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Multi-Racing Championship

INSTRUCTION BOOKLET MRC MULTI-RACING CHAMPIONSHIP Contents Welcome to Multi Pacing Championship! 4 Control Configuration 4 Viewing the Screen 6 Pause Menu 7 Starting a Game 7 Championship Mode 8 Free Run Mode 8 MRC Regulations 8 Time Trial Mode 9 VS Race Mode 9 Match Race Mode 10 Mirror Course 10 Main Menu 10 Start 10 Machine 11 Setting Categories 11 Course 13 "Close Road" Settings 13 Options 14 Controller 14 Sound Configuration 14 Game Configuration 14 Best Records 15 Save 15 Load 15 1 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Welcome to Multi Racing Championship! Sit down, strap in and hang on for the most extreme racing challenge the world has to offer. Traverse a variety of terrain, battle the elements and secure your place among rally racing's most elite drivers. Choose from three challenging courses and eight different all-terrain vehicles with completely customizable settings to match your driving technique. Go ahead, throw caution to the wind and don't stop until the checkered flag waves, you've got more than just your gas-pedal on the line with Multi Racing Championship! Control Configuration The game settings can be easily changed in the game options menu. The default controls configuration is: Control Stick: Steering wheel; used to move through the menus, etc. A button: Accelerator; used to make settings in the menus, etc. B button: Brake; used to cancel the menus, etc. C button unit: changes vantage point during the race R button: shift up (in manual transmission) L button: shift down (in manual transmission) Start button: Pause; menu setting 4 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Viewing the Screen The player's vantage point may be set during the race to "driver's view" or "behind view." The vantage point may be changed with the C button unit. The "behind" view includes both standard and zoomed- out views from behind the car. While the perspective from the standard "behind" view is set just behind the car, the perspective from the zoomed-out "behind" view is set further back allowing a wider view of the surrounding area. 6 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Pause Menu During the race, the game can be paused by pressing the start button. By moving the Control Stick up or down the player can move through the menu displayed in the window at this time. A selection may be made by pressing the A button or the start button. Exit: The pause is canceled and the race resumes. Restart: Current race is canceled, and a new race starts from the beginning. Machine: The vehicle is changed. Current race is canceled. Course: The course is changed. Current race is canceled. Retire: The race is canceled and the game returns to the title screen. Starting a Game When the game pak is inserted into the main unit and the power is turned on, the Start-Up screen is displayed. The player can move through the modes by moving the 3D stick up or down; select the desired mode by pressing the A button. "VS Race" can be selected only if two or more controllers are plugged in. Press the B button in the "Main Menu" to return to the "Start-Up" screen. 7 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Championship Mode In this mode, within a limited time period, the player competes against nine cars that are controlled by the computer. There are three types of courses depending on the level of difficulty. MRC Regulations 1. Drive as fast as possible over the determined number of laps. If the distance is run within the allotted time, then the race has been completed. 2. Within the allotted time, if the player's vehicle passes through a check point on the course, additional time is allotted. 3. If the player takes first place, there is a victory demonstration. 4. Vehicle settings may be modified as desired. Please make setting changes to suit your preferences. 5. Whenever a race is completed, the player has the option to view a replay of the race. Time Trial Mode This mode is simple racing competition for the fastest lap. The five best times for each course are stored. The only vehicles on the course are your won and a ghost car which appears when the best lap is posted. 8 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Free Run Mode In this mode, players can practice on any of the three courses as well as test any of the available cars without time restrictions. This mode is designed for a single player only. The viewing screen displays the current lap time, the last lap time, and the best lap time in addition to showing the current speed. This mode will not register a "record" lap. VS Race Mode In this mode, two players may compete directly against each other. A player can race with a friend on a given course. The mode provides added excitement that is not experienced in single player modes. All of the courses may be used. In this mode, players may select to race an opponent for up to 10 laps. The number of laps raced is determined by the setting in the Game Options. (See game options to set number of laps.) 9 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Match Race Mode Once a player has won all three courses in the match race mode, he can race against the first hidden car. If the player wins, then he can select that hidden car to race as his own. If the player takes first place on all of the courses in the match race mode again, he can race against a second hidden vehicle. If the player wins, he can select the second hidden car to race as his own. Mirror Course When two hidden vehicles become available, and the Z button is pressed, the mirror course can be selected. In this option a player can race the opposite image of each course, allowing a total of 6 courses to be raced. You will see these courses in the Course Option Mode as darkened courses. Main Menu Start: The menu begins with the settings displayed on the left side of the screen. Once the data settings are made, they will be applied repeatedly until they are changed. 10 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Machine: The vehicle to be driven by the player may be selected, and vehicle settings may be made. 1. The vehicle type is selected by moving the Control Stick left or right. 2. To modify the characteristics of a particular vehicle, choose "Settings". This feature can be used to compensate for inadequacies in the vehicles. 3. The seven setting categories are tires, brakes, suspension, steering, transmission, gear ratio, and aerodynamics. 4. Vehicle settings remain valid as long as the power is not turned off. Also, if the data is stored in the controller pak, the settings can be retrieved at any time. Setting Categories Tires This affects the grip characteristics on the road surface. On an off-road course, slippage will be reduced on bad roads as grip characteristics improve. On an on-road course, grip characteristics of hard road surfaces can be improved. 11 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Brakes Braking effectiveness can be changed. When hard, it is easy to lock the brakes. When soft, braking is gradual but steady. Suspension Suspension stiffness can be adjusted. When hard, the chassis dips only slightly. When soft, the chassis dips drastically. Steering Turning of the steering wheel can be adjusted. When slow, the vehicle does not turn very much. When quick, the vehicle turns sharply with only a slight turn of the steering wheel. Transmission Either automatic (AT), or manual (MT) can be selected. Gear The gear ratio can be adjusted. A high setting places the priority on top speed; a low setting places the priority on acceleration. Aerodynamics The angle of the wing on the back of the vehicle can be adjusted. As the angle becomes closer to vertical, resistance is increased. 12 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Course: The course on which the race is to be run may be selected. In the course options, a player can choose to close either the on-road or off-road junctions. This will drastically alter the race course. Also in this menu, a player can view the weather condition of the give course. "Close Road" Settings: 1. When selecting a course, choose "Close Road." 2. The individual forks of each course are displayed (marked with flags) 3. By pressing the A button, the fork of the course to be closed can be chosen. 4. When the "Close Road" settings have been made, select "OK." These settings will remain valid until the power is turned off. Also, if the data is stored in the controller pack, the settings can be retrieved even after the power has been turned off. 13 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Options These settings affect the entire game; all of the settings can be changed. Controller The controller buttons can be reconfigured to suit your preferences, and or set so you can play the game almost entirely with the Control Stick. MRC is compatible with the most common add-on peripherals. Sound Configuration Choose the background music, sound effects, turn the sound off or on, select from stereo or mono, and adjust the volume levels for background music and sound effects. Game Configuration Control Freetime on or off, set handicaps, turn the ghost car on or off, set weather on or off and set the number of laps for V.S. Race Mode. 14 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Best Records The five best times for each course can be viewed. Save The game status can be stored in the Controller Pak. Also, specific data can be stored individually. Players wishing to store additional memory may choose to use the Controller Pak. Load Previously stored data can be retrieved. Also, specific data can be retrieved individually. 15 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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