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Typed out by Lance Barber CONTENTS Starting the Game 3 Command Summary 4 Introduction 5 Main Menu 6 Quick Race 6 Single Race 6 Championship 9 Game Options Menu 14 NASCAR Options Menu 16 On the Track 19 Flags 19 Drafting 20 Split Time 21 Time Differential 22 Pit Stops 22 The Pause Menu 23 End of the Race 25 * For more information on this and other titles, check out EA SPORTS on the web at * Be sure to catch up on all the NASCAR racing action at NASCAR's official website at 1 _______________________________________________________ (Page 2 contains information about the Control Stick, but it doesn't say what position you should hold it.) 2 _______________________________________________________ STARTING THE GAME 1. Turn OFF the power switch on your N64 Control Deck. WARNING: Never try to insert or remove a Game Pak when the power is ON. 2. Make sure a Controller is plugged into the Control- ler Socket 1 on the Control Deck. 3. If you're playing against a friend, plug the other Controller into Controller Socket 2. 4. Insert thr Game Pak into the slot on the Control Deck. Press firmly to lock the Game Pak in place. 5. Turn ON the power switch. The EA SPORTS and NASCAR logos appear, followed by the NASCAR 99 title screen. If you don't see them, begin again at step 1. 6. At the NASCAR 99 title screen, press START . The Main Menu appears. (Main Menu on p. 6.) 3 _______________________________________________________ COMMAND SUMMARY Default Racing Controls Front A=Accelerate B=Brake C-left=HUD Toggle C-down=Change Views L=Downshift R=Upshift START=Pause + Control Pad or Control Stick=Steer Back N64 Controller Pak Connector Slot Z=Downshift NOTE: In NASCAR 99, the Control Pad and Control Stick function identically for Up and Down and (-) movements. 4 _______________________________________________________ Pit Stop Controls Action Command Highlight pit service.......................Up and Down Toggle fuel/tire service ON/OFF or Increase/Decrease downforce/wedge...................(-) Menu Screen Controls Highlight menu items........................Up and Down Cycle choices/Move sliders..........................(-) Select/Continue.......................................A Return to previous screen.............................B INTRODUCTION EA SPORTS brings fender-to-fender NASCAR competition into your home like never before. Get behind the wheel of your favorite NASCAR driver's ride and race against the stars of America's most exciting sport. All the sights, sounds, and emotions of NASCAR racing are here, so start your engine and stand on the gas-victory lane awaits! NASCAR 99 Features: * Authentic NASCARracing action. * 37 NASCAR drivers and cars, including current stars and NASCAR legends. * 17 licensed NASCAR-sanctioned tracks. * Race analysis and color commentary by Bob Jenkins and Benny Parsons. * Night racing at Charolatte, Bristol, and Richmond. * Championship mode with season points tracking. * Crew chief and spotter audio assistance. * Comprehensive pit strategies. * Competitive field of 20 high-resolution cars. 5 _______________________________________________________ MAIN MENU Single Race-Run a race Single Race see below Championship-Enter a season Championship on p. 7 Driver & Car Info-View driver and car info from the 1997 NASCAR season Game Options-Adjust game options Game Options Menu on p. 14 Track Records-View the top three lap times for each track Credits-Roll the NASCAR 99 credits list * Button controls specific to the current menu appear on the bottom of each menu screen. QUICK RACE Quick Race is a single race with a general car setup which uses the current NASCAR options. The default driver and track for a quick race are Dale Earnhardt and Atlanta. * To randomly select a driver and track, press the R Button. To Begin a Quick Race: * From the Main Menu, select QUICK RACE. The track logo appears. Press A to start racing. * For default racing controls, Command Summary on p. 4. Keep reading for complete NASCAR 99 instructions. SINGLE RACE NASCAR racing is about cars and competition-building the best race car and 6 _______________________________________________________ proving it on the track. This section helps you set up your car and run a single race. * From the Main Menu, choose SINGLE RACE. The Single Race menu appears. * Default menu items appear in bold throughout this manual. Single Race Menu The Single Race menu contains all the options you need to spend a weekend at your favorite NASCAR track. * When you select RACE, QUALITY, or PRACTICE, the track logo appears. Press A to get to the track. * For default racing and pit stop controls, Command Summary on p. 4. A Weekend at the Track In a typical race weekend, NASCAR teams run practice laps to test their cars' performance, constantly tweaking the car setup to get the car as fast as possible. Next is the qualifying lap where time determines starting position. If a team is happy with its time, it's ready for the race. If not, it's back to the garage for more pre-race adjustments. Race RACE takes you to the starting grid for the main event. NOTE: In a one player single race, if you beat a best lap record, you will have the opportunity to enter your initials and save the time. Qualify Qualifying is a solo attempt to post your fastest single lap time. After your qualifying run, the Qualifying Results screen displays your time relative to the best time. 7 _______________________________________________________ NOTE: In two-player races, you do not qualify for position. User-controlled drivers always begin from the back of the starting grid. Parctice Run solo practice laps to learn new tracks and locate your car's optimum setup. EA TIP: There's only one way to find the perfect setup: Experiment! After working on your setup, test it on the track with practice laps. Practice as many times as you want until you're ready to qualify or race. Happy Hour "Happy Hour" is the last hour of practice on the eve of the race. Teams may or may not participate, but race fans love the extra NASCAR action. Car Setup To win in NASCAR 99, you have to tune your car for each track. As you modify your car's setup, the performance bars adjust to illustrate how the changes will affect your Top Speed, Acceleration, Handling, and Pit Distance. * When you choose CAR SETUP, the Car Setup menu appears. Transmission Choose an AUTOMATIC or MANUAL (you must shift gears) transmission. Rear Spoiler Increasing the downforce on the rear spoiler tightens up your car, making it easier to hlod your line through the turns, but greatly reduces top speed. Wedge Wedge stabilizes your car's suspension. Increase wedge as banking increases to distribute weight to the corner of the car doing the most work. Tire Pressure Increasing tire pressure increases your car's handling, but tire wear is greater. Gear Ratios Low gear ratios increase acceleration; higher gear ratios increase top speed. 8 _______________________________________________________ EA TIP: Set your Gear Ratios lower on road courses where acceleration out of the turns creates passing chances and higher on speedways where all-out speed wins races. Players Select the number of players in the race: ONE or TWO (split screen). Select Car Choose the car and driver you want to race as on the circuit. Legendary Drivers You must earn the opportunity to race as one of NASCAR 99's legendary drivers. Drivers become available when you place in the top-5 at selected tracks, during a Championship season, running a race length of 50% or more. Once you earn a driver, his bio appears on the screen. Save your season, and you can choose him in any racing mode. Select Track Choose a track for your next race. NASCAR Options Adjust options that affect the rules and realism of the race (NASCAR Options Menu on p. 16). CHAMPIONSHIP Utilizing a points structure inspired by NASCAR's scoring system, Championship mode is a racing career made up of multiple seasons. This section gets you started on your championship bid. 9 _______________________________________________________ NASCAR 99 CHAMPIONSHIP POINTS SYSTEM Position Points Position Points 1 175 11 130 2 170 12 127 3 165 13 124 4 160 14 121 5 155 15 118 6 150 16 115 7 146 17 112 8 142 18 109 9 138 19 106 10 134 20 103 * From the Main Menu, choose CHAMPIONSHIP. The Season menu appears. Season Menu At the Season menu you can begin a new season or load a season in progress. * To load a season in progress, Save/Load Season on p. 13. To Begin a New Season 1. From the Season menu, choose NEW SEASON. The Select Driver screen appears. 2. From the Select Driver screen, select a driver. The NASCAR Options menu appears (p. 16). 3. Set NASCAR Options, then choose DONE BEGIN SEASON. Bob Jenkins and NASCAR legend Benny Parsons introduce the race from the track. Benny Parsons Motorsports Hall of Famer Benny Parsons is recognized as one of NASCAR's 50 greatest drivers. Parsons won the 1973 championship, the Daytona 500, and a Cable ACE award as Best Sports Analyst. 10 _______________________________________________________ 4. Following the race introduction, press A . The Race Weekend menu appears. 5. Select RACE, QUALIFY, or PRACTICE. The track logo appears. Press A to get to the track. * For default racing and pit stop controls, > Command Summary on p. 4. Car Setup-Adjust your car's setup Car Setup on p. 8 Game Options-Adjust game options Game Options Menu on p. 14 Current Season Menu The Current Season menu appears after the completion of each season race. Use this menu to access your next season race, keep tabs on the championship battle, save your progress, and view season records. Next Season Race Choose this option to go to the next scheduled race in your season. View Season Info Visit the Season Info screen to see a complete schedule of season events. During a season, your race results are posted for completed events. 11 _______________________________________________________ Season Standings The Season Stadings screen keeps a running total of each team's championship points. Here's what the final standings looked like for the 1997 NASCAR season: 1997 NASCAR CUP SERIES TOP-20 RESULTS Position Driver Points Earnings 1 Jeff Gordon 4710 $4,201,227 2 Dale Jarrett 4696 $2,512,382 3 Mark Martin 4681 $1,877,139 4 Jeff Burton 4285 $1,858,234 5 Dale Earnhardt 4216 $1,663,019 6 Terry Labonte 4177 $1,951,844 7 Bobby Labonte 4101 $1,943,239 8 Bill Elliott 3836 $1,377,607 9 Rusty Wallace 3598 $1,505,260 10 Kenny Schrader 3576 $1,109,782 11 Johnny Benson 3575 $1,120,814 12 Ted Musgrave 3556 $1,128,404 13 Jeremy Mayfield 3547 $943,794 14 Ernie Irvan 3534 $1,492,739 15 Kyle Petty 3455 $834,639 16 Bobby Hamilton 3450 $1,350,335 17 Ricky Rudd 3330 $1,863,040 18 Michael Waltrip 3173 $1,015,384 19 Ricky Craven 3108 $1,139,860 20 Jimmy Spencer 3079 $1,016,109 12 _______________________________________________________ Save/Load Season If you have a Controller Pak connected to your controller, you can save your season after any race and resume it at a later time. NOTE: You must have the Controller Pak in the Controller when you turn on the power. To Save a Season 1. From the Current Season Menu, select SAVE SEASON. The Game Save screen appears. 2. Select the Controller Pak slot to which you want to save your season. The symbol/character map appears. 3. To accept the default name, press START. 4. To label your season, press C-left to delete existing letters, then select symbols/characters in the map. 5. Press START to save. The Current Season menu appears. NOTE: If you press B to exit the Current Season menu without saving your season, a confirmation prompt appears. Select YES or CANCEL to continue. To Load a Saved Season 1. From the Main Menu, choose CHAMPIONSHIP. The Season menu appears. 2. From the Season menu, choose LOAD SEASON. The list of seasons saved to your Controller Pak appears. 3. Select the season you want to resume. The Current Season menu appears (p. 11). Record Books The Record Books track career records such as most wins and most pole positions throughout the course of your career. 13 _______________________________________________________ GAME OPTIONS MENU Adjust the look, sound, and feel of NASCAR 99. Controller Setup-choose a controller configuation > Controller Setup below Music and Sound FX Volume-Adjust volume levels Stereo-Toggle Mono/ Stereo Commentary, Split Time Display, and Best Line-Toggle ON /OFF Controller Setup NASCAR 99 features a selection of Controller setups, each with a different button configuration. Select the setup that feels best with your racing style. * When you select CONTROLLER SETUP, the Controller Config screen appears. To select a Controller setup. Control Pad (-) to select the select you want, then press B to accept and exit. 14 _______________________________________________________ NOTE: If you're not using a standard controller, choose the Controller setup option that is closest to the one you're using. Split Time Display Split Time Display posts split times and time differentials on the screen during your races. Best Line The best line is the darkened line around the track that shows the groove taken most often by other drivers. You can follow the best line to find the quickest way around a track. 15 _______________________________________________________ NASCAR OPTIONS MENU Modify race-specific rules and details. In Single Race Mode * To access the NASCAR Options menu, choose NASCAR OPTIONS from the Single Race Menu. In Championship Mode * The NASCAR Options menu follows the Set Driver screen. Race Length Set the length of your race based on the percentage of a real-life NASCAR race at the same track. Check the lap counter at the bottom of the screen for lap equivalents. Race Length-Percentage of a real-life NASCAR race MPH-Toggle MPH /KPH 16 _______________________________________________________ Damage Contact and car damage play key roles in the battle for position in NASCAR racing. Use this option to set the durability of the cars on the track. LTD Limited. If your car crashes out, press the accelerator to have it auto-repaired. OFF Cars do not sustain damage. ON Cars that sustain enough damage to become undrivable are eliminated from the race. This option is not available in two-player mode. Equipment Breakdowns The uncertainty of mechanical performance is always a factor in auto racing, especially when you're running 600 miles at Charlotte! * If you have damage ON, you can set Equipment Breakdowns ON for the possibility of mechanical failure. Builders In 1997, Charlie Siegars of the Hendricks Motorsports (#24) team won his third straight Engine Builder of the Year award for engine performance and durability. Physics/AI Settings Race in Arcade mode where you have an advantage over the field, Simulation where all cars are equal, or Custom where you determine the settings. * Choose ARCADE , SIMULATION, or CUSTOM. (As soon as you adjust a menu item, the setting becomes CUSTOM.) * To save changes and exit, select DONE. Opponent Strength Adjust your computer opponents' overall performance levels. Drafting Effect Affects the draft strength and the distances required to catch it. Set high to draft from long distances or low for a weak draft even at close range. Horsepower Increase or decrease your car's horsepower output. 17 _______________________________________________________ Car Balance Effect Reduce for a loose-running car; increase for tighter suspension. Speed Sensitive Steering Steering becomes more difficult as your speed increases. Set low for easy steering at any speed or high for difficult steering at high speeds. Running Loose and Tight A loose-running car oversteers. When you try to turn, the back end loses traction and comes around, as if you were driving on ice. A car with a tight suspension pushes. As you turn the car, instead of following the racing line to the inside of the track, the car wants to head for the wall. Yellow Flags Whenever a hazardous situation arises on the track, the yellow flag comes out, and the field runs under caution. * If you have Damage ON, you can set this option ON or OFF . NOTE: Yellow flags are not available in two-player races. Speed Comp. Available in two-player mode only. When ON the trailing player's car gets a speed boost to catch up. Computer Cars Available in two-player mode only. Set OFF or ON for a full grid of 8 cars. 18 _______________________________________________________ ON THE TRACK Whether you're racing, qualifying for time, or practicing, you begin in the driver's seat with your car approaching the starting line. Take a moment to familiarize yourself with the on-screen gauges. Track map Current speed Current Lap Draft meter Tachometer position counter Current gear Fuel gauge Elapsed lap time Best lap time * When the green flag waves, punch the accelerator and put the pedal to the medal! * For default racing and pit controls, > Command Summary on p. 4. Flags In NASCAR racing, track officials use flags with different patterns and color schemes to communicate with drivers during the race. In NASCAR 99, you'll see the following flags. Green Signifies the start of an event or a restart after a caution period. 19 _______________________________________________________ Yellow (CPU Controlled) Cautions drivers to slow down and hold their positions because an unsafe condition exists on the track. White The white flag comes out when the race leader crosses the start/finish line to begin the final lap. Checkered Indicates that the race winner has completed the race. The remainder of the cars race back to the start/finish to determine their final positions. Drafting Drafting is driving in the wake of air created by the car in front of you so you don't have to expend fuel and power cutting through the air. Drafting plays a key role in the racing strategy of every NASCAR driver. To Execute a 'Slingshot' Draft Pass: 1. As you came up on the next car, position your car so that you're following an identical line. 2. Your draft meter increases as you get closer. Ease off the accelerator to keep from bumping the car. 3. When you're ready to pass, accerelate and pull up high, so that your car is just outside the draft. You can feel the air resistance slowing you down. 4. Dive down beneath your opponent and floor it. The suction of the draft will slingshot you right past! 20 _______________________________________________________ Split Time Checking your split time is a good way to determine if your car is getting better or worse as the race rolls on. Each track is divided into segments, or time traps. After the first lap, your best time through the present segment appears on the screen above your current time. When you complete the segment, the time difference appears. Green indicates a faster time, while red indicates a slower time. * To view time traps displayed on a map, access the Pause menu and select NASCAR TIMING (The Pause Menu on p. 23). Time Traps Time traps are used to provide accurate timing data. Evaluating your car's performance through each segmant allows you to focus your efforts on your most challenging portion of the track. 21 _______________________________________________________ Time Differential Time differentials pinpoints your position relative to your nearest opponents. Each time you cross the start/finish line, an overlay displays the name of the driver in front of you and his time advantage, as well as the driver behind you and your lead over him. Pit Stops There are four situations that warrant a visit to pit road: low fuel, worn tires, poor handling, and damage. Your crew chief notifies you audibly when it's time to refuel or change the tires. To Make a Successful Pit Stop: 1. Plan which services you want before entering the pits. 2. Enter pit road. The Pit Service menu appears. 3. Select services before your car comes to a stop. 22 _______________________________________________________ * To move the highlight up/down, Control Pad Up and Down. * To check/cancel services and increase/decrease downforce and wedge, Control Pad (-). 4. When the pit services are complete, your car pulls out of its stall. Hit the gas as you exit pit road. EA TIP: By entering the pits with a plan and executing quickly, a skilled team can use its pit stops to improve the car and gain valuable positions. Pit Crews NASCAR pit crews have their own annual speed competition. Bill Elliott's #94 racing team won 1997's Pit Crew Championship by changing four tires and pumping 22 gallons of fuel in 20.870 seconds. The Pause Menu Bring up the Pause menu to take a break from the action or to access Pause menu items. * To bring up the Pause menu, press START . Resume When you're ready to get back to the race, practice run, or qualifying round, select the RESUME option. Instant Replay Replay the last few moments of excitement on the track. You can watch the replay from the vantage point of any car on the track. 23 _______________________________________________________ Control Stick=left or right-Forward/reverse Z=Fast forward/reverse A=Cycle camera views B=Cycle cars START=exit Race Statistics Access RACE STATISTICS to check all the cars' current positions in the field as they run. NOTE: This option is not available during practice runs. During qualifying, access QUALIFYING STATS for a look at the times to beat. NASCAR Timing NASCAR TIMING displays race and timing information for your car. Time traps Current position on the track Car setup Track and driver 24 _______________________________________________________ * To cycle BEST LAP, 2ND BEST LAP, and ,3RD BEST LAP, press C-right. * To cycle ELASPED (by trap), TIME (cumulative), and SPEED (average), press C-up. NOTE: This option is not available during qualifying runs. Sound Options Toggle music and/or sound effects ON /OFF. Quit If you want to abort the race, practice run, or qualifying round, select the QUIT option. End of the Race Following the race, an overlay displays the top-5 drivers. The Race Results screen appears next, displaying each driver's finishing position and time behind the leader. * At the Race Results screen, press A. The Single Race screen appears. 25

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