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Space Station: Silicon Valley

Typed out by Nick Wright (Page 1) CONTENTS: 3: Introduction 4: Default Controls 5: Getting Started 6: Game Overview 10: Pause Options 10: Saving Games (Page 3) INTRODUCTION Welcome to Space Station: Silicon Valley! Launched in 2001, Silicon Valley was the largest, most expensive space station ever created. An experiment in artificial life and robotic evolution, Silicon Valley broke new ground in terms of size, luxury and extreme danger.... There was only one slight hiccup. Seven minutes after the station w as launched, it vanished. Completely. Utterly. Absolutely. Gone. Of course, a massive search was launched. Every terrorist group in the solar system who has 1) a motive and 2) a REALLY big garage was immediately arrested, searched and locked up on general suspicion. But nothing was ever found. Until now. After 1000 years, Silicon Valley has returned. It was spotted by a giant orbiting telescope as it passed the orbit of Uranus. The Earth's government immediately sprang into action and sent aboard a squadron of brave Space Marines, each and every one of them barrel-chested, sharp-shooting, iron-pumping heroes. They vanished. The next squad vanished too. In fact about 5 squads were sent to the giant derelict station before someone figured out that they weren't getting anywhere. What this job needed was someone expendable and cheap. Enter DAN DANGER and EVO, the bravest heroes that Earth has to offer (and at knockdown prices too....). Dan is, of course, human, but EVO is the end result of the Silicon Valley experiments, a super-intelligent, self-evolving robot. The fate of the Earth is in their hands. Who knows what terrible changes have occurred over the last millennium? Who, or what, is in charge of the station? Why has it suddenly reappeared? Why is it heading straight for Earth? What can be done to stop it? Can Dan stop it? Evo? You? SPACE STATION: SILICON VALLEY - It's a Silly Place! (Page 4) DEFAULT CONTROLS Start: Pause Z button: Toggle First Person Camera Mode ON/OFF R button: Change animal / Leave animal UP C: Zoom Out DOWN C: Zoom In LEFT C: Rotate Camera Left RIGHT C: Rotate Camera Right B button: Action 2 A button: Action 1 Control Stick: Character Movement MENU CONTROLS Start Button: Pause game / pause options Control Stick: Navigate through menu options A button: Select option (Page 5) Getting Started At the title screen, press the START BUTTON to access the Main Menu. SELECTING A SAVE SLOT (Blank Select) Press A Button to select a save slot. Your progress in the game will be saved to this location. It is possible to save up to four games. ZONE SELECT Press A Button to select a zone and display the mission briefing. MISSION BRIEF Every zone displays a brief message from Dan, telling you what to expect and stating your goals in the zone. You have to complete these goals before you can move on to the next zone. (Page 6) SPACE STATION: SILICON VALLEY is divided into four unique environments. Euro Eden - A pastoral wonderland. Arctic Kingdom - Brr Chilly! Bring a big jacket. Jungle Safari - A taste of the wild frontier Desert Adventure - Savor the sunny side of artificial life. Each world is full to bursting with it's own unique menagerie of lovable animal playmates. The animals behave just like their earthbound counterparts. They can love, hate, fear and eat each other. Just watch it. That's all we're saying. Since Dan crashed into a Euro Eden, the player will have to complete three Euro Eden zones before the Arctic Kingdom becomes available. After three Arctic zones have been completed, the player can move onto Jungle Safari and, once three zones of the Jungle Safari are completed, the player can move between all of the zones in the game. Only after completing all of the available zones will the player be able to explore the depths of the SPACE STATION: SILICON VALLEY control room... Warning! SPACE STATION: SILICON VALLEY is populated by a large number of robotic animals. These animals have evolved to survive in a ferocious, untamed environment. They have never encountered man before. Be afraid. Be very, very afraid. And scared too. SPACE STATION: SILICON VALLEY is the Darwinism taken to dangerous extremes. Each animal has skills and abilities that no other animal will possess. If you want to survive up here baby, you better use them all... ON SCREEN The large green bar shows your remaining energy. When your energy bar turns red, start to worry. If your energy bar vanishes, you're dead. (Page 7) The special skills available to your animal host are sometimes limited. The blue bar shows the remaining energy of your opponent. The blue button shows the amount of power available to your animal's first ability (if applicable). The green button shows the amount of power available to your animal's second ability (if applicable. POSSESSION WARNING! EVO cannot survive for long outside an animal host. USEFUL THINGS Power Cells In order to repair EVO's body, you must collect as many Power Cells as possible. Energy If you're feeling a little under the weather. Look for these fellows to perk you up. (Page 8) Teleporter Every zone has an Entry Teleporter and an Exit Teleporter. The Exit Teleporter will only be activated once you have completed all of the goals from your mission briefing. Things To Look Out For Cameras Many zones in Silicon Valley have Level Overviews. Touch the camera for a quick whirlwind tour of the drama and excitement that lies in store for you. Terminals Every zone has a terminal. Touching the terminal will download the information about EVOís current animal host from the Silicon Valley databanks. Crates It's like Christmas morning. Attack crates to reveal some lovely energy. Souvenirs Since you're only going to get paid upon SUCCESSFUL completion of your mission, you better keep an eye open for anything that looks expensive. Every zone will have some sort of souvenir. Boarding Party The original boarding party was, as we mentioned, lost without trace. But keep your eyes peeled for useful remains. (Page 10) Pause Options Continue: Continue playing the zone Mission Brief: Display the mission briefing information Replay Zone: Restart from the beginning of the zone Exit Zone: Leave zone and return to zone select screen Music: adjust the volume of the music SFX: Adjust the volume of the sound effects Language: Choose the language used in the game Leave SV Exit zone and return to the title screen Power Cells Shows the number of Power Cells picked up in the current zone Saving Games Saving Games Everytime you complete a zone it is automatically saved within your chosen save slot Copy Save Slot Selecting this option will allow you to copy a game in progress into another save slot. Pick the saved game you wish to copy, then select the saved slot you wish to copy it into. You will be asked to confirm your choice before the game is copied. Delete Save Slot Selecting this option will remove a game in progress, making room for a new game. Use the control Stick to highlight the save slot you wish to delete and press A Button to select. You will be asked to confirm your selection. Loading a Saved game Once you have completed a zone, it can be replayed at any time. To replay a previously completed one, select any of the highlighted zones displayed in your save slot.

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