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Chrono Trigger

Typed out by Mike Liu -------------------------------pgs. 01-03-------------------- U/SNS-ACTE-USA Chrono Trigger (TM) Instruction Booklet SQUARESOFT (R) KIDS TO ADULTS: AGES 6+ Super Nintendo Entertainment System TABLE OF CONTENTS The world of CHRONO TRIGGER ...... 4 Cast of Characters ............... 6 Crono .......................... 6 Marle .......................... 7 Lucca .......................... 7 Frog ........................... 8 Robo ........................... 8 Ayla ........................... 9 Basic Controls .................. 10 Getting Started ................. 12 Battle Mode ..................... 13 Inputting Names ................. 14 Saving Progress ................. 15 Main Screens .................... 16 Field Screen .................. 16 Map Screen .................... 17 Subscreens ...................... 18 Status ........................ 18 Items ......................... 21 Tech Skills ................... 22 Configuration ................. 23 Character Order ............... 25 Save .......................... 26 Switch Characters ............... 27 Battle Screen ................... 28 Attack ........................ 30 Tech .......................... 30 Items ......................... 31 Combinations .................. 31 Status Trouble .................. 32 Tech and Magic Combinations ..... 33 Single Tech ................... 34-39 Double Tech ................... 40-47 Triple Tech ................... 48-51 Village Locations ............... 52 Time Travel ..................... 54 The End of Time ................. 55 Weapons/Armor List .............. 56 Weapons ....................... 56 Armor ......................... 58 Accessories ................... 60 Items ......................... 61 Special Items ................... 62 The Adventure Begins ............ 64 WARNING: PLEASE CAREFULLY READ THE CONSUMER INFORMATION AND PRECAUTIONS BOOKLET INCLUDED WITH THIS PRODUCT BEFORE USING YOUR NINTENDO (R) HARDWARE SYSTEM, GAME PAK, OR ACCESSORY THIS PRODUCT HAS BEEN RATED BY THE ENTERTAINMENT SOFTWARE RATING BOARD. FOR INFORMATION ABOUT THE ESRB RATING, OR TO COMMENT ABOUT THE APPROPRIATENESS OF THE RATING, PLEASE CONTACT THE ESRB AT 1-800-771-3722. This official seal is your assurance that Nintendo has reviewed this product and that it has met our standards for excellence in workmanship, reliability and entertainment value. Always look for this seal when buying games and accessories to ensure compatibility with your Nintendo product. All Nintendo products are licensed by sale for use only with other authorized products bearing the Official Nintendo Seal of Quality (R). Licensed by Nintendo (R) Nintendo, Super Nintendo Entertainment System, and the Official Seals are registered trademarks of Nintendo of America Inc. (c) 1991 Nintendo of America Inc. SQUARESOFT (R) (c) 1995 Square Co., Ltd. CHRONO TRIGGER (TM) is a trademark and SQUARESOFT (R) is a registered trademark of Square Co., Ltd. (c) 1995 Bird Studio/Shueisha -------------------------------pgs. 04-05--------------------- THE WORLD OF CHRONO TRIGGER Living in the seemingly peaceful kingdom of Guardia in 1000 A.D., the child CRONO was chosen by guardian spirits to save the world from ultimate devastation. Though Doomsday will not happen until the year 1999, the ancient seeds of destruction were planted long ago by the evil LAVOS. Your mission in the world of CHRONO TRIGGER is to travel back and forth through time to change the course of history, and stop Lavos from succeeding in his dark plan. On your journey, you will battle monsters and meet many helpful people in both the past and the future. Some will become your faithful and powerful companions, while others will give you clues by telling you stories. Pay attention to what they say, and good luck in your adventure. FUTURE In the future, 2300 A.D., the world has almost been destroyed by the evil Lavos. Those who survive are hungry, hurt, and hopeless. Find out how to help them, because the future of the world depends on you. PRESENT In 1000 A.D., beneath the surface of peaceful surroundings, monsters from the past are scheming to destroy the world while residents, unaware of the approaching peril, celebrate in the kingdom of Guardia. PAST Back in 600 A.D., humans are at war against monsters controlled by the evil Prince of Darkness. He has already defeated many Guardia knights, so in order to help them, you must travel even further back - to 65 Million B.C. - when Lavos first arrived on earth. -------------------------------pgs. 06-09---------------------- CAST OF CHARACTERS In each of the eras Crono travels to, he will be joined by interesting new friends. Each of them has different special abilities. CRONO Crono is a typical teenager whom fate chooses to save the world. He is a skilled swordsman, and as he journeys on, he learns Lightning Magic spells. MARLE Marle is actually Princess Nadia of Guardia Castle. She grows impatient with royal life and eventually leaves to help Crono. She is good with a crossbow, and learns Water Magic during the adventure. LUCCA Lucca is Crono's best friend. She loves science and uses her knowledge to build fantastic machines and very clever weapons. Eventually she learns Fire Magic, a very useful skill. FROG Frog, once a Guardia Knight, was beaten very badly and turned into a frog. He is an accomplished swordsman who also uses Water Magic well. ROBO You find Robo in a collapsed dome in 2300 A.D., trying to remember his master's directions. He is very powerful and skilled with electric weapons. AYLA Ayla is primitive but strong. She is trying to save her group from the reptiles. She can break huge stones with a punch or kick. With her strength, she doesn't need to use magic. -------------------------------pgs. 10-11--------------------- BASIC CONTROLS Here is the configuration of the Controller for Chrono Trigger. Later you will see how you can change it to suit your own style. Control Pad Use the Control Pad to move your characters around. It is also used to move the cursor and to switch displays. Select Button In the Landscape Screen (page 17), use the Select Button to open the World Map. Start Button The Start Button pauses the game during play. It is also used to continue when you have finished inputting your name. A Button You will use the A Button most often. It is the "action" button. Use it to choose commands and to do things like open chests, enter doors, and talk to people. X Button Use the X Button to open the Menu Screen (page 18). Y Button The Y Button opens the Character Switch Screen (page 27) when you're in the Map Screen or Field Screens. When you are in the Time Machine, the Y Button opens the Time Gauge. B Button In the Field Screen, holding the B Button while walking allows you to "Dash." L/R Button In battle, hold these down together to run away. When using the Time Gauge (page 54), push the L [or] R Buttons to select the era you want to travel to. Also, press L + R + Start + Select to reset the game. ---------------------------------pg. 12-------------------------- GETTING STARTED Make sure the power is turned off on your Control Deck. Insert the Game Pak into the slot on top of the Deck, and then turn the power on. DEMO SCREEN The Demo Screen shows you scenes from the game. To skip it, simply push the A Button. NEW GAME To begin a new game, choose "New Game" on the opening Menu Screen by using the Control Pad and push Start. CONTINUE THE GAME Instead of Selecting "New Game," you can select a saved game and start from wherever you last saved. ---------------------------------pg. 13----------------------- BATTLE MODE -- ACTIVE & WAIT There are two different modes used in battle: Active and Wait. You can also choose either one in the Config. Screen (page 23). ACTIVE Active is for the seasoned pro. When you choose this mode, monsters will not wait for you to decide on your plan of attack. caption: This is a more thrilling battle mode, but you must decide quickly what to do. WAIT Wait is for beginners. You will have more time to decide on an attack method. ---------------------------------pg. 14---------------------- INPUT NAMES Follow the instructions below to input a name at the beginning of a game, or to change that name later on. CHANGING NAMES To input or change a name, first choose a letter with the cursor and push the A Button. Repeat until you have spelled your name, then push Start. If you input a wrong letter, push B to erase the letter and continue. caption: Whatever name you choose will be displayed throughout the game. ---------------------------------pg. 15------------------------ SAVING PROGRESS You can save up to three different games. Likewise, there are three places from which you can begin a saved game. When you resume playing a saved game, you may begin from any one of those three saves. MAP SCREEN While on the Map Screen, you can open the Save Screen at any time to save your game. SAVE POINTS There are save points throughout the game. Access the Save Screen in the Main Menu (page 18) by standing on the save point and pushing X. THE END OF TIME When you reach "The End of Time," be sure to save your game at the save point. ---------------------------------pg. 16--------------------- MAIN SCREEN: 1 FIELD SCREEN The Field Screen is where most of the action takes place. You will see this screen when you are inside houses, caves, etc. INSIDE HOUSES You will have many conversations with people inside houses. Push A to talk with them. You will also discover various items: TREASURE BOX Push A to open a Treasure Box and retrieve the items inside. DOOR Push A to open doors in front of you. FOOD Push A to pick up food you find. This will refill HP and MP. STAIRS You can go up or down stairs. Use the control pad for direction. DUNGEONS Dungeons are full of monsters and traps. When you run into or touch monsters, you will automatically engage in battle (page 28). ---------------------------------pg. 17------------------------ MAIN SCREEN: 2 MAP SCREEN The Map Screen displays the world you are in. When you approach a building or a geographical area, it will show you the name. To enter a building or area, push the A Button. LANDSCAPE In Landscape view, you move around between buildings, caves, and other locations. When you are near the area you want to enter, push A. BUILDINGS Only certain color buildings are accessible. MOUNTAINS Mountains, too, are full of monsters. Use caution. FOREST Forests are full of monsters. Also, look for hidden chests. CAVES You will find both useful items and dangerous monsters in caves. WORLD MAP From the Landscape Screen, push Select and you will access the World Map. A dot on the map indicates your location. -------------------------------pgs. 18-20------------------------ SUB SCREEN: 1 STATUS Push the X Button to access the Main Menu screen. A menu with six icons will appear. Use the Control Pad to move the cursor, and the A Button to make a selection. [Crono's face] -- A: CHARACTER STATUS [ITEM] -- B: ITEM [TEC] -- C: TECH [subscreens] -- D: CONFIGURATION [two circular arrows] -- E: CHARACTER ORDER [pad and pencil] -- F: DATA SAVE A: CHARACTER STATUS This screen lets you know how each member of your party is doing. You can also equip your characters from here. [upper left-hand box] [LV] -- CURRENT LEVEL [HP] -- HIT POINTS Hit Points determine how much damage you can take. Be sure to keep your HP levels high. [MP] -- MAGIC POINTS Casting a spell requires a certain number of Magic Points. This shows how many you have. [sword icon] -- ATTACK POWER [shield icon] -- DEFENSE POWER [right-hand box, top third] [face] -- CHARACTER'S FACE [color-background word] -- TYPE OF MAGIC This tells you which of the four types of magic your character is able to learn. [name] -- CHARACTER NAME [LEVEL] -- CURRENT LEVEL [right-hand box, middle third] [various icons and words] -- CURRENT EQUIPMENT This list tells you, by name, what equipment you are currently using. Also, the icons show you what the items look like. [lower left-hand box] [name] -- ITEM NAME This lists the items you are currently holding. You can also equip these items when necessary. [right-hand box, lower third] [PWR.] -- POWER The higher your power, the stronger you are. [SPD.] -- SPEED Higher number make you faster in battle. [HIT] -- HIT Shows your ability to strike a target. [EV.] -- EVADE This number shows how well you can evade attacks. [MAG.] -- MAGIC This indicates the strength of your magic. [STAM.] -- STAMINA The higher the number, the faster your HP will grow at level up. [M DEF.] -- MAGIC DEFENSE With a high number you can better resist spells cast upon you. [EXP] -- EXP This shows your experience points. [NEXT] -- NEXT This shows how many experience points you need to reach the next level. EQUIP ITEMS Throughout the game you can find or buy additional weapons and armor. When you equip these items, pay attention to your status. Sometimes your levels can affect an item's effectiveness. caption: First choose the character you want to equip. caption: Next choose the item you want to change. caption: Finally, choose the item you want to replace it with. EQUIPMENT ICONS Each item has an icon that goes with it. Below are descriptions of these items. [skinny sword] -- SAMURAI SWORD Used by Crono only. [crossbow] -- CROSSBOW Only Marle can use this. [pistol] -- GUN Only Lucca can use this. [broad sword] -- SWORD This is for Frog only. [claw] -- PARTS These are for Robo only. [helmet] -- HELMET Everyone can wear this. [torso] -- ARMOR These can be shared. [ring] -- ACCESSORY These can also be shared. ---------------------------------pg. 21------------------------ SUB SCREEN: 2 ITEMS B: ITEM SCREEN This screen shows you all the items your party is currently holding. [upper box] USE/MOVE Select to use or move Items. ORGANIZE This allows you to organize your Items by their category. [middle box] [text] -- ITEM DESCRIPTION This tells you what the selected item does. [lower box] [text : # type] -- ITEM NAME This is the name of the item. USING ITEMS Items you can use during battle and in the field will be highlighted in yellow. Other items will be in white. caption: Move the cursor to the item and push A. ORGANIZE This command organizes your items for you automatically. (You don't have to move them manually). caption: Select Organize. Push A. ---------------------------------pg. 22------------------------- SUB SCREEN: 3 TECH SKILLS C: TECH SKILLS SCREEN Tech is your special attack ability. As you play and win battles, you gain more Tech Skills. You can also use certain Tech Skills with other characters. [left-hand box] [hand-pointed character] -- CHARACTER This is the character you have selected. [MP Used] -- MAGIC POINTS This is how many Magic Points it takes to use this Tech. [upper right-hand box] [highlighted number] -- COMBINATIONS Tech can be used with one, two, or three characters. [lower right-hand box] [text] -- TECH NAMES These are the Tech Skills the character knows. [lowest box] [text] -- TECH DESCRIPTION This describes the effect of the selected Tech. USE MAGIC When you are in this screen, the Tech Skills highlighted in yellow are the ones you can use. caption: Marle uses her Tech ability to heal Crono. -------------------------------pgs. 23-24---------------------- SUB SCREEN: 4 CONFIGURATION D: CONFIGURATION SCREEN Here you can change features such as music, text speed, etc. You can configure your game any way you like it. [left-hand box] [icons] -- SYSTEM ICONS Each icon represents a game function. [bottom box] [icon and text] -- FUNCTION DESCRIPTION This tells you what the selected function does and how it is currently configured. [musical note] -- SOUND SELECT You can choose either stereo or mono sound [broad sword on white background] -- BATTLE MODE You can choose Active or Wait (described on page 13) [subscreens] -- MENU CURSOR Use this to automatically select the same sub-screen every time you press the X Button. [broad sword on grey background] -- BATTLE CURSOR This allows you to program your favorite attack and use it automatically. [TEC ITEM] -- SKILL/ITEM POSITION Use this to automatically choose tech skills and items. [clock] -- BATTLE SPEED Use this to change battle text speed and Battle Gauge speed (1 is fast, 8 is slow). [window] -- WINDOW COLOR Use this to change to color of the text windows to suit your taste. [gauge] -- BATTLE GAUGE There are two types of battle gauges. Here you can choose fast or slow, or turn the gauge off. [controller] -- CONTROLLER Here you can change the configuration of the buttons. For example, if you feel more comfortable using the B Button for action, you may do so. [? in balloon] -- SKILL/ITEM DESCRIPTION You may turn off the Tech Descriptions during battle if you want. ---------------------------------pg. 25----------------------- SUB SCREEN: 5 CHARACTER ORDER E: CHARACTER EXCHANGE SCREEN During play you may want to change your party's configuration. For example, occasionally a certain character is required to ask questions of others, and in battle, one character may be more effective than another. caption: To move characters around, move the cursor to a character and push A. Then move the cursor to where you want to place that character and push A. caption: If the window [text] is dark, you cannot move the character displayed there. ---------------------------------pg. 26----------------------- SUB SCREEN: 6 SAVE F: SAVE SCREEN To access the Save screen, choose the icon that looks like a pencil writing on paper. [three top boxes] -- THREE DATA FILES You may save your game in each of the 3 available files. [lower left box] [first line] -- CURRENT ERA This tells you what era you were in when you saved. [next (TIME) line] -- TIME PLAYED This is the amount of time you had invested in the game when you last saved. caption: When you save your game, the time will change. [# G] -- GOLD This shows how much gold you have. [Save #] -- SAVE TIMES This is how many times you have saved your game. caption: This information will change, depending on the file you have chosen. [lower right box] -- PARTY MEMBER(S) These are the characters you had in your party when you last saved. ---------------------------------pg. 27----------------------- SWITCH CHARACTERS SWITCH CHARACTERS To switch characters in your party, push Y. You need at least four characters, and you can switch at any time except in battle. You should do so often, as high levels are important for all characters to perform at their peak. caption: To switch characters, move the cursor with the Control Pad and push A. You cannot select characters with dark screens. caption: Change your characters often to build levels and learn more techniques. -------------------------------pgs. 28-31--------------------- BATTLE SCREEN A battle starts when you touch or run into a monster or group of monsters. You can try to run away but you must fight them to build up your levels. BATTLE SCREEN [narrow bar] -- MESSAGE WINDOW This tells you what's happening, like who you are battling and what Tech you are using. [resident baddies] -- ENEMIES You know who they are! [character bracketed by white marks] -- BATTLE CURSOR This shows who will fight next. [wide bar] [Att./Comb (or Tech)/Item box] -- BATTLE COMMANDS These are your choices for attack. Each choice has a time and place. (described on page 30). [HP #] -- HIT POINTS REMAINING This tells you how many hit points you have left. [horizontal fill-gauge] -- BATTLE GAUGE If your Battle Gauge is on, it must be full before the next attack. BATTLE SEQUENCE 1 -- When you run into an enemy or group of enemies, the action bar will appear. 2 -- When the Battle Gauge is full, you are able to attack (or you can run away by holding L/R together). 3 -- Choose from one of the three commands. 4 -- Choose the enemy or group of enemies you wish to attack. It is possible to attack more than one monster at a time. 5 -- [shows enemies damaged] 6 -- To win you must defeat all the enemies. ATTACK When you encounter an enemy, choose your strategy wisely. caption: You are unable to fight until your Battle Gauge is full. caption: Choose "ATTACK" if you are strong enough for hand to hand combat. caption: Hit the enemies with your weapon. TECH Tech is your special attack capability. It can be done alone or in groups of two or three characters. If you are using more than one, it is called "Combo. caption: Choose a Tech. If you want to use a combination Tech, you have to wait for the other characters' Battle Gauges to reach full power. ITEMS You can also choose to take your turn by using an Item. For instance, you may need to heal yourself with Tonic. caption: Use an Item to recover lost Hit or Magic Points. You'll be refilled and ready for battle. COMBINATIONS When more than one character is ready for Battle, and they both have learned Tech skills, Tech will change to Combo. caption: Wait for Tech to change to Combo. caption: Choose Double or Triple Tech. caption: Some Tech attacks can affect all monsters. ---------------------------------pg. 27----------------------- STATUS TROUBLE Sometimes in battle, monsters will cast spells or use weapons that will cause certain damage to your character. Here are seven of them. [blue bubbles overhead] -- POISON Slowly decreases your HP and attack power during battle. [white glowing border] -- SLOW This slows down your Battle Gauge speed. [lying down, with Zs] -- SLEEP You fall asleep. You can't fight back and your Defense Power goes down. Only when you are hit will you wake up. [yellow star overhead] -- CONFUSE This causes your head to get cloudy. Sometimes you will attack your own party. [blue X overhead] -- BLIND This makes it more difficult to hit your enemy. [blue ? overhead] -- LOCK This disables you from using your Tech powers. [alarm clock overhead] -- STOP You can't do anything until you are healed by another character. -------------------------------pgs. 33-51--------------------- TECH AND MAGIC COMBINATIONS Below are the explanations of Tech and Magic, as well as their differences and similarities. SINGLE TECH & COMBINATION Single Tech is a Tech you use by yourself. Combo is an attack that uses two or three characters. TYPES OF MAGIC Magic: Lightning, Water, Fire, and Shadow. When the first three are combined you get Shadow Magic, the strongest type. The Evil force uses Shadow Magic. Each type of Magic affects different enemies. HOW CAN YOU LEARN MAGIC? When you start, you don't know any Magic. Once you have met Spekkio (page 55), he will enable you to learn Magic. SINGLE TECH: CRONO Crono is the best fighter in the game. He uses very powerful sword Tech and attacking Magic, and he can use other Techs in combination with various characters. CYCLONE You dash into an enemy group and slash at them as if you were a cyclone. SLASH With a quick sword move you slash in a straight line. LIGHTNING You strike an enemy with lightning. SPINCUT You cause twice as much damage as you would in a normal attack. LIGHTNING 2 You strike all enemies with lightning. LIFE You can bring characters whose HPs are at 0 back to life. CONFUSE You jump on an enemy's head and slash four times. LUMINAIRE You emit a pure ray of light affecting all enemies. SINGLE TECH: MARLE Marle is not very strong physically, but her Magic is very powerful. Her healing powers are essential to your success. AURA Aura partially recovers another character's HP. PROVOKE She taunts and confuses an enemy. ICE She shoots a huge block of ice at an enemy. CURE Almost completely recovers one of her party's HP. HASTE Marle speeds up one party member's Battle Gauges. ICE 2 She can shoot an even bigger block of ice at all enemies. CURE 2 Completely recovers a character's HP. LIFE 2 Revives a character and restores full HP. SINGLE TECH: LUCCA Lucca is also not very strong but her Magic is most powerful, especially when she is paired with Crono. FLAME TOSS Lucca throws a line of flames at an enemy or group of enemies. HYPNO WAVE Renders all of her enemies unconscious. FIRE She can use flames against an enemy. NAPALM She throws a napalm bomb to defeat her enemies. PROTECT Increases a character's defense against physical attack. FIRE 2 She can throw even bigger flames at her enemies. MEGA BOMB This strong blast causes major damage to any monsters around. FLARE She can heat her enemies by using a fire beam. SINGLE TECH: FROG Frog is a good fighter, like Crono, and often delivers critical hits. He knows healing Magic and is effective against many of his enemies. SLURP Frog does this to recover some of a character's HP. SLURP CUT He catches and drags an enemy with his tongue and then slashes at him. WATER He can shoot a water bubble and damage his enemy. HEAL This will help recover some of his party's HP. LEAP SLASH He jumps on an enemy and slashes him from head to toe. WATER 2 He shoots lots of water bubbles to attack his enemies. CURE 2 Completely recovers one of his party's HP. FROG SQUASH He summons a bigger frog that drops on the enemy. SINGLE TECH: ROBO Robo has a very powerful body. When he joins Crono and Frog, their Triple Tech is incredibly effective. ROCKET PUNCH Robo shoots a fist at an enemy. CURE BEAM This partially recovers a character's HP. LASER SPIN He spins and emits a powerful laser beam. ROBO TACKLE Robo can dash and hit an enemy with a body slam. HEAL BEAM This recovers some of his party's HP. UZI PUNCH Robo hits an enemy many times with this powerful fist. AREA BOMB He'll hit any enemies insight with this bomb. SHOCK Robo radiates a plasma beam, hitting all enemies. SINGLE TECH: AYLA Ayla has no Magic but her strength is unstoppable. Her best tech is stealing items, especially from some bosses. KISS Ayla recovers character's status and some HP. ROLLO KICK She can jump-kick at an enemy. CAT ATTACK She uses her teeth and nails to bit and slash an enemy. ROCK THROW She can grab an enemy and throw him. CHARM She stuns an enemy with her charm and steals an item. TAIL SPIN She spins, causing a tornado that hits any enemies around. DINO TAIL She summons a large dinosaur who causes damage to all enemies. TRIPLE KICK She jumps and kicks an enemy three times. DOUBLE TECH: CRONO + MARLE AURA WHIRL Crono and Marle spin and recover some of the party's HP. ICE SWORD They attack an enemy with a magical ice sword. ICE SWORD 2 Crono and Marle can do even more damage to enemies. DOUBLE TECH: CRONO + LUCCA FIRE WHIRL Crono and Lucca spin and attack a group of monsters with fire. FIRE SWORD They attack only one enemy with their fire sword. FIRE SWORD 2 Crono and Lucca can attack a group of enemies with this magic sword. DOUBLE TECH: CRONO + FROG X STRIKE Crono and Frog dash in an X formation. SWORD STREAM Frog creates a waterfall and Crono drops from it onto an enemy. SPIRE Frog stabs the enemy and Crono strikes lightning on them. DOUBLE TECH: CRONO + ROBO ROCKET ROLL Crono jumps on Robo's shoulders and they spin, shooting a beam at the enemy. MAX CYCLONE Robo holds Crono and spins, slashing at the enemy. SUPER VOLT Crono gives lightning power to Robo, who spins and shoots a high voltage beam at all enemies. DOUBLE TECH: CRONO + AYLA DRILL KICK Crono throws Ayla, and she drops onto an enemy and kicks it in the head. VOLT BITE With the help of Crono's Thunder Magic, Ayla bites an enemy. FALCON HIT Ayla throws Crono and he slashes the enemy. DOUBLE TECH: MARLE + LUCCA ANTIPODE Marle's Water and Lucca's Fire Magic combine to create a deadly energy field. ANTIPODE 2 A stronger version of Antipode, it affects a group of monsters. ANTIPODE 3 This is the strongest version of Antipode; it affects all enemies. DOUBLE TECH: MARLE + FROG ICE WATER Marle and Frog's Water Magic combine into an ice shower that affects all enemies. GLACIER They shower huge icicles on the enemies. DOUBLE CURE Marle and Frog recover party's HP. DOUBLE TECH: MARLE + ROBO AURA BEAM Marle and Robo emit an aura that recovers some of the party's HP. ICE TACKLE Robo's Icicle Magic power helps him tackle an enemy. CURE TOUCH They release Healing Magic that recovers most of the party's HP. DOUBLE TECH: MARLE + AYLA TWIN CHARM Marle and Ayla fluster the enemy and recover an item. ICE TOSS Ayla throws ice rocks made by Marle at a group of enemies. CUBE TOSS Ayla throws a huge icicle at a group of enemies. DOUBLE TECH: LUCCA + ROBO FIRE PUNCH Robo punches a group of enemies with Fire Magic power. FIRE TACKLE Robo becomes engulfed in flames and tackles an enemy. DOUBLE BOMB Robo catches a megaton bomb thrown by Lucca, and its amplified explosive power affects the enemies near Robo. DOUBLE TECH: LUCCA + FROG RED PIN Frog jumps and slashes an enemy with a fire sword. LINE BOMB Lucca throws bombs while Frog flies into a line of enemies and slashes them. FROG FLARE They summon a huge frog that attacks with Fire Magic power. DOUBLE TECH: LUCCA + AYLA FLAME KICK Ayla's feet catch on fire and she kicks an enemy. FIRE WHIRL A tornado of flames from Lucca and Ayla attacks the enemies. BLAZE KICK Ayla jumps using Fire Magic power and kicks an enemy. DOUBLE TECH: FROG + ROBO BLADE TOSS Robo throws Frog, and he attacks an enemy with his sword. BUBBLE SNAP Inside a big bubble, Robo is lifted and then dropped on an enemy. CURE WAVE Frog and Robo's combined power recovers all of the party's HP. DOUBLE TECH: FROG + AYLA SLURP KISS This kiss cures all of the party's ailments. BUBBLE HIT Ayla, inside a bubble, is dropped on an enemy. DROP KICK Frog and Ayla jump together and stab an enemy. DOUBLE TECH: ROBO + AYLA BOOGIE Ayla and Robo cast Stop spell while circling the enemy. SPIN KICK Robo throws Ayla, and she spins and kicks an enemy. BEAST TOSS Robo and Ayla throw an enemy, resulting in major damage. TRIPLE TECH: CRONO + MARLE + LUCCA DELTA FORCE Light, Fire, and Water Magic mix to create an energy triangle that delivers maximum damage to all enemies. TRIPLE TECH: CRONO + MARLE + FROG ARC IMPULSE Marle uses Ice Magic while Crono and Frog jump and slash an enemy. TRIPLE TECH: CRONO + MARLE + ROBO LIFE LINE Allows each member to recover one time, when he or she has been injured. TRIPLE TECH: CRONO + MARLE + AYLA FINAL KICK Ayla gives an enemy a spiral kick with Lightning and Water Magic power. TRIPLE TECH: CRONO + LUCCA + FROG DELTA STORM Lightning, Fire, and Water Magic combine, creating another triangle of energy delivering maximum damage to all enemies. TRIPLE TECH: CRONO + LUCCA + ROBO FIRE ZONE Crono lights on fire. Robo grabs him and spins him, and Crono slashes at all nearby enemies. TRIPLE TECH: CRONO + LUCCA + AYLA GATLING KICK Ayla gives an enemy a spiral kick with Lightning and Fire Magic. TRIPLE TECH: CRONO + FROG + ROBO TRIPLE RAID Crono, Frog, and Robo attack an enemy simultaneously. TRIPLE TECH: CRONO + FROG + AYLA 3D ATTACK Ayla joins Crono and Frog's X-Strike attack, and they deliver heavy damage to an enemy. TRIPLE TECH: CRONO + ROBO + AYLA TWISTER Crono, Robo, & Ayla spin to create a giant tornado, damaging all enemies in sight. HOW TO RAISE TECH LEVELS As you battle monsters, you gain Tech points. Your Tech Levels raise as you collect more points. Switch characters frequently so each one achieves high Tech levels. MP AND DOUBLE TRIPLE TECH Each member needs to have the required MP to use Double and Triple Tech attacks. -------------------------------pgs. 52-53----------------------- VILLAGE LOCATIONS Each village has two very important places you should visit - the Inn and the Market. INNS Go to the Inn in each village. Even if you don't need rest, there will be people to talk to and items to find. Of course, if you sleep at the Inn, your HP and MP will be completely refilled. MARKETS Here is where you purchase Items like weapons, armor, tonic, and other things you will need on your journey. To see whether you made a good or bad purchase, look at the color of your attack numbers. Blue numbers mean you have added to your abilities; white numbers show you have remained the same; and gray ones mean you've decreased your level. [top box] -- ITEM DESCRIPTION This describes what the item does. [middle left-hand box] -- MONEY This shows how much gold you are holding [bottom left-hand box] -- OWN/EQUIP This shows you the quantity of items you have equipped and items you are carrying. [right-hand box] -- ITEM PRICE LIST This is a list of the wares for sale in a village, and what they will cost. [bottom box] [character pictures] -- CHARACTER LIST This lists the characters in your party, and describes weapon and armor levels. [weapon/shield icons with numbers] -- STRENGTH This displays the item's attack or defense power. caption: When you buy Items, the characters that can equip them will jump up and down. ---------------------------------pg. 54------------------------- METHODS OF TIME TRAVEL There are two types of time travel - Time Gates and the Time Machine. (Time travel is not always an option.) TIME GATES To activate a Time Gate, simply go near it and push A. Only then will you know where it will take you. TIME MACHINE At some point you will find a Time Machine. With this you can go to any era you want. The Time Machine can also be used as an air vehicle. caption: To open the Time Gauge, press Y when you are in the Time Machine. ---------------------------------pg. 55------------------------ THE END OF TIME This world exists beyond the end of time. It is the most important place in this game. You must figure out why it exists and how to use it. TIME GATES Each era is connected to this world by a Time Gate. In order to get to the Time Machine, you will need to use these gates. OLD MAN An old man lives in this place. You do not know who he is, but he will give you useful knowledge if you ask. SPEKKIO Spekkio can teach you magic. If you decide to fight him and win, he will reward you with useful items. -------------------------------pgs. 56-62---------------------- WEAPONS AND ARMOR LIST WEAPONS Following is a list of weapons you will use throughout the game. Each weapon, when it's equipped, affects your Attack power. Aeon Blade [n/a G; attack points (AP) + 70] Air Gun [n/a G; AP + 5] Alloy Blade [21000 G; AP + 110] Auto Gun [1200 G; AP + 15] Big Hand [18000 G; AP + 105] Bolt Sword [n/a G; AP + 25] Bronze Bow [n/a G; AP + 3] Bronze Edge [n/a G; AP + 6] Comet Arrow [7800 G; AP + 80] Dart Gun [850 G; AP + 7] Demon Edge [1700 G; AP + 80] Gives 1.5 times damage to Magical creatures. Doom Finger [n/a G; AP + 50] Dream Bow [n/a G; AP + 60] Dream Gun [n/a G; AP + 60] Flash Blade [18000 G; AP + 90] Fleaver [n/a G; AP + 43] Increases agility by 2. Flint Edge [n/a G; AP + 40] Hammer Arm [3500 G; AP + 25] Iron Blade [350 G; AP + 7] Iron Bow [800 G; AP + 15] Iron Sword [n/a G; AP + 10] Kaiser Arm [n/a G; AP + 120] Lode Bow [n/a G; AP + 20] Lode Sword [4000 G; AP + 20] Magma Hand [n/a G; AP + 70] Masamune [n/a G; AP + 75] Megablast [n/a G; AP + 80] Megaton Arm [15000 G; AP + 90] Mirage Hand [n/a G; AP + 30] Mop [n/a G; AP + 1] Pearl Edge [22000 G; AP + 105] Gives 1.5 times damage to Magical creatures. Plasma Gun [3200 G; AP + 25] Sometimes stops robotic enemies. Red Katana [4500 G; AP + 30] Increases Magic points by 2. Robin Bow [2850 G; AP + 25] Ruby Gun [n/a G; AP + 40] Rune Blade [n/a G; AP + 120] Increases Magic power by 4. Sage Bow [n/a G; AP + 40] Shock Wave [n/a G; AP + 110] Sometimes confuses enemies. Sonic Arrow [n/a G; AP + 100] Sometimes decreases enemy's agility. Star Sword [n/a G; AP + 125] Steel Sabre [800 G; AP + 15] Stone Arm [n/a G; AP + 40] Swallow [n/a G; AP + 145] Increases agility points by 3. Tin Arm [n/a G; AP + 20] Vedic Blade [n/a G; AP + 135] Wood Sword [n/a G; AP + 3] ARMOR & HELMETS Following is a list of armor and helmets. Each armor or helmet will affect your Defense power differently when it's equipped. Aeon Helmet [n/a G; defense points (DP) + 33] Aeon Suit [n/a G; DP + 75] Beret [700 G; DP + 17] Black Vest [n/a G; DP + 45] Absorbs 50% of Shadow Magic attack damage. Blue Vest [n/a G; DP + 45] Absorbs 50% of Water Magic attack damage. Bronze Mail [520 G; DP + 16] Bronze Helmet [200 G; DP + 8] Cera Topper [n/a G; DP + 23] Dark Mail [n/a G; DP + 45] Increases Magic defense points by 5. Flash Mail [n/a G; DP + 64] Glow Helmet [n/a G; DP + 25] Gold Helmet [n/a G; DP + 18] Gold Suit [1300 G; DP + 30] Hide Cap [n/a G; DP + 3] Crono wears it first. Hide Tunic [n/a G; DP + 5] Iron Helmet [500 G; DP + 14] Iron Suit [800 G; DP + 28] Karate Gi [300 G; DP + 10] Lode Helmet [6500 G; DP + 29] Lode Vest [8500 G; DP + 71] Lumin Robe [6500 G; DP + 52] Maiden Suit [n/a G; DP + 18] Mermaid Cap [n/a G; DP + 35] Meso Mail [n/a G; DP + 63] Increase Magic defense points by 5. Mist Robe [n/a G; DP + 54] Rainbow Helmet [n/a G; DP + 35] Cuts 50% of Lightning Magic attack damage. Red Vest [n/a G; DP + 45] Absorbs 50% of Fire Magic attack damage. Rock Helmet [n/a G; DP + 20] Ruby Vest [n/a G; DP + 45] Taban Helmet [n/a G; DP + 24] Increases Magic defense points by 10. Taban Suit [n/a G; DP + 79] Increases agility points by 3; gives some protection from Fire Magic. Taban Vest [n/a G; DP + 33] Increases agility points by 2; gives some protection from Fire Magic. Time Hat [n/a G; DP + 30] Gives some protection from Stop and Slow Titan Vest [1200 G; DP + 32] White Vest [n/a G; DP + 45] Absorbs 50% of Lightning Magic attack damage. ACCESSORIES Following is a list of accessories. You will gain a special ability associated with each accessory when you equip it. Bandana Increases agility by 1 point. Berserker Increases attack & defense ability, but you cannot control character. Black Rock Allows use of special hidden magic, Dark Eternal. Charm Top Increase's Ayla's charm technique. Dash Ring Increases agility by 3 points. Defender Increases Vigor by 2 points. Gold Earring Increases maximum HP limit by 50%. Gold Stud Reduces MP consumption by 75%. Hero Medal Increases amount of Masamune's critical hits. Hit Ring Increases Strike by 10 points. Magic Ring Increases Magic power by 6 points. Magic Scarf Increases Magic power by 2 points. Power Glove Increases strength by 2 points. Power Scarf Increases strength by 4 points. Rage Band When attacked, a character counter-attacks 50% of the time. Ribbon Increases critical hit number by 2. Sight Scope Allows character to see enemy's HP (except the boss's). Silver Earring Increases maximum HP by 25%. Silver Stud Reduces MP consumption by 50%. Speed Belt Increases agility by 2 points. Third Eye Increase dodge ability by 200%. Wall Ring Increase magic defense power by 10 points. Wallet Change EXP. points to Gold. ITEMS When your HP or MP is low during or after a battle, you will need these Items. The rate of recovery is different according to each item. Barrier [n/a G] Decreases magical attack damage by 1/3. Elixir [n/a G] Recovers all HP & MP points. Ether [800 G] Recovers 10 MP points. Full Ether [n/a G] Recovers 60 MP points. Full Tonic [700 G] Recovers 500 HP points. Heal [10 G] Recovers status. Magic Tab [n/a G] Increases Magic power by 1 point. Mid Ether [n/a G] Recovers 30 MP points. Mid Tonic [100 G] Recovers 200 HP points. Power Meal [n/a G] Recovers all HP & MP points. Power Tab [n/a G] Increases Power by 1 point. Revive [200 G] Recovers disability in battle. Shelter [150 G] Recovers all HP & MP points when on Map Screen or on a save point. Shield [n/a G] Decreases physical attack damage by 1/3. Speed Tab [n/a G] Increases agility by 1 point. Tonic [10 G] Recovers 50 HP points. SPECIAL ITEMS These special Items will help you overcome some difficulties you might encounter at the beginning stage of the game. Remember which era you will find these items. Bike Key [2300 A.D.] Necessary to ride jet bike. Broken Hilt [600 A.D.] Necessary to recover Masamune sword. Broken Sword [600 A.D.] Necessary to recover Masamune sword. Clone [1000 A.D.] Doll you get at Leene Square. Dreamstone [65 Million B.C.] Necessary to recover Masamune sword. Fang [65 Million B.C.] Can exchange for other items. Feather [65 Million B.C.] Can exchange for other items. Gate Key [600 A.D.] Activates Time Gate & Time Tunnel. Horn [65 Million B.C.] Can exchange for other items. Jerky [600 A.D.] Give this to someone in 600 A.D. Pendant [1000 A.D.] Has special power to open treasure chests and other sealed chests. Petal [65 Million B.C.] Can exchange for other items. Race Log [2300 A.D.] Used to record time of jet bike Ruby Knife [12000 B.C.] Necessary to destroy secret weapon in 12000 B.C. Seed [2300 A.D.] Hope for those who live in the future. ---------------------------------pg. 63--------------------------- ADVENTURE GUIDE Prepare to embark on a journey of the ages. You will meet many people and see many wondrous things. Use this guide to help you in the beginning. -------------------------------pgs. 64-69-------------------- THE ADVENTURE BEGINS 1000 A.D. -- THE KINGDOM OF GUARDIA At present in the Kingdom of Guardia, monsters and humans co-exist with each other in peace and harmony. Today they celebrate their kingdom. GOOD MORNING, CRONO The scene opens with Crono's mother trying to wake him. Today is the day of the big fair and she doesn't want him to miss it. caption: You can stay in Crono's room any time for free. caption: Go to the far right [downstairs] to find a power tab. caption: When mother mentions Lucca, you will have the opportunity to change Lucca's name, if you wish. VISIT HOUSES Walk around to all of your neighbors' houses and talk with them. They will have information you many need for your journey. caption: Walk up to the house and push A; this allows you to enter. caption: There are people at the Mayor's house with important things to tell you. caption: This strange box will not open for you ... yet. Come back later! GO TO GUARDIA FOREST The forest is full of monsters. If you leave them alone they will not bother you. However, to build your levels you should battle them. caption: Run into these monsters and they're ready to fight. caption: Continue battling to build up your levels. caption: Go to the far right to find a power capsule. THE CASTLE OF GUARDIA Right now you can't enter the castle. You'll need to come back later. caption: The guards will not let you in. VISIT LEENE SQUARE Today there is a big fair in Leene Square. Go there to check things out and talk to people. Don't forget about the invention Lucca wanted to show you. caption: Many games are going on at the fair. Check them all out. MINI GAME 1: GATO This game is with Gato the Singing Robot. If you fight him and win, you will receive 15 silver pieces. caption: Step right up and enter the ring. caption: Fight with a group to raise your levels. MINI GAME 2: FOOT RACING This is a game of chance. Bet on the runner you think will win and pick up some silver points. caption: Go to the race tent to bet. caption: Ask the old man first; he'll tell you who might win. MINI GAME 3: HAMMER CHALLENGE Hit the base and ring the bell to win. caption: [Face the bell and] push A. caption: When you are all the way back, push A again. MINI GAME 4: GUZZLING CONTEST How many cans of soda can you drink in the allotted time? caption: Push A as fast as you can. caption: Drink all 8 cans to win. MINI GAME 5: SHOW TENT Save your game before you go in. There are three attractions; the second will reward you with a useful item. caption: Enter the tent at your own risk. caption: Tell Mr. Bekkler which game you want to play. CRONO MEETS MARLE You are so impressed with the fair, you don't notice the girl in front of you and bump into her! caption: You bump heads. caption: You are given the option to change Marle's name if you wish. caption: Marle wants to stop and shop. SAVE OFTEN It is very important that you save your game often. At this point save your game. MEET LUCCA When you find Lucca, she and her father are trying to demonstrate their teleportation device. No one will try it. If you want to try, stand on the left platform. Remember to save first. caption: Lucca lets you in on what's going on. caption: You give it a try for Lucca. caption: Marle also wants to give it a try. caption: A Time Gate opens and swallows her up. caption: You need to go after her! caption: You are also pulled through. caption: Crono is gone ... but where? -------------------------------pgs. 70-77---------------------- THE ADVENTURE CONTINUES! 600 A.D. -- THE KINGDOM OF GUARDIA Now is the time for the real adventure to begin. You are sent to the past, and although you are still in Guardia, it is different. WHERE IS THIS !? When you arrive you have no idea what era you are in. caption: You land on a mountain in Guardia Kingdom. caption: Your first battle will most likely be with these little blue creatures. GET INFORMATION The best way to find out where you are is to ask around. Just be nice and people will let you know. caption: When you exit the mountain, look for people to talk with. caption: Be careful what you say. People might think you are crazy. caption: Go shopping and stock up on necessary supplies. caption: Go to the Inn and rest. caption: Talk to Toma and he'll give you helpful information. caption: Go to the bridge and see what's happening. EQUIP NEW WEAPONS A.S.A.P. Equip items as you buy them, that way you will be well protected and perform at your full potential. GUARDIA FOREST To make your way to Guardia Castle, you must first go through Guardia Forest. The monsters in this area are not friendly. Be ready for battle. caption: Monsters may be waiting for you -- be ready. THE CASTLE OF GUARDIA When you get to the castle the guards won't let you in. The Queen tells them to do so. caption: The Queen will meet you at the stairs. caption: The Queen's guard will take you to her. caption: Keep your eyes open for treasure boxes throughout the castle. caption: Marle (disguised as the Queen) dismisses her staff so no one becomes suspicious. SEARCH FOR MARLE Out of nowhere comes a blue flash of light, and Marle disappears once again. Now what? Lucca arrives in the nick of time. caption: The light flashes and Marle disappears. caption: Just when you thought you had no friends, Lucca appears. caption: Walk around and talk to everyone to figure out your next move. SEARCHING THE CATHEDRAL Something weird is going on in the cathedral. Talk to the sisters. caption: The sister near the organ is the key. FROG APPEARS Frog is the Queen's guard and has come to the cathedral to save her. He will also save you from the monsters. caption: Frog is very proper and gallant. caption: Play the organ and a door will open. caption: Go through the door and you will find the Queen. caption: Go to the skull switch [on the left terrace] and push it. The spikes will vanish. OPEN THE HIDDEN DOOR You will soon come across a message on the wall. There is actually a door here, but you must hit the switch to open it. caption: Find the message. In the wall next to it is a hidden door. caption: Hit the skull switch and the spikes will again disappear. caption: After you beat the guards, play the organ. caption: The hidden door has now been opened. caption: Now you must fight the evil Chancellor. BEAT THE FIRST BOSS The Chancellor is actually an evil monster posing as a human. Beat him and get the Queen back. caption: Make sure you save your game before you battle the Chancellor. caption: He will transform to his true self -- an evil monster. caption: Use your Tech attack to fight the Chancellor. caption: Also use your Combo attack to fight him. caption: Combo attacks are very effective against him. caption: If your Hit Points get too low, use Tonic to refill. caption: After you win, you will meet the Queen. CAN'T BEAT THE BOSS? If you are having a problem beating the Chancellor, your levels are too low. Go to the forest and build them up. CASTLE AGAIN Go back to the castle and talk to everyone. When you've learned everything, you're ready to go back to 1000 A.D. caption: When you return, everyone is very grateful that you have saved the Queen. caption: Marle thinks maybe the group should go back to the future. caption: These three people [Crono, Marle, and Lucca] think Marle looks very much like the Queen. BACK TO THE FUTURE Now it's time to head back to 1000 A.D. Go back up the mountain and find the Time Tunnel. From there you will return home. This has been a very small part of your journey. Good luck with the rest. caption: Watch out for monsters -- they are still around. ---------------------------------pg. 78----------------------- MULTI-ENDING Depending on where you are when you defeat the final boss, you will get a different ending. Below are some examples of what they may be. ENJOY THE GAME! RUNNING AWAY FROM REPTILES? CONFUSED BY KRAWLIE? IS THE MASAMUNE MISSING? The official Chrono Trigger Player's Guide from the pros at Nintendo can help. You'll find all the winning secrets for this awesome epic, including 132 pages of maps, strategies, enemy charts, and step-by-step directions. Don't get left back in the dark ages. Call 1-800-255-3700 to order your Chrono Trigger Player's Guide for only $14.95. Or ask about how you can get it free when you subscribe to Nintendo Power. The Chrono Trigger Player's Guide is available October 1, 1995. *Canadian resident pay $18.95 Canadian funds. ---------------------------------pg. 79-------------------------- LIMITED WARRANTY SQUARESOFT, INC. LIMITED WARRANTY SQUARESOFT, inc. warrants to the original purchaser of this SQUARESOFT, Inc. software product that the medium on which this computer program is recorded is free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of ninety (90) days from the date of purchase. The SQUARESOFT, Inc. software program is sold "AS IS" and without any expressed or implied warranty of any kind, and SQUARESOFT, Inc. is not liable for any losses or damages of any kind resulting from use of this program. If the SQUARESOFT, Inc. software product fails to comply with this limited warranty, SQUARESOFT, Inc. agrees to either repair or replace, at its option, free of charge, the noncomplying SQUARESOFT, Inc. software product, provided it is returned by the original purchaser, postage paid, with proof of purchase, to SQUARESOFT, Inc.'s Factory Service Center. TO RECEIVE THIS REMEDY: 1. DO NOT return your defective SQUARESOFT, Inc. software product to the retailer. 2. Send the defective product to SQUARESOFT, Inc. Factory Service Center at: SQUARESOFT, Inc. Westpark G-1, 8351-154th Ave., NE, Redmond, WA 98052 (206)861-0303 When you write to use, please provide us with your phone number and a brief explanation of what appears to be wrong with the product. The remedy provided above is your exclusive remedy if the SQUARESOFT, Inc. software product does not comply with this Limited Warranty. This warranty shall not be applicable and shall be void if the defect in the SQUARESOFT, Inc.. software product has arisen through abuse, unreasonable use, mistreatment, neglect, or reasonable wear and tear. THIS WARRANTY IS IN LIEU OF ALL OTHER WARRANTIES AND NO OTHER REPRESENTATIONS, OBLIGATIONS, OR CLAIMS OF ANY NATURE SHALL BE BINDING ON OR OBLIGATE SQUARESOFT, INC. ANY IMPLIED WARRANTIES APPLICABLE TO THIS SOFTWARE PRODUCT, INCLUDING WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, ARE LIMITED TO THE NINETY (90) DAY PERIOD DESCRIBED ABOVE. IN NO EVENT WILL SQUARESOFT, INC. BE LIABLE FOR ANY DIRECT, SPECIAL, INCIDENTAL, OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES RESULTING FROM POSSESSION, USE, OR MALFUNCTION OF THE SQUARESOFT, INC. SOFTWARE PRODUCT. Some states do not allow limitations as to how long an implied warranty lasts and/or exclusions or limitations of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitations and/or exclusions of liability may not apply to you. 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