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Aaahh!!! Real Monsters

Typed out by Danielle L. Aaahh!!! Real Monsters Instruction Manual ------------------------------------------------------- -CONTENTS- Gromble Introduction 2 Getting Started 4 Game Controls 6 Triple Monster Moves 8 Scream Display 9 Power-Ups and Prizes 10 Gromble's Grades 12 Levels and Enemies 14 Support 20 ------------------------------------------------------- Page 2 "I am the Gromble... You may call me 'Your Headmaster Grombleness Sir.' Your performance so far at the Monster Academy has shown you to be a disgusting pile of worm-ridden filth- and I'm darn proud of you. BUT- you're going to have to prove yourself on your Midterm Exam if you want to call yourself a REAL MONSTER! ICKIS! OBLINA! KRUMM! You three will work as a team on this exam. You will stay together at all times ad will receive a single gruesome grade on your frightful performance. ------------------------------------------------------- Page 3 For each portion of your exam, I will assign you a delightfully tasty bit of trash to find throughout the City and an unsuspecting human victim for you to scare. Your assignments will become increasingly terrifying, and to receive a passing grade you must eventually scare even the surprisingly fright-free MONSTER HUNTER! Remember, you terror-trainees, collect only the finest trash and brush up on your most heart-stopping poses to be on your scary best behavior. I'm expecting a lot from you and your monstrous abilities. Any questions? Nooo? THEN GET OUT THERE AND PETRIFY SOMEONE!" ------------------------------------------------------- Page 4 Getting Started Make sure your Super Nintendo Entertainment System is turned off before inserting the "Aaahh!!! Real Monsters" Game Pak. Insert the "Aaahh!!! Real Monsters" Game Pak. Move the Power Switch to the ON position. Prepare to be monstrous! Once the title screen appears, use the Control Pad to select START or OPTIONS. ------------------------------------------------------- Page 5 Options Press the Control Pad UP or DOWN to have the Gromble point to each option. Press the A, B, X, or Y button to scroll through the choices. Difficulty: SCARY is easier and will keep novice monsters on their guard. NIGHTMARE is more difficult and will keep you up all night! Music: This is to turn the haunting music ON or OFF. If you keep it on, you'll even hear our personal favorite, the "Elevator Music", it's frightful! SFX: Use this to turn the scary sound effects ON or OFF. Controller: Use this to change the control buttons. We have arranged a few really good button combos- see which one works for you. Press SELECT to return to the title screen. ------------------------------------------------------- Page 6 Game Controls L Button and R Button: Switch between Ickis, Oblina, and Krumm, determining which monster leads the group. The other two monsters will follow you. The monsters can only be switched when all three are standing on level ground. Control Pad: Controls the direction you move, jump, and throw trash. Press DOWN to crouch and look below you. Press UP or DOWN to scurry up and down ladders. Start Button: Press this to pause if things get too terrifying. Press again when you're ready to go on. Select Button: Press this to move story or grading scenes along. ------------------------------------------------------- Page 7 Default Button assignments (see OPTIONS, page 5 to change button configuration). Y Button: THROW TRASH. All good monsters carry an unlimited supply of trash to throw at enemies. If an enemy gets messy enough, they will usually run away. You can throw while jumping, crouching, or hanging from bars. You can't throw while climbing ladders- it's just not safe, even for monsters. B Button: JUMP. Ickis can jump the furthest. Krumm doesn't jump very high, but this allows him to jump over some objects while avoiding things that are above him. Oblina can jump as high as Ickis, and because she is so tall, she can reach prizes that are higher in the air. A Button: SCARE! Now you're screaming! Use each monster's special scare at the right time to frighten humans away. Since you're just learning this frightful skill, you will need a Monster Manual each time you perform a scare. Careful! They're limited, so use them wisely and look for more monster manuals along the way. X Button: TRIPLE MONSTER MOVES. Each of the three monsters can perform a unique move using the other two monsters. Learn these moves well- teamwork is frightfully important and your group will need to use Triple Monster Moves to find important rubbish and get past certain obstacles. All three monsters must be standing close together in order to perform a Triple Monster Move. See page 8 for more information. ------------------------------------------------------- Page 8 Triple Monster Moves Frightening Fling: Ickis is the smallest and most agile monster. When he is leading the group, he can help the trio jump really far across dangerous drops and otherwise impassable chasms. Position Ickis at the edge of a ledge, press the X button and watch those monsters fly! Eerie Eye Ejector: Krumm, as the selected leader, can use his eyeballs to search for hidden rooms, enemies, or prizes. Press the X button to have Krumm put down one of his eyes, which Ickis and Oblina will hit in the direction Krumm is facing. The eye will float and hang. You can use the Control Pad to scroll through the screens to see what lies ahead. When finished, press the X button to retrieve the eyeball. Tower of Terror: Oblina is taller than the other two monsters and can help the trio climb steep cliff faces or other tall obstacles. Press the X button to have Ickis and Krumm pile on top of each other and help Oblina reach new heights. Of course, she will help the two others climb up after her. ------------------------------------------------------- Page 9 Scream Display As you are going about your monstrous business, you will notice the following displays at the top of the scream... er, screen. Heart: Shows how much health you have left. Your health will go down when your lead monster is hit by an enemy or obstacle. If all of your health is lost, you lose a chance at getting a passing grade. Be careful! Lead Monster and Tries: Show which of the monsters you're controlling and how many tries you have left to pass your midterm exam. Trash: Each time you find a bag of fresh trash, you will receive a limited supply of Double Trash to throw at enemies. Double Trash will help you eliminate enemies faster. When you run out of Double Trash, your monster will throw regular run-of-the-dump trash. Monster Manual: Shows how many times you can use your scare. If you run out, you will have to find more Monster Manuals to study up! Assigned Prize: For each level, the Gromble will assign a prize for you to find. Look everywhere- you won't be able to move on until you find the prize shown! When you find the prize, a yellow highlight will surround the prize displayed. ------------------------------------------------------- Page 10 Power-Ups and Prizes All monsters love to eat certain delicacies, which will benefit their health in different ways. Pick up these tasty treats as you search for your goal to keep your health up. Maggots, Roaches, and Flies: May look like enemies, but these small slimy things are quite delicious. Press DOWN to chomp on one of these and restore your health one point. Apple Cores and Soft Drink Cans: Sink your fangs into these absolutely atrocious edibles to restore one health point. Jar O'Fleas: Fleas, please! Nothing goes down quite like these! A jar of these babies will bring your health back to full (Krumm likes the crunchy container the best). Bag of Fresh Trash: While the monsters have an unlimited supply of trash, finding one of these allows them to throw a limited supply (usually ten pieces) of particularly potent projectiles that will get rid of enemies faster. ------------------------------------------------------- Page 11 Diaper: Lucky monsters become invincible after collecting one of these. Unlike the diaper itself which will be around forever, the invincibility will wear off. Run quickly through dangerous areas once you get one of these. Completion Marker: If you touch one of the spinning yellow arrows, it will point your way and mark your passage through the level. If you lose a try, you will return to the last marker you touched. You will also find other, non-spinning arrows that will help you find your way to your goal. Monster Manual: Each one of these that you collect will allow you to perform a special scare to frighten humans or other enemies. Collect them whenever you can- if you run out, you will have to rely on your physical abilities instead of your monstrous ones. One-Up: Grab these to earn an extra chance to try again from the last Completion Marker you touched. You know it won't be easy to pass the Gromble's test, so get these while you can! Monsters have always loved junk (who wouldn't, living in a dump?) collect any especially vile trash along the way to improve your grade. ------------------------------------------------------- Page 12 Gromble's Grades Your grade will be based on the standard Monster Academy grading scale. The Gromble has developed a foolproof method for determining the best performance for each group of monsters on their exam. The math is frightfully complex and can be viewed in the Monster Academy Offices. ------------------------------------------------------- Page 13 It's very simple, really. Collect all the assigned prizes, frighten away all the enemies and scare the assigned victim to get a good score. The numbers on the screen indicate how many of the prizes you've collected or enemies you've defeated. You can always go back to try to improve your score. The Monster Academy, as with the finest institutes of higher learning, will reward your performance by grading on the 5-point Roach Scale. 5 roaches of course, being the best grade. ------------------------------------------------------- Page 14 Levels and Enemies The City Dump: Each portion of your exam will begin in the dump outside the Academy. There are enemies here, but you must complete the dump level to reach the human world. Some enemies scrounge for the same food you do (crows and rats) while others protect the valuable refuse (junkyard cats and dogs). Falling tires, spiky plants, spewing sewage and crushing trash compactors are everywhere and should be avoided. There's even an old rubber ducky shooting bubbles- Aaahh!!! You know how monsters hate to be clean! Fortunately, there are many things to help you in the dump as well, such as springs, slides, bars to climb on or slide down, levels to open doors and pipes to carry you who-knows-where. Old fans blow you around, so you'll need to perfect your flying skills to use them to your advantage (try aiming your leading monster for the fan itself instead of the air above the fan). ------------------------------------------------------- Page 15 The Human School: Your assigned prize here is a red sneaker, and your victims will be the school librarians, but somehow you've ended up in the gymnasium! Kids with water balloons, basketballs, tennis balls, and paper airplanes are running everywhere- and you thought YOU were the monsters! Defeat them with your trash, or scare them away if they start overwhelming you. Watch out from basketballs and volleyballs throws from off-screen, and keep moving from side to side when you're climbing ladders. * Trampolines are always fun to play on, but be careful where you land. * Springboards can be pushed to different locations, and you can even use them to shoot yourself into a basketball hoop- for two points, of course! * Watch out for steam, and stay out of the showers, for Krumm's sake! * Some toilets are a quick means of transportation: just press DOWN when you're on one. Once you make it through both gyms, you'll have to brave the school halls. Kids are running everywhere and are especially fast when the school bell rings. Duck into the air ducts or hop up on the lockers to get out of the way. ------------------------------------------------------- Page 16 The Post Office:Your next assigned prize is a coffee mug, and your victim will be the head postal clerk. She is located deep inside the automated package-receiving area, and has seen everything, so she will be especially hard to scare. Watch out for the machinery! Avoid the heavy mailbags and falling packages, automatic sorting machines and package grabbing arms (though these might give you a free ride)! Postal workers are quick with their clipboards, but mostly defenseless. Don't get hit! Large boxes can sometimes be knocked off ledges by your trash and pushed to different areas to help you reach high locations. Mail carts might contain hidden springs or prizes, just keep your eyes open for falling packages. You can walk on conveyor belts regardless of which direction the are moving, but you may be able to find levers and reverse the belts to help you. Opening and closing mailboxes are simple once you get the rhythm down. HINT: The head postal clerk has seen everything, so she is especially hard to scare. Try the switches on the wall. ------------------------------------------------------- Page 17 The Natural History Museum: Your assigned prize here is a golden dinosaur skull and your intended victim is the brave museum guard. Dinosaurs may have ruled the earth once, but monsters rule now! The museum is a fun place, with many huge exhibits to climb on- just watch out for skeletons with spikes or sections that might break beneath you. There's also a mechanical dinosaur (Pteranadon) in here dropping eggs and another dinosaur that spits whenever you come near. The school kids are back, on a field trip this time, and they seem to have the run of the place. The dino skull exhibit makes an outrageous obstacle course and the "Plants of the Dinosaur Age" might bounce you to frightening heights. The shallow tar pits will only slow you down, but watch out for the deep tar pits! ------------------------------------------------------- Page 18 The Mall: You can find all sorts of things at the mall- hopefully you can find your assigned prize, a Chinese take-out container. Your assigned victim here is the shopping lady. The school kids are back, but this time they're shopping! They've traded in their sports equipment for radio-controlled tanks and dune buggies that chase after you. Use the fountains and trees to get up high, but you have to keep moving or you'll fall through the palms. Watch out for the steam, spiky cactuses, pie-throwing jack-in-the-boxes and the shopping lady... Wait! She's the one you're supposed to scare! That was too easy- something's wrong here... keep moving while you can! The Monster Hunter's House: Now you're ready for the Gromble's final test- the house of Simon, the Monster Hunter. Your assigned prize will be a photo of one of the monsters (Ickis, Oblina, or Krumm), and your victim is Simon. You've already seen this scary fellow- he's been taking your picture, trying to prove that you exist. But you can't have that- if humans believe in monsters, they won't be as frightened by you. First you have to get by all of his super-secret traps and defenses, which are designed to capture monsters like you! ------------------------------------------------------- Page 19 The FLYING EYES trick is one of the Monster Hunter's earliest creations. They hover about, searching for monsters. If it spots one, it moves in to harass them or release a monster net. If you're caught in a net, you'll have to use a scare to get free- don't worry, it won't use up any of your Monster Manuals. The Monster Trackers look like vacuum cleaners, and they once were. Now they are computer-controlled devices for tracking and capturing monsters. Some of the Trackers are set on patrol, and will ignore you, but others seek out and attack monsters. If you're fast, you can avoid the monster trackers, but if they're after you, you can only defeat them by destroying the flashing control center on top. The Monster Hunter also has cameras and televisions set up to capture monsters on film. If you walk in front of a camera, you may be mesmerized by seeing your picture on screen (being a particularly attractive monster, of course). This won't hurt you, but it might slow you down enough to be caught by a Flying Eye or Monster Tracker. Take no chances and destroy cameras with your trash. FInd the photo of each of the three monsters and you'll face the Monster Hunter himself. HINT; The Monster Hunter can only be scared when he is changing his glasses- try turning out the lights and see what happens! ------------------------------------------------------- Page 20 Support For additional help, please contact us Monday through Friday between the hours of 7 AM and 8 PM, Mountain Standard Time at: VNM Product Support Phone: 1-970-339-7114 Fax: 1-970-339-7022 Credits n' Acknowledgements Developed by: Realtime Associates, Inc. Lead Programmer: Andy Hsiung Assistant Programmer: Edwin Higa Map Layout and Design: Kevin Chan Background Art: Ellen Drucker, Doran Fish Animators: Jeff Cook, Shelley Futch, Martine Gaudissart, Barbara Lipton, Perry Kiefer, Sean Platter, Laura Smith Additional Art: Jean Bergesen Music and SFX: Greg Turner Producer: Jennifer Sward Executive Producer: Dave Warhol Testers: Chad Bunch, Robert Lark, April Tyree ------------------------------------------------------- Page 21 Special Thanks To: Dave Connelly and the Genesis Team, Rick Chipeco, Ann Lediaev VIACOM NEW MEDIA Executive Producer: Kenny Miller Publishing Producer: Matt Welton Associate Producer: Jackson Young Marketing Director: Rebecca Randall Marketing Coordinator: Amy McPoland Managing Producer/Nickelodeon Interactive: Donna Friedman Manager/Development Support: Scott Lawrence, John Podlasek Game Analyst: Cliff Falls Lead Tester: Matt Anderson Testers: John Kelly, David Gohman, Tim Shymkus, Chuck Zenkus. Special Thanks To: Nancy Blumenthal, Jim Breazeale, Alice Coleman, Michelle Jabloner, Juan Ortiz, Syma Sambar, Cricket Stettinius Manual Design: Katherine Lee, Beeline Group, Inc.

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