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NBA Hangtime

Typed out by Michael J Olsen NBA HANG TIME INSTRUCTION MANUAL TABLE OF CONTENTS Getting started 3 Control stick function 4 Controls 5 Multiple players 5 Options 6 Main menu 7 Create player 9 Selecting your team 13 On the court 15 Cool moves 17 Substitution 22 Statistics 23 Coaching tips 23 High scores 24 ___________________________________________________________________ PAGE 3 Delete memory pak menu: Press and hold the start button upon powering up or a reset to access the delete memory pak menu. This will allow you to view and delete saved information off a N64 memory pak. ____________________________________________________________________ PAGE 4 Warnings and precautions for controller ____________________________________________________________________ PAGE 5 CONTROLS Before you begin the game familiarize yourself with the controls Defaults: Offense: Defense: A button - turbo Bottom C - block/rebound Bottom C - shoot Right C - steal Right C - pass A + Right C - hard contact See "cool moves" for descriptions and controls of special moves Multiple players: NBA hang time supports up to 4 players. At anytime before or during a game, players can begin or join a game in progress automatically by picking up a controller and pressing the start button. Start/options: At the demo or title screen, press start to view the start/options screen. Press your control pad up or down, then press start to select "start game" and view the controller port screen. Press your control pad left or right to highlight the controller port you want to use, then press start. Up to 4 players may use this screen to select their teammates and preferred controller port. After players make selections, the main menu appears. From the start/options screen, select "options" to go to the options screen. _________________________________________________________________ PAGE 6 OPTIONS Make modifications to your games default configuration. To make changes, press your control pad up or down to highlight the option you wish to change, then press start to view the menu of that option. Here are the options. Switches: - tournament mode- turn this setting on or off. With tournament mode on the game disables all power ups and computer assistance. Turn this option off to enable computer assistance and special power ups. - big head- choose between large or normal sized heads for your player. - tag arrow- add or remove the tag arrow above your player. - shot clock- disable or enable a 24 second shot clock - computer assistance- when set to on, a CPU controlled team will always keep the games competitive. If you achieve a large lead against the CPU, they'll step up their intensity to close the gap. Settings: Press your control pad left or right to fine tune the levels of the sound effects and music. You can also fine tune the games difficulty level and the speed of the game clock. Controller: Configure your controller the way you like. Here's how: Press your control pad up or down to highlight the control you want to modify, the press the button that you would like to control that specific function. The button that you pressed will appear under the function you selected. If you make a mistake or change your mind, press the same button again to remove it from that function. You configure any button with any function; even multiple buttons for the same function. NOTE: the controller configuration option will only be available to the controller that accessed the options menu. {I recommend using A for shoot/jump, B for pass/steal, and Z for turbo} _________________________________________________________________ PAGE 7 MAIN MENU At the title screen, press the start button to view the main menu. Press the control pad left or right to highlight an option, then press the A button to select one of these three options: Enter name: This option first takes you to the enter name screen. Up to 4 players can enter initials and pin numbers. This process allows the game to accumulate your personal stats each time you enter your name and pin number prior to each game. If you've created a player character, enter the name and pin you chose when you created your player. The game will make that character available at the select team screen. To enter your name: 1. press your control pad up down left or right to highlight characters, then press the A button to select. __________________________________________________________________ PAGE 8 MAIN MENU 2. Repeat step 1 to enter the letters you want. Select the SPC to space letters or DEL to fix mistakes. 3. Select END to enter the name and go to the enter pin option. 4. Repeat the above process to select a personal pin number for your name. If you've entered a created player's name at the enter name screen, enter the pin number you chose for that player. His or her name will appear at the select team screen. Select teams: Select this option to go directly to the select team screen. You can select the team you want, then get right on the court quick and easy. ____________________________________________________________________ PAGE 9 CREATE A PLAYER This option lets you create your own character, and take on the NBA's best players. You can also modify a previously created player. Prior to any game you play, you can enter your created player's name and pin number. The new character will then be available at the select team screen. At the create a player screen you must first enter a name and pin. Then press your control pad up or down to highlight options, then press the A button to select. The following options are available to create your player: ____________________________________________________________________ PAGE 10 CREATE A PLAYER View stats: If you have a new character to create, you won't have any accumulated stats to view in this option. If you have created your character, you can enter the name and pin to view the accumulated statistics. Press any button to cycle through the stats. Head: Press your control pad left or right to view the available heads for your new character. When you've finished, press the A button to exit and move on to the next option. Uniform: Press your control pad up or down to highlight the uniform colors you like. Press the control pad left or right to cycle through NBA home and away colors. When you're finished, press any button to select your uniform and exit the option. NOTE: custom uniform colors cannot be changed. Saving your created players: NBA hang time will only save created players if a memory card is inserted into your controllers. Otherwise, data will be lost when you reset or power down. ___________________________________________________________________ PAGE 11 CREATE A PLAYER Attributes: Press your control pad up or down to highlight the attribute you want to modify. Press control pad left or right to increase or reduce the amount of skill points for a particular attribute. Your total points available are displayed above the attributes. When you make changes, these points increase or diminish. To make points available for an attribute you want to increase, you must reduce points in other attributes and transfer them. As you make changes, your attributes will change in the window below your player's likeness. When you've finished, press any button to exit the option. {More skill points can be earned by winning games.} Privileges: You can select 2 of the 5 available privileges for your new player. Press your control pad up or down to highlight the privilege you want to select. Press control pad left or right to select. Here are your choices: - no tag arrow- this option removes the possession arrow above your created player's head during the game. Your opponent's eyes will have a harder time locating your player on and off screen. - stealth turbo- select this option to remove the turbo gauge from the top of the screen as you play a game. Also, your players shoes will not change color. Your opponent won't have the advantage of knowing how much turbo you have remaining or when you use it. _______________________________________________________________ PAGE 12 CREATE A PLAYER - big head- this option places a large head on your character. - hide attributes- if you choose this option, your opponent won't be able to see your distribution of attribute points at the select team screen. - drone big head- you can place a large head on your drone with this option - super rebound- players with this option selected have a greater chance of getting loose balls, offensive rebounds and defensive rebounds. - smarter drone- if your teammate is controlled by the computer, this option will make him smarter and play better than the average drone. You need 70 attribute points before you may select this privilege. New pin: Change your players name using this option. Save/exit: Save your modifications. Select yes to confirm and exit or no to return to the create a player options. _______________________________________________________________ PAGE 13 SELECTING YOUR TEAM The select team screen displays the players and teams available in the game. Press your control pad up or down to move the team you want over the red or blue center line in the selection window. Press the control pad left or right to view the 20 available two-man squads for the team you chose. As you cycle through the squads, their player attributes appear in the window below their faces. Press the pass/steal button to view the team stats. When you find the players you want, press the shoot/jump button to select them and go to the matchup screen. _________________________________________________________________ PAGE 14 SELECTING YOUR TEAM The matchup screen displays the names and logos of the two competing teams. At the bottom portion of the screen, there is a three-digit area to enter special codes just like the arcade game. You can enter codes by pressing the turbo, shoot, and pass buttons. To input more then one code, follow the procedure above, then quickly press the control pad right and down. The number you entered will flash and remain on-screen. At this point you can enter another number before the game starts. The first number you entered will be stored, as well as the second one. TIP: do this procedure quickly, or you'll run out of time. __________________________________________________________________ PAGE 15 ON THE COURT Are you ready to do some high flyin' slammin' and jammin'? let's get you familiar with the game screen before you start. Here are some things you'll need to know: Jump ball meter: At the start of the game, your player is at center court for the jump ball. The gauges on the right and left display the jump power for each of the two players in the circle. To have a better chance to win the jump, quickly tap your turbo and jump buttons to boost the power and height of your jump. Turbo meter: The top of the screen displays a colored turbo meter under the names of the four players on the court. As you use your turbo, the blue (player 1), green (player 2), yellow (player 3), or red bar (player 4) diminishes until it's gone. It recharges automatically when you aren't using it. __________________________________________________________________ PAGE 16 ON THE COURT Scoreboard: At the top, center of the screen, the scoreboard displays the score of the game, the quarter and the time remaining. When the clock is under a minute, it's displayed in the lower right corner of the screen. Shot clock: When you gain possession of the ball, you have 24 seconds to release the ball from your hands towards the hoop. If you hit the rim the 24 seconds is reset. When the shot clock counts down to 10 seconds, it will appear in the lower left corner of the screen. If you don't shoot in time, the words shot clock violation will appear, and possession of the ball will be given to the other team. Tag arrow: Above each player's head is a numbered arrow displaying a 1, 2, 3, or 4. The number lets players 1 through 4 know what player they are controlling on the court. When a player is off-screen, the arrow moves to the side of the screen, pointing to the location of your player. ___________________________________________________________________ PAGE 17 COOL MOVES This is the fun stuff. To learn the cool moves in NBA hang time, read through the following information. Dribbling: The computer takes care of your player's basic dribbling, but you can put some moves into the dribbles to keep from getting the ball stolen. While dribbling, quickly tap the turbo button twice to do a spin move around a player. Shooting: In NBA hang time, there's more to shooting then just pressing the shoot button. There's a good chance that another player will be in your face every time you attempt a shot. If a player jumps to block your shot just as you press the shoot button, you can hold the button down to delay the release of your shot. To get a little more height and energy into your shot, try pressing the turbo and shoot buttons at the same time. Your best chance to nail your jumper occurs when you release the ball at the peak of your jump. Also, to shoot around your opponent try pressing the control pad in all directions. Your player will do a fade away, a lean in shot, or a left/right leaning shot depending on which way you hold the control pad. ___________________________________________________________________ PAGE 18 COOL MOVES Passing: This isn't always such an easy skill. Make sure your man is open when you pass, and don't be a ball hog. It's much harder to take the ball away from two players working as a team. You can press the pass button to as you go to the hoop to dish off to your teammate or to escape opponents in your face at the hoop. Skilled point guards pass more creatively then big men or forwards. Rebounding: Don't always assume the ball is going down. Time your jumps at the net, so you can bring it down. Press your shoot button and the turbo button together to get high in the air. When you get a defensive rebound, your teammate should be running down the floor toward the net. Pass it deep. Offensive rebounds are a must. Follow your shot to the net to rebound a possible miss, then try pressing the shoot button while you're in the air. It's a pretty sweet move. ________________________________________________________________ PAGE 19 COOL MOVES On fire: A player who sinks three hoops in a row becomes on fire. The ball will smoke when he gains possession. When he shoots the ball, he has a much greater chance of making any shot he throws. Take full advantage of a teammate who's on fire. It's no time to be a ball hog. To extinguish a player who's on fire, the opposing team needs to make just one basket. When a team of players do three ally oops or double dunks in a row, you achieve team fire. At this point, both players are on fire for 25 seconds of possession time. The team fire clock will appear and countdown. It will stop when the team that's on fire does not have possession. Take your opponents to town and start a run. To stop team fire, the opposing team must complete an alley oop or double dunk. If a player or team is on fire at the end of the quarter, they will still be on fire to start the next quarter. {players on fire will have unlimited turbo and the ability to goal tend}. Hard contact: Here's a move that will help you start a run. Press the turbo and pass buttons to knock your opponent on his butt. The ball may or may not come loose, but it's a good opportunity to create a turnover. Spin move: As you dribble, quickly tap the turbo button twice. _________________________________________________________________ PAGE 20 COOL MOVES Alley opp: Yes, the most exciting part of the game! Dazzle your friends with this one. As you go hard toward your net, watch for your teammate flying toward the net. When he jumps high and flashes in the air, press the pass button to dish the ball off. If all goes well, he'll slam it home! Press turbo and shoot together, while moving towards the net, to go up for an alley opp yourself. Blocking shoots: This is one of the keys to a great defensive game. Try to time a player's shot attempt, then step in front of him and press the shoot button. If he's way up there, press your shoot and turbo buttons. Head fake: With your feet planted, quickly tap the shoot button to execute this move. A well executed head fake may cause your opponent to miss-time his block attempt. Clearing out: If for some reason you hold up and have to pass the ball or shoot, quickly tap the turbo button to grasp the ball hard and throw your elbows from side to side. This will make it more difficult for your opponents to steal the ball. __________________________________________________________________ PAGE 21 COOL MOVES Double dunk: Oh...wait...this is the most exciting part of the game. Teammates can both jump high and drive hard to the hoop, then the ball carrier must press the pass button to dish it off to his flashing teammate behind him. Repeat this move, the leave your opponents guessing if you'll pas or not. Either way, you should be able to score. The player without the ball must press the turbo and shoot buttons to jump high toward the net, behind the teammate carrying the ball. TIP: a player's attributes will tell you what skill he is best able to perform. A good shooter will make three-pointers, a power player will get more rebounds and be harder to clear out, and a dunker will do higher and more exciting dunks. Remember this when you select a player. _________________________________________________________________ PAGE 22 SUBSTITUTION At half time, you have the opportunity to substitute one or both players. You won't be able to change teams, so you'll have to select different players from the team you chose prior to the game. At the substitution screen, press control pad left or right to cycle through available players, then press the shoot button to return to the floor. ___________________________________________________________________ PAGE 23 STATISTICS At halftime, the halftime stats screen will appear with current game stats for all four players in the game. If a player is on fire at the end of a half, his stat window will have fire on its border. At the end of the game, the game end stats screen will appear. Like the halftime stats screen, the player of the game will flash. Following the end game stats screen, the scoring breakdown screen appears. It displays the breakdown of point totals for each quarter. COACHING TIPS After the 1st and 3rd quarters, coaching tips are displayed. Read them carefully to get helpful playing tips and special moves. If you go into overtime, you'll get more tips between each quarter. _____________________________________________________________________ __________________________________ PAGE 24 HIGH SCORES High scores are automatically entered into memory when you finish a game. To achieve a high score, a player must complete a minimum of 5 games. If you played well enough, the name you entered prior to the game will appear on the high scores. The high scores will then be displayed in the demo mode following the game. Press the B button to cycle through them, or the start button to return to the main menu.

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