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Contra 3: The Alien Wars

Typed out by SNS-CS-USA CONTRA III THE ALIEN WARS INSTRUCTION BOOKLET ___________________________________________________________________ CONGRATULATIONS! You now own Contra (R) 3 - The Alien Wars (tm) for your Super NES (tm). Your best bet is for survival is to read the following instructions throughly before entering active alien blasting duty. TABLE OF CONTENTS THE CONTRA CHRONICLES .........................4 HOW TO PLAY ...................................4 CONTROLLING THE ACTION ........................6 MANEUVERS .....................................7 THE BATTLEFIELD ...............................9 YOUR ANTI-ALIEN ARSENAL ......................10 THE STAGES ...................................12 ALIEN NATION .................................14 ALIEN COMMAND ................................15 3 _________________________________________________________________ THE CONTRA LEGACY ROCKS ON February 14, 2636. You are about to learn what it takes to be a descendant of command legends Scorpion and Mad Dog. That is, now that the Red Falcon would like to use your family tree as a toothpick. You're Jimbo and Sully, special forces comrades just like your fearsome forefathers were. Nowadays, your weapons and maneuvers are more advanced than they were when your ancestors saved the world from being skewered on Red Falcon's fangs. That brutal is still in his prime and he had plenty of time to plot his revenge. He's swamped Neo City with six stages of the most cruel and unusual punishers ever. So run, climb, ride, soar and start blasting your way to the Alien Main Base. Before your family name and your planet are just dirt under Red Falcon's claws. HOW TO SAVE THE WORLD IT'S ALL HOW YOU LOOK AT IT You'll be scoping out some missions from side view and some from top view. In a side-view stage, you'll have to contend with the mighty Stage Boss at the end of each mission, and he won't be happy that you've made it past his underlings. Defeat him and you'll advance to the next stage. In a top-view stage, you first select the field in which you'd like to start battling. There will be a number of targets to hit throughout the course. Radar arrows will lead you to the next closest target. You also have a map you can check out by pressing the SELECT BUTTON. After you've abolished all the startegic targets and the toughest alien attackers, you'll move to the next stage. 4 ________________________________________________________________ KNOCKING 'EM DOWN AND RACKING 'EM UP Throughout all the stages you will be engaging in two-fisted warfare. You carry a weapon in each hand and can switch fire from one to the other at any time with the X BUTTON. Be on the lookout for weapon Wings. They appear after specific enemies are blasted. Shoot down the Weapon Wings and grab the Power Up inside to receive a new, more powerful weapon. As you pick off aliens, you will earn points. For the first 20,000 you'll receive a bonus player. After that, you'll receive a 1UP for every 60,000 points up to 30 player units. THEY GOTCHA, NOW WHAT If you catch an enemy bullet the hard way or fall into a ravine, you will lose one of your players. If you lose all of your players, the fight's finished. You can go back for more by selecting CONTINUE when GAME OVER is reached. In the Easy mode, you can choose CONTINUE three times. In the Normal and Hard modes, you can keep the battle raging up to five times. If you continue, you will find yourself at the beginning of the stage where you left off. At the CONTINUE screen, you can also change settings for 1 Player, 2 Players A and 2 Players B. If you are alien busting with an ally, you can borrow a player from your partner when you run out by pressing the A BUTTON and continuing to play. 5 __________________________________________________________________ TO GET THE SHOWDOWN ON THE ROAD To begin, insert your Game Pak into the Super NES and turn it on. Press the START BUTTON and you will be at the Player Select screen. Press the CONTROL PAD Up or Down to select 1 Play, 2 Players A, 2 Players B or Option. In Option mode, you can select Player lives (3, 5 or 7), Level (Easy, Normal, or Hard), Sound (Stereo or Mono) and Exit. There are unique endings for each of the difficulty levels, so you'll want to try and tackle them all. Move to the category that you'd like to adjust by pressing the CONTROL PAD Up or Down. Adjust the setting by pressing the CONTROL PAD Left or Right. Select EXIT to move back to the Player Selection screen. You can also skip OPTION if you'd like and go right to player selection. If you selection 1 Player mode, you're going it solo. In 2 Players A, two engage in creature crushing simultaneously. While in a top-view stage, you'll be battling on different screens. The 2 Players B mode is like 2 Players A but the difference is, when you're in a top-view stage, you'll be on the same screen rather than separate screens. Press the START BUTTON once you've slected the player mode and get ready for a supersonic 16-bit extravaganza. 6 ______________________________________________________________ ADVANCED SPECIAL FORCES MANEUVERS SIDE-VIEW STAGES START BUTTON Press to pause the game. SELECT BUTTON Not used. CONTROL PAD Press to move commando and aim shooting direction. A BUTTON Press to launch M-80,000 Helio Bomb. B BUTTON Press to jump. X BUTTON Press to switch to left or right-handed weapon fire. Y BUTTON Press to shoot. Hold down for rapid fire. L BUTTON Hold the L BUTTON and the R BUTTON together and press the Y BUTTON to randomly fire both weapons while spinning. R BUTTON Press the R BUTTON and the Y BUTTON together and you can stay in place and shoot in the direction your CONTROL PAD is pointed. This maneuver cannot be used while you are riding the jet bike, armored care or hanging from an object. Hang In There You can grip walls, girders, ceilings and you won't believe what else to get where you're going. Use caution, because if you jump while you're hanging and climbing, you will fall and lose a player. To descend safely, press the CONTROL PAD Down together with the B BUTTON. 7 _________________________________________________________________ TANKS FOR THE RIDE Hitch a ride on an abandoned armored car. Press the CONTROL PAD Right or Left to move. Press the Y button to fire the Konan Cannon. TOP VIEW STAGES START BUTTON Press to pause game. SELECT BUTTON Press to display strategic map. A BUTTON Press to launch M-80,000 Helio Bomb. B BUTTON Press to activate the magnetic force field. Enemies can still do damage, but their bullets can't touch you. X BUTTON Press to swutch to left or right-handed weapon fire. Y BUTTON Press to shoot. Hold down for rapid fire. L BUTTON Press to rotate your field of vision to the left. R BUTTON Press to rotate your field of vision to the right. Press the L BUTTON and the R BUTTON together while tapping the Y BUTTON to randomly shoot while spinning. 8 ________________________________________________________________ CALLING IN THE HEAVY ARTILLERY Rifle Standard issue. Weapon Wings Shoot them down and grab the power up to pump up your arsenal. Homing Gun The bullets will follow your enemies like bees on a honey-dipped dog. Barrier Shield Blue magnetic rays make you invincible for a limited time But once the force field turns red, you're open season again. 10 _______________________________________________________________ Laser Gun Zaps a powerful beam. Crush Gun Devistating to enemies and obstacles. Spread Gun A spray of fire to hose down your attackers. Fire Gun The fire arm of choice for eliminating aliens. M-80,000 Helio Bomb Launch it and all the enemies on the screen will be vaporized. You start with one and you can stock up if you find them in the Weapon Wings. If you get nailed, you will lose stock, so use 'em or lose 'em. 11 ________________________________________________________________ NOT JUST ANOTHER STAGE YOU'LL GROW OUT OF Mission 1 The Streets of Neo City Once a bustling metropolis, now busted up rubble swarming with strange terrorists and Man-Faced Mutts. Mission 2 Maria Calderon Highway A maze of streets and bridges that have been overrun by a strange breed called Twylobites who hoard Power Ups. Mission 3 The Old Cyber Steel Mill Keep an eye on the sky, because the old mill is now used as a landing pad for alien aircraft and a bizarre assortment of wicked winged creatures. 12 _____________________________________________________________ Mission 4 The Battle of the Blazing Sky Jet motorcycles and helicopter missiles. If it moves, you'll ride it. Anything to catch Red Falcon. Mission 5 The Mucho Grande Badlands Many a brave soldier has lost his cool in the swirling sands of the meanest desert mesa country this side of the Pecos. Mission 6 Red Falcon's Main Base The Arch Alien's carcass, filled with terrifying creatures, courtesy of your worst nightmares. It'll take superhuman strength and courage to make it through to the neuro-center of Red Falcon's maleviolent being without getting crushed like an Earth worm. 13 _____________________________________________________________ ENCOUNTERS OF A LETHAL KIND Chrome Dome Man-Faced Mutts Sniper Corporals of Punishment Para-Slug Tri-Transforming Wall Walker 14 ______________________________________________________________ Psycho Cycler Twylobite Mutant Megasquito TAKE ME TO YOUR LEADER Beast Kimkoh Metallican Robo-Corpse Vicious Slave Hawk 15 _______________________________________________________________ Konami (R) is a registered trademark of Konami Co., Ltd. Contra (R) 3 and The Alien Wars (tm) are trademarks of Konami, Inc. (C)1993 Konami, Inc. All rights reserved. Konami, Inc. 900 Deerfield Parkway Buffalo Grove, IL 60089-4510 Game Counselor Line: (708) 215-5111

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