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A C T R A i S E R - Instruction Booklet - ACTRAiSER Contents Opening Story......................................4 * The Outline Of The Game.......................6 * Area Guide....................................8 * Game Play....................................10 * To Start Game................................11 * The Sky Palace...............................12 Action Mode * Rid The Land Of All Monsters.................16 Controller Operation In Action Mode..........17 * Defeat The Guardian !........................18 * Items........................................19 Simulation Mode * Create New Civilizations.....................20 Controller Operation In Simulation Mode.....21 * Command Guide For Simulation Mode............22 * Purpose Of The Simulation Mode...............28 FillMore..................................32 BloodPool.................................34 Kasandora.................................35 Aitos.....................................36 Marahna...................................37 Northwall.................................38 - 3 - Prologue Opening Story Generations ago, the world fell into deep Chaos. The Master had maintained the world in a state of peace and harmony. However, an evil one called Tanzra began to threaten its very existence. People spent their lives manifesting their love to their Master while fearing The Evil One. The Master and The Evil One were eternal enemies. In strength and power they were almost equals. Even though the world has fallen into Chaos, somehow the earth continued on its revolving course. Invasion and destruction... These were the only aims of The Evil One. To conquer the world was his only desire. However, The Evil One was unable to destroy the Master. He ordered his six Guardians, who had enormous strength, to defeat the Master and conquer his world. Even though the world was still in a state of peace, the balance of power began to gradually sway towards darkness. One day, The Evil One and his Guardians suddenly appeared at the outer gates of the Sky Palace. The Master, who understood the real purpose of their presence, fought with great courage and little regard for his own life. The battle waged on for many days. The Master was so badly injured that he - 4 - fled to the safety of his Sky Palace. With the little energy he had left, he erected a barricade. To heal his serious wound, he fell into a long and deep sleep. While in a deep sleep, the presence of the Master's power vanished. With no one to inspire resistance, the forces of Evil invaded the world and did as they pleased. With little hope for any support from their Master, the people had little choice but to be transformed into monsters. The Evil One divided the world into six lands and turned over the control of each region to his Guardians. The world was completely ruined. Stone statues the people had made in honor of their Master became the only remaining eveidence of a strong and thriving society. Several hundred years after the world had fallen into The Evil One's power, the Master, who had long since retreated to the safety of the Sky Palace, began to stir. Even though time had completely healed the Master's wounds, his power disappeared when the last of his loyal subject succumbed to the forces of evil. He found his once ideal worldand loyal subject now overrun by evil. This caused the Master much grief and sorrow, but what could he do? He had no power. Inspired by the faintest of hope, the Master revolved battle The Evil One so that peace and order might once again prevail. With the final preparations, the Master took down the barrier protecting th Sky Palace and silently began his mission to destroy The Evil One's hold onhis earth. - 5 - THE OUTLINE OF THE GAME As you develop the land, your power will gradually be restored. With renewed power you can rid the earth of all monsters. 'ActRaiser' takes place in a world invaded by forced of evil. As Master, you must defeat all monsters in each Action Mode in order to purify the land that is being dominated by evil. Each land has two separate Action Modes, 'ACT I' and each of the six districts has one Action Mode. Upon completing ACT I, of an Action Mode you move into the Simulation Mode. An orderly development of the land will raise your level and fighting strength. In the beginning, you will only be permitted entrance to Filemore. To visit other lands will require that you increase your level. Your first mission will be to purge the land of Fillmore, cultivate it, and raise your level. Below is an example of how you will progress through the Action and Simulation Modes. START THE GAME | PURIFY FILLMORE | DEVELOP FILLMORE | PURIFY FILLMORE - 6 - Action Mode As the once-ruleing Master, your task in the Action Mode is to regain control of all the land. To accomplish this task you have chosen the statue of a mighty warrior to embody your spirit. ACT I must be completed before moving into the Simulation Mode. Each land has TWO ACTION MODES. Once you have sealed all the monsters'lairs in the Simulation Mode, you can advance to ACT II. Simulation Mode The Simulation Mode begins upon completion of ACT I of eachlands' Action Mode. Your taks here is to develop th land and increase the population. When the population increases to a certain number, the Master's experience will raise a level and his HP will increase. The higher the Master's experience and HP level, the more prepared he will be for the next Action Mode. People will cultivate the land in the direction you advise. Using the Masters' resurgence, lead and direct the people through the many incidents and events take place in the Simulation Mode. - 7 - AREA GUIDE A New And Mysterious Land Awaits You! The world is divided into six land. The fighting is going to start in Fillmore, right in the middle of the map. You must purify the lands one by one. 1 - Fillmore Large meadows and forests. A good chance to gain experience. 2 - Bloodpool Water flood this land. A mysterious castle sits by the Lake of Blood. 3 - Kasandora A vast and lonesome desert. Rain will help bring forests and greenery back. 4 - Aitos An active volcano, lava-covered grounds. Careful, monsters are much stronger here. 5 - Marahna A tropical island covered under a deep jungle. A large river is also present here. 6 - Northwall A frigid land of snow, serene in its beauty. - 8 - 9 - GAME PLAY For complete game play, read carefully. Controller Operation Controller Operation is decribed below.the function of each button may change depending on the area you are in. Control Pad - Moves the main character in the Action Mode and moves the Angel in the Simulation Mode.It also moves the cursor. A-Button - Shrinks your view of the world map. B-Button - Enters the selected command in the Simulation Mode. Controls jumping motion of the warrior in the Action Mode. X-Button - Enlarges your view of the world map. Y-Button - Cancels a command selected in the Simulation Mode. Controls the sword in the Action Mode. START-Button - Start or pause the game. L & R-Button - Not used during the game. - 10 - TO START THE GAME Insert your ActRaiser into your SUPER NES and turn the power switch on. The title screen will appear. Push start to begin. The Game When playing the game for the first time, select 'START' on the title screen. To continue, select 'Continue' and pres start. You can begin a new game at any time, but it will erase the game you had been playing. Creat A Name Decide the name of the Master. Input the letters of your name and title as instructed on the screen. Once completed, push START BUTTON. With out registering a name, the game will not begin. How To Save Your Game When you want to stop in the middle of the game, use the commands in the Sky Palace or the Simulation Mode. Select 'Other' and then 'Progress Log'. This will enable you to save the data. Please note, this pak can only save one story. Continuing A Saved Game To continue a previously saved game, select 'CONTINUE' on the title screen. Erasing Data If your switch on the power and hold L and R buttons down on both controllers until the title appears, all previously saved data will be erased. Thereafter, you will beable to start a new game. - 11 - THE SKY PALACE Your game will begin in the inner chambers of the Sky Palace. The Angel will help you through the beginning sequences of the game. Read the instructions carefully as they appear on the screen. Operation The Game On The Map Screen And The Sky Palace X-Button - Enlarges your view of the world map. Y-Button - Cancels the selected command. A-Button - Shrinks your view of the world map. B-Button - Shrinks your view of the world map. Control Pad - Controls movement of the Sky Palace, also indentifies which command to select. - 12 - Command Guides From the inner chambers of the Sky Palace you can execute eight different commands. Using the control pad, select the desired command and press B-Button. To Move Selecting this icon allows you to move the Sky Palace. You may also enter the Simulation Mode by selecting this icon. Sky Palace Movement Selecting this icon will change the screen from the inner chambers of the Sky Palace to the map of the world. Use this command to get an aerial view of the developing world. Observe The People Selecting this icon will allow you to move from the inner chambers of the Sky Palace to the Simulation Mode. This command cannot be used unless the land has first been purified. Fight This icon will allow you to select the fighting and magic icons. Fight Monsters Selecting this icon will send your spirit down to embody the mighty warrior statue. Select Magic Selecting this icon will allow you to determine the magic spell to use during battle. Various magic spells will be obtained during game play. - 13 - STATUS This icon will allow you to access the various status screens. Status Of Master Selecting this icon will display a current status report on the Master. Also displayed will be the population level to the reached before advancing to the next level. LV (Level) - SP - HP MP TOTAL ITEM NEXT MAGIC Status Of Cities AREA (Land) STAT ITEM pop LV Types Of Population Speed NONE SLOW NORM STOP MAX OTHER Saves the game or changes the system. Progress Log To save your game, select this command and choose either 'Yes' or 'No'. Only one game at a time can be saved. Every times you save a new game the previously saved data will be erased. Remember to push the reset button when turning the power off. Message Speed Controls the Message speed. '9' being the slowest and '0' being the fastest, move the cursor with the control pas and enter selection with B-Button. - 15 - ACTION MODE RID THE LAND MONSTERS OF ALL MONSTERS From Master To Warrior Your spirit brings life to the flawless statue. Your quest is to rid each land of the evil that inflects it. Access the command window and select the 'Fight Monsters' command to bring life to the mighty warrior. Get Ready For Magic! Throughout the game you will be given different magic spells. Once you've collected some magic spells (before selecting the 'Fight Monsters' Mode) select which spell you will have with you. Each time a magic spell is used it consumes 1 MP. Magical Fire - Fire balls will be thrown to the right and left attacking monsters in your path. Magical Stardust - Countless shooting stars fall from above injuring any monsters on the screen. Magical Aura - The aura of the Master will become a giant ball of light, launching a rotating attack. Magical Light - A powerful light from the Sky Palace streams to earth to the right and left of the warrior, injuring all monsters in its path. - 16 - Controller Operation In Action Mode Y-Button * Controls sword movement * Throws force fields from the sword. B-Button * Jump * When used with Y-Button, you can jump and attack. A or X-Button * Allows you to use the Magic Spell you are carrying with you. You must also press the control pas up when pressing the button. Control Pad: Down * Kneel down. When you use with Y-Button, you can kneel and attack. Control Pad: Left & Right * Moves your character to right and left. Where necesary, you can also retreat. - 17 - DEFEAT THE GUARDIAN! How to move on to the Action Mode. Fiendish enemies, treacherous obstacles and time will try and prevent you from reaching the Evil Guardian of each land. Power-Up Items Light Orbs appear throughout the game. Hitting the Orbs with the sword will reveal various items that aid the Warrior in his quest. Defeat The Guardian And Finish The Action Mode At the end of each phase, you will face a formidable foe. He will not be easily conquered but with valiant effort. You may need to call on any Magic Powers you possess. Two Action Phases In Each Land Each of the 6 ActRaiser lands combone two action phases with a simulation between. Clearing the first action phase allows you to begin work in the Simulation Mode. Listen carefully to the advice and instructions you receive. - 18 - ITEMS Items will appear in the Action Mode. Power-ups and items are hidden throughout the game. Once revealed, they will be on the screen for only a short time before disappearing. Half Apple 1/4 of your life gauge will be restored bytaking this item. Origin Of Magic Each magic scroll will increase your MP by one point. 1000 Bonus Points The 1000 bonus point is the highest available in the game. Projectiles One of the items you collect will allow you to throw crescent force fields from your sword. Whole Apple A whole apple completely restores your life gauge. 500 Bonus Points A bonus of 500 points. The more points you get, the easier the game will be. 1-Up An extra life for the main character. Crush Taking this item will instantly destroy all enemies on the screen. - 19 - SIMULATION MODE The Object of the Simulation Mode. In the Simulation Mode, help the people re-establish their culture and develop a peaceful civilization. First, a group of leaders will appear and confide in you their problems. Direct and help you people te develop their tows so they may flourish. As the overall population increases, the Master's Level will rise and his HP will increase. This will make you progress in the Action Mode easier. The Magic offered by your people in the Simulation Mode will also help you battle monsters in the Action Mode. CREATE NEW CIVILIZATIONS After The Battle, Your Leaders Are Born. Upon completion of the first act of any action phase, you move into the Simulation Mode of that particular land. The Angel Is Your Servant In This Mode In this mode, you will an Angel as your loyal servant. On occasion he will offer advice, so listen carefully. Developing The And To Increase Your Population Developing the lands efficiently requires the skillful use of 'Miracles' in removing various obstacles and the effective direction of the people's building efforts. When the 'Town Under Construction' message appears on the screen, you can be assured the population is about to increase. - 20 - Controller Operation In Simulation Mode B-Button * Calls up the display window. * Enters selected commands. Y-Button * Cancels entered commands. * Shoots Angel's arrows. Control Pad * Controls the direction of the Angel's movement. * Controls the movement of the 'Yellow Square'. - 21 - COMMAND GUIDE FOR SIMULATION MODE B-Button will call up the command window. TO MOVE Allows you to return to the inner chambers of the Sky Palace or select an aerial view of the world. Return To Sky Palace Returns you to the inner chambers of the Sky Palace. When ready to enter the fighting mode, return to the Sky Palace first by using this command. Sky Palace Movement Selecting this icon will allow you to view the developing lands from the Sky Palace. You can also move the Sky Palace to other lands. Once a town has developed and the Masters' level has increased, you, if you choose, attempt to clear ACT I of another land. - 22 - DIRECT THE PEOPLE Building Direction By selecting this icon, you can instruct you subjects in the art of town building. Moving the Yellow Square in the direction you desire and pushing A-Button will begin the building process. The maximum number of spaces you can move in one turn is 8 blocks. Let Us Listen Selecting this icon allows you to communicate with your subjects. As with any growing civilization, your subjects will need your help in solving their problem. Problem Signs The appearance of thought balloons is a sign that your subjects are experiencing some problems. They may need your help, so listen carefully. - 23 - MIRACLES (Acts of Nature) This command allow you, through Acts of Nature, to remove obstacles that may be hindering progress or worrying your subjects. You will, however, need a minimum number of SP to perform these acts. Your SP will increase as you defeat the pests that inhabit the land. Once you have selected which miracle to use, Move the Yellow Square to the area where you want the miracle to take place. Lightning A very useful Act of Nature that consumes little Sp. This miracle destorys bushes (the smaller trees), Palm trees, rocks, houses and fields. SP Consumption - 10 Results - Destroys Bushes, Trees, Houses, Fields and Rocks Rain The wiseuse of this Act of Nature can cause many miracles. Rain will restore dried-ip fields to productive fields, which in turn may resume the population growth. The rain will also turn vast barren deserts into lush and productive grasslands. SP Consumption - 20 Results - Douse Fires, Turns deserts into inhabitable lands - 23 - Sun Sunlight will also be a valuable tool as you move to new lands and help your subjects reclaim marsh-infested lands. With enough sunlight, even the arctic lands of the north can be inhabited. SP Consumption - 30 Results - Melt snow and dry up marsh lands Wind The wind, too, can be a powerful ally. It is strong enough to blow any flying enemies away. Its power can also be put to good use by some of the lands you develop. SP Consumption - 80 Results - Will blow any monsters with wings away. Earthquake This fearsome Act of Nature is so profound in its impact and effect it will require an enormous amount of SP. Unlike the other 'Miracles, an earthquake will affect the entire land and may even affect an entire continent. SP Consumption - 160 Results - Destroy's houses, fields etc - 25 - OFFERINGS Take and use offerings that your people have found. As each town develops, people will find many curious things and present them to you as offerings. Most offerings you accept will bevaluable possession in your battle with evil. Be selective though, as you can only possess 8 offerings at any time. Take An Offering Selecting this icon will allow you to choose which offerings you will accept. Your loyal subject, the Angel, may tell you when your subjects have an offering to present. Use Offering Selecting this icon allows you to use the various offerings in your possession. Some of these offerings, if shared with other lands, will help those lands develop. WHAT ARE OFFERINGS ? Source of Magic - This item will increase the Master's MP. Bridge - Sharing this technology with other lands will make the people who developed this technology proud. Bomb! - When used in the Simulation Mode, will eliminate all monsters on the current screen. Wheat - When offered, will turn less productive fields into more productive wheat fields. - 26 - STATUS Selecting this icon will allow you to review conditions and status logs. Status Of Master Displays the current status of the Master. See page 14 for details. Pressing B-Button will also allow you to view scores from the Action Modes you have completed. Status Of Cities Indicates current conditions of the towns. When 'Slow' or 'Stop', appears in the 'Increase in Population' column, that's a hint the town's people will need some help. OTHER Access message speed or progress log. Progress Log Saves the progress you've made in the game. This function can be accessed at various locations throughout the game. Message Speed Allows you to select the desired message speed, '9' being the slowest, '0' being the fastest. - 27 - PURPOSE OF THE SIMULATION MODE Why develop the lands and increase the population? Developing each land in an organized fashion allows the maximum population potential and has a very important purpose. As the population of each land reaches a certain level, the Master's experience level will also increase. As the Master's level increases, his life meter for the Action Mode increases as well. About The Simulation Mode Terrain What's Removable BUSHES | The geographic features shown at the left will hinder ROCKS | development and cultivation of the land. These features MARSH LANDS | can also be eliminated by using the Miracles DESERT | (Acts of Nature). SNOW/ICE | What's not destructible? LAKES | The geographic features shown at the left are permanent FORESTS | features that cannot be destroyed MOUNTAINS | Others FIELDS | Cultivated fields are a very precious commodity. Nurture MONSTERS' | them properly. With proper encouragement and direction, LAIR | the people of each land can seal up the monsters' lairs. - 28 - When all the sand falls to the bottom... Once the sand in the upper half of the hourglass reaches the bottom, the 'Town Under Construction': phase of the Simulation Mode will begin. Movement of the sand from the top to bottom is regulated by the passage of 'Real Time'. The passage of time will be suspended while in the Action Mode, in the Sky Palace and during certain phases of the Simulation Mode. When 'Town Under Construction' appears on the screen, homes will be built, new portions of the town will be developed and the population will increase. Listen to the voice of the people With any developing town, problems arise. Listen to the concerns of your people and determine which Act of Nature, when use, would best solve that problem. If problems are not successfully resolved, the development of the particular town may stop, which would prevent the population from increasing. - 29 - Monsters on the ground too The monsters in the Simulation Mode live to make the development of the land difficult. To identify how many monsters are in a particular land, press B-Button whilehoring over that lair. Use the arrows the Angel carries to destroy the monsters in Simulation Mode. Any contact with the monsters will decrease the Angel's HP. If his life gauge is completely red (empty), he will not be able to use the arrow. Time will restore the Angel's HP. The amount of SP the Angel gains is determined by the numer of monsters defeated. When the Angel's life gauge is empty, try using some of the Miracles to effectively rid the land of monsters. Seal The Monsters' Lairs! The monsters' lairs can be sealed by developing the land over the lairs. This, however, can only be attempted once the population of the land has reached a certain level. The people of Fillmore will offer you a clue as to what that level will be. Monsters found in the Simulation Mode. Napper Bat - Attacks homes and kidnaps people. Blue Dragon - Uses thunder to destroy homes and other things. Red Demon - Scorches and dries up productive fields. - 30 - Cultural Level Cutural level refers to the development stage of towns. As the level increases, the style and quality of homes improve, allowing the population to increase. The maximum Cultural Level each town can reach is Level 3. These homes are earthquake-proof. Advanced Developments For each land to reach its maximum development level, roads must be constructed in every possible direction. The more roads you develop the more homes and fields get developed. Develop Every Inch Of The Land Since there are no clues on where offerings are hidden, it is important that you spend valuable time developing every available piece of land so your people may find all the offerings each town has concealed. There are several ways that may help speed a town's progress from level 1 to level 3 (NOTE: By useing the methods listed below, you will sacrifice the lives of many people.) * Use lightning or Earthquake to destroy the older homes. * Allow any fires to burn themselves out. * Allow the Blue Dragons to destroy the homes for you. - 31 - FILLMORE Fillmore, the first area to be purified, is a land with mild climate and lush vegatation. Of the six lands, Fillmore proves to be the best suited for large towns. Take advantage of this to increase your level and gain valuable experience. Strategy for Purifying Fillmore Clearing out the monsters'lair first, proves to be a good starting strategy. First build a road to the monsters' lair (1). Then do the same for (2) and (3). You may now move acros the river and seal (4). Doing this will eliminate all the monsters and allow you and your people to develop the town to its greatest potential. MONSTERS' LAIR 1 NAPPER BAT 2 NAPPER BAT 3 BLUE DRAGON 4 NAPPER BAT To clear the small bushes arpund the shrine, try using 'Lightning'. SP used in creating 'Miracies' can be recovered by defeating monsters with the Angel's arrows. To create 'Lightning', push B-Button to open the command window; select 'Miracles' icon. Use the control pad to select 'Lightning'. Use the Square on the ground to choose the area you wish to burn. Lead your people to the monsters' lair. How to seal the monsters' lair. Press B-Button to open the command window. Use the control pas to select 'Direct the People' icon. Choose 'Building Direction' with B-Button. After you are asked about the direction of development, select the direction by moving the Yellow Square with the control pad (You may move up to eigth blocks). When a road reaches the selected location, your people will stop building the town (flashing blinkers and arrows around the Yellow Square disappear). Repeat this procedure to lead your people in other directions. Listen to your people carefully. In the process of developing a town, disasters may occur. You people will come to you with various problems. After listing to your people you can sometimes use 'Miracles' to help them. Example: A fire has broken out in a town. To put it out simply use the 'Miracles', 'Rain'. - 32 - How to use 'Offerings'. After sealing to the monsters' lairs, direct the people to Point A and they will offer you a 'Source of Magic' icon. Note: You must take an offering before you can use it. First, push B-Button to open the command window. Select 'Offerings', push B-Button to then select the 'Take an Offering' command. Pay close attention to all information, not just the building direction. If you follow the suggestions of your people and cast 'Lightning' on Point B, the 'Magical Fire' icon will be offered. When the development of his town reaches a certain point, your people will begin to fish. A 'Source of Magic' icon will be found and offered. Acquiring new technology. When you seal the three monsters' lairs, your people will discover 'Bridge' technology. With this technology, you can build homes on the other side of the river. This will enable you to seal the last Monsters' lair (4). Besure to take the new technology with you into Bloodpool. Defeat the last Guardian in Fillmore. After sealing all of the monsters' lairs, your people ask you to defeat 'Minitaurus', the Guardian controlling Fillmore. Return to the Sky Palace in order to enter ACT II. You must succesfully clear this ACT to restore peace in Fillmore. Start ACT II Push B-Button to open the command window. Select 'Return to Sky Palace' with the control pas. After returning to the Sky Palace, open the command window and choose 'Select Magic' under 'Fight'. If you are having difficulty clearing ACT II try returning to the Simulation Mode. Build roads across the land. This will help increase your population. As your population grows, your level will also increase, extending your HP. This should make ACT II much easier to clear. When you use the 'Compass' icon acquired in Bloodpool, a 'Source of Life' will be offered. The 'Compass' can only be used once, the choice is yours. ITEM LIST There are seven items that may be acquired in Fillmore 'Bridge' technology and 'Magical Fire' are the most important. Bomb! Strength of Angel Source of Magic x2 Source of Life Bride Magical Fire - 33 - BLOODPOOL Bloodpool, has a blood red lake. The sun's warm, blessing rays are needed to turn this marsh-covered land into green fields and pastures. Be careful fighting monster because they are much stronger. Strategy for Purifying Bloodpool Burn away the bushes around the Monsters' lair (1). The direct your people to the lair so they may seal it. Next dry up any marshes with the 'Sun' rays. Give the 'Bridge' technology to your people by selecting the 'Use Offering' icon in the Offerings' command. Now you will be able to seal the monsters' lairs (2) and (3). MONSTERS' LAIR 1 NAPPER BAT 2 BLUE DRAGON 3 BLUE DRAGON 4 RED DEMON Use 'Sun' to clear the marshes. After sealing the monsters' lair, turn the marshes into green fields by using the 'Sun' icon under 'Miracles'. When you give your people the 'Bridge' technology acquired in Fillmore, they will build homes on the other side of the river. At a certain stage in the development of this town, people begin growing 'Wheat'. Take it as an offering. 'Wheat' may also be planted in Kasandora, Marahna and Fillmore. Help Teddy! At a cetain point, the people stop developing the town because they are woried about Teddy, a boy who has been away from home for quite a while. You will be offered a 'Load of Bread' from Teddy's mother. Once you find Teddy, give him the 'Load of Bread'. Upon his return, you will be offered a 'Magic Skull'. This will be needed to seal the final monsters; lair (4). Make sure you take it with the 'Take an Offering' command. If you cause it to 'Rain', you will get a 'Source of Life' icon also. Use the 'Magic Skull' The monsters' lair is hidden under the bushes. Use the 'Lightning' icon to burn away the bushes revealing this lair. Now use the 'Magic Skull' icon to seal it. The water in the lake will then be purified and your people will begin to fish. A 'Magic Stardust' icon will be found while fishing and offered to you. After you finshed ACT II, a dispute may occur among your people. 'Harmonious Music', which you can acquire in Kasandora, will help resolve this problem. When the population increases to a certain point, the people invent a 'Compass'. ITEM LIST There are eight items that may be acquired in Bloodpool. Try and take 'Wheat' because it feeds more people than the corn fields. Bomb! Wheat Loaf of Bread Magic Skull Compass Source of Magic Source of Life Magic Stardust - 34 - KASANDORA Kasandora is a land covered beneath a vast desert. Water is necessary for life here. Turn the desert into fertile land with 'Rain' icon under 'Miracles' and the land will begin to develop. Strategy for Purifying Kasandora There are no obstacles besides th desert, so start to seal the monsters' lair nearest the shrine. It will be most helpful if you develop the town in one direction rather than in several directions. MONSTERS' LAIR 1 BLUE DRAGON 2 RED DEMON 3 NAPPER BAT 4 RED DEMON Use 'Rain' to clear the Desert Turn the desert into green fields by using the 'Rain' icon under 'Miracles'. Some of monsters' lairs are hidden beneath the sand, so work diligently to turn the whole desert back in to a fertile land. Now that you have exposed the monsters' lairs, see that they are sealed up. If you give the 'Wheat' acquired in Bloodpool, it will help increase the population. The Birth of Wonderful Music If you come across some wanderers in the Desert, lead them to Point A, and they will offer you a 'Source of Magic' icon and 'Harmonious Music'. 'Harmonious Music' has the power to calm people. If a fight breaks out in Bloodpool, use this item to stop it. If you extended the road to the bottom of the desert, you will get a 'Source of Magic' icon. The Appearance of an Ominous Pyramid. A mysterious Pyramid appears. This will be the battle ground for ACT II. Before starting ACT II, cause an 'Earthquake' under 'Miracles'. A 'Source of Life' icon will be offered to you. After clearing ACT II, a plague may strike Kasandora that only a certain herb can cure (Search Marahna for the cure). Once the town is developed extensively, you may discover an 'Ancient Tablet'. ITEM LIST There are seven items that may be acquired in Kasandora. Use the 'Harmonious Music' in Bloodpool and the 'Ancient Tablet' in Marahna. Bomb! Strength of Angel Source of Magic x2 Source of Life Ancient Tablet Harmonious Music - 35 - AITOS Aitos is a mountainous area at the foot of an active volcano. There are many rocks and bushes, all of which can be removed with the 'Lighting' command. Clear these obstacles inorder to have a fertile land. Strategy for Purifying Aitos The west and southwest sides of the shrine are blocked by rocks and the northeast side by bushes. Before you start developing the town, burn the bushes with 'Lightning'. Try and seal the monsters' lairs in the correct order. MONSTERS' LAIR 1 BLUE DRAGON 2 BLUE DRAGON 3 SKULL HEAD 4 BLUE DRAGON Beware of 'Skull Head' While Clearing the Land. Seal the monsters' lairs after clearing away all obstacles. The powerful demon, 'Skull Head', will appear in Aitos. He is difficult to defeat and can cause Earthquakes at will. It is best to seal the monsters' lairs in numerical order. While the level of culture is still relatively low, it is advisable to make use of the offerings 'Bomb!' and 'Strength of Angel' while fighting these demons. Make the Wind Blow to Continue Development. Soon after sealing up the monsters' lairs, an injured leader will stand in front of the shrine. If you make it rain om the shrine as he asks, it will be appreciated. When the level of culture rises, the people will build windmills. If the people tell you that the windmills have stopped due to lack of wind, causing development of the town to stop, make the wind blow with 'Wind' icon under 'Miracles'. Obtain the 'Sheep's Fleece'. After sealing the monsters' lair and building a road to the foot of the mountain, some of the people will start climbing. After a while they will offer you a 'Source of Magic' icon discovered at the top. With further development of the town, the people will also offer you a 'Sheep's Fleece'. Make sure you take this because it will be most useful in Northwall. After you finish sealing all the monsters' lairs begin ACT II, Good Luck! ITEM LIST There are four items that may be acquired in Aitos. Remember to take 'Sheep's Fleece'! Bomb! Strength of Angel Source of Magic Sheep's Fleece - 36 - MARAHNA Marahna is a chain of island in the sea. This land is covered under a deep jungle full of palm trees and marshes. Building a town will be very very tough work. You may accomplish this task by fully utilizing all the 'Miracles'. Strategy for Purifying Marahna Turn the palm trees and the marshes into a fertile land by using the 'Lightning' and 'Sun' miracles. Work hard to uncover and seal up lairs as soon as possible. MONSTERS' LAIR 1 BLUE DRAGON 2 NAPPER BAT 3 RED DEMON 4 BLUE DRAGON An 'Earthquake' will cause the islands to connect. After clearing the land on all islands, use 'Earthquake'. The Northwest Island will be connected to the main island andyou will be able to seal the monsters' lair. Although the people in Marahna are surrounded by the sea and have little communication, they manage to discover bridge building on their own. The Appearance of a Strange Temple In the process of developing the town, a mysterious temple will suddently appear on the island. Your people will be captivated by its presence. When the population increases, you will be offered an 'Herb', which can be used as a cure for plaque. 'Wheat' which, can be obtained in Bloodpool, can also be given here to increase the population. Take 'Magical Aura'. If you give your people the 'Ancient Tablet' acquired in Kasandora, an expedition will leave for the Northeast Island. Burn away the tree at the Northeast Island with 'Lightning' to help them,and you will be offered the 'Magical Aura' icon. If you give them the 'Compass', which you acquired in Bloodpool, your people will start deep-sea fishing and after a while, will offer you the 'Source of Magic' icon. Please note that can use the 'Compass' only once. If you use it in another land, you may not use it again. ITEM LIST There are five items that may be acquired in Marahna. Be sure all of them are in your possession before leaving. Bomb! Strength of Angel Source of Magic Herb Magical Aura - 37 - NORTHWALL Northwall is an arctic land located inthe northernmost part of the world. Sunshine is necessary for people to live in such severe cold. Strategy for Purifying Northwall First melt the snow-coverd land using the 'Sun' icon, then you can begin to develop the town. All monsters in this area are very powerful. MONSTERS' LAIR 1 RED DEMON 2 SKULL HEAD 3 SKULL HEAD 4 BLUE DRAGON Melt the Frozen Tundra First melt the snow covering the land with 'Sun'. Expose all monsters' lairs as quickly as possible. Violent Attacks of the Monsters. In this last area, there are two Skull Head lairs from which you will be attacked with unbelievable fierceness. This will be a great distraction to the development your town, so defeat Skull Head as soon as possible! After you seal the monsters' lairs, your people will develop a bridge-building technology. Once this happens, build the town toward the east. When the population increases to a certain level, you will discover a 'Source of Magic' icon at the mighty tree in the east. Be sure to take it. Discovery of a 'Magical Light' 'Sun' has the power to melt the ice-covered lake and snow. After melting the ice at the lake, your people will start fishing and offer you a 'Magical Light'. When you use lightning' on the shrine you will discover a 'Source of Life' icon. After sealing all the monsters' lairs, you will go on to ACT II. If You manage to get this far, you should have no trouble winning the game. Good luck! ITEM LIST There are five items that may be acquired in Northwall. Remember to get 'Magical Light' and 'Source of Life' - 38 -

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