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Congo's Caper

Typed out by Congo's Caper Developer: Data East Publisher: Data East It's an Evolution Revolution! If you were a monkey, just hangin' out in the jungle with your chimp-chick, and a magic ruby fell out of the sky and zapped you both, turning you into half-humans, and a demon-kid swooped down and made off with your girl - what would you do? You'd high-tail it after them and stop at nothing to save her, that's what - 'cause you're Congo, the monkey-turned-superkid, and only you can uphold the Law of the Jungle! But it's more than a jungle out there - your search for little Congette will take you from ghost towns to pirate ships to ninja castles to the belly of a Tyrannosaurus. This is no time for a banana-break - you'd better get down to monkey business! Getting Started Insert your Congo's Caper game pak into the SNES and turn the power on. The Title Screen will appear, offering you four choices: 1) 1P Game 2) 2P Game 3) Password 4) Option Choosing the 2P Game allows two players to take turns playing. Option Screen This allows you to change the functions of the A, B, X, and Y Buttons, and to choose Stereo or Mono sound. In a two-player game, both players can change their button configurations at the same time; but only Player 1 can control the Sound and Exit. Game Controls A and B Buttons *Press to Jump or Swim. X and Y Buttons *Press to Attack. Control Pad Up + A or B Button *Descend (you can only descend in certain places). Control Pad Left or Right + A or B Button *Long distance Jump. Control Pad Left or Right + L or R Button *Run extra-fast. Screen Indicators Upper Left Hand Corner *Lives remaining. Upper Left Hand of Screen *Power Gauge. Middle Top of Screen *Slot Machine. Upper Right Hand of Screen *Score. Upper Right Hand Corner of Screen *Number of Diamonds collected. How to Play You begin each game with three lives. The first time you are hit, you will change from Congo back into a monkey. If you are hit while you are a monkey, you will lose one life. Picking up a Ruby will change you from a monkey back into Congo. Picking up three more rubies will change you into Super Congo! As Super Congo, you can jump super-high, and even hover during a jump by repeatedly press the Jump Button. If you are hit while you're Super Congo, you will lose one unit of your Power Gauge. When you've lost all your units, you'll turn into Congo. By picking up a Ruby before you lose all of your units, you can replenish them. If you pick up a Ruby when your Power Gauge is full, you'll receive and extra life. If you lose all your lives, the Continue Screen appears. If you choose not to Continue, the Game Over Screen appears. In a two-player game, the Game Over Screen appears instead of the Continue Screen. Special Techniques Sliding/Rolling Down Hills *When you are on a hill, you can slide down hill by pressing the Control Pad Down. If you slide long enough, you will start rolling - and you can roll right into enemies. Jumping on Top of Enemies *You can reach out-of-reach Items by using an enemy character as a springboard! Time it well and you can make a Super High Jump. Diving *If you press the Control Pad Down while jumping, you can Dive right into enemies and clobber them! Pteranodon-Hitching *Hitch a ride on this airborne dino and fly to a different stage! Fuzzynecks *Fuzzynecks can be used for creative game play once your initial Attack has stunned them. Rolling Fuzzynecks *Push a stunned Fuzzyneck to roll him like a ball. Press the X or Y Button to push him away. Throwing Fuzzynecks *Hit a stunned Fuzzyneck to throw him. You can throw him into other enemies to clobber them as well. Destroying Blocks *You can destroy blocks found along the way by punching them. You can also destroy a row of blocks by throwing Fuzzynecks at them. Pick-Up Items Diamonds *Collect 100 to receive and extra life. Sapphires *Pick them up to spin the Slot Machine. Rubies *Pick them up to increase your Power or Gauge Level. Big Diamonds *Find just one of these to receive an extra life! The Slot Machine Everytime you obtain a Sapphire, the Slot Machine spins. When the following pictures match in all three windows, you'll receive a prize accordingly. Three Fuzzynecks *One extra life. Three Stars *Two extra lives. Three Monkeys *Three extra lives. Three Congo's *Five extra lives. Three Crowns *Warp into another stage - a Lucky Zone! Game Stages Congo's Caper contains a total of thirty-five levels. *Four in the initial Valley stage. *Four in the Water stage. *Four in the Speeding stage. *Four in the Ghost & Ghouls stage. *Four in the Modern Technology state. *Four in the Final Kingdom stage. The Water, Speeding, Ghost & Ghouls, and Modern Technology stages are Sel ectable. There are also Ten Secret stages to be found before you reach the Final Kingdom. Hint: In the Ghost & Ghouls stage, Fuzzynecks and Fireballs can only be defeated by turning on the light.

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