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Arcana Manual Note: the gameplay is very much like any other RPG, so no real tips are needed. A fair warning; unlike other rpgs, this is much more realistic in that you *must* keep all your characters alive--if any one of them dies, or falls unconscious (with the exception of the elemental spirits), then the game is over. ====================================================================== ** Table of Contents **************************************** ====================================================================== The Legend of the Card Masters The Players The Spirit Cards Use of the Controller Main Menu Tips on Using the Menus Use of Spirit Cards The Journey Begins - Village of Galia The Inn / Saving your Game The Outfitter's Shop The Spirit Healer Balnia Temple Draven Pass Reinoll the Elder The Ice Mine The Village of Doraf Stavery Tower Charts - Items, Weapons, and Armor ====================================================================== ** The Legend of the Card Masters ************************************ ====================================================================== The land of Elemen has long been a gather place for people from all over the known world. Rich in legend, long in tradition, there are many who see it as a land of unlimited opportunity. Some, in order to gain fame and fortune, have visited this land to fulfill their dreams. According to the ancient legends, after the Rein of Evil instituted by the Empress Rimsala was toppled by the combined magic of the ancient order of the Card Masters, a long era of peace began in the kingdom. But there is a dark side of human nature that is ever-present in even the most ideal of lands. The six kingdoms on the island of Elemen were less than Utopian. Disputes broke out constantly among these six kingdoms, but they were always minor and inconvenient, rather than dangerous. But in time these seemingly minor disputes became as a storm over the land. Eventually the conflict spread out over the whole island, with each of the kingdoms fighting independently for control of the island. This continued on for many years. The cities were turned to ruins, and despair covered the land. Taking advantage of the times of unrest, Galneon, one of the court magicians, launched a coup against King Wagnall. The King was killed in the conflict, and the evil Galneon ascended to the throne. In the conflict the King's two daughters disappeared. Their whereabouts are unknown. ====================================================================== ** The Players ******************************************************* ====================================================================== No man can go it alone, and a good warrior wants like-minded partners to share the load and the glory. Rooks will have to meet his companions along the road in the midst of adversity - you get to meet them here at your leisure. ------------------------------------ ** Rooks, The Card Master ********** ------------------------------------ The ancient art of the Cards has been slowly dying out for over two hundred years. In the distant past, when the Evil Empire of the Empress Rimsala was at its peak, the discipline of the Cards was handed down from father to son through generations. Though the teachings of the great Card Masters of the old, a valiant group of resistors constantly harassed the regime, and made possible the overthrown of the Evil Empress after a struggle that took the lives of many a brave sorcerer. Now the childhood memories that Rooks has of his father's use of the Cards is the only thing keeping the struggle alive. Each day Rooks brings out the Cards, shuffles through them, stares into the faces printed on the front, and tries to remember what he's seen his father do with that Card in the past. Each day he tries to cast a few spells using what he remembers - or thinks he remembers. Sometimes something happens - usually he sits and waits, then tries again. Through trial and error, and instructions from his old friend Reinoll, Rooks struggles to master the art of the Cards before it's too late. ------------------------------------ ** Teefa *************************** ------------------------------------ When Galneon started the coup and dark days fell over Galnia and the surrounding cities, both of the King's daughters disappeared without a trace. Princess Teefa, never known for her loyalty, had originally aligned herself with her old ally Darwin. But now she seems to have switched sides and taken up with her father's archenemy. What could be her plan - or is there a plan? ------------------------------------ ** Ariel *************************** ------------------------------------ Ariel's father, Rooks' father, and Axs made up one of the most famous fighting groups in the history of this land - the Three Knights of Lexford. The exploits of these three in defense of their land is legendary. But something has happened that no one can explain - this son of a great warrior, taught well from birth, given the training of a warrior in accordance with the wishes of his father, has gone over to the other side, plotting against Rooks and his companions. What other unusual things are afoot here? ------------------------------------ ** Salah *************************** ------------------------------------ The daughter of the slain King Wagnall was entrusted to Axs for safekeeping. As a member of the Royal Family, se carries a secret that Rooks' party needs to get into Stavery Tower to stop the Evil Empress Rimsala from completing her wicked plan of conquest. Clever and brave, Salah has the strength to follow through in her face of dire circumstances, and will never give up until Galneon's plot has been thwarted and peace restored to her homeland. ------------------------------------ ** Axs ***************************** ------------------------------------ The only living member of the legendary Knights of Lexford, Axs is everything a warrior should be - loyal, intelligent, fearless, resourceful. The children of Elemen learned of the bravery and chivalry of these courageous men, and dreamed of one day being asked to join their ranks. King Arthur of the Round Table was once heard to remark, "If I had but a dozen men the likes of this one, I would rule not only England, but the world..." ------------------------------------ ** Reinoll ************************* ------------------------------------ Good old Reinoll - where would our hero be without his kind concern and sage advice? After following various disciplines brought into the Kingdom from exotic distant places, and mastering the strange and powerful ways of magic, Reinoll decided to withdraw from the world to his hollowed-out tree in the woods, to read, to study, and to ponder the foibles of men, elves, dwarves and fighters. ------------------------------------ ** The Sorcerer ******************** ------------------------------------ The Sorcerer has remained in the hills, living like a hermit and meditating on his past as a warrior and Weaver of Spells, for many years now. The focus of his life, the reason for his very existence, has become the guarding of the Crystal Sword in preparation for the day when the uprising against the wicked Galneon can begin. With his command of all the disciplines of magic from around the world, the Sorcerer is just the one to protect this valuable treasure from harm. ------------------------------------ ** Darwin ************************** ------------------------------------ The first encounter with Darwin takes place when he's doing what he does best - taking on a horde of attacking monsters while politely declining offers of help. Self-reliant and confidant, Darwin seems to turn up at the most unusual moments, save the day, then quietly slip away while others are wondering what happened. A valuable addition to any team - if you can get him to join! ----------------------------------- ** Spirit Cards ******************* ----------------------------------- Sylph, the Wind Spirit Marid, the Water Spirit Efrit, the Fire Spirit Dao, the Earth Spirit Each of the Spirit Cards has an attribute that is effective in attacks against enemies of certain other attributes. Study the strong points of each spirit and use them when appropriate. ====================================================================== ** Use of the Controller ********************************************* ====================================================================== Control pad: Used to move your character. Push Up to enter buildings Select Button Start Button: Used to start the Game. A button: Used to enter commands and menu choices B Button: Used to cancel commands menu choices A, B, X, or Y Button can be used to scroll through the screen messages. ------------------------------------ ** Staring / Continuing a Game ***** ------------------------------------ When you first start the game the title screen will appear as shown. Notice the words New Game appear in white, while the word Continue is ghosted (Appears as a grey shadow). If menu selections remain ghosted when you try to pick them, it means that the selection is not available at the time. After you first save you will be able to select Continue and skip the introduction. After selecting Continue, you will be asked to select your file number. Up to three games can be saved in your Game Pak. Select the file containing your game and enter your selection. You can now begin your game from where you last left off. ====================================================================== ** Main Menu ********************************************************* ====================================================================== Pushing the A Button during game play will bring up the main menu. Here is an explanation of the entries. Look Take a look at what's around you. Call used to call up a spirit to help Map In areas where a map is necessary the map is available. Areas where you've gone are shown with dark lines, and the unexplored areas are shown in light lines. The cursor will shown you where you are, and what direction you are facing. Magic Gives you a list of the magic spells you have in your inventory. Ability Gives a list of conditions and how the character is faring. Categories include Strength, Endurance, Intelligence, etc., as well as your character's HP, MP, and Experience points. Color Adjusts the color in your text display. Set this option to make the window the color of your choice. Equipment Shows inventory of weapons and defensive items in your possession. Inventory Shows cards and items you are presently holding. Formation In attacks, Formation determines which characters are in the front line of attack and which are in the back. Select which character you want to move, then move the square red cursor to the spot you want to move to, and those two positions will exchange. ====================================================================== ** Tips on Using the Menus ******************************************* ====================================================================== -Armor, shields and weapons can be distributed to members of your party. Let's say you want to move the Splint Mail from Rooks' inventory to Axs' inventory. Select Separate from the menu. Then select Rooks' picture and push the A button. The cursor will start flashing around Rooks' display. Then move the red bar cursor down to the Split Mail and choose it by using the A button. Now select Axs' picture, press the A button, and the Split Mail will be transferred to Axs. -Ghosted items are unavailable for use by the selected character. For example, spirits do not need Armor, so Armor will be ghosted if one of the spirits is selected. -Unneeded equipment can be discarded at any time, or sold in the village for cash or other items. See the section on the Outfitter's shop. -When deciding on your formation, remember to keep stronger, better equipped characters in the front, particularly if they're using short-ranged weapons. Spirits can use magic from the back row of formations. ====================================================================== ** Using the Attributes ********************************************** ====================================================================== Flow Chart (I had to rearrange it) Wind --) Earth --) Water --) Fire --) Wind Wind (--) Water Fire --) Earth Attributes of Cards, enemies, allies and spells are very important. Certain spells are only effective against enemies of certain attributes, and the attributes of members of your party can mean effectiveness of spells cast by enemies can be increased, diminished, or thwarted completely. Study and remember the chart above. The chart shoes the attributes. A spell with a Fire attribute is effective against an enemy with a Wind attribute, and against an Earth attribute, but not against a Water attribute. If you enemy cast a spell with a Water attribute, you can counteract it by making sure all the members in the party have an Earth attribute. Learning to use the differences in attributes to your advantage is a sure way. ====================================================================== ** Chapter 1: The Journey Begins - Village of Galia ****************** ====================================================================== Explore the village thoroughly before you set out on your journey into the unknown - you'll need lots of weapons, magic, and equipment to make it through the countryside. Enter buildings by pressing the upper arm of the Control Pad. Make you selection with the A button. If you change your mind, you can back out of your selection by pushing the B button. When you've made your selections exit by pushing any of the four buttons (A, B, X, Y). The gate of the village is the gateway to adventure, but those who pass through the gate unprepared will surely meet their doom. The Alchemist behind the counter at the Apothecary is the local gossip - he always has a bit of information for you. He doesn't known much, but he'll talk to anyone. Select Conversation to find out what he knows. Pick up tidbits of gossip from him, but move one when he starts to repeat himself. When you enter the Apothecary you'll be asked what you would like. Conversations will help you along your way, and Elixir items will increase your strength and stamina. You'll get water, an elixir, or food items there. All of them will help members of your party. ====================================================================== ** The Inn of Galia / Saving Your Game ******************************* ====================================================================== The Inn in Galia is the first roadside stop you'll encounter, but there is an inn in each of the towns you come across during your journey. A room at the Inn is just what the weary traveler needs to replenish his energy and clear his head. When you need a break, tell the young lady behind the counter - she will rent you a room. The next morning she will wake you up and send you on your way with a word of encouragement. ------------------------------------ ** Saving Your Game **************** ------------------------------------ Save your game whenever you are at an Inn. If you can get to an Inn before you attempt a dangerous move you might be able to avert a disaster or reverse a defeat. Follow these steps to save your game. 1. Select Save from A Room / Save menu while you are in one of the inns. 2. Pick a File. Up to three games can be saved on the same Game Pak. Be sure not to write over someone else's saved game! 3. Be sure that your game is saved. If the save has been successful you will get a message saying, "File successfully saved". If, for any reason, your file is not saved, you will get a message telling you so. Please try saving your game again, or use another number. ====================================================================== ** The Outfitter's Shop ********************************************** ====================================================================== The Outfitter has weapons and items to buy, sell, and trade. Scroll through the list of items or Weapons to see what is available. As you select an entry a description of that entry will appear in the display at the bottom of the screen. The letters at the bottom of the screen stand for the names of the characters (Rooks, Darwin, Axs, Salah, Teefa). If a character can use that item the initial will be white - if the initial is ghosted that character can not use that item. The Outfitter will also buy back items, and you can trade weapons in your inventory for items you want. After selecting what you want the Outfitter will ask you how you want to pay. If you select Trade you will have to choose an item you want to sell back to him. Of course, the Outfitter is in business to make a profit, and will not offer you as much for an item as you paid for it. If you don't like the amount you've been offered you can select Refuse and keep the item. ====================================================================== ** The Spirit Healer ************************************************* ====================================================================== The tent in the square in Galia holds someone who will help you on your journey. The Spirit Healer has a habit of appearing out of nowhere, setting up her tent, then disappearing under cover of night. You'll see her in different places on your travels. She can sell you cards of all attributes to help you defeat your enemies, or heal the spirits travelling with you. -- Buy -- Selecting Buy will bring up the Card Purchase Screen. Select the card you want using the Control Pad and enter your selection with the A button. -- Heal -- The Spirit Healer can restore any of your spirits that have been destroyed. When she asks about healing spirits, answer her questions and she will bring any spirits you have lost back to health. *Note at this point: though the pages are ordered this way, where you actually go is in a different order... ====================================================================== ** Balnia Temple ***************************************************** ====================================================================== Our brave crew strikes out from Galia to the Balnia Temple searching for the first of the Treasures - the Crystal Sword. Enemies wait around every corner. Bizarre creatures assault the party at every step. The labyrinth stretches on forever, all the walls look alike. Weren't we here before? Doesn't that corner look familiar? What was that movement? A good place to use the map. Find exit doors and remember where they are. They are the only way to get back to the village to restock and recuperate. A visit to the hotel will refresh your tired comrades when they are exhausted. Treasure chests remain hidden until you are very close to them - only those brave enough to explore into the depths will come across Treasure Chests. Open them carefully and use their contents wisely. ====================================================================== ** Draven Pass ******************************************************* ====================================================================== Between the village of Doraf and the Forest of Doubt lies the labyrinth of Draven Pass and the Crimson Valley. Overrun with fierce beasts and deadly foes, the twisted passageways through the Pass will confuse even the most intrepid of fighters - watch your step! As Rooks and Salah try to find their way through the twisting, turning alleyways in the Pass, they come upon a strange sight - a stranger, fighting alone against a score of enemies. They offer their help in battle. After defeating the enemies, Rooks finds that they someone in common - Darwin was the first caretaker of Princess Teefa after the overthrow. But now it seems she has gone over to the other side. Perhaps we'll meet up with her soon. ====================================================================== ** Reinoll the Elder ************************************************* ====================================================================== Along the way Rooks stops in for a rest and some information at the home of Reinoll the Elder - wizard, sage, alchemist Renaissance man. Surrounded by his library of rare and unusual books, Reinoll tells Rooks of the Treasures and spirits needed to defeat Rimsala. Then he confirms Rooks' worst fears - the only one who can accomplish the task is a true Card master. The die is cast. The four kinds of spells - Wind, Fire, Water and Earth. Each with their own unique powers and qualities. All four are needed for the bearer to accomplish his assigned task. The Three Treasures - the Spirit Sword, Enchanted Jewel, and Crystal Sword. Formed in fire, strengthened in adversity, passed down through the generations. ====================================================================== ** The Ice Mine ****************************************************** ====================================================================== After picking up information from Reinoll the Elder, our party takes off for the volcanic Crystal Point Mountains and the Ice Cave hidden on its slopes. The mouth is well hidden, but our party knows the way, and are soon exploring inside. The Ice Mine - miles of frigid corridors populated by creatures whose blood runs as cold as the ice stalactites in the dark recesses of the mountain. The goal in this torturous quest - to find the Lava Room and its contents - the Enchanted Jewel, the second in the trio of treasures. Press on to the prize. The Lava Room - unbelievable heat from pools of molten metal surrounded by bitter cold. Pools of lava make passage impossible. Any enemies met here must be dealt with here - no chance of escape, no chance of flight, and, if a warrior is not quick enough or nimble enough, no chance of survival. ====================================================================== ** The Village of Doraf ********************************************** ====================================================================== Next stop - the sleepy village of Doraf. The battle at Balnia Temple has taken the toll of our party, and Rooks and friends take refuge in the village of Doraf, home of Axs. The party takes advantage of the break in their trek to rest and re-equip before settling out for the forest of Doubt. After the battle in Balnia Temple the party makes its escape to Axs' house hidden in the woods. It is here that Rooks meets Salah, the young daughter of the slain King and the next potential member of the party. Salah may look demure, but she's courageous and resourceful. The Merchant of Doraf has set up his shop in a back alley in the village. The local constabulary thinks that he's just selling produce and dry goods, but he's got a little side business - selling weapons to knights in need. If you know how to ask he'll sell to you, too. Don't spend any more time with the unscrupulous character than you have to. One look in his face will tell you there's nothing to be gained by antagonizing this guy. Just get what you need and continue on. Heavier weapons than in Galia, and correspondingly high prices. ====================================================================== ** Stavery Tower ***************************************************** ====================================================================== After regrouping in the Elf Village, the party sets off on the long trek up the mountain to Stavery Tower and the final confrontation. In the tower is floor after floor filled with enemies lurking in every dark, dank corner. Remember where you are, and keep a sharp eye on your compass. Each floor in Stavery Tower has a secret door leading to the next level. Each door you find brings the party one step closer to the confrontation with Galneon and Rimsala. That's one step closer to total victory - or utter defeat. The final confrontation with Galneon to decide the fate of our hero, his band of warriors, and the entire island of Elemen will take place in this very room, at the top of Stavery Tower. Final victory is in your hands - and in the cards. ====================================================================== ** Items ************************************************************* ====================================================================== Following is a list of items you can pick up along the way and the effect each one has. The price for each item varies with each level. Use your money and items wisely. Sleeping Bag HP and MP restored to original condition. Tent HP and MP restored to original condition. Also reverses Paralysis and Petrify Spells. Strength Honey Increases muscle power and physical strength Intelligence Honey Increases intelligence and aptitude. Endurance Honey Increases endurance and perseverance. Agility Honey Increases agility and dexterity. Restore Honey Maximum HP is increased. MP Honey Maximum MP is increased Herbs Restores some of your HP Medicine Restores larger portion of your HP Silver Flask Restores some of your MP Gold Flask Restores larger portion of your MP Maiden's Tears Reverses Petrify spells (only 1 party member) Moon Oil Reverses Paralysis spells (only 1 party member) ====================================================================== ** Armor ************************************************************* ====================================================================== *Note: the booklet made a very grave mistake in the armors. Instead of Da for Darwin, they put in Ar for Ariel, who never joins your party. I corrected the error. Abbreviations Used in Charts Ro: Rooks Ax: Axs Sa: Salah Da: Darwin Te: Teefa Dam: Damage DP: Damage Points GP: Gold Pieces Attr: Attribute ------------------------------------ ** Bracelets *********************** ------------------------------------ Name Ro Ax Sa Da Te Dam DP GP Attr Talisman X X 20 300 Rune Gauntlet X X 40 500 Mithril Gauntlet X X 160 3000 Magic Gauntlet X X 180 10000 Spirit Gauntlet X X 200 2 Moon Gauntlet X 220 4000 Cursed Gauntlet X X 10 2 ------------------------------------ ** Armor *************************** ------------------------------------ Name Ro Ax Sa Da Te Dam DP GP Attr Soft Leather X X X X X 0 20 100 Hard leather X X X X X 0 30 300 Ring Mail X X X 0 40 500 Scale Mail X X X X 0 60 700 Chain Mail X X X 0 80 1000 Breast Mail X 0 85 1500 Breast Plate X X X 0 100 2000 Seam Mail X X X 0 120 3000 Plate Mail X X 0 145 4500 Mithril Chain X X 0 150 5000 Mithril Plate X X 0 160 7500 Mithril Mail X X 0 180 10000 Wind Demon Mail X 0 205 20000 Eart Dragon Mail X 0 190 20000 Magic Plate X X 0 200 25000 Magic Mail X X 0 215 30000 Earth Plate X 0 230 20000 Eart Grand Armor X 0 240 30000 Rococo Mail X X X X X 0 350 50000 ------------------------------------ ** Robes *************************** ------------------------------------ Name Ro Ax Sa Da Te Dam DP GP Attr Robe X X 0 25 150 Silver Robe X X 0 100 750 White Robe X 0 145 1000 Shaman Robe X 0 160 20 Magic Robe X 0 180 15000 Robe of Valor X 0 200 30 ------------------------------------ ** Shields ************************* ------------------------------------ Name Ro Ax Sa Da Te Dam DP GP Attr Small Shield X X X 0 20 180 Large Shield X X X 0 40 300 Spike Shield X X X 0 80 750 Iron Shield X X X 0 120 1000 Mithril Shield X X X 0 140 1500 Dragon Shield X 0 170 2500 Demon Shield X 0 180 2480 Magic Shield X 0 160 40000 Caesar Shield X 0 200 45000 Grand Shield X 0 220 24800 Enchanted Shield X X X 0 10 2 ====================================================================== ** Weapons *********************************************************** ====================================================================== ------------------------------------ ** Axes **************************** ------------------------------------ Name Ro Ax Sa Da Te Dam DP GP Attr Flying Axe X X X 50 0 450 Battle Axe X X 70 0 1700 Great Axe X 100 0 4800 Demon Axe X 160 0 0 Eart ------------------------------------ ** Whips *************************** ------------------------------------ Name Ro Ax Sa Da Te Dam DP GP Attr Whip X X 35 0 170 Chain Whip X X 55 0 850 Blackthorne Whip X X 60 0 5500 ------------------------------------ ** Hammers ************************* ------------------------------------ Name Ro Ax Sa Da Te Dam DP GP Attr Mace X X 65 0 1000 Flail X X 90 0 1300 Battle Hammer X 90 0 1200 Morning Star X ? 0 6000 ------------------------------------ ** Swords ************************** ------------------------------------ Name Ro Ax Sa Da Te Dam DP GP Attr Dagger X X X X X 20 0 100 Short Sword X X X X X 40 0 200 Long Sword X X 60 0 500 Broad Sword X X 80 0 1000 Scimitar X X X 100 0 1500 Wate Ice Blade X X 120 0 2000 Undead Blade X 140 0 3000 Fire Fire Blade X 160 0 5000 Dragon Blade X X 180 0 7500 Magic Sword X X 200 0 10000 Wind Lightning Sword X X 220 0 13500 Desiree X 240 0 20000 All Crystal Sword X 230 0 2 All Spirit Sword X 260 0 2 Giant Sword X 280 0 2 Golden Sword X X X X X 100 0 30000 Cursed Sword X X X X X 100 0 0 ------------------------------------ ** Wands *************************** ------------------------------------ Name Ro Ax Sa Da Te Dam DP GP Attr Staff X X 30 0 150 Mage Staff X X 50 0 400 Memory Wand X 60 0 700 Firebrand X 100 0 1000 Elder's Staff X X 110 0 4500 Wind Wish Wand X 120 0 10000 Staff of Wisdom X 140 0 7500 Spirit Staff X 160 0 5000 ====================================================================== ** Spells ************************************************************ ====================================================================== Abbreviations used in char: Attr: Attribute W: Water w: wind F: Fire E: Earth * column: whether the spell affects all enemies on the screen (A) or one at a time (s). *Note, some of the spells were incorrect in terms of whether it attack all or a single enemy, so I changed it to the right one if I caught the error. Also, some spells' names are misleading. Restoration of Spirit, for one, only restores one spirit, not all. Ruinous Mission will kill a spirit, and inflict massive damage to your opponent. MP: Magic Points Name Attr * MP Effects of Spell Lightning 1 Wind A 8 All attacked by lightning Lightning 2 Wind A 14 All attacked by lightning Lightning 3 Wind A 20 All attacked by lightning Smash 1 Earth A 8 Throw stones at enemy Smash 2 Earth A 14 Throw stones at enemy Smash 3 Earth A 20 Throw stones at enemy Water 1 Water A 8 Enemies are drowned Water 2 Water A 14 Enemies are drowned Water 3 Water A 20 Enemies are drowned Flame 1 Fire A 8 Enemies are attacked by fire Flame 2 Fire A 14 Enemies are attacked by fire Flame 3 Fire A 20 Enemies are attacked by fire Attribute 1 w W S 10 effective against E & W Attribute 2 w W A 15 Effective against E & F Attribute 3 E W A 20 Effective against W & F Attribute 4 w F S 15 Effective against E & w Attribute 5 E F S 20 Effective against W & w Attribute 6 W F A 23 Effective against F & w Attribute 7 w E W A 24 Effective against E W & F Attribute 8 w E F S 24 Effective against E W & w Attribute 9 w W F A 30 Effective against E F & w Attribute 10 E W F S 30 Effective against W w & F Attribute 11 All A 40 Effective against All Call Wind Spirit w A 40 Summons Wind Spirit Call Earth Spirit E A 40 Summons Earth Spirit Call Water Spirit W A 40 Summons Water Spirit Call Fire Spirit F A 40 Summons Fire Spirit HP Restore All A 30 Restore HP for All HP Restore S 30 Restore HP for one Heal 1 S 16 Restores HP Heal 2 S 24 Restores HP Heal 3 S 42 Completely Restores HP Heal All 1 S 20 Restores some HP for all Heal All 2 A 40 Restores some HP for all Chaos Wind w A 25 Sweeps enemies away Entomb E A 25 Buries enemies Destroy F A 25 Destroys enemies Paralyze All A 23 Paralyzes all enemies Petrify All A 23 Turns enemies to stone Sleep All A 20 Puts enemies to sleep Confused All A 20 Prevents logical thinking Paralyze S 13 Paralyzes one enemy Petrify W S 15 Turns on enemy to stone Sleep A S 10 Puts one enemy to sleep Confused S 10 Prevents logical thinking Offense Impair A 4 Limits enemy's accuracy Offense Impair All S 7 Limits enemies' accuracy Defense Impair S 4 Limits enemy's defense Defense Impair All A 7 Limits enemies' defense Accuracy Impair S 4 Limits enemy's accuracy Accuracy Impair All A 7 Limits enemies' accuracy Attack Impair S 4 Limits enemy's attack Attack Impair All A 7 Limits enemies' attack Ruinous Mission A 20 Sacrifices player's strength Flee A 32 Retreat to regroup Dodge All A 5 Attack parry increased Wall All A 5 Defense increased Accuracy Increase All A 5 Attack accuracy increased Stomp All A 5 Attack strength increased Change Attr to Wind A 4 Changes attribute Chang Attr to Earth A 4 Changes attribute Change Attr to Water A 4 Changes attribute Change Attr to Fire A 4 Changes attribute Restore All A 10 Restores to original state Unpetrify S 4 Counters Petrify spell Restoration of Spirit S 50 Restores all of the spirits Home - 8 Return to village

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