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Turok: Dinosaur Hunter

Typed out by Ben Kosmina Released: 1997 Game Code: NUS-NTUP-EUR -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 1 [Nintendo seal of quality] -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 2 [Acclaim limited warranty] -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 3 CONTENTS 4 English 14 The Way of the Warrior 29 French 42 Spanish 55 Italian 66 Dutch [NOTE: I will only be typing out ENGLISH manual] -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 4 CONTROL STICK FUNCTION [how to operate control stick. Use the right and home position when playing Turok: Dinosaur Hunter.] -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 5 THE MAKING OF TUROK: DINOSAUR HUNTER Turok's History Turok, a superhero from the pages of Acclaim Comics, was introduced to the American public in 1954. The Turok comic is currently written by Fabian Nicieza, of X-Men and Justice League of America fame, and drawn by Rafael Kayanan, who also brought Conan to life. Turok: Dinosaur Hunter for the N64 represents only a chapter of the legend of Turok, as chronicled in the comic book series. The mantle of Turok is passed down through the generations in the eldest-born male of the Fireseed family, and each generation's Turok bears the responsibility of protecting and safeguarding the barrier between Earth and the Lost Land, populated by a heinous mix of aliens, bizzare creatures and bionic dinosaurs intent on breaching the barrier and ruling the Earth. Creating the Game Building on the foundation of the comic, Acclaim in 1995 began developing a completely new kind of game to maximize the graphics and technical power of the N64. Acclaim drew on a talented Turok creative team at its Austin, Texas-based studio, Iguana Entertainment. There, a top-notch crew of artists, animators, musicians, programmers and weapons experts dove into the world of Turok, transforming the Lost Land and, indeed, Turok himself from the 2-D comic page to the 3-D world of the N64. The result is a cutting-edge gaming experience that goes beyond anything ever imagined in the terms of graphics, weapons, speed and gameplay. You are now Turok -- and your time has come..... Turok: Dinosaur Hunter Technical Facts It's always a thrill to be among the first to offer a gaming experience that breaks new ground. Some of the technical achievements of Turok: Dinosaur Hunter deserve special mention: * High performance 3D engine runs at 30 frames per second * 256 levels of transparency and an advanced real-time particle system create the highest level of realism and pyrotechnic intensity ever * Real-time lighting effects for even more realism * Huge 3-D levels with over 5,000,000 square feet and over 300,000 polygons * Over 10,000 frames of 3D character animation * Over 2,000 texture maps create startling diversity and richness * Advance artificial intelligence allows creatures to see, hear, walk, swim, climb and fly * Enemy head tracking keeps you square in their sights * Animation blending eliminates unrealistic motion and heightens the level of immersion. For more information on TUROK: DINOSAUR HUNTER visit our web site at -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 6 INTRODUCTION The Lost Land. A world where time has no meaning - and evil knows no bounds. Torn from a world long gone, the time travelling warrior Turok has found himself thrust into a savage land torn by conflict. An evil overlord known as 'The Campaigner' seeks to shred the fabric of time and rule the universe using an ancient artifact known as 'The Chronoscepter'. The Chronoscepter was shattered thousands of years ago in an effort to keep it from falling into evil hands. The Campaigner has constructed a massive focusing array which he plans to use to magnify the ages and rule the universe. Turok has vowed to find the eight pieces of The Chronoscepter spread throuought the Lost Land and put an end to The Campaigner's evil plot. The Campaigner has amassed a terrifying army to stop him. Turok must face not only ferocious Velociraptors, but vile aliens and other terrifying beasts all bent on scorching him from the face of the Earth. The first rule of survival is know thy enemy, but the second edict, know thyself, assumes greater importance as Turok struggles to understand the fatal forces that have brought him here and what he must do in order to meet the ever- escalating threats that lurk wherever he looks... To learn more you must enter the world of TUROK: DINOSAUR HUNTER. LOADING 1. Make sure the power is OFF on your Nintendo 64 Control Deck. 2. Insert your TUROK: DINOSAUR HUNTER Nintendo 64 Game Pak into the Control Deck as described in the instruction manual. 3. Insert Controller into Socket 1. 4. If you wish to save a game, insert a Nintendo 64 Controller Pak (sold seperately) in the slot on the bottom of the controller. 5. Slide the power switch to ON (important: make sure not to touch the Control Stick when doing so). The title screen will appear, with these three choices: START GAME, LOAD GAME, TRAINING, OPTIONS, SKILL LEVEL, ENTER CHEAT, CHEAT MENU. To make your selection, highlight it with the Control Stick and press the A Button. START GAME begins a new game. LOAD GAME will bring you to the restore screen, where you can choose any of your saved games to play. To do so, highlight a -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 7 game slot with the Control Stick then press the A BUTTON. You will begin gameplay at the point where the game was saved, with option settings and any cheat you may have activated intact. TRAINING mode allows players to familiarize themselves with the many different control skills and game actions in TUROK: Dinosaur Hunter. Once you select TRAINING you will be able to choose to enter either Tutorial mode or Time Challenge. TUTORIAL will guide you through a number of small obstacle courses, and hone your control skills. TIME CHALLENGE will challenge the player to run through the entire training gauntlet as quickly as possible. Players will then be evaluated based on their performance. If you think you can beat the developer's best time, go for it! OPTIONS Options features many ways to alter gameplay. Use UP or DOWN on the Control Stick to highlight an option, and LEFT or RIGHT to adjust sliders and the A BUTTON. MUSIC VOLUME Use the slider to adjust the volume of the in-game music. SOUND FX VOLUME Use the slider to adjust the volume of the in-game sound effects. OPACITY Use the slider to adjust the transparency of the on-screen display. HORIZONTAL ANALOG Use the slider to adjust the horizontal sensitivity of the Control Stick (left is low sensitivity, right is high). VERTICAL ANALOG Use the slider to adjust the vertical sensitivity of the Control Stick (left is low sensitivity, right is high). RIGHT HANDED/LEFT HANDED Press the A Button to toggle the control settings between right handed (the default) and left handed modes. RED BLOOD/GREEN BLOOD/NO BLOOD Press the A BUTTON to toggle blood effects. EXIT Return to main menu. SKILL LEVEL The Skill Level allows the player to select from 'easy', 'normal', and 'hard' skill levels. Select skill level by using the Control Stick to highlight it, then press the A BUTTON to toggle between difficulty settings. ENTER CHEAT Selecting this option brings up the Enter Cheat screen. From this screen the player can enter cheat codes that may have surprising effects! Once a cheat code has been entered, it will be added and stored to the CHEAT MENU screen described below. CHEAT MENU This screen will list all of the cheat codes the player has entered previously, and give the player the option to turn them on or off. As you may discover more cheat codes, the menu choices will grow! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 8 Health Turok's health is shown as a number at the bottom left of the screen. When the number is 100, Turok is at full health. As he is injured the value decreases, and when health drops to 0, Turok loses a life. It is possible for Turok's health (via powerups) to get over 100. Ammunition The number of rounds that Turok has for the currently selected weapon appears at the bottom left of the screen next to his Health. This number decreases each time the weapon is fired. If you have more than one kind of ammunition for a weapon, the more powerful type will be used up first. Lifeforce The number of lifeforce tokens that Turok has picked up appears at the top right of the screen when he picks up a token. When Turok has acquired 100 lifeforce tokens he earns one extra life. Pausing the game will let you see how much lifeforce Turok currently has. Lives The number of lives Turok has remaining is shown at the top left of the screen. Available Weapons To view your current inventory of weapons, press the A or B buttons. The A Button will cycle up in weapons power, B will cycle down. If Turok is out of ammunition for a particular weapon, he will not be able to use it. CONTROLS The controls in Turok: Dinosaur Hunter are designed to take full advantage of the technical availabilities of the Nintendo 64. The controls may take some getting used to at first, but try some Training and pretty soon you'll be zapping Velociraptors like a pro. Most players will be comfortable gripping the centre grip with the left hand (thumb on Control Stick, forefinger on the trigger (Z) BUTTON) and the right grip with the right hand (thumb on A, B or C BUTTONS, forefinger on Right Shoulder (R) BUTTON). Moving It's a good idea to try out the Training mode to get used to the movement controls in this game. Otherwise, you're liable to be dinosaur dinner before you know it. In the 3D worlds you'll be in, you will have two kinds of movement control. 1. Use the C BUTTONS to control where Turok moves to. 2. Use the Control Stick to control the direction Turok faces. (Use it to look or aim a weapon in any direction without actually moving in that direction.) Swimming You may need to swim in a stream, a river, or a lake. Use the C BUTTONS to move, and the -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 9 Control Stick to control Turok's orientation -- this lets you swim down, up, left and right. If you get disoriented, holding down the jump button (R) will cause Turok to head for the surface. WEAPONS NOTE: YOU CAN ONLY USE THE KNIFE WHEN UNDER WATER. Jumping Master this basic skill if you hope to survive! Press the Right shoulder (R) BUTTON to jump. The longer you hold the control, the higher the jump. Use the C BUTTONS to aim your jump. Climbing Certain sheer surfaces can be climbed. These surfaces are usually different in some way than the other surfaces in the game. For example, a section of cliff may be covered in dense vines, etc. To climb a sheer surface use the C BUTTONS. As you move forward and come in contact with the climbing surface, the camera angle will shift and Turok will climb up the wall. The Control Stick can be used to look around from a higher vantage point. Pressing the R BUTTON will cause Turok to leap from the wall he is climbing. You cannot use any weapons while climbing. SHOULDER LEFT - Toggle map on/off SHOULDER RIGHT - Jump + PAD - Toggle walk/run modes - in map mode it can be used to scroll around the revealed areas while holding (L) CONTROL STICK - Controls the direction Turok takes TRIGGER BUTTON (Z) - back Fire weapon B BUTTON - Weapon select A BUTTON - Menu/Options select C BUTTON - Controls where Turok moves WEAPONS AND AMMUNITION In the world where your struggles take place, a mastery of old-fashioned hand-to -hand techniques will prove essential...You start out with just a knife and tek bow. As Turok's quest continues, more and more advanced pieces of destructive hardware will require new skills to be learned and new strategies to be developed. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 10 Weapons appear below in order of power, but remember that each weapon has advantages and disadvantages depending on what you're hunting... KNIFE - Down and dirty for those times when the heavy artilery is low on ammo. TEK BOW - A sophisticated bow with added strength, this is the first step in distance fighting. STANDARD ARROWS - Low tech but lethal, holding down the trigger longer will cause Turok to draw back the bow and hold. Releasing the trigger after Turok has drawn the arrow back completely will result in greater distance and damage. TEK ARROWS - These exploding arrows offer a taste of high-tech death to enemies. PISTOL/PISTOL AMMO - A fairly basic semi-automatic weapon. Look for extra ammo clips. ASSAULT RIFLE - Fires short 3-round bursts -- a handy way to dispatch dinosaurs! Holds many rounds and uses the same ammo as the Pistol. SHOTGUN - Best at short range, this will take down all kinds of critters - especially if you have some explosive shells for it. AUTOMATIC SHOTGUN - A shotgun with no reload time offers plenty of high speed carnage. This one can use explosive shells, too. GRENADE LAUNCHER - The entry level in mass destruction, each explosion affects an area around it and can destroy certain pieces of the landscape. Look for extra grenades as you progress. PULSE RIFLE - A rapid fire weapon, this fires super-heated bursts of plasma at high speed. A favourite of the Longhunter, you can reload with energy cells when you deplete its ammo. MINI GUN - Don't let the name fool you -- this is one of the most powerful weapons you will find. It burns ammo though, so you'll need to reload by the box full. ALIEN WEAPON - Pick up discarded alien weapons and start spewing anti-matter charges. The initial impact does minimal damage, but the ensuing explosion will rock their world! Use energy cells to recharge this one. PARTICLE ACCELERATOR - Fires high-energy particle blasts. This one can break down the atomic structure of the enemy, first causing cessation of movement at the molecular level, and then... never mind, try it and see. Charge it longer by holding down the trigger button for a considerably larger radius of effect. Uses energy cells to reload. Remember, the longer you charge it, the more energy it will use! QUAD ROCKET LAUNCHER - Need we say more? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 11 FUSION CANNON - Slow but unstoppable. Send a rolling ball of nuclear mayhem their way, but don't get any closer than you need to! It only holds to shots, so you'll need to track down more fusion charges as you go. CHRONOSCEPTER - If you can get a hold of the pieces of this item before the Campaigner does, you can assemble them into an apparatus of ultimate destruction. The Chronoscepter is capable of creating micro-tears in the fabric of space time, thus disrupting matter at a focus point. No one is certain what will happen if the Campaigner gets his hands on it and amplifies its power exponentially. The Chronoscepter would hypothetically work best as a weapon if used on a relatively stationary target. It cannot be recharged. EQUIPMENT TEK ARMOR - It takes more than a few workouts at the gym to have Abs of Steel -- it takes Tek Armor. The kind that adds extra protection that may mean the difference between life and death! Tek Armor will automatically be discarded when it has absorbed too much damage. BACKPACK - This allows Turok to go from class to class without stopping at his locker. Actually, it allows you to carry more ammunition than you normally could -- stock up today! PICKUPS HEALTH - Health pickups come in 4 grades. The elementry sones restore increasing amounts to Turok's health meter. The more powerful ones can totally restore, or even add health. If Health is above 100, Full and 25% health can't be collected. MORTAL WOUND - Although Turok is adept at using high-tech weaponry, he is also deadly with the weapons of his heritage. If Turok slays an enemy with his knife or standard arrows, a special 'mortal wound' pickup may emerge. If it does, grab it quickly! This pickup will raise Turok's hit point level by 5 points. SPIRITUAL INVINCIBILITY - This is one pickup you don't want to miss! Once you collect it, Turok is transformed into pure spiritual energy, and can move between one movement and the next. His enemy's movements will appear to slow to a crawl, and to them Turok will appear a blur as he runs amongst them. The effect lasts only for a short while, so be quick! LIFE FORCE - Collect these to add up extra Life Force points. If you can collect 100 points, Turok is awarded with an extra life! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 12 You may pause your game at any time by pressing the START BUTTON. The pause screen will appear, with these choices: RESUME GAME, OPTIONS, KEYS, LOAD GAME, ENTER CHEAT, CHEAT MENU, RESTART GAME. To make your selection, highlight it using any UP or DOWN direction control and press the START BUTTON. Resume Game OPTIONS: see page 7. KEYS: This screen displays which keys you may or may not have found, and the levels they are located in. Keys that have been found are illuminated on the screen, while keys that have not been found appear dark. This screen also displays which pieces of the Chronoscepter you have found in the game. LOAD GAME/ENTER CHEAT/CHEAT MENU: see page 6. RESTART GAME: Quit to the main menu and begin a new game. NOTE: YOU MUST HAVE A CONTROLLER PAK (SOLD SEPERATELY) INSERTED IN YOUR CONTROLLER TO SAVE GAMES. At various times in the game, you will reach a Save Point. A prompt will appear asking whether or not you wish to save your game progress. YES is the default. Toggle your choice with the Control Stick and press the A BUTTON. You then see the Save screen with prompts on the left side to Save, Delete, Show All, or Exit. Save is the default choice. SAVE: On the right hand side there is the option to "Create new slot" (this is the default setting). Pressing the A BUTTON at this point will save the game to a new slot. You can save over a previously saved game by highlighting its slot (labeled Turok A, Turok B, etc...) and pressing the A BUTTON. A prompt will appear asking "Save over existing game" "yes/no". Highlight and select "Yes" (press the A button) to save over the game. "No" will bring you back to the Save menu. DELETE: If you highlight "Delete" then select a previous save and press A, a prompt will appear: "Delete this game yes/no", with no as the default. SHOW ALL: Highlight this to display a complete listing of all the saved Nintendo 64 games on your Controller Pak. EXIT: To return to the game, highlight EXIT and press the A BUTTON. LEVELS There are eight massive levels for Turok to explore. Terrain features range from vast jungles to ancient cities to the Lost Land itself. Take time to thouroughly explore the terrain around you; not all of the landscape will be obvious, and some will not reveal itself to you on your map. The Hub The first level of the game leads to the Mystical 'Hub' Ruins. From this ancient place, access to all of the levels of the game is granted. The Hub Ruins are a series of arched gateways surrounding a central platform. The arched Gateways provide access to levels 2-7, and the gateway to the last level of the game is found directly at the centre of the platform. Each Gateway is marked with -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 13 ancient inscriptions that reveal which keys are necessary to open the level portal. Keys are inserted into lock mechanisms at the edges of the central platform facing the corresponding Gateway and light up when a key is inserted. When all of the keys have been placed, the portal will open and allow entry to another level of the game. Keys Within each level, keys are hidden. On the ground leading into the Gateways there are floor tiles that show how many keys are hidden and will light up once a key has been found. Each level also contains one piece of the Chronoscepter. Tiles on the ground will illuminate with a blue dot symbol when the piece of the Chronoscepter in the level has been found. ENEMIES Here are just a few of the fearsome foes Turok will encounter. Be warned! There are many more! Ancient Warriors Raptors Leapers Pur-lins Alien Infantry Subterranians Sludge Beast Killer Plants Triceratops Demons Cyborgs HINTS * The forests teem with life. Hunting wild boar and deer can yield extra health pickups. * Be sure to search around the bodies of enemies for weapons. Many weapons have ammo clips of varying amounts which can be found. * Learn to perform the diagonal jump, as it will allow you Turok to jump further than he can normally. * Certain longer duration weapons work better on slow or stationary opponents. Find out which weapons work best in which situations. * Remember that even though Turok has gotten all the keys from a level, there may be things of value to him there later in the game. * You may come across areas in the map that you cannot access immediately. Don't worry! Try returning later on and blasting your way in when you have some explosives! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 14-28 [Turok comic] All names and characters are copyright and TM their respective owners. This is NOT to be used as a permanent manual. This text file is only to be used for temporary situations where you may have lost your manual. If you need a new manual, click here. This manual was taken from this site.

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