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Typed out by Axelay Developer: Konami Publisher: Konami CONGRATULATIONS! You know own the D117B Axelay fighter for you Super NES. But hold on, hot shot. You've got a lot to learn before you jump in the cockpit. So read on. YOU'RE IN A WORLD OF HURT. Things are looking bad for a peaceful cluster of worlds in the Illis solar system. One of their reconnaissance satellites has picked up an evil presence 1.2 light years away - and it's drawing closer. The dark Armada of Annihilation pulses forward, devouring all the planets in its way, their vast array of weaponry poised and ready for any massive army that may try to stop them. However, it may not be a large force that can defeat them, but rather a force of one. HOW TO PLAY Get into your flame retardant combat suit, strap into the cockpit of the Axelay stratafighter, and stand by to launch into six insanity crushing worlds. And they're all occupied by the Armada of Annihilation. You need to go in and recapture Axelay's secret weapons taken by the enemy. If you happen to escape with your life, and evil mega machine awaits you at the end of each stage. It's enough to give you terminal space sickness. YOUR PRE-FLIGHT CHECKLIST Insert the game pak into your Super NES. Turn on the power. When the Title Screen appears, you will have two choices, START & SET UP. 1. START: *Press this when you want to go directly to the Weapon Select screen. 2. SET UP: *Using the Control Pad, you can adjust the following: A) Control Settings: *You can change your buttons for Shot, Missile, Arm Change R, or Arm Change L. B) Trigger Speed: *Continuous firing can be adjusted at five different levels. C) Level: *The difficulty level can be changed to EASY, NORMAL, or HARD. D) Sound: *Pick either STEREO or MONO. E) Brightness: *Can be adjusted at five different levels. F) Exit: *Use it exit Set Up screen. Choosing Your Armament Select the type of weapon using the Left/Right keys, and pres the Start Button to enter. You're automatically armed with three weapons in Stage 1: *Straight Laser *Round Vulcan *Macro Missile. As you progress in stages and recapture the arsenal, you will have a larger option of weapons. Axelay's arsenal and capabilities are as follows: Air to Air 1. Straight Laser *High caliber gun, 5020 rounds per minute. *Medium power. (Available from the 1st stage) 2. Round Vulcan *360-degree attack radius. *Medium Power. *Hold button down to attack frontal positions. (Available from 1st stage) 3. Needle Cracker *Multiple direction. *High power. *Heat seeking laser.. (Available from 3rd stage) 4. Morning Star *Destructive photons revolving around Axelay by centrifugal force. *Low Power. *Hold button down to increase the Morning Star's radius. *Release the button to shoot the photons. (Available after 5th stage) Air To Ground 1. Macro Missile *Highly destructive. *Destroys enemy and nearby surroundings. (Available from 1st stage) 2. Explosion Bomb *Extremely potent form of radioactive acid, burning all it comes into contact with. *Highly destructive. *Most effective against enemies hidden above-ground fortresses. (Available from 2nd stage) 3. Cluster Bomb *Zero propulsion, direct drop weapon. *Annihilates enemies on impact. *Highly destructive. (Available from 4th stage) 4. Wind Laser *For consecutive ion propelled lasers. *Changes direction depending on enemy location. *Highly destructive. (Available from 6th stage) Controlling Your Axelay When you're under heavy enemy fire, you must instinctively know what all your controls are: Start Button *Press to Start or Pause game. Control Pad *Press to guide your ship. B Button *Press to fire air to air missiles. A Button *Press to fire air to ground missiles. L & R Buttons *Weapon selection buttons. Y,X, and Select Buttons. *Not used. Note: the functions of the A,B,L,R,X, and Y Buttons can be changed in the Set Up mode. World of War Your one warrior conquest will cover six war torn worlds. Your Mission: *Conquer each planet and recapture the secret weapons of Axelay. 1. Cumuluses *A planet covered in clouds. Due to its low gravitational force, the Armada of Annihilation is able to build a vast floating fortress as its front line of defense. 2. Tralieb Colony *This planet once contained as Illis Defense Forces research facility where new weapon development took place. After it was overrun by the Armada of Annihilation, the research facility was used to build an evil array of weaponry. 3. Urbanite *The entire population of this planet was enslaved by the Armada of Annih ilation. The reason for attack on this peaceful world is unclear other than the fact that the Armada is a merciless force. 4. The Cavern *Once a beautiful planet covered with plant life, its temperature, water, and life forms have been affected by radiation seeping from the Armada weapon plants. 5. Sector 3 Lava Planet *Once a planet with an active volcano, the Armada of Annihilation built a plant to harness the energy. As a result, the planet's core split and flooded the surface with lava. 6. The Armada of Annihilation's Fortress *This is the heart of the dark empire. It is thought to be heavily fortified with exotic weaponry. But on one knows for sure because anyone who has been inside has never escaped alive. Stage Terminators The Arachnatron *Engineered to intimidate the enemy so much that they freeze up from fear. T-36 Towbar *Designed for maximum destructive power, the T-36 Towbar has a forward mounted two megaton cannon and laser that disintegrates anything upon contact. Regenertoid *An ominous machine that grows when attacked. It has never been defeated. Aquadon *A nearly impenetrable, floating fortress of devastation. It covers its enemies in a hail of lightening. Wayler *The Wayler is a ruthless freak of nature composed of lava and metal. If its fireballs don't get you, his punishing fists will. Veinion *There is no data on this life force. You will be the first to know what horror it is capable of. Assorted Armada Armaments Goran *Large fighter equipped with two remote controlled satellites. Bytrex *Short distance attacker armed with missiles and an energy laser. Stropofore *Unusual aquatic insect. Defects in its DNA structure have prevented it from metamorphosing. Polaris *Medium sized anti-aircraft weapon. Pods open on both sides to release psycho sanders. Zextant *Medium sized battle satellite that puts up a rock solid shield and fires an extremely powerful laser. Gravitron *Ultra high speed combat bomber. Circles above enemies and drops anti-gr avitational mines.

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