has been trained in ancient martial arts. This makes him a very powerful fighter, and a big bonus when he finally joins the group. He employs the special ability to mirror that is awesome, to say the least! Mirror This special ability allows the prince to assume the shape of one of the attackers. The effect is temporary. Rolling Hit Points One special feature of EarthBound is the Hit Point meter that decreases gradually. If you receive damage that will force you to lose consciousness, try to completely defeat the enemy before your HP meter reaches zero. If you do so, you can stop yourself from going unconscious. ---------------------------------pg. 12---------------------------- Before You're On Your Way Phone Calls It's always a good idea to call your dad to save your progress in the game. You never know when you may accidentally wind up facing a strong enemy, so saving your progress will definitely help you. In the game, black phones are free, while other phones cost one dollar. Using the ATM Your bank account holds your hard-earned cash, and your ATM card allows you to withdraw or deposit money. Find an ATM at a Drugstore, Hotel, or Department Store. Withdraw your money and buy those expensive, powerful items that you've been drooling over! Catching a Cold A cold is just one of the ailments that you may run across in the course of the game. Sometimes, you can purchase some type of treatment from a Drugstore. In the case of a cold, you may want to look for a Cold Remedy, to avoid going to the hospital. Doctor The Doctor is important because he can cure some of those nasty conditions you pick up. Nurse The Nurse is excellent at reviving someone in your group who has become unconscious. Healer The Healer can take care of conditions that the doctors can't do anything about. Look for him! The Magic Butterfly If you are lucky, you will come across the elusive Magic Butterfly from time to time. If you catch the butterfly, a sense of relaxation comes over you, and 20 PSI Points are restored to you. These butterflies have been known to inhabit caves. Delivery Services During the course of the game, you may find that you need to have something delivered to you. Escargo Express is the local delivery company, and your sister Tracy has a part-time job with them. Another delivery service is Mach Pizza, great at delivering a piping hot pizza to you, no matter where you are. Hint Stand One of the biggest helps that you can discover is the Hint Stand. The gentleman who runs the business seems to know what you've been doing, and what you need to do next. The hints may not be cheap, but they can certainly help you get out of a confusing situation. If You Miss Your Mom ... Even a hero out to save the world can get homesick. After all, this is the longest you've ever been away from home! The best cure for those bouts of loneliness is the gentle voice of your understanding mom. The great thing is, she's just a phone call away ... -------------------------------pgs. 14-15----------------------- CALLING EARTH Imagine the earth as you know it changing overnight into an alien planet where people are not what they seen to be, and where familiar places suddenly become foreign. That is exactly the situation that Ness finds himself in when the is awakened by a thunderous crash that rocks his house violently. THE MIDNIGHT MYSTERY Nestled in his cozy bed at his home in the small town of Onett, Ness is lost in dreams of cookies and brightly wrapped birthday presents when, suddenly, a violent crash breaks the peaceful silence of the night. Sitting bolt upright in bed, he rubs his eyes, then rushes downstairs to find out what could have caused the tremendous tremor that ripped him from sleep. Also alarmed, his mother is already downstairs. Ness is eager to investigate, and his mother reluctantly allows him to leave, but only after he changes out of his pjs. Once outside, Ness finds his small town all abuzz over a meteor that has crashed to earth just a short distance from town. The police have constructed roadblocks at all entrances to the town, and no one is allowed to come or go. When he tries to get close to the crash site, he finds it, too, blocked by policemen who tell him to go home and go back to bed. Near the scene, he also runs into his bothersome neighbor, Pokey, who is pestering the police. After talking to everyone, including one man who claimed to be the first person on the scene, Ness returns home to report his findings to his mother, then he goes back to bed. Just as he drifts back off to sleep, though, someone pounds on the door. He opens it to find a distraught Pokey on the doorstep. It seems that while Pokey was hanging around the crash site, his younger brother, Picky, disappeared. Because Pokey was supposed to be taking care of Picky, Pokey knows that he's in big trouble if he doesn't find his brother and take him home before his parents return. He begs for Ness's help. Ness agrees to return to the crash site in the meadow near town. He sets out with his dog, King, and Pokey. At this time of night, with the police busy in town, monsters are lurking in the shadows. The boys fend them off with King's help, and when they reach the meteor, sure enough, they find Picky. They plan to high-tail it home, but before they can leave the area, an eerie column of light pierces the dark sky just above the meteor, and they hear a peculiar buzzing voice address them. Buzz Buzz, the bee-like creature behind the voice, tells them that he has come from ten years in the future, to be exact. He tells of devastation at the hands of Giygas, the universal cosmic destroyer. He says that the people in the time and place he comes from tell a legend that says, "When the chosen boy reaches the point, he will find the light. The passing of time will shatter the nightmare rock and will reveal the path of light." Buzz Buzz believes that Ness is the chosen boy, and that the meteor portends that Giygas's evil plan has been set in motion on earth. He believes that if Ness begins to counter Giygas immediately, he might have time to save the earth from devastation. The legend also says that three boys and a girl defeat Giygas. He advises Ness that three things are of utmost importance: wisdom, courage, and friendship. Buzz Buzz joins them as they head home, and it's a good thing, too. On the way, they're attacked by Star Man Jr., one of Giygas's henchmen. Buzz Buzz protects the boys using a psychic shield during the ensuing battle. When they defeat Junior, Buzz Buzz warns them that they'll be facing not only soldiers sent by Giygas, but also humans and animals that have been possessed by Giygas's evil forces. When they reach Pokey and Picky's house, their parents are already home, and the two boys are in big trouble. They're sent to their room, leaving Ness and Buzz Buzz to deal with the angry parents. Buzz Buzz isn't around for long, though -- Pokey's mother mistakes him for a dung beetle and promptly grounds him with a fly swatter. In his waning moments, Buzz Buzz gives Ness some final advice. He whispers, "To defeat Giygas, your own power must unite with the earth's. The earth will then channel your power and multiply it." He tells Ness of eight points, or sanctuaries, that he must visit. And with his dying breath, Buzz Buzz gives Ness the Sound Stone, a sacred stone that records the songs of the sanctuaries. Now Ness must pursue the adventure on his own, and following the advice of Buzz Buzz, he sets out for the city of Onett and the legendary sanctuary known as Giant Step. In the traveler's almanac that follows, trace Ness's steps as he journeys all over the earth, battling Giygas's evil influence at every turn. This complete traveler's companion points out places of interest in every region and recommends the best places to shop. It's your complete guide to Ness's world -- when you're EarthBound, you won't want to be without it! ---------------------------------pg. 16-------------------------- ONETT TIMES Mysterious Meteorite Crashes North of Onett Late last night, the town was rocked by a meteor that crashed to earth just north of Onett. There were no witnesses to the collision itself, and the police, suspecting that aliens were on board, immediately cordoned off the site and constructed road blocks to keep any unauthorized beings from coming or going. Many people awakened by the crash tried to get a glimpse of flying debris, but the boys in blue kept them at a distance. No one actually admitted to seeing aliens coming from the meteor, but with some of the strange happenings around here lately, it's certainly possible that extraterrestrial beings are at work. Some of them may even be people you talk to on the street today! Be sure to pass along a friendly Onettian welcome to the visitors, no matter what they look like. The Sharks Claim, "Reformed!" Long-time bad boy Frank, leader of the notorious Sharks gang, claimed today that he and his gang have reformed. Long known for terrorizing women and children, the Sharks claim that they will be organizing a food drive next month. The surprising turnabout came at the hands of Ness, who thumped the boys soundly and made them promise to devote their time and efforts to worthwhile causes henceforth. Giant Step Said to Hold Psychic Powers Scientists announced today that Giant Step holds a strange psychic power, confirming suspicions held by many Onettians for decades. When pressed, the scientists declined to identify the source of the mysterious power, but those who have experienced it assume that it comes from the foot of the giant who left his footprint there. Not all are able to experience the power. Police Attack Innocent Boy!! Five policemen, under the direction of Chief Strong, ganged up on a local youth who, they claim, was trespassing in closed territory. To their surprise, the boy trounced them all, including the chief. It was caught on video by a bystander and will be aired on this evening's news. ---------------------------------pg. 26-------------------------- TWOSON TRIBUNE Missing Girl Rescued from Cult A local teenager was rescued yesterday from the clutches of the Happy Happy Village cult by a heroic youth named Ness. The Happy Happy Cult, led by Mr. Carpainter, has been active in Twoson and the Happy Happy Valley where cult members have painted the town blue. Paula, the daughter of the owners of Polestar Day Care, was abducted several days ago in Twoson by Happy Happy cult sympathizers. The girl used her remarkable telepathic abilities to lead Ness to the location where she was being held prisoner. Once Ness reached Happy Happy Village, he searched the cult hall and reportedly fought several Happy Happyists before reaching Carpainter's shrine. The cult leader was unwilling to hand over the keys for Paula's prison cell to Ness. Ness then battled the false prophet and won the key, releasing Paula soon thereafter. When the two young heroes returned to Twoson, there was great rejoicing. Runaway Five Tour Leaves Twoson After an extended stay of several months in Twoson, the famous blues group, the Runaway Five, is set to leave town. Owners of the theater where the group had been performing said that the Five had owed them money, but that a mysterious benefactor had paid off their debt of $10,000. Happy Happy Village Happy Once More With the humiliating defeat of Mr. Carpainter at the hands of Ness, most of the cultists who had moved to this once-peaceful town have suddenly lost the faith. Work has already begun on the renewal of the town, which was painted entirely blue by the fanatic followers of Carpainter. Inventive Kids Twoson's renowned inventor, the Apple Kid, revealed today that he is working on his next great invention -- Zombie Paper. The Pencil Eraser was a challenge, but this zombie trap is even more difficult. Windfall The youth from Onett, whose self-proclaimed mission to save the earth brought him to Twoson, today received $10,000 dollars from a reformed hoodlum in Burglin Park. The money was given to Ness with no strings attached, in small, unmarked bills. Ness revealed that the knew exactly where he was going with the money ... to the theater. ---------------------------------pg. 38------------------------- THREED JOURNAL Zombies Stuck on Threed Threed citizens gathered at the Circus Tent today to bemoan the continuing condition of zombie infestation that has befallen the town. A young adventurer named Ness and his friend, Paula, have indicated that they are willing to challenge Belch, who is the acknowledged master of the zombies. Zombie experts suggested that Ness and Paula would have to obtain some Fly Honey to use against Belch. The only source of Fly Honey in Threed is said to be in the evil Tent south of town. In a surprising development, the Apple Kid from Twoson sent a marvelous new invention -- Zombie Paper -- which is used to capture unwary undead. It is thought that the Zombie Paper will allow Ness and Paula to take the underground road that leads to Belch's secret base near Saturn Valley. Flying Saucer Crashes in Graveyard The city buzzed today when a UFO appeared in the skies over Threed, then took a swan dive into the graveyard. Eyewitnesses watched the silvery craft wobbling in circles above the city, as if searching for something. Shortly after the crash, the young heroes, Ness and Paula, appeared in the company of a young man named Jeff. After defeating the evil Tent, the trio used Zombie Paper in the Circus Tent. Secret Base Discovered The Journal has received an exclusive on the progress of Ness, Paula, and Jeff as they search for Belch. After a brief stay in Saturn Valley, the three heroes moved north to Grapefruit Falls. Under the falls, they used a password and waited for three minutes until the door opened. Sunshine Returns After weeks of dense cloud cover, sunshine returned to Threed today. Dr. Freitag of the Threed Academy suggested that the change had something to do with Ness's mission. "Zis giant Sprout haf bin sooking up all ze light," explained Dr. Freitag. Hot Springs Pollution The famous hot springs in Saturn Valley are suddenly giving off a disgusting odor according to Mr. Saturn. The vile aroma began shortly after Ness, Paula, and Jeff returned from defeating Belch. ---------------------------------pg. 42-------------------------- WINTERS NEWS Tessie Sighted Jubilant members of the Tessie Watching Club report seeing a large dinosaur swimming in the waters of Lake Tess yesterday morning. The recent account is hotly refuted by local skeptics, who refuse to believe there is any truth to the legend that a dinosaur lives beneath the surface of Lake Tess. The stories regarding the four-limbed Mesozoic Era reptile have existed since the founding of Winters in 1889. "People couldn't believe the Fourside Rangers would ever win the Stanley Cup, but they did," argued an unidentified Tessie Club member. Critics of the report argue that the Tessie Watching Club experienced a "group hallucination." "You get a group of people camping out there in the snow -- they catch hypothermia and start acting weird," commented one local pessimist. "Remember when those producers filmed that rock video here last year? The same stupid stuff happened. You can't run around in the snowy woods wearing leather, chains, and a guitar." Youth Flees Dormitory Administrative officials of Snow Wood Boarding House are quietly investigating the recent disappearance of student Jeff Andonut, son of the famous scientist Dr. Andonut. "All I can tell you right now is that the young man is in BIG trouble," commented Ms. Snidely, head disciplinarian. The youth has been missing since late last night. Residence directors will not comment on whether or not the disappearance was linked to cookies stolen from a dormitory room. Rumors persist that the student left because the school cafeteria was serving Tendakraut. Bad Key Machine Invented While technicians at Maxwell Labs refuse to confirm or deny reports of a breakthrough in locksmith technology, industry insiders hint that a revolutionary new tool has been invented for opening doors. "They can't tell anyone, cause if they did, thieves might steal the device and use it on doors everywhere," explained Anthony Bigmouth. Detailed technical specifications for the device recently appeared on the Internet. Monkey Linked to Dinosaur Sighting? An escaped laboratory monkey is believed to be linked to yesterday's sighting of Tessie the Dinosaur. Both locals and experts remain puzzled over the mysterious series of events leading to the sighting of the large reptile but speculate that the primate encouraged the beast to surface. "I saw this monkey running around the Drugstore earlier today," stated Thelma Dingquist, local pharmacist. "I yelled at him after he opened up a couple of boxes of laxatives. Somebody game the critter some gum and he went away." The monkey was later seen following an unidentified youth into a nearby forest. ---------------------------------pg. 56----------------------- DUSTY DUNES DESERT NEWS Desert Traffic Snarled All Day Traffic came to a standstill yesterday as commuters jammed the desert highway between Threed and Fourside, and several passengers were overcome by the desert heat as the cars they were riding in inched along. A number of cars also overheated, adding to the backup that lasted well into the evening. Residents of the neighboring towns renewed their calls for additional lanes on the highway. Gift Boxes Found Abandoned in Desert Ness and his companions stumbled upon several Gift Boxes that had apparently been abandoned in the desert. Some of the boxes contained food items, which came in handy, and others held useful items that they stowed in their backpacks. The kids also found a pair of contact lenses, and they vowed to search out their owner. Reclusive Scholar Found Living in Cave The traveling kids came upon an unusual man living in a desert cave, and when they chatted with him, he gave them a Yogurt Dispenser. Although the kids didn't have an immediate use for the machine, they gratefully accepted it, anyway. Man with a Vision Digs for Gold Skeptics abound, but they don't keep one man from going for the gold -- literally. He has set up a digging operation on the east edge of the desert, and he's sure that he'll find gold. So far, he has found only a single diamond, which he gave to Ness. WINTERS HIGH SCHOOL WEEKLY SCIENCE CLUB NEWS Science Discovers Healthy Food Combinations: Try it for a Week -- You'll See, Say Scientists Parsley + Rice Gruel Sugar + PSI Caramel Parsley + Peanut Cheese Bar Sugar + Rock Candy Parsley + Piggy Jelly Sugar + Magic Pudding Salt + Boiled Egg Sugar + Magic Tart Salt + Picnic Lunch Sugar + Bread Roll Salt + Chef's Special Sugar + Calorie Stick Salt + Brain Food Lunch Hot Sauce + Pasta di Summers Ketchup + Fries Hot Sauce + Pizza Ketchup + Hamburger Hot Sauce + Cup of Noodles Ketchup + Fresh Egg Cream + Trout Yogurt Ketchup + Magic Truffle Cream + Banana Ketchup + Croissant Cream + Lucky Sandwich Ketchup + Double Burger Cream + Popsicle Ketchup + Bean Croquette Cocoa + Cookie Ketchup + Kabob Cocoa + Gelato de Resort Ketchup + Beef Jerky Cocoa + Skip Sandwich Ketchup + Mammoth Burger Cocoa + Skip Sandwich DX Ketchup + Spicy Jerky Cocoa + Plain Roll Ketchup + Luxury Jerky Delisauce + all food items listed ---------------------------------pg. 60------------------------ FOURSIDE POST Montoli Support Fades as Crime Spree Spreads Fourside Mayor, Geldegarde Montoli, rejected criticisms that his administration has aided and abetted the criminal elements in the city. "It's simply preposterous," blustered the mayor. "Under my leadership, there has been an increase in public awareness of crimes, that's all. We've brought crime out of the back alleys and into the daylight where it belongs." Critics maintain that Montoli operates numerous illegitimate businesses from his office tower. Rare Statue of Pure Evil Reported Missing A rare golden statue said to be the embodiment of concentrated evil was reportedly lost in Fourside. Experts believe that the statue may cause unusual phenomena. "We may experience a reversal of normal events," explains Dr. Hildebrand Pell. "Pigs may fly. It should be quite exciting." The ancient statue of Mani Mani was last seen in the possession of Mayor Montoli. The Grand Grande Opens to Fevered Shoppers! Fourside's premier shopping emporium reopens its doors today amid speculation that the interior lighting is susceptible to blackouts. Department managers throughout the four-story monument to consumerism in downtown Fourside commented that they expect record-setting crowds. Twoson Thief Finds Dead End Alley Convicted thief Al Everdred from Twoson was discovered battered in the alley beside Jackie's Cafe. One witness reported that the man was woozy yet rude. "He called Mayor Montoli a thief," reported Ms. T. Owsen. "Can you imagine?" Dinosaurs Reported in Mysterious East The local Dinosaur Museum has reportedly received "fresh" dinosaur bones delivered from the Scaraba area. Proof of this was obtained when the curator opened a new restaurant that served ribs measuring 12 feet in length. U.F.O. Spotted Over Fourside Dozens of citizens reported seeing an unidentified flying object in the skies over Fourside. According to some witnesses, the round flying saucer-shaped vehicle wobbled across the sky as if it was attached to a wire. "It looked like one of them movie spaceships," said eyewitness Mr. T. Munson. Others reported seeing a weather balloon, swamp gas, or a duck. Complaints Mount Over Butterfingered Couriers Continuing complaints aimed at Escargo Express, Inc. may lead to a generalized boycott of the specialized delivery firm. Courier Don Yawn was indifferent to the accusations of his gratuitous carelessness. "So I dropped a priceless package down a gopher hole. Hey, they should've insured it." ---------------------------------pg. 74----------------------- SUMMERS DAILY Fishermen Celebrate Demise of Kraken After years of terrorizing both fishermen and travelers alike in the ocean between Summers and Scaraba, Kraken was destroyed this week by an unlikely hero: a young boy from the far-off village, Onett. No matter where the brave lad hails from, he's being honored by everyone who has feared to sail the seas for the past many years. Magic Cake Selling Like, Well, Hot Cakes! The Captain's wife has long been making Magic Cake, and it's now the hottest selling treat on the beach. A hit with both tourists and locals alike, it is somewhat difficult to come by because of the limited supply available. Cake Praised for Delicate Flavor Although she's very modest, the Captain's wife says that people rave over the cake's light, velvety texture and delicate flavor. The cake comes only in the original chocolate flavor, and she has no plans at present to add other flavors. "It's to Dream For!" Ness, a big fan of the Captain's wife's cake, claimed that he entered a dream-like state as he savored a slice. He actually felt as though he had been transported to Dalaam in a transcendental way. World News Prince of Dalaam Visits Summers After completing the rigorous training required by his royal position, Poo, the Prince of Dalaam, traveled to our fair city to meet with the local hero, Ness. According to a Dalaamese source, Poo plans to travel with Ness and offer advice on some upcoming historical expeditions. Sister-City Citizens Missing From Homes In an unexplained development, several citizens from Winters have been reported missing from their homes in recent days, and police investigating the disappearances have no explanation for the mysterious occurrences. Anyone with possible clues is asked to report them immediately to the Summers Police Department. ---------------------------------pg. 78--------------------------- TODAY'S DALAAM Dalaamese Prince Completes Rigorous Training Prince Poo returned triumphantly from the Place of Emptiness, where he successfully completed the final stages of his psychic training earlier this week. "It was a question of mind over matter," he commented, when asked about the challenge. According to the spirits that put him to the test, Poo handled the test brilliantly and passed with flying colors. "He's a prince that all of Dalaam can follow with pride," they stated. Franklin Badge Saves Lives of Young Travelers The young travelers who have been the talk of the town were able to enter the southwest cave this week by moving the Rabbit Statues that had long blocked the entrance. Once inside, they were attacked by twin threats, Thunder & Storm. Although brave in battle and quite skilled for children of their ages, they were actually saved by the Franklin Badge they carried. It deflected the lightning attacks of their stormy assailants. WINTERS HIGH SCHOOL WEEKLY SCIENCE CLUB NEWS Rare Discoveries Made Although the occurrences appear to be rare [down to 1/128] and completely random, tests conducted over the last several months reveal that certain enemies drop valuable items when defeated. Researchers are unclear as to what makes the enemies react in the manners observed, but they've charted the discoveries below. Enemy .................... Treasure Bionic Kraken ............ Legendary Bat Starman Super ............ Sword of Kings Chomposaur ............... Magic Frypan Ghost of Starman ......... Goddess Ribbon Major Psychic Psycho ..... Star Pendant Whirling Robo ............ Meteornium Hyper Spinning Robo ...... Meteorite Spiritual Powers Put to the Test Paula, one of the young travelers who recently passed through the region, was found to have some unusual spiritual powers, according to observers. Warm Light Paula increases the HP of friends and foes alike with this prayer. Very Subtle Light This prayer ups everyone's HP by twice as much as the Warm Light. Dazzling Light PSI Flash zaps everyone when Paula utters this powerful prayer. Mysterious Light When the Mysterious Light envelops the group, it ups everyone's PP. Golden Light The Golden Light maxes out one randomly chosen character's HP. Sheet Lightning When Lightning strikes, it causes the same damage as PSI Flash. Rainbow-Colored Light The amazing Rainbow Light brings all deceased parties back to life. Mysterious Aroma Paula's sweet-smelling shower puts all parties to sleep temporarily. Thunder When Paula's prayer calls on Thunder, it strikes all parties with Brain Shock. Heavy Air One of Paula's prayers shrouds all parties in fog, causing their defense to drop. ---------------------------------pg. 86------------------------ SCARABA PAPYRUS Pyramid Raided -- Hawk Eye Missing! It was reported earlier today that the ancient Pyramid just south of Scaraba was raided recently, and the culprits appear to have escaped with the famous Hawk Eye, a mysterious jewel that, according to legend, gives its bearer the ability to see in the dark. Although police aren't able to pinpoint the exact time of the theft, the seal on the door looks like it was broken only recently. There is no explanation as to how the doors, long guarded by a nearby Sphinx, were opened, but footprints on the tiles in front of the statue have police suspecting that they are somehow involved in the theft. Anyone observing unusual people or occurrences is urged to contact the police immediately. Speedsters Spotted in Desert The group of young travelers that arrived from Toto this week was observed running in the desert at an astounding speed. The kids ran so fast, in fact, that they disappeared from view! We just thought you'd like to know. Great Tower Comes to Life People have long marveled at the unusual tower shaped like a man on the continent to the south, and now they have even more to be amazed about: The tower has come to life and joined the group of kids! It was last seen walking to the south. Submarine Sighted in the River A yellow submarine was recently sighted submerging in the swampy river leading to the mysterious region known only as Deep Darkness. Observers believe that it is being piloted by the traveling kids. ---------------------------------pg. 94------------------------- DEEP DARKNESS Helicopter Pilot Feared Lost in Deep Darkness Jungle Rescue teams suspended a ground search today for a helicopter feared lost in Deep Darkness Jungle. Federal aviation authorities conclude that the aircraft lost power somewhere over the rainforest yesterday. Dense foliage and vicious animals are frustrating search experts. "If the gators haven't eaten him, the mosquitoes will," noted famous wilderness tracker Jon Whisler. The helicopter pilot's name has not been released pending the notification of family members. Hostages Freed from Alien Base Beneath Stonehenge Local authorities questioned famous inventor Apple Kid and an assortment of citizens today after their release today from an alien stronghold beneath Stonehenge. Sources reveal that the police were not aware of a hostage situation. "We're still getting the facts straight, so we have no comment at this time," Constable Geoff Rainville said in a recent interview. The investigation is expected to conclude tomorrow at a local donut shop. Prince Poo to Display Special Weapon Weapons experts and historians are flocking to Fourside to view the Sword of Kings, a rare relic recently unearthed by Prince Poo. The ancient blade is the first weapon ever used by the Prince. "It's a perfect weapon for him -- I mean, a Sword of Kings for a budding prince. Can you think of anything better?" remarked medievalist Nancy Ramsey. The exhibit concludes tomorrow. Tenda's Inhabitants Break the Bonds of Shyness! Anthropologists and psychologists are researching a sudden behavioral change in the natives of Tenda, an isolated village located in the northwestern corner of the Deep Darkness jungle. "They used to be a shy tribe, but now they won't shut up," noted one anthropologist. Villagers Discover Talking Rock Sketchy reports from Tenda village reveal a talking rock in the caverns beneath Deep Darkness. Geologists remain skeptical, but television talk show hosts are requesting interviews with the monolith. ---------------------------------pg. 104------------------------- LOST UNDERWORLD JOURNAL Dinosaurs in the Deep According to the shy people of Tenda Village, dinosaurs appeared from a hole in the ground recently. They covered up the hole with a rock to keep the giant Cretaceous beasts at bay, but the threat to the welfare of the village remains. The search is already on for a brave adventurer to enter the Lost Underworld and seek out the second Tenda Village. Jurassic Jail The people of the Underworld Tenda Village greeted travelers from the surface and explained how the dinosaurs are kept in a giant cage outside the village. They proudly showed off their talkative stone in spite of the fact that no one can understand what it means when it talks about Shining Spots and the Fire Spring. Fire Springs Warp Zone Rumored! New rumors of a Warp Zone at the top of the Fire Springs region of the Lost Underworld resurfaced today when Ness and his companions entered the village and spoke to the talkative stone. The adventurers set off at once to the southwest to discover the truth of this age-old mystery. Kraken Returns After a length departure from the Sea of Eden, the notorious Kraken has returned from parts unknown. The sea serpent, known as the terror of the Lost Underworld, seeks out all who venture into its domain. If you are quick, however, you can swim circles around the beast and escape from becoming its lunch. The Revelation of Lumine Hall World hero and adventurer Ness received a shock today when exploring the maze of the Lost Underworld. He and his companions wandered into Lumine Hall where his thoughts and fears appeared on the wall for all to read. It appears that much of what is happening in his galactic struggle against the invading Giygas is taking place in his own mind. ---------------------------------pg. 114----------------------- SATURN VALLEY NEWS Can Man Control Space and Time? According to Dr. Andonut, the famous inventor of the Sky Runner flying saucer and other amazing devices, it is possible to create a machine that will move not only through space, but through time, as well. He and his two colleagues, the Apple Kid and a Mr. Saturn, have been working on just such a machine -- the Phase Distorter -- here in Saturn Valley. Early tests have met with mixed success. One volunteer group emerged from the metallic device completely toasted. The machine resembles a large silver Mr. Saturn and is said to have the ability to reach back into time. Dr. Andonut hopes that the device will enable Ness and his companions to reach the evil Giygas and end the threat to earth forever. Zexonyte Sought Dr. Andonut reported that the initial failure of his Phase Distorter space/time machine was because of the lack of a special material known as Zexonyte, which is found only in meteorites. A group of young adventurers led by Ness has volunteered to return to Onett, the site of a recent meteorite strike, and retrieve the valuable material. WINTERS HIGH SCHOOL WEEKLY SCIENCE CLUB NEWS What is the Strangest Weapon? Researchers at Winters High have recently made breakthrough discoveries in the field of confectionery warfare. Dr. Armuffin reports that Rock Candy is the best sweet to use in combat. "The user must also carry condiments," he points out. "When he or she uses the Rock Candy, the condiment will be spent instead of the candy. Pretty sweet. In using the Rock Candy, you will experience a lift in any one of your attributes such as IQ." Dr. Armuffin's next project is to design and deploy after-dinner mints as land mines. ---------------------------------pg. 120------------------------- ONETT TIMES Alien Invasion Thwarted by Teen Heroes Ness and his companions returned victorious today out of mortal danger in the labyrinth of the alien fiend known as Giygas. Upon arriving in the Saturn Valley, Dr. Andonut greeted his son, Jeff, and the other travelers who had returned from the past. Gifts and warm congratulations were offered in Saturn Valley. Some of the gifts contained letters from friends and family wishing the heroes a speedy return home. Paula and Ness took leave of the festivities in the Valley and headed home. In Twoson, Paula was swarmed by the happy children at the Polestar Preschool. After seeing Paula's parents, the young couple moved on to Onett, where the entire adventure began. The town had returned to its normal, peaceful state. The dogs no longer attacked and the sun was shining. Ness wandered about the town, speaking to old friends and accepting their congratulations until finally it was time to go home. The conquering heroes received a warm welcome from Ness's mother, who was reported to be bursting with pride. "I always thought Ness was special," she told reporters. "Even as a baby he could bend spoons with his special powers. I just hope all this excitement didn't spoil his appetite." Back at Ness's home, the two alien-thrashing heroes shared the excitement of their journey by showing Ness's mom the photo album created by the traveling photographer. Ness, Hero or Boy? The recent events that led to the defeat of Giygas have made a young man from Onett the world's foremost super hero. Young Ness proved his courage and fortitude by taking on the alien menace when no one else dared to step forward. The question now is what will this amazing young man do next. Will he go to school? Visit Disneyland? Or will he be called upon to defend the Earth once more? A Letter from the Future After the bows have been taken and the credits run, Ness wakes up to a pounding at the front door. It's Picky, Pokey's little brother, bearing a letter. It seems that Pokey will seek revenge, and that the adventure has just begun. ---------------------------------pg. 122-------------------------- WEAPONS There is a wide variety of weapons in EarthBound. Often, a weapon can only be used by a particular person. Some can only be purchased, others must be found in Gift Boxes, chests, or coffins. Some enemies also leave special weapons behind when defeated. Jeff's specialty is to take old, broken gadgets and turn them into powerful weapons which can be used by only him. Be sure to do whatever necessary to locate and equip the most powerful weapons! Items that have a * next to the price cannot be purchased, but can be sold for half of the listed price. Under Error Rate, items listed as "0" always hit. In the Location column, GB = found in a box, SH = purchased at a shop, PE = person gives you the weapon, EN = obtained from an enemy, and () surrounding = where to find prior to repair. Ness Cracked Bat [$18, +4 Offense, 1/16 Error Rate, Location: GB] Ness's first weapon Tee Ball Bat [$48, +8, 1/16, SH] Sand Lot Bat [$98, +15, 1/16, SH] Minor League Bat [$399, +26, 1/16, SH] Mr. Baseball Bat [$498, +38, 1/16, SH] T-Rex's Bat [$698, +48, 1/16, SH] Big League Bat [$3080, +54, 1/16, SH] Hall of Fame Bat [$1880*, +62, 1/16, PE] Ultimate Bat [$2298, +68, 1/16, SH] Magicant Bat [$0, +80, 1/16, GB] Legendary Bat [$0, +100, 1/16, GB] Gutsy Bat [$2980*, +110, 1/16, EN] Increases Guts by 127. Casey Bat [$38, +125, 3/4, GB] Lots of power, but you'll whiff most of the time. Paula Fry Pan [$56, +10, 1/16, SH] Paula's first weapon. Thick Fry Pan [$198, +20, 1/16, SH] Deluxe Fry Pan [$598, +30, 1/16, SH] Chef's Fry Pan [$1198, +40, 1/16, SH] Non-stick Fry Pan [$1490, +50, 1/16, SH] French Fry Pan [$1790, +60, 1/16, SH] Magic Fry Pan [$4790*, +50, 1/4, EN] Increases Guts by 100, but you'll miss more often, too. Holy Fry Pan [$3480, +80, 1/16, SH] Increases Guts by 10. Poo Sword of Kings [$0, +30, 0, EN] Jeff Pop Gun [$110*, +16, 0, GB] Jeff's first weapon. Stun Gun [$150*, +24, 0, GB] Toy Air Gun [$215, +32, 0, SH] Magnum Air Gun [$0, +36, 0, (GB)] Jeff must repair the Broken Toy Air Gun to obtain this weapon. Zip Gun [$425, +40, 0, SH] Laser Gun [$0, +48, 0, (GB)] Jeff must repair a broken item to obtain this weapon. Hyper Beam [$850, +58, 0, SH] Double Beam [$1000*, +66, 0, (SH)] Jeff must repair a broken item to obtain this weapon. Crusher Beam [$1150, +72, 0, SH] Spectrum Beam [$1650*, +78, 0, (SH)] Jeff must repair a broken item to obtain this weapon. Death Ray [$2300*, +90, 0, GB] Baddest Beam [$0, +98, 0, (GB)] Jeff must repair the Broken Harmonica to obtain this weapon. Moon Beam Gun [$4450*, +110, 0, GB] Gaia Beam [$0, +125, 0, (GB)] Jeff must repair the Broken Antenna to obtain this weapon. All Yo-yo [$29, +6, 3/16, SH] Poo's Offense decreases when he equips any Yo-yo. Slingshot [$89, +12, 3/16, SH] Bionic Slingshot [$449, +32, 3/16, SH] Trick Yo-yo [$998, +46, 3/16, SH] Combat Yo-yo [$1148, +54, 3/16, SH] ---------------------------------pg. 123---------------------- PROTECTION Beyond weaponry, it's always a good idea to have strong protection items equipped because they increase your defensive power. In the Equip option of the menu, you can equip items to the Body, Arms, or Other. You should always equip protective items to one of these areas. There may also be special effects that come from equipping items. They can help protect their wearers from specific conditions and PSI powers. As always, look for these items! Items that have a * next to the price cannot be purchased, but can be sold for half of the listed price. In the Location column, GB = found in a box, SH = purchased at a shop, PE = person gives you the weapon, EN = obtained from an enemy, and () surrounding = where to find prior to repair. Most protection items can be equipped by anyone. Baseball Cap [$19, +5 Defense, Location: SH] Bracer of Kings [$0, +30, GB] Can be used only by Poo. Increases Luck by 35. Protects against Sleep. Charm Coin [$6000, +50, SH] Increases Luck by 20. Cheap Bracelet [$98, +5, SH] Cherub's Band [$1790*, +70, GB] Provides protection from Sleep. Increases Luck by 20. Cloak of Kings [$0, +20, GB] Can be used only by Poo. Increases his Speed by 40. Coin of Defense [$2000, +40, SH] Increases Luck by 13. Coin of Silence [$2500, +45, SH] Increases Luck by 16. Coin of Slumber [$1500, +30, SH] Increases Luck by 10. Copper Bracelet [$349, +10, SH] Crystal Charm [$600, +2, SH] Speed increases by 15. Provides protection from Paralysis. Defense Ribbon [$389, +40, SH] Can be used only by Paula. Increases her luck by 15. Diadem of Kings [$0, +20, GB] Can be used only by Poo. Increases Luck by 30. Weakens enemy PSI attacks. Diamond Band [$9998, +50, SH] Earth Pendant [$4000, +16, SH] Provides protection from Fire, Freeze, and Flash. Flame Pendant [$3000, +15, GB/SH] Provides protection from Fire. Goddess Band [$1980*, +80, GB] Provides protection from Sleep. Increases Luck by 30. Goddess Ribbon [$6980*, +110, EN] Can be used only by Paula. Gold Bracelet [$2799, +30, SH] Great Charm [$400, +1, GB/SH] Speed increases by 5. Hard Hat [$298, +15, GB/SH] Holmes Hat [$59, +10, SH/GB] Mr. Baseball Cap [$199*, +6, PE] Mr. Saturn Coin [$1000, +47, PE] Increases Luck by 18. Night Pendant [$3000, +15, GB/SH] Provides protection from Flash. Pixie's Bracelet [$1590*, +60, GB/SH] Provides protection from Sleep. Increases Luck by 30. Platinum Band [$6899, +40, GB] Rabbit's Foot [$1800*, +3, SH] Speed Increases by 40. Provides protection from Paralysis. Rain Pendant [$3000, +15, GB/SH] Provides protection from Freeze. Red Ribbon [$179, +25, SH] Can be used only by Paula. Ribbon [$89, +20, SH] Can be used only by Paula. Saturn Ribbon [$3980*, +90, PE] Can be used only by Paula. Increases her luck by 40. Sea Pendant [$5000*, +20, GB] Provides protection from Fire, Freeze, and Flash. Shiny Coin [$4000, +70, SH] Increases Luck by 30. Silver Bracelet [$599, +15, GB/SH] Souvenir Coin [$6000*, +80, GB] Increases Luck by 35. Star Pendant [$7000*, +30, EN] Provides protection from Fire, Freeze, Flash, and Paralysis. Talisman Coin [$3500, +60, PE] Increases Luck by 25. Talisman Ribbon [$3500*, +60, GB] Can be used only by Paula. Increases her Luck by 25. Travel Charm [$60, +0, PE/SH] Provides protection from Paralysis. ------------------------------pgs. 124-125----------------------- GOODS The world of EarthBound is rich in odd items that can be picked up during the journey. Many of the items are strange versions of average, everyday things. You can use some of the items only once, but you can't get rid of others, even if you try. An important step to successfully fulfilling your destiny is effectively using the delivery and storage services in the game. If you hold only those items that are necessary, you have the chance to maximize the food and healing items that you are carrying. Check out the following list to get an idea of what is good to carry around with you. The following list briefly explains what effects various items have. As with the previous lists, items that have * next to the price cannot be purchased but can be sold for half of the listed price. Abbreviations have the following meanings: GB = found in a box, SH = purchased at a shop, PE = person gives you the item, EN = obtained from enemies, CH = Check, or search for item, and () surrounding = where to find prior to repair. ATM Card [$0, Location: -] Needed to withdraw or deposit cash. Backstage Pass [$0, PE] Use at the Chaos Theater. Bad Key Machine [$0, PE] Opens doors or locks that won't otherwise open. Bag of Dragonite [$1000*, GB] Use to turn into a dragon for a single attack against your enemies. Bazooka [$950*, SH] Used only by Jeff. Use to hit multiple enemies with a single attack. Bicycle [$0, PE] Lets only one person ride at a time. Big Bottle Rocket [$139, SH] Used only by Jeff. Stronger than a Bottle Rocket. Bomb [$149, SH/GB] Use to hit multiple enemies with a single attack. Bottle Rocket [$29, SH] Use to attack during battle. Brain Stone [$0, -] Keeps you from being "held" during battle. Bubble Gum [$1, SH] Give to the Bubble Monkey. Carrot Key [$0, GB] Moves Rabbit Statues from entrance to Pink Cloud. Chick [$25*, -] If kept a while, becomes a Chicken. Chicken [$220*, -] Sell for big cash. Will escape if you try to use it. Contact Lens [$0, CH] Can be exchanged for a pair of socks. Counter-PSI Unit [$0, (GB)] Used only by Jeff. Counters enemies' PSI attacks. Cup of Lifenoodles [$178*, GB/PE] Same effect as Heal OMEGA [restores complete HP to the unconscious]. Defense Shower [$0, (GB)] Used by Jeff only. Increases the Defense of all allies. Defense Spray [$500, SH] Increases one person's defense. Diamond [$0, PE] Use to pay off the Runaway Five's debt to the Topolla Theater owner. Eraser-Eraser [$0, PE] Erases the Iron Eraser of Stonehenge. Exit Mouse [$0, PE] Leads you to the exit of caves or mazes. For Sale Sign [$0, SH] Attracts customers to buy your goods at any time. Franklin Badge [$0, PE] Deflects a Thunder attack. Hand-Aid [$19*, PE] User fully recovers HP. Handbag Strap [$39*, GB] Freezes an enemy during battle. Hawk Eye [$0, CH] Use to light up the Deep Darkness. Heavy Bazooka [$0, (GB)] Very powerful weapon used only by Jeff. Can be used multiple times. Hieroglyph Copy [$0, PE] Explains how to open the Pyramid. HP-Sucker [$800*, (GB)] Used only by Jeff. Takes an enemy's HP and adds it to Jeff's Hungry HP-Sucker [$0, (GB)] Used only by Jeff. Takes HP from all enemies and adds them to Jeff's HP. Insecticide Spray [$19, SH/GB] Spray on insect-type monsters. Insignificant Item [$2*, CH] Return to owner to receive a Magic Truffle. Jar of Fly Honey [$0, CH] Use against Belch to keep him from attacking. Key to the Cabin [$0, EN] Use to rescue Paula from the mountain cabin in Peaceful Rest Valley. Key to the Locker [$0, PE] Doesn't open Jeff's Locker. Key to the Shack [$0, PE] Opens the door to the traveler's shack in Onett. Key to the Tower [$0, PE] Use to enter "Dungeon Man." King Banana [$0, GB] Moves monkey from a doorway in the Monkey Cave. Meteorite Piece [$0, CH] Needed for the third Phase Distorter. Meteornium [$2000*, EN] Sell for a moderate amount of money. Meteorite [$4000*, EN] Sell for big money. Monkey's Love [$0, PE] Freezes an enemy during battle. Multi Bottle Rocket [$2139, SH] Used only by Jeff. Stronger than a Big Bottle Rocket. Mummy Wrap [$128*, SH/GB] Freezes an enemy during battle. Neutralizer [$0, GB] Used only by Jeff. Removes an enemy's PSI effects from one person. Pair of Dirty Socks [$2*, PE] Freezes an enemy during battle. Pencil-Eraser [$0, PE] Erases Pencil Statues. Pharaoh's Curse [$290*, GB] Poisons one enemy during battle. Picture Postcard [$2, SH/PE] No effect. Piggy Nose [$300, SH] Use when searching for Magic Truffles. Protractor [$2, SH/GB] Use to get an angle on things up in battle. Receiver Phone [$0, PE] Receives important calls from people like the Apple Kid or your dad. Ruler [$2, SH/GB] Use to size things up in battle. Rust Promoter [$89, SH/GB] Use against mechanical enemies. Rust Promoter DX [$289, SH/GB] Stronger version of Rust Promoter. Shield Killer [$0, (SH)] Used only by Jeff. Destroys an enemy's Shield. Show Ticket [$30, SH] Ticket for the Topolla Theater. Shyness Book [$0, CH] Cures the Tenda people of their shyness. Signed Banana [$0, PE] Give to museum curator to gain entrance to Magnet Hill. Slime Generator [$420*, (SH)] Used only by Jeff. Freezes an enemy during battle. Snake [$220, SH/GB] Use during a battle to poison an enemy. Snake Bag [$290, SH] Poisons an enemy during battle. Sound Stone [$0, -] Records the melodies from the eight "Your Sanctuary" locations. Stag Beetle [$8, SH/PE] Temporarily freezes an enemy during battle. Sudden Guts Pill [$500, GB/SH] Increases Guts during battle. Super Bomb [$399, SH/GB] Has the same effect as the Heavy Bazooka. Super Plush Bear [$1198, SH/GB] Absorbs damage from enemy attacks. Suporma [$50*, PE] Plays song about the Orange Kid. Teddy Bear [$178, SH/GB] Absorbs damage from enemy attacks. Tendakraut [$0, PE] Use to enter Tenda village. Tiny Ruby [$0, PE] Allows you to enter the hieroglyph room at a museum. Toothbrush [$3, (SH)] Freezes an enemy during battle. Town Map [$0, PE] Use to view the layout of a town. Trout Yogurt [$48*, PE] Most users recover 30 HP. Poo recovers 6 HP. Viper [$550, SH/GB] Use to poison an enemy during battle. Wad of Bills [$0, PE] Needed to rescue the Runaway Five. Xterminator Spray [$630, SH] Exterminates all insect-type monsters on the battle screen. Yogurt Dispenser [$0, PE] Gives access to the 48th floor of the Montoli Building. Zombie Paper [$0, PE] Similar to fly paper, but used to trap wandering zombies. ---------------------------------pg. 126------------------------ FOOD As with all long journeys, it's always a good idea to carry food with you. There is a wide range of foodstuffs that you can eat to revitalize your HP. The effectiveness of the food varies, and it is important to keep only the best items in your inventory. Some food can also be given to people you meet in exchange for information or a different item. You can buy food items in every town or city. In any case, always be on the lookout for good meals! A few items cannot be purchased, so prices aren't listed for them. The HP recovery amount applies to everyone except Prince Poo. Because of his special training, Poo does not recover HP in the same manner as the others, so his HP and PP are listed in a separate column. Bag of Fries [$8, +8 HP +0 PP, +6 Poo HP (pHP)] Inexpensive and effective. Banana [$5, +25 HP +0 PP, +6 pHP] Sold in Burglin Park. Bean Croquette [$12, +42 HP +0 PP, +6 pHP] Sold only in Scaraba. Beef Jerky [$70, +150 HP +0 PP, +6 pHP] Can be purchased in Winters or Scaraba. Boiled Egg [$9, +42 HP +0 PP, +6 pHP] One of Jeff's first items. Bottle of DXWater [$198, +0 HP +1 PP, +40 Poo PP (pPP)] Especially good for helping Poo recover PP. Bottle of Water [$4, +0 HP +1 PP, +10 pPP] Good for helping Poo recover PP. Bowl of Rice Gruel [$88, +216 HP +0 PP, +6 pHP] Sold only in Dalaam. Brain Food Lunch [$800, +300 HP +50 PP, +full pHP +full pPP] Increases both HP and PP. Bread Roll [$12, +30 HP +0 PP, +6 pHP] Calorie Stick [$18, +60 HP +0 PP, +6 pHP] Can of Fruit Juice [$4, +6 HP +0 PP, +6 pHP] Chef's Special [$298, +216 HP +0 PP, +6 pHP] Sold only in Summers. Cookie [$7, +6 HP +0 PP, +6 pHP] The first food item you'll find. Croissant [$18, +60 HP +0 PP, +6 pHP] Good to have in Happy Happy Village and Threed. Cup of Coffee [$6, +12 HP +0 PP, +6 pHP] Cup of Noodles [$98, +42 HP +0 PP, +6 pHP] Expensive and not very effective. Double Burger [$24, +96 HP +0 PP, +6 pHP] Handy in Fourside. Fresh Egg [$12, +84 HP +0 PP, +6 pHP] Keep it until it hatches and becomes a Chicken. Gelato de Resort [$49, +30 HP +0 PP, +6 pHP] Sold only in Summers. Hamburger [$14, +48 HP +0 PP, +6 pHP] Very handy in Onett and Twoson. Kabob [$54, +126 HP +0 PP, +6 pHP] Sold only at the bazaar in Scaraba. Kraken Soup [$648, +full HP +0 PP, +6 pHP] Completely refills everyone's HP. Large Pizza [$238, +240 HP +0 PP, +6 pHP] Everyone recovers 240 HP. Lucky Sandwich [$128, +? HP +? PP, +? pHP] Recover HP and PP in random amounts Luxury Jerky [$210, +300 HP +0 PP, +6 pHP] Sold only in the Lost Underworld Magic Pudding [$680, +0 HP +40 PP, +40 pPP] Sold only in Magicant. Magic Tart [$480, +0 HP +20 PP, +20 pPP] Sold only in Summers. Magic Truffle [$-, +0 HP +80 PP, +80 pPP] Search for these in the Deep Darkness. Mammoth Burger [$98, +204 HP +0 PP, +6 pHP] Buy in the Lost Underworld. Molokheiya Soup [$20, +84 HP +0 PP, +6 pHP] Sold only in Scaraba. Pasta di Summers [$128, +108 HP +0 PP, +6 pHP] Sold only in a restaurant in Summers. Peanut Cheese Bar [$22, +108 HP +0 PP, +6 pHP] Mr. Saturn's favorite. Inexpensive but effective. Picnic Lunch [$24, +84 HP +0 PP, +6 pHP] Use in the Dusty Dunes Desert. Piggy Jelly [$222, +300 HP +0 PP, +6 pHP] Sold only in Saturn Valley. Pizza [$48, +120 HP +0 PP, +6 pHP] Mmmm! Delivered piping Hot! Plain Roll [$-, +24 HP +0 PP, +6 pHP] Receive in a trade with the Tenda. Plain Yogurt [$-, +168 HP +0 PP, +6 pHP] Earn in a trade in Tenda. Popsicle [$7, +18 HP +0 PP, +6 pHP] Can be purchased only in the Dusty Dunes Desert. Protein Drink [$38, +84 HP +0 PP, +6 pHP] Refreshing! PSI Caramel [$-, +0 HP +20 PP, +20 pPP] Royal Iced Tea [$78, +60 HP +0 PP, +6 pHP] Sold only in Summers. Skip Sandwich [$38, +6 HP +0 PP, +6 pHP] Walk very fast for about 10 seconds. Skip Sandwich DX [$98, +6 HP +0 PP, +6 pHP] Walk very fast for about 20 seconds. Spicy Jerky [$140, +252 HP +0 PP, +6 pHP] Barter in Tenda for this item. ---------------------------------pg. 127----------------------- CONDIMENTS Condiments can be used in conjunction with the previously listed food items. By using a condiment, you change the effectiveness of the food. If you put a condiment on an appropriate food item, the recovery amount increases. If the combination is bad, the effectiveness decreases. [Refer to the chart on p. 56 for appropriate combinations]. Carton of Cream [$4] Jar of Delisauce [$300] Jar of Hot Sauce [$3] Ketchup Packet [$2] Salt Packet [$2] Sprig of Parsley [$2] Sugar Packet [$3] Tin of Cocoa [$4] MEDICINE In the course of your adventure, you'll meet enemies that can change your condition. If you have some type of ailment, you should treat it as soon as possible. If you are not able to go to a hospital, there are some items that you can carry for emergency care. Cold Remedy [$22] Cures a cold. Guts Capsule [$-] Permanently increases Guts by 1. Horn of Life [$1780] Completely cures unconsciousness and all other adverse conditions. IQ Capsule [$-] Permanently increases IQ by 1. Luck Capsule [$-] Permanently increases Luck by 1. Refreshing Herb [$80] Cures a cold, sunstroke, crying, poison, feeling strange, and nausea. Rock Candy [$-] Permanently increases one attribute by 1. Secret Herb [$380] Cures all bad conditions and wakes someone who is unconscious. Speed Capsule [$-] Permanently increases Speed by 1. Vial of Serum [$58] Works as an antidote for poisoning. Vitality Capsule [$-] Permanently increases Vitality by 1. Wet Towel [$24] Stops sunstroke. PSI PSI refers to the psychic powers that can be used by Ness, Paula, Poo, and many of the enemies that you encounter on your journey. Psychic powers vary, and each person has special abilities. Using your Psychic Points (PP) efficiently can mean the difference between success and failure. Find the PSI powers that work best in specific situations. PSI powers become stronger through the course of the game, and the strength level is designated by Greek letters [a = alpha, b = beta, g = gamma, W = OMEGA, S = SIGMA]. [The three characters that can use PSI are abbreviated as Ne = Ness, Pa = Paula, and Po = Poo]. "Target refers to the recipient of the PSI power. Damage and recover points are random within the listed range. Offense PSI "Special" a [Used by: Ne, 10 PP used, Target: all enemies, damage/recovery: 40-120] Ness's special PSI that is named for his favorite thing. It affects all enemies on the battle screen and decreases one enemy's Psychic Shield strength by 1. PSI "Special" b [Ne, 14 PP, all enemies, 90-270] PSI "Special" g [Ne, 40 PP, all enemies, 160-480] PSI "Special" W [Ne, 98 PP, all enemies, 320-960] PSI Fire a [Pa, 6 PP, single row, 60-100] Works on a single row of enemies. One enemy's Psychic Shield strength is decreased by 1. PSI Fire b [Pa, 12 PP, single row, 120-200] PSI Fire g [Pa, 20 PP, single row, 180-300] PSI Fire W [Pa, 42 PP, single row, 240-400] PSI Freeze a [PaPo, 4 PP, single enemy, 135-225] An enemy's Psychic Shield strength is decreased by 1. PSI Freeze b [PaPo, 9 PP, single enemy, 270-450] PSI Freeze g [PaPo, 18 PP, single enemy, 405-675] PSI Freeze W [Pa, 28 PP, single enemy, 540-900] PSI Thunder a [PaPo, 3 PP, single enemy, 60-180] An enemy's Psychic Shield strength is decreased by 1. PSI Thunder b [PaPo, 7 PP, one enemy (2x), 60-180] PSI Thunder g [PaPo, 16 PP, one enemy (3x), 100-300] PSI Thunder W [Po, 20 PP, one enemy (4x), 100-300] PSI Flash a [Ne, 8 PP, all enemies, -] Enemies suffer from crying, numbness, feeling strange, or they become unconscious. PSI Flash b [Ne, 16 PP, all enemies, -] PSI Flash g [Ne, 24 PP, all enemies, -] PSI Flash W [Ne, 32 PP, all enemies, -] PSI Starstorm a [Po, 24 PP, all enemies, 270-450] Impossible to avoid. An enemy's Psychic shield strength is decreased by 1. PSI Starstorm W [Po, 42 PP, all enemies, 540-900] Recover Life-Up a [NePo, 5 PP, single ally, 75-125] Recover lost HP. Life-Up b [NePo, 8 PP, single ally, 225-375] Life-Up g [NePo, 13 PP, single ally, full recovery] Life-Up W [Ne, 24 PP, all allies, 300-500] Heal a [NePo, 5 PP, single ally, -] Recover from a cold, sunstroke, or sleepiness. Heal b [NePo, 8 PP, single ally, -] Heal a + cures poison, nausea, crying, and feeling strange. Heal g [NePo, 20 PP, single ally, -] Heal a + b + numbness, diamondize, and unconsciousness. Heal W [NePo, 38 PP, single ally, -] Heal a + b + g + completely recover HP from unconsciousness. PSI Magnet a [PaPo, 0 PP, single enemy, -] Absorb some of an enemy's PP. PSI Magnet W [PaPo, 0 PP, all enemies, -] Absorb some PP from all enemies on the battle screen. Assist Shield a [NePo, 6 PP, single ally, -] Reduces damage by half. Shield b [Po, 10 PP, single ally, -] "Power Shield." Shield a + reflects damage at enemy. Shield S [NePo, 18 PP, all allies, -] Shields everyone in the group. Shield W [Po, 30 PP, all allies, -] "Power Shield" covers everyone in the group. Psychic Shield a [Pa, 8 PP, single ally, -] Reduces effects of enemy's PSI attacks by half. Psychic Shield b [Pa, 14 PP, single ally, -] "Psychic Power Shield." Psychic Shield a + reflection. Psychic Shield S [Pa, 24 PP, all allies, -] Psychic Shield covers everyone in the group. Psychic Shield W [Pa, 42 PP, all allies, -] "Psychic Power Shield" covers everyone in the group. Offense Up a [Pa, 10 PP, single ally, -] Offense increases for the duration of the battle. Offense Up W [Pa, 30 PP, all allies, -] Everyone's Offense increases to a maximum of twice the original amount. Defense Down a [Pa, 6 PP, single enemy, -] Decreases an enemy's Defense. Defense Down W [Pa, 18 PP, all enemies, -] Decreases all enemies' Defense levels. Hypnosis a [Ne, 6 PP, single enemy, -] Puts enemies to sleep, though smart ones can avoid it. Hypnosis W [Ne, 18 PP, all enemies, -] Paralysis a [Ne, 8 PP, single enemy, -] Stops an enemy from moving. Paralysis a [Ne, 24 PP, all enemies, -] Stops all enemies from moving. Brain Shock a [Po, 10 PP, single enemy, -] Causes an enemy to feel strange. Brain Shock a [Po, 30 PP, all enemies, -] Teleport a [NePo, 2 PP, all allies, -] Teleport to a place where you've previously been. Teleport b [NePo, 8 PP, all allies, -] Teleport a + requires less acceleration room than Teleport a. ---------------------------------Cover3-------------------- WARNING CAUTION: This Nintendo game is not designed for use with any unauthorized copying device. Use of any such device will invalidate your Nintendo product warranty. Nintendo (and/or any Nintendo licensee or distributor) is not responsible for any damage or loss caused by the use of any such device. If use of such device causes your game to stop operating, disconnect the device carefully to avoid damage and resume normal game play. If your game ceases to operate and you have no device attached to it, please contact your local authorized Nintendo distributor. WARNING: Copying of any Nintendo game is illegal and is strictly prohibited by domestic and international copyright laws. "Back-up" or "archival" copies are not authorized and are not necessary to protect your software. Violators will be prosecuted. This manual and other printed matter accompanying this game are protected by domestic and international copyright laws. The rental of this game without permission of Nintendo or its licensees is strictly prohibited. For further information or assistance, please contact: Nintendo Consumer Assistance Hotline 1-800-255-3700 (U.S. and Canada) Or your local authorized Nintendo retailer. Warranty and Service Information: 3-MONTH LIMITED WARRANTY (For Hardware, Game Paks, & Accessories) Nintendo of America inc. ("Nintendo") warrants to the original purchaser that the product (hardware, game paks, and accessories) shall be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of three (3) months from the date of purchase. If a defect covered by this warranty occurs during this three (3) month warranty period, Nintendo will repair or replace the defective product or component part, at its option, free of charge. ADDITIONAL 3-MONTH LIMITED WARRANTY (Hardware only) Nintendo warrants to the original purchaser that the hardware product shall be free from defects in material and workmanship for an additional three (3) months beyond the original 3-month warranty period described above. If a defect covered by this warranty occurs during this additional 3-month warranty period, Nintendo will repair the defective hardware product or component free of charge. The original purchaser is entitled to this additional 3-month limited repair warranty only if the Consumer Proof of Purchase Card (attached to the hardware packaging when sold) is returned promptly after the date of purchase to Nintendo by the original purchaser or the original purchaser's retailer. WARRANTY SERVICE OR REPAIR/SERVICE AFTER EXPIRATION OF WARRANTY You may need only simple instructions to correct any problem with your product. Call the NINTENDO WORLD CLASS SERVICE (R) Consumer Assistance Hotline at: 1-800-255-3700 rather than going to your retailer. Hours of operation are 6 a.m. to 9 p.m., Pacific Time, Monday - Saturday , and 6 a.m. to 7 p.m., Pacific Time, on Sundays (times subject to change). If the problem cannot be solved over the telephone, you will be referred to the nearest AUTHORIZED NINTENDO WORLD CLASS SERVICE (R) Center or you will be offered express factory service through Nintendo. You may also refer to your yellow pages directory under the heading of Video Games -- Service & Repair for the nearest authorized service location. In some instances, it may be necessary for you to ship the complete product, FREIGHT PREPAID AND INSURED FOR LOSS OR DAMAGE, to the nearest service location. WARRANTY LIMITATIONS THIS WARRANTY SHALL NOT APPLY IF THIS PRODUCT: (a) IS USED WITH PRODUCTS NOT SOLD OR LICENSED BY NINTENDO (INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO, NON-LICENSED GAME ENHANCEMENT DEVICES, ADAPTERS, AND POWER SUPPLY DEVICES); (b) IS USED FOR COMMERCIAL PURPOSES (INCLUDING RENTAL) OR IS MODIFIED OR TAMPERED WITH; (c) IS DAMAGED BY NEGLIGENCE, ACCIDENT, UNREASONABLE USE, OR BY OTHER CAUSES UNRELATED TO DEFECTIVE MATERIALS OR WORKMANSHIP; OR (d) HAS HAD THE SERIAL NUMBER ALTERED, DEFACED, OR REMOVED. ANY APPLICABLE IMPLIED WARRANTIES, INCLUDING WARRANTIES OR MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, ARE HEREBY LIMITED IN DURATION TO THE WARRANTY PERIODS DESCRIBED ABOVE (3 MONTHS OR 6 MONTHS, AS APPLICABLE). IN NO EVENT SHALL NINTENDO BE LIABLE FOR CONSEQUENTIAL OR INCIDENTAL DAMAGES RESULTING FROM THE BREACH OF ANY IMPLIED OR EXPRESS WARRANTIES. SOME STATES DO NOT ALLOW LIMITATIONS ON HOW LONG AN IMPLIED WARRANTY LASTS OR EXCLUSION OF CONSEQUENTIAL OR INCIDENTAL DAMAGES, SO THE ABOVE LIMITATIONS MAY NOT APPLY TO YOU. This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights which vary from state to state. Nintendo's address is as set forth on the back cover of this manual. This warranty is valid only in the United States. ---------------------------------Cover4------------------------- GREAT PIZZA, NEW FRIENDS, WORLD TRAVEL, FREE DAILY NEWSPAPER AND AN ALIEN MEGALOMANIAC AWAIT YOU. Welcome to Onett -- the first destination on your itinerary and site of an authentic meteorite crash. You'll find the people of Onett are most obliging and keen to show you a good time. _Unless_, of course, you run into someone or something that has been taken over by an evil interstellar dweller who hitched a ride into town on the aforementioned meteorite. This alien, however, will undoubtedly add to your journey by giving you the personal reward of saving the planet earth while enjoying the ultimate vacation. With the EarthBound Player's Guide in hand, you'll have all of the information you need to ensure an exhilarating, exciting, and memorable visit to many fascinating places. Savor the sophisticated amenities of city life in Fourside, including the fabulous Dinosaur Museum and the Grand Department Store. Capture the spirit of adventure in Dusty Dunes Desert where you'll meet a real old-time gold miner. Drop into the town of Winters and Lake Tess for a chance to see the famed sea serpent, Tessie. Follow in the footsteps of history through Stonehenge and the great Pyramids. Meet some real "strangers" in Saturn Valley. Then hit the beach in the beautiful resort town of Summers. Throughout the journey, keep the Player's Guide handy at all times so you'll know what to see, the best places to eat, whom to meet, what to look for and what to watch out for -- like Zombies, kid-dicing kitchen implements, dinosaurs, bugs, and other undesirables. This comprehensive reference with everything from maps to items to monsters, will ensure an incredibly exciting and stimulating trip PLUS the worthy and humanitarian experience of saving the Earth from the outrageous space invader, Giygas. Fun, adventure, and philanthropy. Now, who could ask for anything more?

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