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Batman Forever

Typed out by Scott Harner SNS-A3BE-USA The Real Game Begins BATMAN FOREVER Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment Kids To Adults Ages 6+ INSTRUCTION BOOKLET Acclaim Entertainment, Inc. SUPER NINTENDO ENTERTAINMENT SYSTEM ---------------------------------------------------------------- WARNING: PLEASE READ THE ENCLOSED CONSUMER INFORMATION AND PRECAUTIONS BOOKLET CAREFULLY BEFORE USING YOUR NINTENDO HARDWARE SYSTEM OR GAME PAK. THIS PRODUCT HAS BEEN RATED BY THE ENTERTAINMENT SOFTWARE RATING BOARD. FOR INFORMATION ABOUT THE ESRB RATING, OR TO COMMENT ABOUT THE APPROPRIATENESS OF THE RATING, PLEASE CONTACT THE ESRB AT 1-800-771-3772. LICENCED BY NINTENDO Nintendo, Super Nintendo Entertainment System and the official seals are registered trademarks of Nintendo of America, Inc. Copyright 1991 Nintendo of America, Inc. OFFICIAL NINTENDO SEAL OF QUALITY This official seal is your assurance that Nintendo has approved the quality of this product. Always look for this seal when buying games and accessories to ensure complete compatibility. All Nintendo products are licensed by sale for use only with other authorized products bearing the official Nintendo seal of quality. (1) ---------------------------------------------------------------- TABLE OF CONTENTS Options.......................4 Game Modes....................6 Controls......................9 Gadgets......................10 Gadgets Control Charts....13-16 Game Features................17 Pickups......................19 Levels.......................20 Character Profiles...........27 (2) ---------------------------------------------------------------- A chance remark inside the high-tech corridors of Wayne Enterprises leads to madness! Join Batman and Robin as they battle Two-Face and a strange new menace who calls himself the Riddler. With his saucy sidekicks Sugar and Spice, Two-Face has all the ingredients necesarry to make mayhem! You'll see the Dark Knight battle all kinds of monstrous malevolence. You'll see a night at the circus turn into a free-for-all with Batman in the center ring! The action takes you from the Gotham City subways to the inner recesses of Wayne Manor as you fight one fierce foe after another to insure that the legend of Batman lives on...forever! (3) ---------------------------------------------------------------- BEFORE YOU ANSWER THE BAT-SIGNAL... LOADING: 1. Make sure the power switch is off. 2. Insert the Batman Forever Game Pak as described in your Super Nintendo Entertainment System instruction manual. If you wish to play a two player game, make sure both controllers are inserted at this time. 3. Turn the power switch on. When the Batman Forever title screen appears, press the start button. You will then see five options. To begin game play before or after setting options, press the start button. To begin game play after or before setting options, highlight Start Game and press the start button. OPTIONS Batman Forever features several exciting ways to alter the gaming environment. To set an option, highlight a desired option by pressing UP or DOWN on the control pad. Press the B (4) ---------------------------------------------------------------- button to change the option setting. Once you are satisfied with your settings, press the start button begin play. You can customize game play in the following ways: GAME MODE - see page 6 for details on the two game modes. ONE PLAYER GAME - To play a solo game. TWO PLAYER COOPERATIVE/TWO PLAYER COMPETITIVE GAME - In a Two Player game, you can choose whether you wish to cooperate with your fellow player or compete against him or her. In a cooperative game, players cannot damage one another and they each share credits. Competitive Play pits you against the other player. Yes, Batman can fight with Robin (and vice versa), but remember there are a host of bad guys after each of you and you'll both need all the energy you can muster! CONTROL METHOD - This allows you to select how you wish to perform back attacks. Direction setting will cause a Back Attack to be performed when a player pushes a direction on the control (5) ---------------------------------------------------------------- Back Attack to be performed when a player pushes a direction on the control pad and attacks. Button setting will cause the Back Attack to be performed by holding the right trigger and pressing attack button. MUSIC - Choose to play with Music off or on. DIFFICULTY - In Normal Game Mode, choose between Easy, Medium and Hard play skill levels. GAME MODES Batman Forever has two different game play modes, a Normal Game Mode and a Training Mode. Each made can be played by one or two players. In two player games, players choose between cooperative and competitive play, as described above. After selecting a gaming mode, you must select the number of players and which character each player wishes to play as. Once characters are selected, each player selects his gadgets(if playing as Batman or Robin), and in Training Mode, his opponents. See Gadgets(pages 13-16) for details on how to select and use gadgets. (6) ---------------------------------------------------------------- NORMAL GAME MODE In a normal game, the player follows the story of Batman Forever, playing as either Batman or Robin through 8 levels until Gotham City is safe from the depredations of Two-Face, The Riddler and their horrible helpers! TRAINING MODE Training Mode gives you the chance to hone your fighting skills before taking on the villains who menace Gotham City. The Batcomputer will provide computer-generated holographic opponents who become increasingly difficult to defeat as you progress. In Training Mode, you can choose to play a one player game against the computer, a player vs. player game, or pit two players against the computer. You can choose to play as several different characters, including thugs and villains like Sugar and Spice. The default player character settings are player one as Batman and player two as Robin. To choose a different character, press the control pad to change the character then press any button. (7) ---------------------------------------------------------------- If Batman or Robin are chosen, then the player(s) will go to the gadgets select screen, where they can equip themselves with any available gadges (see pages 13-16 for a description of gadgets). In a player vs. player game with Batman and Robin, players enter the Batcave Gym to test each other's skills. The default opponent for both one and two player games is an Arkham Asylum inmate. Player one chooses an opponent by highlighting a player's opponent box, then pressing up or down on the control pad until the desired opponent appears, and pressing the start button. This enemy will be your opponent throughout the training program. Each time an enemy is defeated, the computer will regenerate this simulated opponent with increased levels of aggression and difficulty. This continues until the player sees the Training Program Complete screen. Once this appears, you're ready to take on any foe! (8) ---------------------------------------------------------------- CONTROLS MOVING Walking = Control Pad in desired direction Jumping = Up on Control Pad Crouch = Down on Control Pad Somersault/Flip = Up + Left or Right on Control Pad Roll = Towards, Towards + Y Cape Glide = Up when Jumping/Falling FIGHTING Grappling Hook/Extending Staff = Select Button Low Punch = B Button High Punch = Y Button Low Kick = A Button High Kick = X Button Blocking = Left Trigger Back Attacks = Right Trigger or Back + Attack Button(depending on Options setting) Sweep = Down + A Button Uppercut = Down + Y Button Roundhouse = Towards + X Button Grab Enemy = Towards, Towards (or AWAY, AWAY) + A. Once you've grabbed an enemy, there are several spectacular ways to punish him. Experiment to learn them all. Two Head Smash(when surrounded) = Towards, Towards + B Throw Enemy(when enemy is close) = Towards, Towards + B Throw Grabbed Enemy Behind You = Forward(when enemy is grabbed behind you) (9) ---------------------------------------------------------------- GADGETS For gadget controls and descriptions, please see the Gadgets Reference Charts in the centerfold. Standard Gadgets - Batman and Robin each have three standard gadgets and two optional gadgets. The standard gadgets can not be switched, but the default optional gadgets can be changed. Due to the trade off between the difficulty of using a particular gadget and the damage it does, you must consider strategy when selecting a particular gadget. Optional Gadgets - At the beginning of each level, a player has two spare pouches on his utility belt which he can fill by choosing one weapon from each of two Optional Gadget lists in the Batcomputer. Different gadgets are available at different levels. To select an Optional Gadget, follow the instructions under Selecting Gadgets. Blueprints - In some levels of the game, Batman and Robin must search for pieces of gadget blueprints stolen from the Batcave by The Riddler. If either Batman or Robin succeed (10) ---------------------------------------------------------------- (together or separately) in finding all four blueprints to a particular gadget, then, that gadget will be added to both player's Optional Gadgets lists in the Batcomputer at the end of that level. Try to find and collect these spectacular prototype gadgets! SELECTING GADGETS There are over 20 gadgets available in Batman Forever, but only five gadgets can be carried at one time. Both Batman and Robin carry different gadgets on a utility belt. The good news is that Ammo for all gadgets is unlimited, allowing them to be used as often as needed. Players choose gadgets at the beginning of each level. When you get to the Gadget Select screen on the Batcomputer, you will see five default gadget icons displayed. In a two player game, both players' default gadget icons will appear. The first three gadgets are always available, while the remaining two may be swapped in from the Optional Gadgets list. To swap a gadget, first hightlight it with the Control Pad, then press the B Button. Scroll between the available Optional gadgets (11) ---------------------------------------------------------------- by pressing Up or Down on the Control Pad. To see information about a particular gadget, press the A Button. To select an Optional gadget, press the B Button. That gadget will now appear along your available gadgets. Once a player has chosen gadgets for a particular level, pressing the Start Button will bring the player right into the next level. In a two player game, once one player presses the Start Button, he or she is no longer able to select gadgets. Not that Batman and Robin have different Standard and Optional Gadgets. (12) ---------------------------------------------------------------- BATMAN'S DEFAULT GADGETS BATARANG Down To Towards + A The Batarang is a bat-shaped throwing weapon. Though a single Batarang causes little damage to an enemy, firing several in quick succession can prove damaging. GRAPPLING HOOK Select + Control Pad The Grappling Hook is a large steel hook attached to a reinforced wire. It can be used in a variety of ways depending on the angle it's fired at. When fired at angle of 90 degrees, the hook wraps around objects in the ceiling, allowing Batman to hoist himself from platform to platform. When fired at a 45 degree angle, Batman is able to swing from the imbedded hook. The hook can also be fired at the ceiling to find secret passageways! To fire the Grappling Hook, press the Select Button and aim it with the Control Pad. SONIC PULSEGLOBE Down, Towards + B A Sonic Pulse Globe is a powerful weapon, potentially as dangerous to the thrower as to the intended target! A globe explodes on contact with an enemy. BATMAN'S OPTIONAL GADGETS (OPTION LIST 1) SMOKE PELLET Towards To Down + A Dashing this Smoke Pellet to the floor creates a cloud of confusion disabling an enemy's special moves. CAPE MORPH Tap A Repeatedly While Holding Left Trigger When the going is tough, the Cape Morph protects Batman from any pysical harm, be it from bad guys or dangerous backgrounds. FLASH PELLET Towards To Down + X Throw this Flash Pellet to the floor and watch your enemies flail helplessly in the blinding light. GAS Down, Towards + A Loading Batman's gadgets with gas canisters let's you temporarily destroy a foe's muscle tone, making their blows do only half damage. (13) ---------------------------------------------------------------- ROBIN'S DEFAULT GADGETS BATARANG Down To Towards + A The Batarang is a bat-shaped throwing weapon. Though a single Batarang causes little damage to an enemy, firing several in quick succession can prove deadly. EXTENDING STAFF Select + Towards This is one of the most versatile gadgets in the Batcave! It can be used like Batman's grappling hook, it can be equipped with ammunition and fired at enemies, and it's extending form makes it handy for keeping enemies well out of reach. STAFF CHARGES Towards, Down + Y When Robin fills his Extending Staff with these deadly explosive charges, he is able to fire them at an angle towards the floor, causing great damage to an enemy when properly targeted. Staff Charges can also be fired at floors and walls to uncover hidden passageways! ROBIN'S OPTIONAL GADGETS (OPTION LIST 1) SMOKE PELLET Towards To Down + A Dashing this Smoke Pellet to the floor creates a cloud of confusion disabling an enemy's special moves. FORCE SHIELD Tap Y Repeatedly While Holding Left Trigger Like Batman's Cape Morph, the Force Shield makes Robin invulnerable in dire situations. TRANQUILIZER DARTS Towards, Down + A To fire these, Robin must swing the Extending Staff over his head in an arc and stop the movement when the Staff is pointed horizontally in front of him. At this point, a high-speed dart fires at any enemy unlucky enough to be in the way. An enemy hit with a Tranquilizer Dart becomes drowsy and slows to half speed. The effect lasts for only a short while, but long enough for Robin to unleash a flurry of painful combinations! SONIC BLAST WEAPON Away, Towards, Towards + X A blast from this ultra sonic device knocks enemies off their feet and into a stupor, making their blows do only half damage. (14) ---------------------------------------------------------------- BATMAN'S OPTIONAL GADGETS (OPTION LIST 2) SLIPPERY GOO Towards, Down + B Firing a Batweapon loaded with Slippery Goo at the floor spreads a slippery film that causes anyone who steps in it to slide helplessly across the floor. An enemy caught in a pool of this is defenseless, and Batman is able to treat a foe to some caped justice without fear of being hit. BAT BOLA Down, Down + A When Batman throws the Bat Bola, it temporarily ties up any enemy it hits, leaving batman free to knock some sense into wriggling wrong-doers. ELECTRIC PELLET Towards, Down + A This jolt of juice stuns opponents and keeps them stuck on the ground. FORCE WALL Down, Down, Down + B The most powerful defensive weapon in the Batcave, the Force Wall is a small cube which, when thrown at the floor, pops open and emits a blue ray which enemies find impenetrable. The ray prevents enemies from crossing until they have caused enough damage to it, but both Batman and Robin can walk through it unharmed. The ray lasts for a few seconds or until it has taken three hits(whichever comes first). STICKY GOO Down, Down + X The opposite of Slippery Goo, Sticky Goo is an adhesive puddle that renders all who step in it briefly immobile, allowing the Dark Knight to administer some lessons in manners to unlucky bad guys. BLUEPRINT GADGETS. BLUEPRINT GADGETS ARE COLLECTED AT VARIOUS LEVELS THROUGHOUT THE GAME. YOU MUST FIGURE OUT HOW TO USE THEM. HOMING BATARANG Once thrown the Homing Batarang will strike the closest enemy, then veer off after the next until it has struck three times, unless an enemy is deft enough to either duck under it, jump over it, or knock it out of the air with a punch. Useful for hitting enemies behind you. BAT CUFFS Put a halt to advancing henchmen with the Bat Cuffs. These attach to enemies and keep them still momentarily. HOLOGRAPHIC DECOY Confuse the enemy by throwing up holographic decoys for them to chase, while the real Batman and Robin throw some real punishment their way. ROCKET BOOTS Donning these special boots which will propel the wearer towards an enemy. (15) ---------------------------------------------------------------- ROBIN'S OPTIONAL GADGETS (OPTIONAL LIST 2) SLIPPERY GOO Towards, Down + B Firing a Batweapon loaded with Slippery Goo at the floor spreads a slippery film that causes anyone who steps in it to slide helplessly across the floor. An enemy caught in a pool of this is defenseless, and Batman is able to treat a foe to some caped justice without fear of being hit. BAT BOLA Down, Down + A When Robin throws this Bat Bola, it temporarily ties up any enemy it hits, leaving Batman free to knock some sense into wriggling wrong-doers. ELECTRO STAFF PROD Down, Down, Towards, Y Robin's Extending Staff is a deadly point of electric power when the Electric Prod tip is activated. A shot of this juice stuns opponents and keeps them stuck on the ground. WRIST RIVETS Away, Towards, Y Wearing this Wrist device, Robin is able shoot rivets at an angle to fasten his opponent's feet to the floor immobilizing them! Aim is important to ensure a safe footing. Once you've nailed a foe, he'll be stuck temporarily, or until you strike him. HEAT WEAPON Towards, Away, Towards, Away + A This dries hair in a jiffy, but it also turns the big fish of the underworld into tuna melts. (16) ---------------------------------------------------------------- GAME FEATURES SCREEN: Energy Bars - A player's energy appears as an energy bar at the top left (Player 1) or top right (Player 2) of the screen. Players begin each level with a full energy bar. As a player sustains damage, the amount of energy remaining decreaces. When the bar is empty, a player has lost all energy and loses a life. Enemy Energy Bars - The health of the last enemy hit by player one is displayed at the bottom left of the on-screen status area, that of the last enemy hit by player two at the bottom right. This allows a player to see how much damage an enemy has taken, and how great a threat he or she poses. When an enemy's health is completely depleted, that enemy is finished and the energy bar will go empty. If a player strikes several enemies in a row, only the last one hit will have his or her energy displayed. Lives - Players begin the game with 3 lives in which to complete Batman Forever. Earn exta lives by picking up Two-Face coins. (17) ---------------------------------------------------------------- Scoring/Level Statistics - At the end of each level, percentages are given for the amount of pickups a player has recovered, the number of villains subdued, and for the percentage of secret areas a player has managed to uncover in the level. If you get 100% in any level, you will earn a significant bonus. (18) ---------------------------------------------------------------- PICKUPS Partial Energy - Collecting this icon partially restores Batman or Robin's energy. Full Energy - Collecting this icon fully restores energy. Riddler Boxes - Riddler Boxes containing game tips can be collected throughout the game. These tips are in the form of riddles which a player must solve in order to take advantage of the game tips. It's not easy, but it adds an exciting brain- teasing element to your battle for Gotham City's streets! Extra Time - In Gotham City Hippodrome, every second counts! Get extra time to defuse the situation by collecting these icons. Two-Face Coins - Collect these rare coins to earn extra energy or lives. There are two sides to the coin. Collecting it while the smooth side is showing gives you an extra life adn full energy. (19) ---------------------------------------------------------------- Gadget Blueprints - This high tech disc case holds stolen Wayne Tech gadgets blueprints. Collect all four on a given level to gain use of a particular weapon for the following level. LEVELS Batman Forever consists of 8 levels, plus a Training Mode. Eight of these levels follow the story of Batman and Robin's battle against Two-Face and The Riddler, and must be completed sequentially. The Batcave Gym level is for Training Mode only. The eight story levels of Batman Forever consist of both main areas and secret hidden areas. To gain the highest percentage and successfully complete the game, a player must find and access all main and secret areas, and take advantage of the pickups and other game secrets that are available in each. Below is a description of the various levels Batman and Robin must complete to spare Gotham City from the terror of Two-Face and the wrath of The Riddler! ARKHAM ASYLUM Harvey Dent, better known as Two-Face, has breached the sturdy confines of Arkham Asylum, and let loose an army of enraged inmates eager to destroy everything in sight--including the Dynamic Duo! Batman and Robin must (20) ---------------------------------------------------------------- subdue the unbalanced inhabitants of Cell Block 2 and get to Two-Face's cell before he makes good his escape! The asylum is a maze of maintenance tunnels, walkways and corridors, alive with flashing emergency alarms. Beware of shock treatment tables that still pack a wallop! Beware, Batman and Robin, or good-bye! SECOND BANK OF GOTHAM CITY Having eluded Batman and Robin's pursuit, Two-Face wastes no time in bringing his special brand of mayhem to Gotham City! He and his henchmen have taken over the entire Second Bank of Gotham City building, and threaten the lives of the bank watchmen they have taken as hostages. Two-Face's plan: to hijack an entire vault from the bank! You must fight your way to the 22nd floor, where Two-Face and his band of thugs are getting ready to remove the safe. You'll need to concentrate on freeing all the watchmen in order to thwart the would-be bank robbers. Be sure to question every aspect of your surroundings for special pickups and hidden entryways. THE CIRCUS Two-Face and a gang of criminal clowns threaten to explode a bomb over the (21) ---------------------------------------------------------------- bigtop! Batman and Robin battle killer clowns and other fierce fiends in the Hippodrome, from the center ring to the highwire! Time is running out as the countdown to destruction ticks off on your screen! You've got to reach the rooftop and disarm the bomb before your chances read 00! Luckily, there are extra time pickups available, so don't give up, even if time is tight! TWO-FACE'S HIDEOUT: WAREHOUSE Like all big-time super-villains, Two-Face has a huge secret hideout where he recovers from his criminal activities and plots new outrages! Two rivers, flowing in two directions? Batman and Robin put two and two together and trace Two-Face to his urban lair in a warehouse by the Gotham City docks! The wharf and the warehouse are a puzzle palace of crates, some hiding valuable pickups, some housing heinous henchmen! Look out for dangerous crushing machines in the corridors. Throughout the warehouse, Batman/Robin must find switches that move background objects. In the world of Two-Face, you may have to visit an area twice, but the rewards make it worthwhile! Once inside, it's a split-personality split (22) ---------------------------------------------------------------- level! Two-Face's comely courtesans Sugar and Spice dance deadly attendance on Batman and Robin, pulling out all the stops to treat the pair to Two-Face's uniquely harsh brand of hospitality! Batman and Robin must defeat these dirty-dealing damsels in order to fight face-to-faces with Two-Face himself! He's a potent foe, and our heroes will have their toughest fight so far as they try to bring Two-Face to justice! RITZ GOTHAM The cream of Gatham City society gathers at a launch party for Nygmatech's Box, the addictive brain-drain entertainment device with which Ed Nygma steals the mental power of viewers. It's a gala night for Ed Nygma, as at last he's able to meet Bruce Wayne on what Nygma imagines is an equal footing. Now that he's wealthy, he affects the manner of Bruce Wayne, but inside he seethes with resentment at his former idol. The entire night is really a trap set by Two-Face and The Riddler to lure the wealthy into the Ritz Gotham to rob them! The room is booby trapped! Trap door switches are hidden throughout the ballroom. If Batman or Robin trip them in the proper order, enemies will (23) ---------------------------------------------------------------- be dropped from above and rendere harmless. Which switch, Dark Knight? Batman and Robin battle throughout the ballroom, trying to stop Nygma and his pals. ABANDONED SUBWAY STATION As Two-Face flees the scene of his outrage at the Ritz Gotham, Batman and Robin are in close pursuit! You must try to thwart the escape of Two-Face as he flees into an abandoned subway station. It's dirty, dark, and dangerous down there! When one of Dent's thugs blows a hole in the floor, Batman and Robin find themselves battling precariously on the roof of a speeding subway car! Look out for hanging pipes as the train rushes through the tunnels of Gotham's City subway system. Once the scum on the subway roof have been defeated, the battle moves inside the train as Batman and Robin face more thugs fighting a rearguard action in hopes of allowing Dent time to escape. Can you stop them, and at last bring Two-Face down? WAYNE MANOR DESTROYED BATCAVE At the Ritz Gotham, Bruce Wayne's mind was "read" by one of Nygma's boxes. The Riddler and Two-Face learned Batman's true identity and now they're thrashing (24) ---------------------------------------------------------------- Wayne Manor! Alfred is busy putting things to rights, but first Batman better see what's wrong! The mansion is still full of lurking thugs with a talent for home wrecking. This is a house party Bruce Wayne will never forget! From one floor to another, Batman must fight to recapture his own home! Even the Batcave has been discovered and set on fire! Batman must save it from total destruction. CLAW ISLAND At last the battle has come home to Ed Nygma! The Brainy badguy has kidnapped Dr. Chase Meridian, so now Batman is fighting not just for justice, but for love! Robin and Batman are bent on ending the outrages once and for all, and payback will be sweet. Landing on the rocky shore of Claw Island, the pair battle their way into the deadly domain. Once inside, the fight continues as an elevator brings them closer to their foes. Next they face the booby-trapped factory where Nygma's boxes are made, a factory full of furious felons. When the master box goes haywire, watch out for the deadly green rays! Suddenly Batman and Robin are thrust into a holographic nightmare world of question marks, a torture of physical (25) ---------------------------------------------------------------- might and mental toughness. They must endure if they're to reach The Riddler and free Dr. Chase Meridian! At last, our heroes arrive at the Claw Island throne room -- the site of the final showdown with both Two-Face and The Riddler! Will Batman and Robin rescue the beautiful Dr. Chase Meridian and save Gotham City? First, the pair must face the wrath of Two-Face. If they can somehow overcome the dual desperado, they'll find that The Riddler has created a super-strength powersuit for his scrawny self, making him a suddenly tough opponent! Batman and Robin must turn this encounter into The Riddler's Waterloo, or meet a watery end! If they can defeat him in his terrible outfit, Batman and Robin will find that Nygma's brain is ready to burst with information, and they'll have their hands full trying to avoid the concentrated bursts of mental energy The Riddler fires. Even without his special suit, the wispy Riddler's brain sucking has made him a combat expert with more than a few tricks up his sleeve! Keep on battling, gentlemen -- the end is almost near! (26) ---------------------------------------------------------------- BATMAN CHARACTER PROFILES Millionaire Bruce Wayne felt responsible for his parent's murder in an alley outside a movie theater when he was a little boy. To deal with the senselessness of their death and his own anger, Wayne turned himself into a crimefighter second to none, spending countless years mastering martial arts, criminal science and advanced gadgets engineering. To protect his privacy and strike fear into the hearts of criminals in Gotham City, Wayne came up with Batman. Equipped with a cape and cowl and a utility belt full of unique fighting devices, Batman set about the never-ending task of ridding Gotham City of crime. Operating from a Batcave hidden far below Wayne Manor, Batman responds to calls for help from the Bat-Signal at police (27) ---------------------------------------------------------------- headquarters, while continuing to exercise dynamic control of Wayne Enterprises' vast holdings. With the help of Dr. Chase Meridian, Bruce Wayne now wrestles with the obsessive drive that made him the Dark Knight, a drive that he hopes to understand as he battles against villains that know his innermost thoughts and are eager to exploit any weakness! (28) ---------------------------------------------------------------- TWO-FACE Doctors or lawyers might argue about what it means to be "criminally insane", but there's no doubt about Harvey Dent: he's stark raving kill-crazy! His world is evenly and absolutely divided into opposites: black or white, good or evil, life or death! Many years ago, when serving as the District Attorney of Gotham, Harvey Dent was horribly scarred by underworld kingpin Boss Moroni during an indictment hearing. The resulting left-brain damage turned Dent into a violent criminal. Dent went on a vicious crime spree until he was brought to justice by Batman and sentenced to life in Arkham Asylum for the Criminally Insane. Since then, he has obsessively plotted his (29) ---------------------------------------------------------------- revenge against Gotham and it's mysterious guardian. Dent now calls himself Two-Face, and it is a fitting name for this villain. He is of two minds about everything save this: a raging desire to destroy Batman! (30) ---------------------------------------------------------------- THE RIDDLER For a brilliantly talented young man to want only the notice and approval of his idol Bruce Wayne might be merely pathetic, if that desire didn't hold the seeds of a pathology that would bring his brilliance to the full flower of madness! When his employer Bruce Wayne dismisses Ed Nygma's brain-wave reading 3-D entertainment invention as raising ethical concerns over mind manipulation, something snaps in the fragile psyche of the inventor. His hard work derided by his idol! Snubbed by the man he most wishes to be like! Revenge will be sweet, Mr. Wayne! Nygma discovers that his invention works as a "brain drain" with the capability to read and capture the neural power of others, increasing Nygma's knowledge by an order of magnitude! Is there no stopping the pondering powerhouse? He teams up with Two-Face to make use of Two-Face's criminal expertise in order to raise enough money to market the 3-D entertainment device. At the resulting crime scenes, the green-costumed Nygma leaves puzzles intended to goad Batman. Soon the media have dubbed Nygma the Riddler. Once he has accumulated sufficient capital to get Nygmatech off the ground, the results are immediate and impressive. He sells millions of (31) ---------------------------------------------------------------- his holograph devices as an entertainment, all the while siphoning off the neural power of his unwitting customers and making it his own. He even manages to overcome his physical frailty by building an armored suit that is more than a match even for the battle strengthened likes of Batman and Robin! His ever-increasing intelligence makes him all but impossible to outwit! (32) ---------------------------------------------------------------- DR. CHASE MERIDIAN Mental health never came in such a beautiful package! The lovely Dr. Chase Meridian is in love with two men: Batman and Bruce Wayne! As she helps Bruce Wayne struggle with the repressed memory of his parent's murder, the demons that drove him to become Batman come to the surface. When the expanding consciousness of the Riddler reads Batman's mind, he learns of Batman's affection for the beautiful doctor and kidnaps her: sweet bait to trap a flying bat! (33) ---------------------------------------------------------------- [Picture of Dr. Chase Meridian] (34) ---------------------------------------------------------------- ROBIN Like Bruce Wayne, Dick Grayson witnessed the murder of his parents and swore to dedicate himself to bringing the criminals to justice. Under the strong wing of the Dark Knight, young Dick managed to set aside his bitterness and thirst for revenge into a passion for righting wrongs and battling evil. As Robin, he is Batman's trusted crimefighting partner. When one of them is in danger, the other is sure to help find a way out of it! (35) ---------------------------------------------------------------- [Picture of Robin] (36) ---------------------------------------------------------------- SUGAR Is she as sweet as she seems? Sugar is one of Two-Face's two consorts, and while she may satisfy his villainous sweet tooth, she's not a lady to be taken lightly! This super-fefined female is a formidable foe. SPICE Spice is the second of Two-Face's duo of damsels. This gal's idea of a spice is bella donna or deadly nightshade: she's poison! She's tempting, it's true, but her icy heart belongs to Mammon. A gold digger who will use your soul as the spade! (37) ---------------------------------------------------------------- ACCLAIM ENTERTAINMENT, INC. LIMITED WARRANTY Acclaim Entertainment, Inc. (Acclaim) warrants to the original purchaser only of this Acclaim software product that the medium on which this software program is recorded is free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of ninety (90) days from the date of purchase. This Acclaim software program is sold "as is," without express or implied warranty of any kind, and Acclaim is not liable for any losses or damages of any kind resulting from use of this program. Acclaim agrees for a period of ninety (90) days to either repair or replace, at its option, free of charge, any Acclaim software product, postage paid, with proof of date of purchase, at its Factory Service Center. Replacement of the game pack, free of charge to the original purchaser (except for the cost of returning the game pack) is the full extent of our liability. This warranty is not applicable to normal wear and tear. This warranty shall not be applicable and shall be void if the defect in the Acclaim software product has arisen through abuse, unreasonable use, mistreatment or neglect. This warranty is in lieu of all other warranties and no other representations or claims of any nature shall be binding on or obligate Acclaim. Any implied warranties applicable to this software product, including warranties of merchantibility and fitness for a particular purpose, are limited to the ninety (90) day period described above. In no event will Acclaim be liable for any special, incidental, or consequential damages resulting from possession, use or malfunction of this Acclaim software product. Some states do not allow limitations as to how long an implied warranty lasts and/or exclusions or limitations of incidental or consequential damages so the above limitations and/or exclusions of liability may not apply to you. This warranty gives you specific rights, and you may also have other rights which vary from state to state. This warranty shall not be applicable to the extent that any provision of this warranty is prohibited by federal, state or municipal law which cannot be pre-empted. Repairs/Service after Expiration of Warranty- If your game pack requires repair after expiration of the 90-day Limited Warranty Period, you may contact the Consumer Service Department at the number listed below. You will be advised of the estimated cost of repair and the shipping instructions. ACCLAIM HOTLINE/CONSUMER SERVICE DEPT.(516) 759-7800 MARKETED BY ACCLAIM ENTERTAINMENT, INC. DISTRIBUTED BY ACCLAIM DISTRIBUTION, INC. ONE ACCLAIM PLAZA, GLEN COVE, NEW YORK 11542-2708 *Batman and all related elements are the property of DC Comics and copyright 1995. All rights reserved. Acclaim is a division and registered trademark of Acclaim Entertainment Inc. Copyright 1995 Acclaim Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved. (38) ---------------------------------------------------------------- COMING SOON! [Picture of Batman Forever Arcade Game] Acclaim Entertainment, Inc. Contact the ESRB at 1-800-771-3772 for more information on game ratings. Marketed by Acclaim. Distributed by Acclaim Distribution, Inc., One Acclaim Plaza, Glen Cove, NY 11542-2708 Printed in Japan

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