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CYBERNATOR CONGRATULATIONS! You're now a member of the 95th brigade of the mechanized marines. This elite Cybernator force has been put on full alert in quadrant nine. Before climing into the Cybernator cockpit, please review the following orders from your commander Major General Steele (AKA: Ol' Iron Britches). Table of Contents Origin of the Cybernator.........................4 How to destroy...................................6 Controller Info..................................7 The Battlefield..................................9 Weapons.........................................10 Power Chip Tips.................................12 Stages..........................................12 4- THE GUTS AND BOLTS OF A MECHANIZED MARINE The Cybernator first appeared around 2013 AD. Initially introduced as a means of eradicating space pirates from the lunar shipping route, the Cybernator soon became an integral part of the marine corps' mechanized forces, replacing the Firestorm XG-9 Solar Tank. Becoming an elite Cybernator warrior requires 1,000 hours of training in mock Cybernator combat. Ninety percent of all marines who attempt to take their seat in the Cybernator cockpit either drop out because of mental and physical fatigue, or are accidentally destroyed by their own incompetence. CYBERNATOR G5-E HEIGHT: 5 stories WEIGHT: 5 tons CAPACITY: 1 marine THREE-PEATER ENEMY ELIMINATOR 21st Century cannon with 360 degree assault rotation and three-way firing capability: vulcan shells, laser beams, homing missiles. KNUCKLIZER When Cybernator throws a punch, more than teeth will fly! IONIZED INDESTRUCTOID SHIELD Turns away enemy fire and protects you from shrapnel and radioactive fallout. HYPER-SPACE PROPULSION PACK WITH NUCLEAR FISSION THRUSTERS Helps overcome enemy low life by giving your spirits and Cybernator a lift. ZITHIGOTH COMMAND AND CONTROL CENTER Made from a zithium alloy mined on Venus, this is the infamous Cybernator cockpit. It is a fully operatonal command and control center where one well-trained marine sits and guides the Cybernator into battle. SUPER STOMPERS Anti-gravity suction mechanisms provide traction on every imaginable surface. 6- HOW TO REV UP YOUR CYBERNATOR Insert the game pak into the Super NES, then switch on the power. A summary of your mission will scroll across the screen, providing you with details on the destruction awaiting you. When this text finishes, or to skip the short story, press the START BUTTON to return to the title screen. Select options with your Control Pad and press the START BUTTON. To choose name entry, press the Y BUTTON. Use the Control Pad to select letters, then lock them in with the Y BUTTON. USE THE B BUTTON to erase. Select END when finished and press the Y BUTTON. You can also use the Control Pad to change the KEY CONFIGURATION. Press the START BUTTON at anytime to return to the title screen. Press START again and your battalion commander will give you final orders and the go-ahead for the attack on the axis lunar installation. When he finishes his statement, or to blow past his hot air, press any button. All systems are now go, as the marines' new intergalactic landing craft blasts thorugh the enemy's fortress, dropping you off just in time for an all-out blowout. 7- CYBERNATOR COMMAND CONTROLS This is the primary device that puts the Cybernator's Zithigoth Command and Control Center at your fingertips. Pick it up and then imagine yourself seated in the Cybernator cockpit which rises 5 stories above the ground. Below you is five tons of tail-kicking, axis annihilating battle armor which is totally under your control. Indeed, never in the history of warfare has one man had this much control over so much firepower. START BUTTON Press to start or pause your attack. Also press to bring up your MAP. CONTROL PAD Press left or right to maneuver. Press up or down to raise or lower your Three-Peater Enemy Eliminator. Remember, the Three-Peater has 360 degree rotation capability. A BUTTON Press simultaneously with the Control Pad for a quick attach thrust. Enemies who fear this maneuver call it the "rampage rush" or "roller dash". The last words heard from many referred to it as the "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!" B BUTTON Press to leap. Press and hold down to activate the Power Pack. Y BUTTON Press to fire your Three-Peater Enemy Eliminator or to throw a devastating Cybernator punch. X BUTTON Press to change weapons. You have three weapons choices (vulcan shells, laser beams and homing missiles). Your fourth and final selection is the Cybernator punch. Remember, you begin with Vulcan Shells & The Punch. Other weapons can be obtained by finding special "W" power-ups. R BUTTON Press to raise your Ionized Indestructoid Shield. L BUTTON Press to hold in your current position. NOTE: The functions of the A,B,L,X and Y BUTTONS can be changed in the options mode. 9- THE AXIS WAR ZONE, WHERE THE CYBERNATOR FEEDS Weapons Selection Monitor The number to the left is the power level for that weapon. Weapon Power Meter Represents the number of power chips needed to increase to the next level of power. 10- THE CYBERNATOR'S MEANS OF SURVIVAL The Cybernator has four primary weapons systems. Three of these firing mechanisms are located in its Three-Peater Enemy Eliminator. The fourth is the bone and steel crushing Cybernator punch. During combat you can select the appropriate weapon to wipe out the enemy at hand. These decisions are critical since each enemy has different defensive strengths and weaknesses. As your mission progresses you must learn which of your weapons has the most devastatin effect on a particular enemy. THE PULVERIZING PUNCH If you think a prize fighter has a devastating right hook, wait until you get a load the the Cybernator's chromium fists. `The Cybernator's punches pack an incredible amount of power, but their reach is limited. Power chips will increase the bludgeoning potential of each punch, while lengthening the Cybernator's jabs. HERCULEAN HOMING MISSILES This weapons system is the Cybernator's premier enemy eradicator. With the push of your fire button you'll launch uranium tipped missiles that simply can't miss their designated targets. Power chips increase your missile stockpile. They also enhance the destructive force and homing accuracy of each missile. THE LL-7 LAZZIEWARFARE LASER BEAM Concentrated beams of plutonium from the Cybernator's laser cannon can disintegrate enemy fortifications in the blink of an eye. After each laser surge, the cannon must be re-energiszed. This takes time, so be prepared to defend yourself while reloading. Also, as power chips are collected, the laser beam becomes wider and more intense. VULCAN AUTOMATIC ANNIHILATION CANNON The Cybernator's most basic weapon, the Vulcan Cannon is a rapid fire blaster that automatically reloads after a clip is empty. Power chips will change the caliber of the vulcan shells from 70mm to 90mm to 110mm. POWER CHIPS During your mission "P" capsules will appear. These capsules will appear. These capsules are to a Cybernator what amino acids are to a professional wrestler. They contain cytron, a mysterious fuel from the outer reaches of the galaxy. These fuel pods have been secretly planted in enemy territory by allied special forces units. Each time you locate and extract one of these P's from a smoldering enemy, your Cybernator weapons system will gain power. For every pre-determined number of P's you collect, your overall weapons grade will increase by a power of one. 12- TOP SECRET POWER CHIP TIPS You can distribute power chips among each of your four primary weapons. In other words, you can give one weapon (say the vulcan for example) an excessive amount of power. Or you can supply all of your weapons with an equal amount of bonus power. Strategy, tactics and timing come into play during this phase of your mission. But you're a Cybernator warrior, chosen for your brains as well as your guts. Capture this energy chip to replenish your damage control meter. 12- 7 LEVELS THAT'LL REQUIRE A WHOLE LOT OF LUCK Axis Lunar Mining Colony Moon ore processing plant that is actually a front for the enemy's monolithic intergalactic battle cruiser. Your objective: locate and destroy the battle cruiser's power unit. Asteroid Defense Forces And Orbital Hideout Similar to the air cover used to defend a current day carrier fleet, these axis antagonists will try to prevent you from reaching the strategically important ARC NOVA. Your objective: shut down the ore processing plant! Arc Nova Axis space fortress designed to launch offensive probes into Earth's atmosphere. Also the headquarters for the enemy's top military mind. Generalissimo Francisco Flako. Your objective: sabotage the huge mobile weapon hidden deep within the base. Stratospheric Showdown The largest battleground in the history of warfare, this dog-eat-dogfight will make Waterloo and the Normandy Invasion look about as big as the invasion of Grenada. Your objective: penetrate and anihilate axis forces spread out from terrafirma to the edge of the ozone. Madagascar Shuttle Port This was an allied space shuttle base before it was turned over to the axis leaders in a trade for one of Earth's last remaining fossil fuel mines. Originally the deal called for the base to be revamped into a peaceful international space vacation resort. Instead the enemy transformed it into a maximum security military installation. Your objective: make the enemy pay for their renege by turning the space shuttle into a scrap pile. Axis Prime Minister's Mountain Hideout Every leader must have his "eagle's nest". This one, hidden deep within an Alpine cave known only to a handful of highly paid Sherpas, is where Prime Minister Claus Von Meister Barron confers with his generals. Your objective: destroy the Prime Minister's anti-aircraft weapons facility. The Axis Capital: Suburbionski Uzbekistanski The downtown capital building is wher the axis parliament gathers. With the interstellar colonies on the verge of war, the votes of these greasy palmed politicians will determine the future of every man, woman and child on Earth and in space. Your objective: use your Three-Peater to lobby for peace.

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