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Pokemon Snap

INSTRUCTION BOOKLET Pokemon Snap ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Contents A Letter from Professor Oak 4 Welcome to Pokemon Island! 6 Starting the Game 8 Using the Controller 10 The Flow of the Game 12 Professor Oak's Check and Report 16 Making an Album 18 Useful Items 20 About the Gallery 22 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A Letter from Professor Oak
One day, a talented young photographer named Todd received an interesting letter from Professor Oak, the famous Pokemon researcher...

Dear Todd,

My name is Professor Oak, and I research
Pokemon.  I have heard of your excellent
work as a photographer and would like your
assistance in my research.

I am currently doing research on Pokemon
Island.  Wild Pokemon are the only
creatures who live on this island, making it
the perfect place to study Pokemon in their
natural habitat.

I have thought of asking Pokemon trainers
to help me, but I am afraid they would
become too interested in catching the
Pokemon on the island.

                                Pokemon Laboratory
                Professor Oak
                The great Pokemon researcher who lives in Pallet Town.
                Recently he has been busy researching Pokemon Island.
If that happened, the number of Pokemon on
the island would decrease, and Pokemon
Island would lose its value.

Instead, I would like for you to take pictures
of the Pokemon in their natural setting.
Your pictures would help me complete my
PKMN Report.

I am looking forward to working with you.
Please come to my Laboratory right away.
I'll be waiting for you!

--Professor Oak

                A young photographer who chases
                after any Pokemon he sees.  His
                camera skills are top notch!
Ah, I've been waiting for you, Todd.
Ride in the ZERO-ONE vehicle I've
developed and take pictures of the
Pokemon on the island.  I can't wait
for our finished Report!
What is Pokemon Island?
Pokemon Island was once inhabited by both humans and Pokemon,
but now only Pokemon live there.  Although not all types of
Pokemon live on the island, many different types can be found.
Because an island such as this is so rare, catching Pokemon here is
strictly prohibited!

        ZERO-ONE Vehicle
        An all-purpose, automated
        machine developed by Professor
        Oak for use in researching
        Pokemon Island.  It includes a
        safety feature which applies the
        brakes when you are about to
        collide with a Pokemon.
Starting the Game
        This information is very important!  Please be sure
        to read this manual thoroughly before starting
        your game!

*       Switch On!
The first time you play Pokemon Snap, select "New
Game."  Each time after that, you can simply select

*       Enter Your Name
You must first enter your name so I can print out a
PKMN Photographer's Card for you.  Without this card,
you won't be admitted to Pokemon Island.  When
you're done, select "End."

*       Ending the Game
When you are ready to end your game, be sure to
come to my Laboratory and select "Save."  This way, all
the pictures you have taken will be saved to your
Game Pak.  Then the next time you play, you can
simply select "Continue."  If you select "New Game," all
the pictures you have taken will be erased.  Also, do not
                turn your Control Deck OFF
                while playing, or you will
                lose some very important
*       About the Options
*Screen Adjust
If the screen appears off-center, use this option to adjust
it.  To reset it to its original position, press START.

*Sound Settings
Use this setting to adjust the music and other sounds in the game.  If you select
"Stereo," be sure to check that the cable is properly connected to your television.

*Z Button Settings
Use the Z Button to focus your camera.  If you set this option to "Hold," hold the
Z Button to focus and let go to return it to normal.  If you choose "Switch," press
the Z Button once to focus and a second time to return it to normal.  (See my
explanation on page 10 for more details.)

*Control Stick Settings
Use the Control Stick to look around.  When you want to look left or
right, just tilt your Control Stick in that direction.  However, the
controls you use to look up and down are different...

                When you want to
                look up, tilt your              Normal Setting
                Control Stick down.             When using this setting, tilt
                                                your Control Stick up to look
                                                up, and tilt it down to look
                              Reverse Setting...down.
                When you want to
                look down, tilt your
                Control Stick up.

        Choose whichever setting is easier for you!
        See page 22 for my explanation of the gallery.
*       Using the Controller
        This is the Controller, or you could say, your camera.  You
        may find that it's even easier to use than a real camera!

On the menu screens, press the A Button to confirm selections and press 
the B Button to cancel.
        Buttons for Taking Pictures
                Control Stick
                Pay attention to your surroundings.  Be sure to look all around!

                Z Button
                If you see a Pokemon, grab your camera...

                A Button
                ...and click your shutter!
        Buttons for Using Items
You can't use items while focusing your camera.
A Throw Pokemon Food
B Throw Pester Ball
C-Down Play the Poke Flue
        I will explain these items in more detail on page 20.
Looking Around Quickly
        You can look around more quickly using the C Buttons than you can by using
        the Control Stick.  To look behind you, press the C-Left or C-Right Button twice.
        Press the C-Up Button to face forward again.
*       The Flow of the Game

        Now you're ready to start a new game.  Let's see how
        good of a photographer you really are!

        Taking Pokemon Pictures
1.   Go to Courses
When you start your game, you must
first come to my Laboratory.  Select "Go
to Course" and press the A Button.
2.   Select a Course
Select the course you want to take.  At
first you can only choose the Beach, but
as you proceed through the game, you
will get to go on a variety of courses.
3.   Get Started
Hop in the ZERO-ONE vehicle and get
ready to snap!
4.   Finding Pokemon
Once the ZERO-ONE vehicle begins
moving, start looking for Pokemon.
Using the Control Stick to take a good
look at your surroundings is the key.
5.   Focus Your Camera
You'll soon find Pikachu.  When you do,
press the Z Button to focus your camera.
The ZERO-ONE vehicle won't stop moving,
so you'll have to be quick, or you'll miss
your chance!
6.   Taking Pictures
When you think, "That's the shot!"
press the A Button to click
your shutter.  When the
Target Sensor in the center
of the screen turns red, it's
time to take your shot!

Trying Again Is Simple, Too!
If you press START to pause
the game, you can
immediately leave the
course or try it again
from the beginning.
7.   Keep Taking Pictures
If you pay attention to your surroundings, you can
take pictures of a variety of Pokemon.  You can take
60 pictures with each roll of film, so keep snapping those shots!

NEW and ?
When a Pokemon that is not in your Report (see page 17)
gets caught by your Focus Sensor, the word "NEW" will be
displayed on the screen.  When a "?" appears on the screen,
it means that your Focus Sensor can't identify it.

8.   Reaching the Goal Gate
When you reach the Goal Gate, you've finished
the course.  Now you're ready to select your
pictures on the Camera Check screen.

        Choose the Pictures You'll Show to the Professor.

1.   Camera Check
You can only show me one picture for each type of
Pokemon---I'm a very busy man, you know!  Select
only the best shots and mark them with the Prof.
Oak's Mark.
2.   Selecting Pictures
When you select the Prof. Oak's Mark, you will see six
of your pictures at a time.  Use the Control Stick to
scroll through all of your pictures.  Choose a picture and
press the A Button to see only pictures of that type of
Pokemon.  First, let's take a look a pictures of Pikachu.

3.   Comparing Pictures of Pokemon
Use the Control Stick to scroll through
only pictures of Pikachu and skip the
others.  When you fin a picture you          Compare Pictures with the Z Button
like, press the A Button to select "To       Pokemon you have already shown me will
Prof. Oak."  You will then be taken back     appear in the left part of the screen.  Press the Z
to the screen that shows all of your         Button to compare your pictures.
pictures.  If you want to return to this
screen without selecting a picture, press
the B Button

4.   Did You Check 'Em All?
The picture you select will get the Pro. Oak's Mark,
and the other Pikachu photos will turn dark.  Make
sure to check all the pictures that are still bright!

        Did you check all the
        pictures you took?
        Pictures that are still
        bright are Pokemon you
        haven't checked yet.
        Don't forget to look at
*       Professor Oak's Check and Report

        Wow, you've taken a lot of pictues,
        haven't you?  Well, let's check to see if
        they'll help me with my PKMN Report.

Shoot for High-Scoring Pictures!

I will give points to the pictures with a Prof. Oak's Mark on
them and record the pictures I've checked in the Report.  If
you take a new picture of a Pokemon that has already been
recorded, I'll check to see which is better.  Bring me new
pictures as often as you like!

        *Size           The bigger they are, the better your score
        *Pose           Catch 'em in an active pose.
        *Technique      Make sure they're in the center of the picture.
        *Other PKMN     Try to catch 'em with other Pokemon of the same type.
Your Pictures Are Recorded in the Report.

The pictures I have checked are recorded
in the PKMN Report.  If you select "PKMN
Report" in the Laboratory, you can see
them at any time.  Keep bringing me new
pictures of Pokemon, and let's finish the
PKMN Report!                                    Look for the hints written right on the
                                                cover of the PKMN Report.  Think of
PKMN Report                                     these as things you should do first.
                                                Don't miss them!
                You can display                         You can view
                Pokemon in                              the recorded
                either                                  pictures any
                alphabetical or                         time you want.
                course order.

Best Shot

        Your Best Shot is the picture
        you got the most points with.

                You and a friend can take pictures of the same
                Pokemon and compete for the highest score.  For
                example, take the
                Beach course and snap
                pictures of the Pidgey
                that appear at the
                beginning, then see
                who gets the best score!
*       Making an Albun

How's it going?  You're taking lots of pictures
now.  But I bet there are pictures that you still
like, even though you don't get many points for
them.  You can save those photos in your Album!

Saving Your Favorite Photos in an Album

You can save photos that you don't include in the
PKMN Report into an Album.  To save a picture in
your Album, select "Album Mark" on the
Camera Check screen and mark the picture you
want to save.

Viewing the Album

To view your Album, select "PKMN Album"
in the Laboratory.  If you haven't saved
any photos in your Album on the
Camera Check screen, you won't
be able to select "PKMN
Album" in the Laboratory.

                                        You can save up to 60 pictures in your
                                        Album.  You can also save pictures that
                                        don't show any Pokemon!
Arranging Your Album
                Select a photo to enlarge it.
                Arrange  the photos in your Album
                in any order you like.
                You can delete pictures you no longer want.  Make sure you
                really don't want the photo anymore because once you
                delete it, you can't get it back!
                Get details on which course you took the picture on and
                Add comments to your pictures.

        Adding Comments to Pictures
You can add comments
about each photo, such as
the date it was taken and
the name of the

                                        You could even make
                                        a comic book with
                                        your photos!
*       Useful Items

        These are special items that I've developed.
        It's too soon to give them to a beginner like
        you, but once you proceed through the game
        a bit, I'll let you use them.

A Button        Pokemon Food
This apple-shaped food that I've developed is a
favorite of Pokemon.  You can make them really
happy by throwing it beside them.

B Button        Pester Ball
These Pester Balls have bug-repellent spray in
them.  Use them to force Pokemon that are hiding
in the grass out into the open.
        Oak's Advice
        *Reduce ZERO-ONE's speed.
        When you look behind you, the ZERO-ONE
        vehicle will move at a slower pace.  You can't
get good pictures if you are always looking
        straight ahead.

        *Go through the same course many times.
        It's impossible to get all of the good shots there are in a course on your
        first try.  You need to go through each course many times.  Also, you
        should try going back through all the courses each time you get a new

C-Down Button  Poke Flute

Each time you press the C-Down Button, you can play a
different song on the flute.  Some Pokmon will respond to
the songs, giving you a great photo opportunity.

If you use items in suspicious-looking places,
the Pokemon may do unexpected things.
*       About the Gallery

Once you've saved a lot of photos in the
PKMN Report and PKMN Album, you can
arrange photos you're particularly fond
of in the Gallery.

Choose Your Four Best Shots!
If you select "Gallery" on the Title screen, you will proceed
to the Gallery screen.  Here you can arrange your four
favorite shots from among the many pictures you've
taken.  This is very useful when you want to show your
work to your friends.

                                        When choosing photos for the gallery,
                                        you can pick ones from both the PKMN
                                        Report and the PKMN Album.  You can
                                        arrange the photos and enlarge them
                                        for viewing.

                                *You can't access the Gallery until you have
                                 recorded pictures of at least four Pokemon in
                                 the PKMN Report.
                                *Once you have finished choosing your pictures, be
                                 sure to select "Save" and press the A Button.
                                 Don't forget!
*       Pokemon Snap Station
        Print the pictures you have saved in your Gallery!

                With Pokemon Snap, you can print out
                your pictures at Pokemon Snap Stations!

First, on the Gallery screen, select the four pictures you would like to print and
then Save.  Next, bring your Pokemon Snap Game Pak to the nearest Pokemon
Snap Station.  Visit or call 1-800-859-4521 for locations.

Purchase a prepaid card at the counter.  Insert your Game Pak and prepaid card
into the appropriate slots in the Pokemon Snap Station.  (Follow the directions on
the Pokemon Snap Station.)

Select the Print option and press the A Button.
When you are done, press the "Finish" Button on the Pokemon Snap Station, then remove your Game Pak.

        Each time you print, you will
        receive four stickers of each
        of the four photos in your
        Gallery.  You can print any
        picture you like, but pictures
        of a Pokemon centered in
        the middle of the picture will
        print best.  Collect and trade          Can you be the first
        stickers with your friends!             to catch 'em on film?

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