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Rampage World Tour

Typed out by Ben Kosmina Released: 1998 Game Code: NUS-NRPE-USA -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 1 [precautions and warranty] -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 2 TABLE OF CONTENTS Getting Started....................3 Control Stick Function.............4 Controller.........................5 Default Controls...................6 What's This About?...............7-9 Main Menu.........................10 Configure Controls................11 Controller Pak....................12 Pak Swapping......................13 Monster Selection.................14 The Madness!......................15 Power Ups.........................16 Hints.............................17 Cast of Characters................18 Destruction Points................19 High Scores.......................20 Credits...........................21 Warranty..........................22 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 3 GETTING STARTED WARNING: NEVER TRY TO INSET OR REMOVE A GAME PAK WHEN THE POWER IS ON! * Turn the power OFF on your N64. * Insert the Game Pak into the slot on the N64. Press firmly to lock the Game Pak in place. * Turn the power switch ON. After the appearance of the title and legal screens, you may bypass at anytime by pressing START. CONTROLLER PAK MENU Press and hold the START Button upon powering up or reset to access the Controller Pak menu. This will allow you to view and delete saved information from a Nintendo 64 Controller Pak. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 4 CONTROL STICK FUNCTION [Info about the Control Stick and which position to use to play. Use either the Right Position or Home Position when playing Rampage: World Tour.] -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 5 CONTROLLER Before you begin your game familiarise yourself with the controls. [Controller diagram showing each button] Menu Selections * Control Pad or Control Stick Up, Down, Left or Right to highlight or toggle options * Press the A Button to select options * Press the B Button to go back to a previous menu. Press START to pause the game. To quit a game in progress, press the START Button. The Continue/Quit menu will appear. Select "Quit", then select "Yes" to exit the game, or select "Continue" to return to your game. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 6 DEFAULT CONTROLS Default Controller Configuration Start Button - Start Control Pad/Stick - Move player (all directions) Button A - Jump Button B - Punch C Down Button - Kick See Configure Controls, pg. 11, for more information regarding other controller options. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 7 WHAT'S ALL THIS ABOUT? The Storyline! It is just before dawn, in the small Illinois town of Toxic Hollow. A dedicated employee of SCUMLABS INTERNATIONAL, the world's foremost toxic waste recycler, places an urgent video confrence call to the head office. Just as Scumlabs research technician Dr. Betty Veronica begins voicing her concerns regarding plant safety, an explosion rocks the building! A garbled e-mail [how can e-mail be garbled??!] transmission [?!] to the press reveals that although three technicians have been inadvertently exposed to volatile toxins, the general public is not at risk. The three technicians, known only as George, Lizzy and Ralph, are next seen rampaging through the streets of downtown Peoria. Peoria??! George has been transformed into something resembling a giant ape. Lizzy appears to be a dinosaur (of sorts) and Ralph, well, Ralph is something out of a horror movie! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 8 The trio destroys one building after another until the entire city lies in ruins. Their appetite whetted, the creatures turn their attentions to the next city on the horizon... Menwhile, back in what's left of the lab, Dr. Betty Veronica grimly attempts to document the devastation. As city after city is crushed beneath thier massive feet (paws? claws?), a sudden insight causes Veronica to phone the head office with some unpleasant news: the creatures' goal seems to be to wipe Scumlabs from the face of the earth! Scumlabs C.E.O, Eustas DeMonic, remains unruffled; even smiling as word of the destruction of the Scumlabs Eastern Seaboard Facility reaches his ears. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 9 "Making Toxic Waste Palatable" is not Scumlabs only business! There are a number of defence contract prototypes that he has been itching to test. (Not surprisingly, he is also rumored to have some heavy underworld connections.) And so it goes... The trio continues their rampage. The single minded (if dimwitted), relentless rampage to rid the world of Scumlabs international, versus, Eustas DeMonic's deadliest weapons of destruction, with mankind smack dab in the middle! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 10 MAIN MENU Before you go stompin' and chompin', check out the following options and set up the game the way you want! Start Game Select this option to go straight to the Monster Selection Screen (see Monster Selection, pg. 14). Your world tour is about to begin! Game Mode Press the Control Pad Left or Right to cycle One Player, Two Players or Three Players. In Multi-Player mode, all players will team up to destroy everything in sight. This doesn't mean you can't give your buddy a kick or punch now and then to keep him on his toes! Note: At power up, there should be one controller connected for each player. Controller Config Select a Controller Configuration for Player 1, Player 2 and Player 3. See Configure Controls, next page, for more details. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 11 CONFIGURE CONTROLS Rampage World Tour allows you to make changes to the game's default controller configuration. The process is not rocket science, but we'll go through it anyway. Press the Control Pad Up or Down to hilight the function you want to modify. Then press the button you want to use to control that function. Repeat the process to adjust other controls. Ok, you're good to go! Sfx Volume If the screams of terrified, innocent citizens is too much for you to take, press the Control Pad Left or Right to reduce or increase the sound effects volume. Music Volume And, if you don't mind the screams of the terrified population, you can always lower the music so you can hear them better.. yeah! Press the Control Pad Left or Right to reduce or increase the music volume. Note: If you have a Controller Pak inserted in your Nintendo 64 console, your modified controller configuration can be automatically saved for the next time you power up and play the game. Cool! See Controller Pak, next page. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 12 CONTROLLER PAK Use your Controller Pak to save option configurations and your game in progress. Here's how: Auto Save When you enable the AutoSave option, the game will save your last completed level. The default setting is Disabled. Set this option to Enabled to let the game automatically save your achieved level and your option configurations. Games are saved at the end of a completed level. Restore Options Select this option to restore your saved options from the Controller Pak. Save Options After you've set the game's options the way you want, you can select this option to manually save them to your Controller Pak. Restore Game Select this option to restore your last saved game. Note: Auto Save MUST be enabled to save a game. IMPORTANT WARNING Do not remove the Controller Pak or the Rumble Pak from the Controller unless instructed to do so. Doing so may cause the game to operate improperly and/or cause damage to the Pak. (See Pak Swapping, next page, for more information regarding the swapping and removal of the Rumble Pak and the Controller Pak during gameplay.) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 13 PAK SWAPPING Because Rampage World Tour supports both the Controller Pak and the Rumble Pak, Pak Swapping is necessary to save information and still enjoy your Rumble Pak. Here's how it works: With your Controller Pak set to Auto Save (see Controller Pak, pg. 12), game information is automatically saved at the City Title Screen displayed before each level. If you have a Rumble Pak inserted in your controller (used on the previous level), a message will appear stating: "To save, remove Rumble Pak and insert the Controller Pak". The next prompt states: "Try Save again? NO YES". Press the Control Pad Left or Right to select YES or NO. If you select NO, the game will continue on to the next level without saving. If YES is selected (and you have already inserted the Controller Pak) to save the game, it saves the game data then states, "To use Rumble Pak, insert it now". At this point, the next level will load and game play utilizing the Rumble Pak will continue. Note: If a Rumble Pak is not being used, Pak Swapping is not necessary. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 14 MONSTER SELECTION Press the Control Pad Left or Right to highlight one of the 3 happy monsters. As you highlight characters, their goofy faces will appear on screen. Press the Control Pad Up or Down to change their colour. When you've found the character you want, press the A Button to select. After you've selected your monster, the city screen will appear. It will show the name of the city you need to destroy along with any other special information you need to know before you cause $millions$ in damage! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 15 THE MADNESS! The main game screen information is simple to view while you destroy and eat. A Score and Health Bar are displayed on screen for each monster. As you get pummeled by bullets and other dangerous projectiles, your Health will diminish. To boost your Health, continue to chew up innocent, running, screaming citizens. But remember, some things could make you puke or damage your health, so before you eat it, sniff it! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 16 POWER UPS [clock] More Time [American Flag] World Tour [frowning face] Hot Loogie [screaming face] Death Breath [anvil, barbells, boxing glove] More Power The following 6 power ups are specific to each of these characters Security Bonus George - teddy Lizzy - dolly Ralph - Bone Mega Foods George - Bananas Lizzy - Ladybug Ralph - Steak -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 17 HINTS * Good food restores health. Bad food makes you puke. * Looting earns points! * Look for food behind open or unusual windows. * Most Scumlabs are abroad. * Spin flags for World Tour. * Eat purple ooze to mutate. * Let fires burn down buildings for you. * Keep out of deep water. * Hold down and jump button to block other players' attacks. * Hit kick button to use bonus powers. * Hold Control Stick down and hit jump to rooftop stomp. * Tapping jump while in the air will slow your descent. * Punch like mad to win a grapple! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 18 CAST OF CHARACTERS George, Lizzy and Ralph - The heroes of this saga! Dr. Betty Veronica - The scientist searching for the truth! "V.E.R.N." - Violent, enraged and radioactive nemesis! "Beelzeborg" - Scumlab's "Urban Pacification" dreadnought! "Flying Toasters" - The Scumlab "Airborne Assault" squadron! Eustas DeMonic - Greedy Sleazeball with underworld connections! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 19 DESTRUCTION POINTS Each time you destroy a city, the Scoring Screen will briefly appear with an update of your monster's destruction points. Scores on the chalkboard are accumulated and given in these five categories: Property Damage Your damage points are multiplied by 100 and added to your score. People The more people you eat, the higher your score. People points are multiplied by 200 and added to your score. Food When you manage to eat some real food, your Food Score will be multiplied by 500 and added to your score. Vehicles Destroy vehicles and your score will be multiplied by 1000 and added to your total. Buddy Bashing If you have any spare time while smashing cities, give your buddy a smack or two! It's not worth any points, but at least you can brag a bit if you hit him more than he hits you! Sometimes the player with the most Buddy Bashing points will get a bonus at the chalkboard following each completed level. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 20 HIGH SCORES Player 1 Player 2 Player 3 [gee, what a great way for them to waste a page...] -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 21 CREDITS [bugger off! I can't be bothered typing them!] -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 22 WARRANTY [see page 21] All names and characters are copyright and TM their respective owners. This is NOT to be used as a permanent manual. This text file is only to be used for temporary situations where you may have lost your manual. If you need a new manual, click here. This manual was taken from this site.

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