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Turok 2: Seeds of Evil

Typed out by Greg Minder Controls Expert Controls Arcade Controls Up - Look/Aim down Forwards Down - Look/Aim up Backwards Left - Look/Face left Rotate Left Right - Look/Face right Rotate Right C up - Forwards Look Up C down - Backwards Look Down C left - Strafe Left Strafe Left C right - Strafe Right Strafe Right L - map on/off map on/off R - jump jump A - weapon change weapon change B - weapon change weapon change Z - fire fire Control Pad up - toggle ammo type ammo type down - crouch crouch left - toggle weapon upgrade weapon upgrade right - sniper mode sniper mode Sniper mode: R+ C up = zoom in R+ C down = zoom out Swimming: press R to surface Riding Styracosaurus: R = fire missile (unlimited) Z = fire cannon (unlimited) 1 player quest mode Things to collect: Primagen Keys - allow access to final boss Hub keys - allow access to levels, used in the hub Feathers - bring to the temples to gain talismans Silver Health - +2 health, even if health is at 100 or more Blue Health - +10 health until health is max at 100 Orange Health - +100 health, makes health a max of 100 Ultra health (red i think) - +100 health, health can go over 100 Gold life force (diamond) - 1 life point. Get 100 for extra life, max lives = 9 Red life force - 10 life points Weapons: Flare gun - unlimited but never really comes in handy. Talon - Basic weapon, unlimited ammo. War Blade - Upgrade to talon, stronger but slower. Bow - fires regular arrows, max 20. Tek Bow - fires regular(20) and tek arrows(10). Can use sniper mode with this weapon. .9mm pistol - basic gun, max 50. Mag .60 - powerful upgrade to pistol, fires 3 bullets at once. Tranquilizer gun - some enemies immune to it. A pretty worthless weapon. Also, I believe there is a bug in the game preventing you from picking up any extra tranquilizer darts. Charge Dart Rifle - Upgrade to tranq gun. Very useful. Fires a charge that stuns enemies. Hold down fire for 1,2,3,4,or 5 seconds for different length of stun time. Very useful for saving ammo. You can stun enemies then get in a head shot with the talon or warblade. Shotgun - powerful close range weapon. Fires regular(20) and explosive shells(10). The shredder - Upgrade to shotgun. Fires both shells and can bounce them around coners and off walls. Faster than the shotgun. Plasma Rifle - Fires plasma bursts that get weaker at long distances. It's slow and only good if you ran out of other weapons or for sniping. Sniper mode is enabled on it. Only aim for heads while sniping, that is the only place you will do damage. Max 150, uses multiple rounds each time it is fired. Firestorm cannon - minigun that fires plasma rounds, powerful but hard to aim. Sunfire Pods - Throw them to release a burst of sunlight. Good for the lair of the blind ones, can be used to stun regular enemies also. Max 6. Cerebral Bore - Locks onto brain waves and drills a hole in the enemy's head. A novelty weapon, but not that useful. Doesn't work on dumb enemies or enemies with armor on their head. Proximity Fragmentation Mine Layer - Lays mines that jump into air and explodes at knee height. Sounds useful but very weak, also misses the enemies alot. Max 10. Grenade launcher - Only useful if you get a direct hit. Scorpio Missile Launcher - Locks onto enemies firing a volley of 3 missiles. Unneccesary since one missile would kill. Still a strong weapon, but kind of slow. Flame thrower - 'nuff said. Good weapon but limite range and hard to aim. Razor Wind - Basically the boomerang of death. Very cool and very strong, but if you miss you are screwed because it takes forever to return. The nuke - fires a ball of energy that burns everything to a crisp. Suprisingly very unuseful since it takes forever to explode. Harpoon gun - underwater only. Works just like Bow. Concussion torpedoes - underwater only. Uneffective weapon since they are hard to aim and can hurt you if you are to close to them. But they are fired from a mini sub which is good for moving around in the water. Other Things: Save points - You can have your health and ammo fully restored once per level at these save points. Weapons of choice - I have found the pistol/mag .60, the shotgun/shredder, and the charge dart rifle to be the weapons I use most. I like the tek bow better than the plasma rifle for sniping. Experiment with the weapons, you will learn what weapons are good for certain enemies and situations. Fighting Compys - Take out your talon and when they run at you look down a little bit, back up, and start swinging. They won't hit you if you back up. Just make sure you don't back up into a corner. Sisters of Despair - When fighting the deadmen (the guys that throw blood) go to options and turn the blood option off. Now they can't throw anything. Frustration level - The hardest thing about this game is finding your way through the humoungus levels. I didn't find the map to be that much of a help either. Level 2 is really a pain in the rear. You might be better off just putting the code in and skipping that level. Enemy fights - when you have two different kind of enemies together run around and try to get them to hit each other. They will fight until one dies. Multiplayer Blood lust - Every man for himself Frag Tag - shoot the monkey. Jump into the portal to stop being the monkey. Team Blood - Team mode Weapons: The cross bow and assualt rifle are good for head shots. The charge rilfe is good for pissing people off and making them fall into lava. The scorpion missile laucher does alot of damage, but is hard to aim. Characters: Joshua Fireseed - Turok before he was turok. Average Turok - Same as Joshua, just looks different. Tal 'set - Turok witht the feathers in his hair. Better armor and faster than the other two. Purr-lin - Biggest and slowest on the game. Most armor. Flesh eater - Good armor and decent speed. Endtrail - same attributes as the Turoks Fireborn - same attributes as endtrail, but is supposed to be able to walk on lava without being hurt. Sometimes this doesn't work. Adon - Regains energy fast. Gant - also pretty bad, regains energy but not as fast as Adon. The campaigner - Gotta love his saying when you pick him. Raptor - Fast and impossible to hit. Don't look forward to getting alot of kills with it. The advantage is its jumping ability and speed, but this also makes it hard to control. Go for head shots by jumping at a person and slashing. Otherwise very weak.

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