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Quest 64

Typed out by Michael J Olsen TABLE OF CONTENTS Getting started..............................2 Controls.....................................3 The Spirit Tamer's Quest.....................4 Playing The Game.............................6 Conversing........................7 Elements..........................7 The Items Inventory..........................8 Getting items from chests.........8 Using your items inventory........8 Travel.......................................9 In town...........................9 In countryside....................9 Using Your Compass...........................9 Magic Spells................................11 Spell types.........................11 Fire spells.........................12 Earth spells........................13 Wind spells.........................14 Water spells........................15 Battle......................................16 Weapons.............................16 Force field.................................16 Turn-based combat...........................16 Attack! Cast A Lethal Spell................17 staff attack........................17 Defeating an enemy..................18 Healing wounds......................18 Escape..............................18 Strength....................................19 Hit points..........................19 Magic points........................19 Defense and agility.................20 Know the enemy......................20 Battle Icons................................21 Status And Option Screens...................22 Status..............................22 Environment.........................22 Elements............................22 Save-Load Game..............................23 Defeat-Victory..............................24 PAGE 2 Basic warnings PAGE 3 controls When traveling R button- open/close items inventory Start- display status screen C buttons- select magic: only heal, return, and exit spells A button- advance through conversation, use highlighted inventory item, collect elements B button- rotate view L button- change camera view In battle Start- not used R button- open/close items inventory C left- summon earth C right- summon wind C up- summon fire C down- summon water A button- cast spell, attack with staff, bypass turn B button- cancel magic L button- change view Z button- same as A button PAGE 4 Spirit tamer's quest Celtland is a beautiful island. From a time beyond memory, a spirit of harmony pulses through the land. The surrounding seas are calm and inviting and the flame of freedom burns strong among the people. This world is watched over by spirit tamers, magical guardians who hold a pact with the spirits of nature. Their powerful magic secrets are inscribed in Eletale's book. Only those worthy of becoming spirit tamers themselves are allowed to read from this sacred volume. But now an evil being has stolen the book of the spirit tamers and is using it to cast deadly spells over the land. Strange beasts lurk in the countryside. Rumors of terrible happenings run through the towns. Citizens are edgy and fearful for the first time in a thousand years. Peace is shattered. Celtland is sinking into a dark age of chaos and misery. You are Brian, an apprentice spirit tamer. Your father, lord Bartholomy, himself a spirit tamer, vanishes while trying to recover the book. You vow to find him and the book, restoring Celtland to its glory. Begin your dangerous Quest through uncharted lands. Travel throughout the kingdoms of Kennishire, Highland, and Carmagh. Search for clues and the powers you'll need to fulfill your Quest. Learn harmony with the spirits of earth, wind, fire, and water. Declare war on the evil that grips your land. Battle supernatural beasts while solving mysterious puzzles. Rescue your father and return the book to worthy hands before all of Celtland descends in chaos. PAGE 6 Playing the game You begin your quest at the Melrode Monastery where you live and study. Treacherous souls are on the loose, and you need all the help you can muster to fight them. Throughout the quest, you learn what you should do next by speaking to friends, strangers, leaders, and countrymen. Your weapons are magical spells and a staff for hand to hand combat. Your powers are at their weakest now, so you must learn to increase your strength by drawing on the power of the spirits. Evil is growing and beasts will attack you. Your wits sharpen, and your powers become monumental as you learn the art of summoning the forces of nature. ~ gain vital elements through battle victories and searching. Collect enough elements and your spell casting abilities become formidable. ~ travel throughout the island on foot or move magically from place to place. ~ Sometimes, you must complete a task in order to gain valuable information or items. (( picture of screen shot which labels the following)) hit points and magic points- upper left hand corner clock/compass- upper right hand corner elements you posses- lower left corner PAGE 7 Conversing Discover important clues by talking to everyone you can - men women children and beings you come across in unlikely places. Many have information that is vital to your quest. Others will give you useful items to add to your inventory. Some characters will just want to make small talk, but it's worth your time to talk to everyone at least once. Consider returning to people you have learned things from in the past to update your information. To converse with someone: 1. get close to the person. When a dialog balloon appears, that person is ready to talk. 2. Press the a button and the person will begin telling you what he/she/it knows. When a feather appears in a dialogue box, there's more to come. Continue pressing the A button until the conversation ends. Elements The spirits of earth, fire, wind, and water supply you with elements that give you the power to cast magical spells during battle. The more you collect, the stronger your casting abilities become. Elements can be hidden anywhere; be alert to find them. Special signs signal their presence. When you get close to a spirit, a "?" appears over your head. Press the A button and the element selection menu appears. Press the C buttons to choose which type of element you will acquire. The numbers indicate how many of each element type you already have. Sometimes you gain elements when you are victorious in battle. You may be awarded multiple elements at one time. In this case, continue selecting elements until the element selection menu closes. Your element display at the lower left corner of the screen shows the type and number of elements in your possession. You can collect a maximum of 50 elements per spirit. NOTE: see "magic spells" and "battle" to understand how the power of the elements is put to work. PAGE 8 Items inventory You can acquire useful items such as food, mystical trinkets, and powerful magic potions to carry on your quest. Some items can revive you, be used in battle, or instantly transport you to far-away places. Still other items will be vital to you later in special circumstances. You begin the quest without supplies. Search for useful items from the beginning of the journey. Many items are in chests that you can find anywhere in Celtland. To acquire items: - Progress through your quest. (Some items, such as dew, automatically become yours as you conquer enemies in battle) - find items in chests and pick them up - receive items from people you talk to getting items from chests: - move close to a chest. If something is inside a "!" appears over your head. - press the A button. The item appears over the chest. Press A button again and the item becomes part of your inventory. Sometimes you don't have to search for an item. Instead, a person you talk to may just give you something. When someone says they have something for you, it will appear in your inventory. Using your items inventory - press the R button to open the inventory - move the control stick to highlight items. A feather points to each selected item and a description of its uses is displayed - press the A button to use the selected item. It will disappear from your inventory. - press R button to close inventory. PAGE 9 Travel In town: Towns buildings and castles have many rooms and passages. These are all interesting - sometimes dangerous- places for you to search. Open and pass through doors by walking up to them. Roam through passages and rooms using the control stick. Search everywhere you can for people to talk with and items that may be hidden in secret storerooms. In the country side: Many things in the country side are not clearly visible, so you need to be adventurous to find them. If you stay on the paths, you'll miss important things. Make off-road excursions and see what you can find. If you are lucky and resourceful, you may discover the power to transport to other realms of Cetland. Using your compass The compass shows you the direction of travel. It always appears in the upper right corner of the screen. The compass needle moves to show you in which direction you're traveling. PAGE 11 Magic spells As Brian, you are an apprentice practitioner of the ancient art of spirit taming. Your father, Lord Bartholomy, was in the process of passing his secrets on to you. But you still have much to learn. In order to save Celtland, you must become a master of the magic arts. But this will only happen through many trials and battles. You will use magic by summoning the spirits of Earth, fire, wind, and water. Cast spells to wage war and heal yourself. Your spell-casting powers increase as you collect more elements, use magic, and win battles. Some things to remember: - fighting spells can only be used in battle - you can cast healing spells at any time spell types: Each spirit element makes many spells possible. You can send a whirling cyclone careening into a crowd, hurl boulders thundering over a monster, roast it with a volcanic blast of flame, or shrink it to miniature size. As you advance in power, more powerful spells become available. Press the appropriate C buttons several times to see if you have acquired new spells. Some spells must be aimed by positioning yourself with the control stick to face your victim before you select and cast the spell. Other spells seek out the enemy or attack every monster in the battle. NOTE: see "Attack! Cast a lethal spell" to understand how to use magic during combat. PAGE 12 Fire ( C button up ) Cast spells that engulf the enemy in an inferno, pierce it with flaming arrows, or turn it into a memory. Fire ball: throw an intense blast of fire. Aim with control stick before casting Fire bomb: roll a searing near-molten boulder over your target. Aim before casting. Homing arrow: Deadly arrows track down and spear the monster. Hot steam: Cook 'em like lobsters Fire pillar: Send a wall of flame up and over your enemy Extinction: just like the dinosaurs - gone forever Compression: shrink the monsters and weaken its attack. The reduced attack icon appears over the affected monsters head. Power staff: Increase the power of your staff attack. The increased attack icon appears over Brian's head. Vampires touch: increase your own hit points every time you attack an enemy with your staff. PAGE 13 Earth ( C left ) Draw from the earth spirit to unleash the powers of stone. Rock: hurl one big rock. Aim before casting. Rolling rock: Send a huge sharp rock rolling over multiple enemies. Elemental armor: become furious and increase your resistance to attack. The increased defense icon appears over Brian's head. Rock shower: rocks fly out from you like shrapnel Magnet rock: Hurl a huge rock that's attracted to monsters. Weakness: Weaken enemy defenses. The reduced defense icon appears over affected Monster Weak all: Weaken multiple enemy defenses. Magic barrier: Shield yourself from magic Avalanche: Boulders fly in from everywhere. Confusion: When an enemy strikes, the amount of hit points lost are converted to magic Points PAGE 14 Wind ( C right ) Lash out with the power of a deadly storm. Wind cutter: a razor-sharp wind slices into your victim. Large cutter: a larger more intense wind cutter. Restriction: The beast is bound and powerless to attack. Silence: The monster is stilled and unable to cast spells. The silence icon appears over it's head Cyclone: The sky darkens and a miniature storm slams into an attacker. Aim before casting Evade: increase your agility so you can avoid attacks better. The increased agility icon appears over Brian's head. Slow enemy: slow your enemy down. The reduced movement icon appears over monster Ultimate wind: A broad blast of air slams into all enemies Wind bomb: An explosive blast spreads a shock wave in every direction Evade: enables you to move across the battle screen faster. Increased movement icon appears over Brian's head. PAGE 15 Water ( C down ) Water spells can sustain life and repair damage or inflict grave injury and icy devastation. Soul searcher: the soul searcher icon appears over the monster. You can view all the enemies statistics. Water pillar: drown your victims in a devastating column of water. Move in close to your target before casting. Walking water: Same as the water pillar but it moves away from you. Aim before casting Ice wall: engulf attackers in a fog of deadly frozen water vapor Ice knife: Huge sword-like icicles pierce downward into an adversary Drain magic: This spell will drain the magic points of your opponent and transfer them to you Invalidity: will negate a freeze spell Healing: Restore your hit points. This may be your most important magic. Escape: run away from the attackers. Exit: takes you back to the beginning of an area. Return: takes you back to the beginning of the level you are currently on. PAGE 16 Battle You will fight countless battles with fearsome creatures. Whoever is misusing the magical book is transforming normal creatures into monsters. - mere hares have been transformed into werehares who cast deadly magic - Formerly elusive wolves prowl and attack in broad daylight. - Toy puppets ambush in deadly trios. - Docile flowers have become gigantic, voracious predators weapons: your weapons are your staff and magic. - Use the C buttons to call in the spirits of earth, fire, wind, and water. Certain spell don't just destroy an enemy but weaken or paralyze them. Then you can move in for the kill. - Use A button to attack in close quarters with your staff force field: When you are about to do battle, a force field surrounds Brian, restricting his movements. Various spells can change how confining the force field is. Another force field surrounds the battlefield. If Brian is able to reach outside of the outer force field, he will be able to escape. Turn-based combat: You and the monsters take turns attacking and counter-attacking. Sometimes you will be attacked first; at other times the monsters will wait until you attack. PAGE 17 Attack! Cast a lethal spell When confronted by monsters, your movements become limited to a small area by a force field. Turn and face your attackers. You must aim some attacks or they will miss your prey. 1. Move the control stick to aim Brian in the direction of the monster you want to attack. NOTE: not all spells require you to aim. 2. Choose which spirit you will summon to attack. Press the corresponding C button to display the battle spell menu for that spirit element. 3. The battle spell menu now displays magic for only one element. Select a specific spell from the menu by pressing the corresponding C button. The spell you selected will be displayed in the active spell window at the top left of the screen. 4. Selecting one spell reveals more spells on the menu. You can replace the selected spell with a new one by pressing the C button corresponding to the new spell. NOTE: spells that are grayed out cannot be used in battle. 5. Press the A button to cast your magic at the enemy. NOTE: you can cancel a spell before you cast it by pressing the B button. If you raised the level of the spell, you must press the B button multiple times to close the spell menu. Close combat and staff attack: When you get close enough to a monster, a fighting staff appears over it's head. It's time for close combat. Press the A button to strike the enemy with your staff. Close combat raises your hit point value while conserving the hit points you already have. NOTE: see "magic points" for more information on it's value. PAGE 18 Defeating an enemy: You must inflict a certain number of hits against an enemy to defeat it. When an enemy is attacked, a number will display over it's head showing damage in hit points. Sometimes a single devastating spell will destroy a monster. Other times several attacks are needed to overwhelm a beast. Healing wounds: When your hit points are dangerously low or you become exhausted from battle, you begin to sag and look winded. You are in danger. Quickly replenish your battle-depleted hit points with healing spells, food, or potions. To cast heal spell: 1. press the C down button 2. press the C left button. Press C left again to increase the level {if heal level two has been acquired } 3. press A button to cast spell. To use heal item: 1. press R button to open your inventory. 2. Move the control stick to search for an item that repairs hit points 3. Press the A button to use that item. Escape: Sometimes the adversary is too mighty and you are too close to defend yourself. It's time to run. You can escape two different ways: - Press the C button down and select the escape spell, if it's available. - Attempt to run out of the force field. Run towards the edge of the force field. If you can move beyond it you can escape. PAGE 19 Strength Magic point and hit point values are measurements of your magical power and ability to survive. The more elements you collect, the stronger you are in combat. REMINDER: you acquire elements by discovering them during travel. You also receive elements as a reward for battle victories. Hit points: Hit point value is the ability to withstand attacks before being defeated. You begin he quest with a hit point value of 50. Battle injuries reduce your hit point value unless the attacks are too weak to cause damage or miss you entirely. Watch your hit point total in the upper left corner of the screen. When monsters attack, the damage to you in hit points is displayed over your head. If you see "miss" the attack had no effect. If attacks cost you all your hit points, you lose the battle and return to the last place you saved the game. To increase your maximum hit point value: - use your staff to strike and defeat monsters in close combat. To replenish hit points lost during battle or travel: - cast a healing spell on yourself. ( C down + C left and press the A button) - use inventory items that replenish hit points. Magic points: Magic points give you the power to unleash magic spells. You begin the quest with a magic point value of 15. Your magic point value increases as you gain more spirit elements and attack opponents with magic. As the magic point value increases, you are able to cast a larger amount of spells in combat. Each spell you cast reduces your magic point total. The more powerful the spell, the more magic points that drain away. Level 3 spells require more magic points then their level 1 counterparts. If you run out of magic points you cannot cast spells. To increase your magic point value: - use magic spells in combat. To replenish magic points lost in battle: - use inventory items that replenish magic points. - walk around the map to slowly replenish magic points. PAGE 20 Strength Defense and agility: Defense and agility help you wage war against the monsters. As you engage in more battles, your defense and agility values increase. - defense is the ability to take attacks without losing a lot of hit points. Your defense increases each time you are injured - agility is the ability to move quickly in battle, avoiding enemy spells. Your agility increases each time you successfully avoid an attack. You can view defense and agility values on the status screen. ( see "status and option screens" ). Know the enemy: When the soul searcher spell is cast on an enemy, and they attack, an information window opens, revealing the type of beast and how powerful it is. Judge how tough the enemy is by reading its stats. They are measure in the same way as yours. - HP: hit point value. You must reduce this to zero before the monster dies. When you attack, the damage you inflict in hit points flashes over the monsters head. When the total damage adds up to a monsters hit points, its destroyed. - ATK: attack value. Shows how powerful the monsters attack/spells are. - DEF: defense value, or the monsters resistance to attacks. - AGI: agility value, or the monsters ability to avoid attacks quickly. NOTE: some monsters can heal themselves PAGE 21 Battle icons During battle, Brian's skills may be either reduced or increased by certain spells. Combat icons appear over Brian or the enemy to show the effect of these magic spells. An up arrow next to the icon indicates the skill is increased. A down arrow indicates the skill is reduced. - HP: hit points. If this is displayed over Brian with an icon, your hit points are replenished every time you strike an enemy with your staff. - AGI: agility. The ability to move quickly and evade spell attacks. - DEF: defense. The ability to take attacks without losing hit points. - MOV: movement. The ability to move freely on the battlefield. Mov icons means the force field around Brian enlarges, allowing a wider range of movement. You can now move in close to an enemy and strike with your staff. NOTE: see "battle" for more info on force fields. - ATK: power of staff attack. - SOUL SEARCHER: the soul searcher icon { which resembles a blue orb } appears over a monster. You can view all enemies' statistic. -SILENCE: you or the monster can't cast a spell. {icon has a giant X} PAGE 22 Status and option screens The status screen contains important details about your magical powers. The option screen lets you adjust game options. To display the status or option screen: 1. press start. 2. Move the control stick left/right to select a screen Status: HP: present hit points value. MP: present magic points value. DEF: present defense value, or ability to withstand attacks. AGI: present agility value, or ability to maneuver swiftly and avoid attacks. Environment: Use this menu to adjust the games background music and dialog box displays. Press the A button to select option. Message: controls the speed of text display in the dialog boxes. To adjust: 1. press the A button to highlight message. 2. Move the control stick to adjust from minimum to maximum. 3. Press the A button to exit. BGM: controls the volume of the background music. {adjust the same way as "message"} Elements: displays each element type, the number you currently have, the percentage shown displays the amount of experience you need in combat before you acquire another element from battle. PAGE 23 Save load game NOTE: to save a game you must have the Nintendo 64 controller pak installed in your controller. WARNING: never insert a control pak when the power is on. Saving game: save your progress throughout Quest 64 by finding an inn to rest at. 1. Walk up to the innkeeper. When the dialog box appears over his head, press the A button. 2. When he asks if you want to spend the night a box will appear for you to respond. 3. Move the control stick to select "yes" and press the A button 4. Press the A button again to end the conversation and display the save game screen 5. Your progress through Quest 64, your hit points and magic points values are saved to your Nintendo 64 controller pak. 6. You can store up to 15 saves on one controller pak for Quest 64. Loading a saved game: NOTE: to load a saved game you must have the Nintendo 64 controller pak containing saved games installed in your controller. WARNING: never insert or remove a controller pak when the power is on. 1. Press start at the Quest 64 title screen. 2. Move the control stick to select LOAD and press start. 3. Move the control stick to select the saved game you want to load. PAGE 24 Defeat victory Despite your bravery and magic, sometimes monsters will overwhelm you. You are defeated in battle when all of your hit points are used up. But this is not the end of the quest. You are transported to the last place you saved. You keep the elements you collected and half of your hit points are returned. The final victory is yours when you rescue your father, recover the stolen book, and restore it to it's rightful place. Serenity will once again return to Celtland.

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