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Typed out by by Son Gohan Aladdin THE SECRET OF THE LAMP! "For years the secret of the lamp has eluded me, but tonight it was within my grasp. At long last, I had succeeded in uniting the halves of the ancient golden scarab, which led me along a magical trail across the dunes. Taking the worthless thief, Gazeem, with me, I ventured deep into the desert. We watched in anticipation as the two pieces of the scarab split apart and buried themselves deep in the sand. This was what I had searched for! "Suddenly, the ground began to quake under us and a huge tiger's head rose ominously from the moonlit sands. I had found it! After all the searching - The Cave of Wonders!" "I sent Gazeem into the tiger's mouth with instructions to bring me the lamp. As I watched him draw closer to the cave, I could feel the power of the lamp. But I was unprepared for what happened next..." "The Cave itself rose in anger and rejected Gazeem, silencing him forever with its massive stone jaws. 'Only one who is worthy may enter,' it roared. 'One whose rags hide a heart that is pure. A diamond in the rough..." "Somewhere I will find this diamond and then the power of the lamp will be mine!" CONTROLLING ALADDIN NOTE: The buttons used for certain actions can be changed in the OPTIONS screen. To move Aladdin left or right: Press the control pad left or right. To make Aladdin duck: Press the control pad down. To make Aladdin jump: Press the B button. To make Aladdin run faster: Press the Y button. To make Aladdin throw an apple: Press the A button. To make Aladdin glide in the air using a rug: Press and hold the R button. (Can only be done if Aladdin has collect the white rug.) To make Aladdin somersault off an enemy or object: Jump on top of the enemy or object and press and hold the B button. To grab a ledge or beam: Jump toward the edge of the ledge or beam and Aladdin will automatically grab hold if he is close enough. To make Aladdin climb up: When Aladdin is hanging, press the control pad up. To pause the game: Press the START button. ONE JUMP AHEAD! Staying one step ahead of trouble is a full-time job for Aladdin and his pal Abu! Racing through the marketplace with the guards hot on his heels, Aladdin must zig-zag around, over and through the merchants who line the streets. Whether he's somersaulting off the heads of guards who block his way or just bombarding them with arm full of apples, Aladdin will do anything and everything to stay one jump ahead. But there's more in store for Aladdin than he could possibly know. Danger beyond belief and powers greater than he can imagine. Every mistake will cost him valuable strength, but every move forward brings him closer to his destiny! MAGIC CARPET RIDE When Aladdin is in a tight spot and needs a lift, the Magic Carpet will glide to his rescue. But once he's along for the ride, Aladdin must tug on a tassel to help guide the Magic Carpet through the sky. To Fly Higher: Press the control pad up. To Fly Lower: Press the control pad down. To Fly Faster: Press the control pad right. To Fly Slower: Press the control pad left. ENCHANTED ITEMS! RUG Pick up a rug and Aladdin will be able to use it to glide through the air. JARS Help Aladdin tip them over to see what is hidden inside. TREASURE CHEST Aladdin can open a treasure chest by jumping on top of it. APPLE Aladdin can collect apples and use them to throw at his enemies! BREAD Collect a loaf of bread to refill one heart on Aladdin's health meter. ROASTED CHICKEN Find a roasted chicken to refill all the hearts on Aladdin's health meter. EMERALDS Pick up emeralds along the way and if you collect 100, Aladdin will earn an extra chance to complete the adventure. HEART Find the heart and Aladdin will add an extra heart to his health meter. MAGIC LAMP Collect a magic lamp to grant Aladdin another chance to complete the adventure. THE WORLDS OF ALADDIN The Market Place Chased by the palace guards, Aladdin and Abu must steal their daily bread and escape from their enemies. The Cave of Wonders Freed from the palace dungeon, Aladdin and Abu search the Cave of Wonders for the magical lamp. Escape from the Cave of Wonders Angered by Abu's attempt to steal the forbidden treasure, the Cave of Wonders attempts to destroy Aladdin and Abu as they flee with the lamp. Inside the Genie's Lamp After Aladdin rubs the lamp, the Genie pops out and invites him into the wild and wacky world inside. The Pyramid Lost in the middle of the desert, Abu stumbles into an ancient pyramid and Aladdin must find him before the grave robbers do. Jafar's Palace Racing back from the ends of the earth, Aladdin must fight his way through Jafar's palace to save Princess Jasmine. ADVICE FROM THE GENIE 1. When swinging from a beam, Aladdin can knock enemies over with his feet. 2. Aladdin can jump a bit further if he gets a running start. 3. To defeat some enemies, Aladdin needs to somersault off their heads several times. 4. If Aladdin gets hit by an enemy or object, he will become invincible for a second. Use this time to get by any troublesome obstacles. 5. When riding the Magic Carpet, don't fly too far forward or Aladdin won't be able to see the twists and turns ahead. USING THE OPTIONS SCREEN When the title screen appears, push the control pad up or down to move the marker next to OPTIONS and press the START button. When the next screen appears, push the control pad up or down to highlight the option you wish to change. Control Type - This option allows you to change the settings for the different buttons used in the game. - Press the control pad left or right until you find the control pad settings you wish to use. B.G.M. - This option allows you to hear the various Background Music themes used in Aladdin. - Press the control pad left or right to change the Background Music number and then press the B button to hear the song. SOUND MODE - This option allows you to select either STEREO or MONOAURAL sound. - Push the control pad left or right to highlight the option you wish to use. EXIT - Highlight this option and press the START button to exist the OPTIONS mode. USING YOUR PASSWORD When Aladdin completes an entire level, the Genie will appear and reward you with a magical password. Look to see which character appears in each box and make sure you write them down for future reference. The next time you play ALADDIN you can enter your password by selecting the PASSWORD option on the title screen. When you do, the password screen will appear. Press the control pad up or down to select the correct character for the first box. Then press the control pad right to select the next box and put the next character in that box. After all characters have been placed in the correct boxes, press the START button. If your password is correct, the two halves of the magical scarab will unite and magically transport you back to where you received the password.

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