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Cool World

Typed out by Cool World Developer: Ocean Publisher: Ocean of America Cool World *It's an imaginary world that's real. It exists in another dimension, where cartoon characters, called Doodles, are alive. It's Cool World. *For cartoonist Jack Deebs, who's been carried across the boundary, it's a wild and amazing place; and he's discovered that only some of the Doodles are friendly. Take Holli Would. She's a knockout Doodle who's really interested in Jack. She's interested in using him to get herself a real body and transfer into this world. She just needs to get her hands on one special piece of magic. *The Golden Spike of power, hidden atop the Ocean Hotel in Las Vegas, is the powerful wedge between Cool World and this world. And Holli's trying to steal it. If she uses it, she may destroy both her world and Jack's. *As Jack, you have to stop her from doing it - because you know she will if she can! Your Controls Control Pad Up *Face a wall or a Doodle. Control Pad Down *Collect an object. Control Pad Left *Walk left. Control Pad Right *Walk right. Button A *Press Button A to suck a Doodle into your pen. Button B *Press Button B to stretch punch. Button X *Press Button X to stretch your arms up. Button Y *Press Button Y to jump. Select Button *Press the Select Button to change your options. Start Button *Press the Start Button to pause/unpause the game, or to choose an option. *To escape text screens, press Button A, B, X, or Y. Status Display *The Status Panel at the top left of the screen displays the following: Sweets *Indicates the number of Sweets you have. Items *Displays the number of items you currently have. Score *Displays your current score. Lives *Indicates the number of lives you have remaining. Nickels *Indicates the number of nickels you've collected. Playing the Game Level 1 - Cool World *As you explore Cool World, collect Nickels and avoid the Popper Police. You will meet many characters along the way. But be careful! Some are good, and some are very bad. You'll find that you have limited powers of a Doodle to use in defending yourself. *You can enter the following buildings in Cool World. Pawn Shop *Many useful and useless items can be found here. You can buy or trade what you are currently holding for the item you are interested in. Slash Club *This is one of Holli's favorite hangouts. Be careful - it's quite a rough joint! Unfortunately, the bouncers at the door don't like Noids (humans). Bank *Banks pay interest on savings. It may benefit you to open anaccount. Library *You can get valuable information by reading books in here! Level 2 - Sweet Palace *A sickly cute world. Many sweets are scattered around for the taking. After avoiding the cute characters, you may find your way into the malt shop. In here, you must put the milkshakes on the counter and guide the "cuties" to drink them. This will give you the opportunity to explore any special treasures. Level 3 - Holli's Building *This is Holli's own building. Try meeting her by taking the direct approach and using the door. Or, why not try climbing? Level 4 - Driving Section *The road system in Cool World is very hazardous! Be sure that you have enough speed to get over the gaps in the road. Avoid obstacles in the road, and watch out for those chomping teeth! To speed up *Press Control Pad Right To slow down *Press Control Pad Left. To jump *Press the Y Button. Level 5 - Las Vegas *At some point in the game you will be transported back to the Real World. You must catch the mischievous Doodles to restore the balance in the interworld Matrix before you can return to Cool World. *The only way to trap a Doodle is by sucking in into an ink pen! Level 6 - Ocean Hotel *With the help of Nails, a Doodle spider, you can work you way up the outside of the building to get tot he rooftop to confront Holli. *You must keep both Nails and yourself safe in order to reach the top. Watch out for windows opening suddenly and look out for Sparks, Holli's right-hand man. Level 7 - Hotel Rooftop *You must battle past Holli's gang of goons and right-hand man, Sparks, before you can reach her and replace the Spike in its rightful place in order to save both worlds. Playing Tips *You must find the arm extender before you can punch or stretch up! *You can punch Doodle from a distance by using the Stretch Punch. *You can climb higher by stretching your arms up and grabbing onto ledges, etc. *You must find a pen before you can suck up any Doodles. *Punching some Doodles will throw off Biffs. Collect these for extra points. Collect a flashing Biff for invincibility. Jumping on some Doodles will destroy them, crush them, or give you points. *You must face some characters in order to interact with them. You must face doors to go inside (if it will allow you). *Objects can be collected by either using the Collect Button, facing the object, or by using your stretch arm.

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