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Typed out by Steve Begin SNS-DK-USA Kemco/Seika DRAKKHEN (TM) Developed by (Infogrames logo) Instruction Booklet (Super Nintendo Entertainment System logo) PAGE 2 ------ Licensed by (Nintendo logo) Nintendo, Super Nintendo Entertainment System and the official seals are registered trademarks of Nintendo of America Inc. (C)1991 Nintendo of America Inc. (picture of the Official Nintendo Seal of Quality) This official seal is your assurance that Nintendo has approved the quality of this product. Always look for this seal when buying games and accessories to ensure complete compatibility with your Super Nintendo Entertainment System. All Nintendo products are by sale for use only with other authorized products bearing the official Nintendo Seal of Quality. PAGE 3 ------ Drakkhen PAGE 4 ------ (picture of a rock shape like a coffin with a skeleton embossed in its cover) Warning! Please read the enclosed consumer information and precaution booklet carefully before using your Nintendo(R) hardware system or Game Pak. PAGE 5 ------ CONTENTS 8............................................Introduction 10.......................................Starting the Game 12...........................................Screen Layout 14..................................................Moving 16.........................................Viewing the Map 17............................................Doing Battle 18.........................................Giving Commands 28....................................Exploring the Island 30...............................Advice for the Adventurer 31.......................................Weapons and Armor 32...................................................Items 34..................................................Spells 36.............................Creating Your Own Character PAGE 6 ------ (fantasy drawing where we can see a wizard casting a spell beside an alter) PAGE 7 ------ The universe as we, the Drakkonian people know it, is threatened by the four dragon kings who control the forces of nature; Earth, Water, Air, and Fire. These dragons have stolen the Drakkhen's eight tears; gems that represent all the forces of magic. Each dragon has one son and one daughter for a total of four princes and four princesses. Each prince and princess was bequeathed one of the eight tears. Your quest is to recover the eight gems. Having done so, the control of the dragons will be broken and control of the universe will be restored to the benevolent and magical Drakkhen. Your task is complicated by the existence of two distinctly different political parties of the princes and princesses. The League of the Ninth Tear is sympathetic to the Drakkonian cause and its members will assist you in your quest. The Alliance of Fire, however, would like to see the evil reign of the dragons continue. As a result, you may need to slay some of the princes and princesses to complete your quest. But you must be careful not to attack too hastily! The success of your adventure depends upon the cooperation of those princes and princesses who sympathize with your cause. Sympathetic princes and princesses are of little help if they are dead! You must approach your quest in a step-by-step manner. It is important that you complete the tasks in the order you are told. The renegade warrior is doomed to failure. You must exercise great caution! Many of the inhabitants are very strong and do not appreciate your intervention. Beware of entering castles unprepared. Heed the hints that point the way to your destiny. During your quest, you will encounter inns, shrines, and other ordinary places. You may enter these at any time and they can be valuable sources of information and supplies. PAGE 8 ------ 1. INTRODUCTION Enter the 3D scrolling world of Drakkhen, a real-time world of fantasy! You control the destiny of four brave adventurers as you explore the treacherous Drakkhen Island. Feel free to wander where you wish, but try not to stray too far from your quest. The fat of the human world rests in your capable hands! PAGE 9 ------ (map of the Isle of the Drakkhen) Water +---------------------------------------------------------+ | (cave) | | (cave) Ice ! | | ! | |____(castle)______________________________!______________| | ! ! River ! River | | ! ! Marsh (chinatown?)-+-+ | | +-+--+-------------------------------+-(houses)-+-+ | | ! Marsh ! | |_______!__________________________________!______________| | ! (triangles?) ! | | ! Forest (triangles?) ! | | ! (triangles?) (something) | |--+----+-+-(castle) (triangles?) ! (castle) | | ! ! ! (triangles?) +-------+ | | ! (houses)--+---------------------------+ ! | |__!___________!___________________________________!______| | ! ! ! | | !____ ! Desert ! | | ! !_________________ ! | | (tent)! ! ! ! | | ! ! +-(castle)-+ ! | (something?) ! ! ! ! | | (arabia castle)-- +-(houses)-+------+ | |_________________________________________________________| PAGE 10 ------- 2. STARTING THE GAME Only the left controller is used for this game. (picture of the Super NES controller) L & R Buttons: Make characters visible or not. Attempt to escape from enemies. Control Pad: Move through the world when characters are not visible. Move the leader or selected character when visible. Choose Command Icon or other selections. SELECT: Display Map START: Start Game. Display Map X Button: Toggle between Leader & Selected character A Button: Activate Icon Command Area. Make selections. Read next part of text message B Button: Cancel last selection. Make selections. Y Button: Choose leader or selected character. Insert the cartridge into your Super NES and turn on the power. The license screen will appear followed by the Drakkhen title screen. (picture of the title screen) PAGE 11 ------- A stone tablet will appear in the lower left corner of the screen containing some messages. After displaying these messages, you will see the following screen: (picture of the title screen with the stone table in the lower left corner of the screen) Drakkhen allows you to save your game to one or two files; FILE1 or FILE2. Saving your game will permit you to resume your quest at another time from where you left off. When you play Drakkhen for the first time, both FILE1 and FILE2 will show -NEW-, indicating that nothing has been saved to the files. If you had saved a game previously, you could choose to resume it or begin a new game. The diamond cursor will appear next to FILE1. Since this is your first time playing the game, press the A Button to choose FILE1. Once you have chosen FILE1, you can choose to START a game with the default set of four characters or to CREATE a custom set of adventurers. Initially, you may find it easier to explore the game using the default set of characters. As you become more experienced, you can experiment with custom characters to find the best combination of adventurers. Once again, since this is your first time playing the game, choose START by pressing the A Button to begin the game with the default set of characters. (picture of this screen) PAGE 12 ------- 3. SCREEN LAYOUT There are three areas of the screen. The Action Area shows your current view of the world. The four adventurers are visible in the foreground of the Action Area. The Icon Area in the lower right contains the nine pictures that correspond to the available commands. The Message Area provides you with valuable information about your surroundings. The blinking triangle in the lower right corner of the Message Area indicates that there is additional text for you to read. Press the A Button to read the next part of the text. After reading the introductory text, you will be given the opportunity to read an explanation of the game. Press the A Button to view the game explanation. Press the B Button to skip the explanation and begin the game. The game explanation provides information on the use of the controller, the Command Icons, and other basic information. You can also view this information at any time during the game. Press the B Button to begin the game. (picture of the main screen) Action Area (top and center of screen) Message Area (bottom left and bottom center of screen) Icon Area (bottom right of screen) PAGE 13 ------- When you begin the game, the four adventurers will gather together into a group and disappear from the screen, leaving you with a clear view of the Action Area. The Message Area is replaced with two new areas; the Weapon Area and the Character Area: The four rows of the Weapon Area correspond to the four adventurers. A sword indicates that the character is armed with a weapon. A Scepter indicates that the character is armed with magic. The MP number indicates the current Magic Points possessed by the character. When you cast a spell, your Magic Points will decrease. Fortunately, your magic points are replenished as time passes and by acquiring special items or spells. The Character Area gives you summary information for each of the adventurers. The picture of each character lets you quickly see what armor and weapon is being used. The HP number indicates the Health Points for the character. Each character can sustain only so much damage in battle. The greater the number of Health Points, the more damage the character can sustain. The character dies when the number of Health Points reaches zero. Health points are replenished while the character is visible and by acquiring special items or spells. (picture of the main screen) Character Area (bottom center of screen) Weapon Area (bottom left of screen) Icon Area (bottom right of screen) The oval lamp below the picture of each character is used to indicate the currently selected character. A red lamp indicates that the character is the leader of the party. All other characters will follow the leader. A blue lamp indicates that the character has been selected to move alone. PAGE 14 ------- 4. MOVING There are two modes of movement; when the characters are visible in the Action Area and when they are not. When the characters are not visible, you can use the Control Pad to look or move in any directions to explore the outside world. There are four circumstances under which the characters are visible: 1. You can press the L or R Button to make the characters visible or not. 2. The characters are automatically made visible when you encounter an enemy. 3. The characters are automatically made visible when you come upon a building or castle. 4. The characters are automatically made visible when you use the Icon Area to give commands. (picture of a game screen) PAGE 15 ------- When the characters are visible, you can choose to move the entire group or an individual character. To move the entire group you must first choose a leader. The leader of the group is indicated by a red lamp below the character's picture in the Character Area. You can choose the leader of the group by pressing the Y Button until the red lamp appears under the desired character. With a selected leader, the Control Pad will move the leader of the group. The other members of the group will follow the movements of the leader. You can also choose to move just one selected character. By pressing the X Button, the lamp below the character will change from red to blue. The blue lamp indicates that the character has been chosen to move alone. Now, when you use the Control Pad you will be moving only the selected character. (picture of a game screen) PAGE 16 ------- 5. VIEWING THE MAP You can view the map of Drakkhen Island by pressing either the SELECT or START Buttons. The map shows your current location as well as the location of the eight castles and other buildings. The compass in the upper right of the screen indicates you are currently headed. You will find the map a necessary tool in your quest. When you are done viewing the map, press the A Button to return to the game. (picture of the Map Screen) PAGE 17 ------- 6. DOING BATTLE Drakkhen Island is inhabited by a large number of rather unfriendly creatures. When you encounter one of these creatures, the battle will be waged automatically. However, you may choose to try to avoid battle by repeatedly pressing the L and R Buttons. This will not always work, but it is sometimes wiser to avoid a confrontation. If you are inside a castle, the only way to avoid battle is to exit to another room. During battle, if your characters inflict damage upon the enemy, a yellow arrow beneath the character's picture in the Character Area will light up. The number that is shown is the amount of damage inflicted upon the enemy. If the number appears without the yellow arrow, your character has suffered that amount of damage. Your chances for success in battle can be greatly improved by properly arming your characters and providing them with the best possible protective armor. This can be accomplished by giving commands. (picture of a sword and a shield) PAGE 18 ------- 7. GIVING COMMANDS The icons contained in the Icon Area let you give commands to your characters and let you save your game. You can activate the Icon Area by pressing the A Button. A dagger cursor will appear, pointing to one of the commands icons. The icon will also have a frame around it. You can choose a command using the Control Pad and pressing the A Button. To cancel, press the B Button. (picture of the Icon Area) The Character icon gives you detailed information about each of your adventurers and allows you to control the allocation of weapons and items. Choosing the Character icon will bring up the first screen of character information and pause the game. This screen shows you the Level (LV), Health Points (HP), and Magic Points (MP) for each character. As characters gain more experience, their Level will increase. The Health Points measure the life of the character. When the Health Points decline to zero, the character dies. The Magic Points indicate the ability of the character to use spells. (picture of the Character screen) PAGE 19 ------- In addition , a compass in the upper right corner shows your current direction. Below the compass, your heading is shown in degrees. The eight blinking dots at the bottom of the character screen will be replaced by blue dots as you acquire each of the eight tears. You can choose to view detailed information on each character by moving the triangle cursor to the desired character and pressing the A Button. You can choose EXIT to return to the game. By choosing to view detailed information on a character, you will be see a screen similar to the following: (picture of the detailed character screen) This screen shows the Level and Experience for the selected character and the amount of Jade Coins carried by the group of characters. You can choose from the menu using the Control Pad to move the triangle cursor to the desired item and pressing the A Button. PAGE 20 ------- Weapon-Armor Choosing WEAPON-ARMOR will allow you to change the weapons and protective clothing worn by the character. The middle of the screen shows an inventory of all of the equipment carried by the character. Items with an asterisk next to them are currently being used. (picture of the Weapon-Armor Screen) Give Choose this to give a piece of equipment to another character. You will then be allowed to choose the piece of equipment you wish to give and who should receive it. Equipment Choose this to change the currently used items for the character. This is the means of using a newly acquired weapon or piece of protective clothing. You will be presented with a list of available equipment in each of the categories. The triangle cursor will appear next to the currently selected item. To change the currently selected item, move the cursor with the Control Pad and press the A Button. Drop Choose this to drop a piece of equipment. You can then choose which item you wish to get rid of. You may find that it is not possible to drop all items. Exit Choose this to return to the previous screen. PAGE 21 ------- Item Choosing ITEM will let you Give, Use, or Drop an item like a ring or phial (bottle). (picture of the Item screen) Give Choose this to give an item to another character. You will then be allowed to choose the item you wish to give and who should receive it. Use Choose this to make use of an item. You can then choose the item you wish to use from the list of available items. Drop Choose this to get rid of an item. You can then choose the item you wish to drop. Exit Choose this to return to the previous screen. Magic Choosing MAGIC will give you access to any spells that the character has learned. (picture of the Magic screen) To use a spell, move the cursor to the selected spell and press the A Button. PAGE 22 ------- Information Choosing INFORMATION will display detailed information about the character. (picture of the Information screen) Maximum Health Points: The maximum health points that the character can have will increase as the level of the character increases. Maximum Magic Points: The maximum magic points that the character can have will increase as the level of the character increases. Power: The greater the power value, the more damage the character can inflict on enemies. Defense: The greater the defense value, the less damage the character will suffer in battle. Physique: The greater the physique value, the more effective a given weapon will be. Intelligence: The greater the intelligence value, the more precision in fights. Knowledge: The greater the knowledge value, the more ability to understand and use spells and potions. Agility: The greater the ability value, the more effective the character will be in battle. Fortune: The greater the fortune value, the more likely that the character can escape an attack. PAGE 23 ------- The Mouth icon let's you listen to other characters you encounter. Sometimes characters will give you additional information if you listen to them more than once. It is wise to talk to many of the characters. The information offered by strangers is often valuable. (picture of the Icon Area with the Mouth icon outlined) The Controller icon gives you access to a series of help screens about the use of the controller and the principles of the game. If you forget which key to use, choose the Controller icon. Press the A Button to go from one help screen to another. Press the B Button to return to the game. (picture of the Icon Area with the Controller icon outlined) The Take icon lets you pick up an item that is in front of the character. (picture of the Icon Area with the Take icon (open hand) outlined) The Sword icon lets you arm a character with either a weapon or magic. When you first select the Sword icon, you will be given a list of the characters. (picture of the Icon Area with the Sword icon outlined) PAGE 24 ------- For each character, this screen shows how they are currently armed. Choose a character by moving the triangle cursor and pressing the A Button. (picture of the character weapon screen) From this screen you can choose how the character should be armed for battle. (picture of the character weapon selection screen) Ready The Weapon: Choose this to select the active weapon. Attack - Magic: Choose this to arm the character with Attack Magic. Defence - Magic: Choose this to arm the character with Defense Magic. Defense: Choose this to have the character defend itself and not aggressively attack. This is useful if the character is low on Health Points. Exit: Choose this to return to the previous screen. PAGE 25 ------- The Activate icon is used to activate any devices that are within reach of the character. For example, you can use this icon to touch an element symbol. (picture of the Icon Area with the Activate icon (pointing hand) outlined) The Look icon is used to investigate your surroundings. This command will give a more detailed description, if available, of objects that are in front of the character. (picture of the Icon Area with the Look icon (eye) outlined) The Exit icon is used to quickly exit from a dungeon. (picture of the Icon Area with the Exit icon (open door) outlined) The Cartridge icon is used to save your game. After choosing the Cartridge icon, press the A Button to save the game or the B Button to cancel. (picture of the Icon Area with the Cartridge icon outlined) PAGE 26 & 27 ------------ (picture drawn on both pages that shows a stonehenge-like place) PAGE 28 ------- 8. EXPLORING THE ISLAND As you continue your quest, you will come upon a number of additional sights. The priests of the Anak Shrines are accomplished in the healing arts. To resurrect and heal the members of your party, visit one of the shrines. (picture of a game screen with the Anak shrine) The Inn is a good place to get important information from the local inhabitants. (picture of a game screen with a inn) There are magical places on the island, called Warp Zones. When you enter a Warp Zone, you are teleported to another part of the island. These Warp Zones can be used to quickly travel from one place to another. Each Warp Zone is connected to a specific destination. (picture of a game screen that shows a Warp Zone (a square on the ground circled by 4 triangles)) PAGE 29 ------- The Flickering Lights is a small strip of enchantment in the center of the island. It is unclear whether any creature can cross its boundaries. (picture of a games screen showing 3 yellow triangles on the ground) There are just a few of the places that await you. The rest you must discover for yourself! You may also encounter additional characters during your travels. An old man may appear from time to time. He is a valuable source of information. You will also meet travelling merchants from whom you may buy weapons, armor or other items or sell things that are no longer of use to you. PAGE 30 ------- 9. ADVICE FOR THE ADVENTURER When you start your quest, the members of your party will be inexperienced. Try to gain some battle experience as soon as possible. The castle that first appears before you is that of Prince Hordkhen. Begin your quest by first visiting his castle. (picture of a game screen inside a castle) Check the map frequently to verify your location and heading. You should also make sure that the members of your party are appropriately armed and clothed. Lastly, save your game frequently so that you can resume it at a later time. PAGE 31 ------- 10. WEAPONS AND ARMOR In Order by Increasing Power (enlarged picture of a character) Armor/Cuirass (on body) Helmet (on head) Protective Clothing Leather Light Shirt Leather Plate Heavy Jacket Light Cuirass Power Chain Mail Medium Cuirass Hyper Heavy Cuirass Dragon Other Clothing Power Cuirass Light Robe Hyper Cuirass Weapons (in hands) Medium Robe Dragon Cuirass Dagger Heavy Robe Bludgeon Light Coat Greave (on low body) Bow & Arrow Medium Coat Light Rod Heavy Coat Medium Short Sword Heavy Long Sword Buckler (in hands) Power Saber Light Hyper Dragon Sword Medium Dragon Heavy Shield (in hands) Light Shoes (on feet) Medium Shoes Heavy Boots Power Hyper Dragon PAGE 32 ------- 11. ITEMS There are many items that you can acquire from travelling merchants, overcoming enemies, and diligent investigation of the castles. Item Purpose Torch Useful for exploring dark parts of the dungeon. Key Can be used to open some locked doors. Phial (HP) Restore health points. Contains 7 doses. Phial (MP) Restore magic points. Contains 7 doses. Empty Phial Someone beat you to the contents! Heart Grants new life. PAGE 33 ------- There are also staffs that carry magical powers. Staff Purpose Ghost Makes your character invisible. Earth Cuts your battle damage by half. Air Cuts the affect of magic on you by half. Life Your Health Points recover faster. Magic Your Magic Points recover faster. Thief's Enables you to get past locked doors. Lucky Can enable you to avoid traps. The rings grant the owner greater powers. Ring Purpose War Increases strength. Wind Increases agility. Flash Increases intelligence. Sage's Increases knowledge. Force Increases physique. Star Increases fortune. Defense Increases defense. PAGE 34 ------- 12. SPELLS There are many powerful spells which you may learn. Heal Minor This spell only demands a small amount of energy and will be enough to heal a small wound. Fireball A spell of great force which throws fear into the hearts of those who set eyes upon you. The spell of lightning is quick, terrible, tremendous, and fatal. The chosen enemy will find himself in distress and confusion. The spell is terrifying, but a little tiring. Invisible If you succeed with this spell, you will disappear from the eyes of the enemy. A costly spell that will help your progress. Cure This spell is the only one which can heal infections, illness and poisons. The spell is not very expensive and can be extremely useful. Light Brings light to darkness. As it is easy to handle, this impressive spell will not cost a lot. Strength Your force will be multiplied and your enemy surprised. The spell is little straining. Shield This spell is of particular use when your protective clothing is weak. The spell costs little and you will find yourself protected from enemy blows. Heal Major This spell is good for healing wounds. In the case of serious wounds it will be necessary to apply it several times. PAGE 35 ------- Unlock Use this spell to unlock doors that cannot be opened with keys. This spell costs little and can reap great rewards. Anti-Matter Use this spell to eliminate the undead. This spell is of average cost but essential. Paralysis Immobilize your enemy. The effect is immediate, but the duration of this spell will depend on your strength. It is only effective against a creature. Dispel A spell of extreme power! It is expensive, but extremely effective. Confusion Engulf your enemy in chaos. This spell is a little expensive in points. Speed You will now have lightning speed. This spell is a little tiring. Anti-Magic For a brief time, this spell will negate the magic of your enemy. This spell is expensive and tiring. Resurrection This is perhaps the most fascinating of all the spells. With it, you can bring a character back to life. This spell is very expensive. Teleportation This spell will transport you to another location. Dragon Power This will increase the level of your character for a short time. But do not make use of this spell too often, for it is very expensive. PAGE 36 ------- 13. CREATING YOUR OWN CHARACTERS The more advanced adventurers may wish to customize the characters. When you start a new game and have chosen FILE1 or FILE2, you will be given the option to START a new game with the default characters or the CREATE a custom set of characters. Choosing CREATE will bring up the following screen: First you must choose the gender of the character. Use the Control Pad to make your selection and press the A Button. (picture of the gender selection screen) Next you must choose the class of character you want. You may choose only one character from each of the four classes. The Fighter/Amazon is physically strong and very effective in battle. The Scout is agile and skilled in magic. The Magician is very accomplished in attack magic, but is physically weak. The Priest/Priestess is particularly skilled in healing magic, but is physically weak. (picture of the class selection screen) PAGE 37 ------- Enter the name of the character using the Control Pad and pressing the A Button. Move the cursor to END and press the A Button when you are done. (picture of the name entry screen) You can now choose to assign the five values in the lower left corner of the screen to the POWER, AGILITY, INTELLIGENCE, KNOWLEDGE, and PHYSIQUE attributes. Only one of the values will be bright green. To assign the highlighted value, move the cursor to the selected attribute and press the A Button. To cancel an assigned value, press the B Button. The HP (Health Points), FORTUNE, and COIN attributes are set automatically. (picture of the attributes assignation screen) You should carefully match the attributes to the class of character to ensure their effectiveness. Repeat these steps for the other three members of your party. When you are done, you can choose to create the party over again (B Button) or to begin the game with your custom characters (A Button). PAGE 38 ------- NOTES PAGE 39 ------- 90-day limited warranty Kemco/Seika Game Paks (not written) DRAKKHEN(TM) is published under license from Infogrames. (C)1989, 1990. Infogrames(TM) is a trademark of Infogrames. Used with permission. All rights reserved. Licensed in conjunction with JP International. (C)1991 Kemco. BACK COVER ---------- Exclusively Distributed by Seika Corporation U.S.A. 20,000 Mariner Avenue Torrance, CA 90503 Customer Support: (213) 373-8127 (Kemco/Seika logo) Printed in Japan

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