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Mario Golf

Typed out by Steve Begin U/NUS-NMFE-USA Instruction Booklet MARIO GOLF (Nintendo 64 logo) INSIDE COVER ------------ Warning: please carefully read the consumer information and precautions booklet included with this product before using your Nintendo(R) hardware system, game pak or accessory. This booklet contains important safety information.
(picture of the Official Nintendo Seal of Quality(R))
This official seal is your assurance that Nintendo has reviewed this product and that it has met our standards for excellence in workmanship, reliability and entertainment value. Always look for this seal when buying games and accessories to ensure complete compatibility with your Nintendo product. All Nintendo products are licensed by sale for use only with other authorized products bearing the Official Nintendo Seal of Quality(R).
Thank you for selecting the Mario Golf(TM) Game Pak for the Nintendo(R) 
64 system. Please read this instruction booklet thoroughly to ensure
maximum enjoyment of your new game.  Keep this instruction booklet 
and warranty information in a safe place for future reference.

(E Everyone ESRB rating logo)
This product has been rated by the Entertainment Software Rating Board.  For
information about the ESRB rating, or comments about the appropriateness of
the rating, please contact the ESRB at 1-800-771-3772.

(C)1999 Nintendo/CAMELOT
TM, (R) and the "N" logo are trademarks of Nintendo of America Inc.
(C)1999 Nintendo of America Inc.  All rights reserved.



The Nintendo 64 Controller............................2
The Birth of Entertaining Golf!.......................4
Starting the Game.....................................6
Introduction to Play Modes............................8
Viewing the Status and Results Screens................14
Play a Game of Golf!..................................16
Continuing a Game.....................................20
The Clubhouse.........................................21
Characters Introductions..............................24
Course Introductions..................................28
Mario's Golf Glossary.................................30
Warranty and Service Information......................33


Control Stick Function
The Nintendo 64 Control Stick uses an analog system to read the angles and directions of its movement. This allows precision control that is not possible using the conventional + Control Pad.
When turning the Control Deck power ON, do not move the Control Stick 
from its neutral position on the controller.

(picture of the control stick held at an angle with a big beige X on it)
If the Control Stick is held at an angled position (as shown in the picture
on the left) when the power is turned ON, this position will be set as neutral.
This will cause games using the Control Stick to operate incorrectly.

(picture of the control stick at its neutral position)
To reset the neutral position once the game has started, let go of the Control
Stick so it can return to its center position (as shown in the picture on the
left) then press START while holding down the L and R Buttons.

The Control Stick is a precision instrument; make sure not to spill liquids
or place any foreign objects into it.  If you need assistance, contact Nintendo
Consumer Assistance at 1-800-255-3700 or your nearest Nintendo
Authorized Repair Center(SM).


Holding the Nintendo 64 Controller
(picture of a hand holding the N64 Controller)
While playing the Mario Golf game, we recommend you use the hand positions
shown on the left.  By holding the controller like this, you can operate the
Control Stick freely with your left thumb.  Using your right thumb, you can
easily access the A, B or C Buttons.  Place your left index finger on the Z
Button on the back of the controller.

Connecting the Nintendo 64 Controller
Using only one controller, up to four players can play this game.  Connect a
controller to Socket One, located on the front panel of the Control Deck.
If you change the connection during the game, you will need to either press
RESET or turn the power OFF to make the connection active.

N64 Rumble Pack(TM)
This game is compatible with the Rumble Pack(R) accessory.  Before using it,
make sure to read the Rumble Pack accessory instruction booklet carefully.
Make sure that the Control Deck is OFF when inserting the Rumble Pack
accessory.  (picture of the N64 and a hand that plugs a controller in socket 1)



Mario Golf is a realistic golf game that can be enjoyed alone or with friends.
With a wealth of different play modes, there are many ways to enjoy Mario Golf!

Tournament Competition!  (picture of Peach playing golf)
VS. Golf! (picture of the VS Board screen)
Fun & Exciting for All! (picture of the score card screen)
Check VS. Data! (picture of the VS. Records screen)
(picture of Mario holding a club)



These are the basic controls for the game.  Master them all to improve your

(picture of the N64 Controller)
Start: Pause the game
R Button: View Ball's Landing Spot
C Buttons: Select a 9- or 18-Hole Round.  Set Bets.  View Terrain
Control Stick: Change Clubs and Aim
Z Button + (Control Stick): Change Ball Impact Point
         + (R Button): View Course Map
A Button: Swing.  Confirm Selection
B Button: Change Shot: Normal/Power Shot (Regular Shot)
                       Normal/Approach Shot (Near Green)
                       Short/Mid/Long Range (Putters)
          Cancel Selection



This game has many different modes of play.  You can play any one them by
following the steps below.  (picture of Mario)

1. Select the Number of Players
Properly insert the Game Pak and turn the N64(r) Control Deck ON.  (Do not
touch the Control Stick at this time.)  When START is pressed on the opening
screen, the Title Screen appears.  Press START again to enter the Main Menu.
On the Main Menu Screen, choose the number of characters you would like 
to play with and press the A Button to enter the Character Select Screen.
(picture of the Title Screen) -) (picture of the Main Menu)

2. Select Your Characters
Select the characters you would like to play with.  For 1-player games, you
can choose from four characters at first.  For 2- to 4-player games, you can
choose from ten characters.  Other characters will become available once you
meet certain conditions in the game.  More than one player can use the same
character.  Press the A Button while holding the R Button to select computer-
controlled characters.  (picture of Mario)

(picture of the Character Select Screen)
The characters you may select are displayed here (14 characters top 
of screen) Additional characters may become available using Mario Golf(TM)
for Game Boy(R) Color. (4 characters under the 14 others)
The character's name, drive distance and trajectory are shown here.  (bottom
right of screen)


3. Select the Play Mode
Once characters are selected, the Play Mode Screen appears.  Select the mode
you'd like to play.  Be aware that the modes you can choose change depending
on the number of players (see below).  Tilt the Control Stick left or right to
select the mode you'd like to play and press the A Button to confirm.

(picture of the Play Mode Screen (2P))
Currently-Selected Mode (center of screen)
Currently-Selected Character and Controller (1P) (left center of screen)
Currently-Selected Character and Controller (2P) (right center of screen)

* Mode Differences
  1-Player Modes
  Tournament, Get Character, Ring Shot, Speed Golf, Stroke, Mini-Golf, Training
  2-Player Modes
  Stroke, Match Game, Skins Match, Club Shots, Mini-Golf
  3- and 4-Player Modes
  Stroke, Skins Match, Club Shots, Mini-Golf

4. Select a Course
Once you have selected a mode, you may choose the course you wish to 
play.  In some modes, you may only be able to choose same courses. 
Once you meet certain conditions in the game, the closed courses will 
become available (see page 8). Also, depending on the mode selected, you 
can set bets and handicaps by using the C Buttons.  (Refer to page 13 for 
bets and page 12 for handicaps.)

(picture of the Course Select Screen (Stroke Mode))  (picture of Peach)



Each of the different play modes is introduced here.  Before playing, be sure
to take a look at each mode's features.  (picture of Peach)

(gold cup) Tournament
Players -) 1
Get This! -) COURSE Pts -) Birdie Badges
Compete in a Tournament against many players.  If you score a birdie or better
on any hole, you'll receive a Birdie Badge.  Also, if you finish the Tournament
with a good score, you'll receive COURSE Pts.  Once you have saved up enough
points, you'll be able to play the next course.  (picture of the Course Select)

(picture of the Final Results screen)
Here's the Difference!  Tournament
When you shoot a good round in a Tournament, you can collect more 
COURSE Pts than in other modes.  You can't open new courses without 
COURSE Pts, so collect as many as you can.  Good luck!

* Things to do on the Pause Screen
  If you press START during game play, the Pause Screen will appear, and
  several menu options will be displayed.  The menu displayed differs depending
  on the play mode.
  - Course View: View the course map.
  - Score Card: Display the scorecard.
  - Grid Color: Change the color of the 3-D grid.
  - Controls: Display Controller information.
  - Give Up: Quit playing that hole.  3 times par will be added to your score.
  - Save and Quit: Save your game and quit.  Choose "Continue" to continue from
    the start of that hole.
  - Start Over: Start again from the beginning of that hole.
  - Hole Out: Quit that hole.
  - End Game: End the game.
  - Return to Menu: Return to the Main Menu.

  These appear in the Training Mode:
  - Change Wind Direction: Change the wind direction.
  - Change Wind Speed: Change the wind speed.
  - Change Weather: Change the weather.
  - Change Terrain: Change the lie of your ball (in the driving range only)


(yellow star)  Get Character
Players -) 1
Get This! -) Characters -) COURSE Pts
Compete against the character shown in silhouette on the course selected 
and compete in a Match Game.  (You can also compete against characters 
that aren't shown in silhouette.)  If you can beat that character, you can 
use it the next time you play.  (picture of the Get Character screen)

Here's the Difference! Get Character
Increase the number of characters you can use in 1-player modes by 
getting new characters in Get Character!  (picture of the Character 
Select screen) (picture of Baby Mario)

(golden ring) Ring Shot
Players -) 1
Get This! -) Stars
Shoot your ball through the rings hovering above the course.  When you clear
a Ring Shot, a save menu will appear.  You can save up to five Ring Shots, so
save them wherever you like.  Once you get several Stars on one course, 
you can open the next Ring Shot course.  (picture of the Ring Shot Star 
Status screen)

(picture of a Ring Shot game screen)
Here's the Difference!  Ring Shot
Even if you shoot your ball through the rings, if you don't sink it within par,
you won't clear the hole.  Keep good control over your ball.


(time watch) Speed Golf
Players -) 1
Get This! -) COURSE Pts
Try to finish the course as quickly as you can.  The timer starts as soon as
the game starts and stops once you have finished the 18th hole.  Compete for
the best course time and overall score.  If you get a good score (in less than
60 minutes), it will be recorded under Status in the Clubhouse.
(picture of the Speed Golf time card screen)

(picture of the Speed Golf Final Results screen)
Here's the Difference!  Speed Golf
If you just go for speed, you won't shoot a good round.  However, if you are
too focused on score, you'll take too much time.  Give it some thought before

(pad with pencil) Stroke
Players -) 1 to 4
Get This! -) COURSE Pts
Play the course you've selected and compete based on final score.  Up to four
players can play.  Increase the number of courses you can play by collecting
COURSE Pts in Tournaments and other modes.  (picture of a game screen)

(picture of the Play Modes screen)
Here's the Difference!  Stroke
Gather two or three friends together for a heated competition.  See bets to
make it even more exciting  (see p. 13)!


(putter and ball) Mini-Golf
Players -) 1 to 4
Get This! -) COURSE Pts
(picture of the Course Select screen)
Play on special Mini-Golf courses in this putting game.  On the Course Select
Screen, tilt the Control Stick left and right to select the course, and up and
down to select the course type (FAST = Ball rolls quickly; GREEN = Normal;
SLOW = Slow).  Aim for the cup on this par 3 course.  If you can't sink it in
9 strokes, you're out.

Here's the Difference!  Mini-Golf
Each hole is surrounded by short walls.  Use the walls to bounce your ball
into the cup.  (picture of a game screen) (picture of Yoshi)

(4 golf balls) Training
Players -) 1
Get This! -) Practice!
This mode is for single-player training.  Play the courses and holes you like
as much as you want.  It includes a driving range for practice, as well as all
the holes on all the courses you've opened.  Choose the toughest holes and
master them.  (picture of the Driving Range screen)

(picture of a Training screen)
Here's the Difference!  Training
You can change the weather and rehit single strokes.  Take time to check how
the wind affects the ball's flight.


(m-a-t-c-h letters) Match Game
Players -) 2
Get This! -) COURSE Pts
In this game the player with the fewest strokes gets a point, just like in a
Skins Match.  However, in this mode, if the losing player cannot win, even by
winning all of the remaining holes, the game will end.  (picture of the Play
Modes screen)

(picture of the VS Board screen)
Here's the Difference!  Match Game
The round may end in lopsided games - even in the middle of the course!  It
could be said that in this mode, victory is determined more quickly than in
other modes.

(star coin) Skins Match
Players -) 2 to 4
Get This! -) COURSE Pts
On each hole, the player who sinks his ball in the fewest strokes wins that
hole and receives a skin.  In this mode you will compete for those skins.  If
two or more players tie for the fewest strokes on a hole, the skins for that
hole are carried over to the next one.  (picture of the score card screen)

(picture of the VS Board screen)
Here's the Difference!  Skins Match
Suppose there are three players, and your stroke count is higher than 
the other two.  As long as the remaining two players tie on that hole, the 
skin for that hole will be carried over to the next one, and you'll have 
another chance to win it!

* Handicaps (picture of a Scorecard game screen)
  Along with bets (see the next page), you can also set handicaps.  For
  example, if you set a handicap of 36 and play all 18 holes, 2 strokes will
  be subtracted from your score on each hole (2 strokes x 18 holes = 36).  As
  in the screen on the left, holes for which a handicap is applied have a white
  dash in the score column on the scorecard.  Holes for which a double
  handicap is applied have two dashes.


(slot machine) Club Slots
Players -) 2 to 4
Get This! -) COURSE Pts
Compete in Skins Match style in this VS. Mode.  A slot machine determines
which clubs you may use on each hole (you may use a putter any time). 
Press the A Button to stop the slots.  When you play with your friends, 
this mode guarantees fun and excitement!  (picture of a game screen)

(picture of the Club Slot screen)
Here's the Difference!  Club Slots
The left drum on the slot machine determines your woods, the center 
drum your long irons, and the right drum your short irons.  If you match 
up stars on all 3, you can use any of your clubs!

* About Bets
  The bets you can place differ depending on the mode you are playing and the
  number of players.  (You cannot place bets in some modes.)  The player with
  the best score wins the bet.  For instance, if four players set the Driving
  Contest bet to 1, the player who drives his ball the farthest wins the bet
  with the other three players.  In this case, the winner receives 3 (bet of
  1 x 3 players = 3).  The other players lose only the amount they bet (in this
  case, 1).  (picture of the Bet Screen) (Refer to the screen on the left)
  - Driving Contest: The player with the longest drive from the tee on the
    specified long hole wins the bet.  The ball must land on the fairway.
  - Closest to Pin: Get on the green in one stroke on specified short holes.
    The player closest to pin wins the bet.
  - Score: On each hole, the player with the best score wins the amount bet
    times the difference in scores.
  - Nassau: The players with the best scores on the front 9, the back 9 and on
    all 18 holes win this three-part bet.
  - Skins Match: On each hole, the player with the best score wins the bet.
    When there is a tie, the bet carries over to the next hole.
  - Doubles: When four people play, Players 1 and 2 play against Player 3 and
    4.  On each hole, the team with the best total score wins the bet.



This section explains the screen that displays your status during the 
game and the screen that shows the results.  (picture of Wario)

Leader Board Screen
This is displayed during Tournaments.  A "T" to the right of a player's ranking
indicates a tie.  "Hole" indicates which hole each player has just completed.
(picture of this screen)

Scorecard Screen, Part 1
This is displayed in the Tournament, Mini-Golf, Stroke and Speed Golf modes.
The top half covers scores on the front 9, and the bottom half covers the back
9.  Starting from the top row, the scorecard records hole number, par, actual
strokes, putts, and score for the hole.  In Tournaments, if you have earned a
Birdie Badge (see page 8), it will be marked in the Birdie Badge row.
(picture of this screen)

Scorecard Screen, Part 2
In the Get Character and Match Game modes, a circle marks the winner 
for each hole.  The total column shows which player has the lead.  In the 
Club Slots and Skins Match modes, the points earned for each hole are 
shown, and the total column shows the total points earned so far. (picture 
of this 2 screens)

Speed Golf Screen
This screen is displayed in the Speed Golf mode.  It displays time taken for
each hole and total play time.  (picture of this screen)


Save Menu Screen
In the Ring Shot mode, this menu is shown each time you successfully
complete a Ring Shot.  Use the Control Stick to select a file in which to 
save your play data and press the A Button to save.  (picture of this menu)

VS. Board Screen
In the Get Character, Club Slots, Skins Match, Match Play, Stroke and multi-
player Mini-Golf modes, the VS. Board is displayed.  There are two types --
this in which medals collected for winning holes are displayed and those in
which competing players' places are shown.
(picture of a VS Board) Get Character and Match Play Display
(picture of a VS Board) Club Slots and Skins Match Display
(picture of a VS Board) Stroke and Mini-Golf Display
Scroll between Progress Status Screens with the Control Stick.  On the screen
on the right, tilting the Control Stick right will scroll to the scorecard, and
tilting to the left will scroll to the Bet Screen.

Bet Screen
The Bet Screen is shown in the Club Slots, Skins Match, Match Game, 
Stroke and Mini-Golf modes.  The results of the bets wagered at the start 
of the game are displayed.  Carry Over indicates a bet in which there was 
no winner.  The next time the bet is won, the winner wins the bet that 
was carried over as well. (picture of this screen)

Final Results Screen
(picture of this screen)  This screen is displayed in all modes except the
Training and Ring Shot modes.  Final scores and EXP Pts received 
are displayed. When EXP Pts are collected, the number of "points to the 
next course" in the bottom part of the screen will decrease.  If you 
collect more points than required, you'll open the next course.


PLAY A GAME OF GOLF!  (picture of Luigi)

This section explains the steps in playing a game, using a 2-player Stroke
game as an example.

Point 1 - The First Stroke: The Tee-Off

It is best to make your first stroke with the positioning of your second stroke
in mind.  First, memorize the information displayed on-screen.
(picture of a game screen)
Hole Number (flag on upper left corner)
Pin Direction (pin on the upper part of screen)
Ball Trajectory (white line that starts from the ball)
Current Wind Speed & Direction (the ghost and the number on top right corner)
Par and Distance from Tee to Pin (numbers under flag on top left corner)
Distance from Ball to Pin (numbers to the right of pin on top left corner)
Each Character's Stroke Count, Score and Handicap (numbers on right center)
Distance and Height Difference Between Ball and Target (center of screen)
Currently-Selected Shot Mode (balls on top left of screen)
Currently-Selected Club & Drive Distance (lower left corner of screen)
Power Gauge (Bottom of screen)
Current Impact Point and Ball Lie (golf ball in bottom right corner)
Power Rate (When the ball is hit at full power, this is the percent that will
  actually be transmitted to the ball.  At 50, only half the power will be
  conveyed, and the ball will travel only half as far.) (lower right of screen)

Check out this data, too!
(2 close-up pictures of the "Each Character's Stroke Count, Score and Handicap"
 portion of the screen)
Drive distance will be shown beside the faces of each character on the right
side of the screen in a driving contest, and distance to the pin will be shown
in a contest for accuracy.

Step 1: Confirm Terrain (R Button / Z Button + R Button)
Before swinging, press the R Button to check to see where the ball will land.
If you press the Z Button while holding the R Button, the Course View Screen
can be viewed.  (picture of 2 game screens)


Step 2: Check Wind Conditions
(close-up picture of upper right corner of screen)
Boo, in the upper-right corner of the screen, acts as a wind meter.  The wind
blows in the direction Boo is facing at the speed displayed.  Wind conditions
will affect the ball's flight.  A headwind will reduce driving distance, while
a tailwind will carry your ball farther.  Likewise, wind blowing from the left
will carry the ball to the right, and a breeze blowing from the right will
carry it to the left.  When the wind is strong, adjust your direction and power
accordingly.  (picture of a game screen)  In this screen, the wind is blowing
from right to left at a speed of 14 miles per hour.

Step 3: Determine Your Power (B Button)
You can switch between Normal Mode and Power Mode by pressing the 
B Button. (picture of 2 game screens showing the Normal Shot and 
Power Shot)

Step 4: Shot Direction (Control Stick)
Lightly tilt the Control Stick left or right to adjust your aim.
(picture of a game screen)

Step 5: The Swing (A Button)
Swing your club as you watch the Power Gauge at the bottom of the 
screen.  Time your A Button pressing well and aim for a Nice Shot! 
(picture of a game screen) (picture of the Power Gauge)
When you press the A Button, the cursor starts moving from point 1 (a little
to the right of the center of the power gauge) to point 2 (left most point on
the power gauge).  If you press the A Button again when the cursor reaches
point 2, and a third time precisely as it reaches point 1, you'll make a Nice
Shot.  Stop the cursor in the point 3 meet area (area on the power gauge
delimited by the red horizontal line) (the size of this changes depending on
your club and the lie of your ball) for a good shot.


Point 2 - The Second Shot: Aim for the Green

On middle and long holes, it is necessary to get your ball closer to or onto
the green.

Select Clubs and Set Impact Points (Control Stick / Z Button + Control Stick)
Check the remaining distance to the pin and select an appropriate club.  Select
a club by tilting the Control Stick up and down.  On a long hole, check the
distance as well as the ball's landing spot.  Also, when swinging your club,
hold the Z Button and tilt the Control Stick to change the impact point.  If
you hold the Z Button and move the impact point up with the Control Stick, the
ball's trajectory will shift lower; if you move the impact point lower, the
ball's trajectory will shift higher.  Once you have adjusted the impact point
with this method, you must take your shot while holding the Z Button and
Control Stick in the selected position, or the impact point will return to the
center.  You may also change the impact point by moving the Control 
Stick once the Power Gauge has begun moving.

Point 3 - Nearing the Pin: The Approach

When the ball is within 60 yards of the pin, select the Approach Mode by
pressing the B Button.

Selecting Approach (B Button)
If you press the B Button before your shot, you can switch between a Normal
Shot and an Approach Shot.  If you select an Approach Shot, the shot's
maximum distance is set to 60 meters, and a 3-D grid extending to the pin 
is displayed.
(picture of a game screen)

Tips Pad - Instant Replay
If you press the B Button between the time you hit the ball and the time the
ball stops, you can see a replay of your shot.  (picture of a game screen where
the ball lays on the fairway)  Press the B Button before the display on the
left appears on the screen to see a replay.


Point 4 - Eye on the Cup: Putting

Once your ball is on the green, it's finally time to focus on putting.  Aim
for the cup!  (Picture of a game screen)
Distance to Cup; Height Difference Between Ball and Cup (under the flag)
Cup (on the playfield)
Putt Distance (balls lower left corner of screen)
Red Grid Lines: Uphill Slope (grid lines on the playfield)
Blue Grid Lines: Downhill Slope (grid lines on the playfield)

Step 1: A Sloped Green? (C Buttons / R Buttons)
Check the slope from the ball to the cup.  Use the C Buttons and the R Button
to get the lay of the land.  (2 pictures of game screen)

Step 2: Set Power and Putt!  (B Button --) A Button)
(picture of a game screen)  Once you check the grid lines for the distance to
the cup, press the B Button to select the appropriate putt distance.  Once you
select distance, press the A Button to hit the ball.  (Picture of Mario)
(picture of the power gauge)
The cursor starts moving from point 1 (a little to the right of the center of
the power gauge) when the A Button is pressed.  Press the A Button again 
to set your power and swing your putter.  For instance, suppose you chose 
a short putt, and there is no slope.  If you press the A Button again at point 
2 (the farthest point to the left of the power gauge), the ball will roll 
10 feet. Match your power to the distance and slope, and press the A Button 
at just the right moment!


CONTINUING A GAME (picture of Bowser)

You can save your game data and finish playing later.  Save up to three games.

Save and Quit
While playing any mode other than Training, Speed Golf and Ring Shot modes,
press START to view the Pause Screen.  On the Pause Screen menu, select
"Save and Quit" and press the A Button to confirm.  If you choose 
"CONTINUE" on the Main Menu, you will continue your saved game, 
restarting from the tee of the hole on which you saved the game.  Be 
aware that once you restart a game, that data will be erased from the 
save file.

(picture of the Save Menu screen) -) (picture of the Continue screen) -)
(picture of a game screen)

(picture of Wario)
Tips Pad - The Secret to Power Shots!
Each character has a limited number of Power Shots.  However, if you execute
a "Nice Shot" with perfect power and timing, your number of remaining Power
Shots will not decrease.  If you're going to use a Power Shot, make sure it's
a "Nice Shot!"  (picture of a game screen with Nice Shot! written on it)
Carefully-timed swings result in Nice Shots!


THE CLUBHOUSE (picture of Yoshi)

This section explains the "STATUS," "HOW TO PLAY" and "OPTIONS" 
menu selections found in the Clubhouse.

Status - Tournament
(picture of the Tournament Data screen)
Under Tournament, you can view data for Tournaments you have finished,
including data for each Tournament and overall data.  Tilt the Control Stick
left or right to select a Tournament and up or down to scroll through data.
Refer to the box below for explanations of the different data.

* Tournament Data
  Rounds: Number of times you completed the Tournament.
  Best Score: Your best score recorded for that Tournament.
  Average: Your average score for that Tournament.
  Best Drive: Your longest drive for that Tournament.
  Average Drive: Your average drive distance in that Tournament.
  Fairway Keeps: Number of times the ball was kept on the fairway after 
  Average Putts: Average number of putts on holes in that Tournament.
  Par Saves: Percentage of holes competed within par.
  Par Ons: Percentage of holes on which your ball was on-green within 2 
  strokes of par.
  Sand Saves: Percentage of times in which you made par after landing in a

  Note: Other than Birdie Badges, your Tournament data will not be recorded
  if you do not complete the Tournament.


Status - VS. Records (Get Character only)
(picture of the VS. Records screen)
The characters along the left-hand side of the screen represent human
players. The characters across the top represent computer opponents.  
A circle or star in your character's row indicates that you have won a 
match against the computer opponent using that character.  An "X" shows 
that you have played against that computer opponent but have not won. 
Dashes indicate that no match has been played between the two 
characters.  The smaller board displays the wins and losses for the 
two characters chosen.

Status - Speed Golf
(picture of the Speed Golf screen)
When you complete a round of Speed Golf, if your total time qualifies as one
of the top three for the course you played, that data will be recorded here.
Tilt the Control Stick left or right to select a course.  The data displayed
is (in order from left to right) time, score and character used.

Status - Ring Shot
(picture of the Ring Shot screen)
You can confirm which characters have cleared which Ring Shot courses.  Tilt
the Control Stick left or right to select a course, and up or down to scroll
through the character list.  Select the camera in the top-right corner of the
screen to view replays of successful Ring Shots.

Status - Best Shots
(picture of the Best Shots screen)
You can view replays of birdies, eagles, albatrosses and holes-in-one
recorded during play.  Up to five replays of each type can be saved (they 
are saved automatically).  If you move the cursor to a character's face, 
the course and hole for which the replay was saved will be displayed at 
the bottom of the screen.


How To Play - View Explanations of Each Mode
(picture of the How To Play screen)
Select this option to view basic explanations of each play mode.  Tilt the
Control Stick up or down to scroll through the list and press the A Button to
view the description.  (picture of Bowser)

Options - Adjust Play Settings
(picture of the Options screen)
You can set the music to ON or OFF, the sound to STEREO or MONO, and 
the camera to DYNAMIC or SIMPLE.  When selecting STEREO, be certain 
that both the left and right audio output plugs are connected to your
television.  When you select ERASE DATA, all of your saved data will 
be erased.  Be careful because you cannot recover data once it has 
been erased.

(picture of Donkey Kong)
Tips Pad - How to Heckle!
When playing with a friend, press the + Control Pad on your Controller while
your friend is playing to cheer him on.  You can also press the C Buttons to
distract and heckle your friend.  Talk to each other while you play.  It can
be very entertaining!



This section introduces the many unique characters that appear in Mario Golf.
Which character will you choose?

Getting Characters
Characters who are listed as "Playable at Start" in the Get Character section
can be played in 1-player games the first time you play Mario Golf.  Certain
conditions must be met to get other characters...

(picture of a girl) Plum
Drive: 208 yards            Shot: Low and Straight
For a beginner, Plum has a good shot, but she could use a little more power.
Get Character -) Playable at Start

(picture of a boy) Charlie
Drive: 210 yards            Shot: Low Fade
Charlie started playing golf just to be cool, but now he's hooked.  His
ability, however, is the real question...
Get Character -) Playable at Start

Tips Pad - Secret of the Fly Guy!
When playing on a hole where there is a strong wind, a Fly Guy flies across
the screen as you step up to the tee.  (picture of a game screen)


Donkey Kong (picture of the famous large monkey)
Drive: 275 yards            Shot: Low Fade
With strength on his side, DK only needs one hand to swing his club around
like a twig!
Get Character --) ???

Maple (picture of a girl)
Drive: 245 yards            Shot: High and Straight
This energetic gal is the best female player on the circuit.
Get Character --) ???

Bowser (picture of the oversized Koopa turtle)
Drive: 280 yards            Shot: High Draw
Bowser can boast the most power on the course.  Just looking at his massive
girth is enough to blow you away!
Get Character --) ???


COURSE INTRODUCTIONS (picture of Donkey Kong)

This section introduces several holes from different courses.  Each course
has its own distinct holes and characteristics.

Toad Forest
Toad Forest sets the stage for the first Tournament.  With its simple layout,
this course is perfect for beginners.

(picture of a course terrain) Hole 1   Par 4   363y
Aim for the pin and shoot straight!  There is but one obstacle between the tee
and the green - a single tree.  The wind may make a difference, but generally
you should shoot straight for a good hole.

(picture of a course terrain) Hole 13  Par 3   165y
It only looks easy...  The green is small and lies high on the course, so watch
the wind and aim carefully.


Shy Guy Desert
This course is set in the midst of a vast desert, and each hole is surrounded
by sand.  From this course on, the game gradually gets harder and harder.

(picture of a course terrain) Hole 1   Par 4   360y
That fairway over there?!?  On this hole, the fairway is divided in two.
You'll need a fair wind to carry your ball across the sand.  (picture of Baby

(picture of a course terrain) Hole 5   Par 4   400y
The problem is where to drop it...  The fairway seems to be melting into the
sand.  How to use that to your advantage depends on the wind and the
character you are using.



This is Mario's list of the golf vocabulary used in the game and in this
instruction booklet.  How many can you remember?

Albatross: Term for scoring three strokes under par on a single hole.  Also
           called a double eagle.
Approach: A short-range shot played to the green.
Back: The last 9 holes on an 18-hole course.
Birdie: Term for scoring one stroke under par on a hole.
Bogey: Term for scoring one stroke over par on a hole.
Bunker: A sand trap.  An obstacle in the course that can be difficult to
        escape from.
Cup: The hole on the putting green that you must sink the ball into.
Dog Leg: A hole in which the fairway turns and is bent "like a dog's leg."
Dormie: Dormie refers to the instance in which player has won or is up as many
        holes as there are left to play.  A Dormie Hole is a hole in which the
        leading player needs only a tie to win the round.
Draw: A shot in which the ball flies to the right after being hit and curves
      to the left before landing.
Eagle: Term for scoring two strokes under par on a single hole.
Even: A tie.
Fade: A shot in which the ball flies to the left after being struck and curves
      to the right before landing.
Fairway: The groomed lawn that makes up the largest portion of a hole.
Front: The first 9 holes of an 18-hole course.
Green: The area of short, cut grass surrounding the cup.  The green edge is the
       line between the green and the fairway.
Hole-in-One: To get the ball into the cup in one stroke.
Hole Out: To finish a hole.
Iron (Short, Long): A club with a metal head (the part that strikes the ball).
                    A short iron is for shorter distances, while a long iron
                    is for longer distances.
Nassau: A three-part bet covering scores on the front 9, the back 9 and all 18


O.B.: Short for out-of-bounds.  Used when the ball lands outside of the course.
      A one-stroke penalty is assessed for each of these shots.
Par: The standard number of strokes for a hole.
Pin: Another term for the flagstick that marks a hole.  A Pin Shot is a shot
     in which the ball directly hits the pin.
Putt: To use a putter on the green and roll the ball towards the cup.
Putter: A club used to roll the ball across the green.
Rough: The area of long grass surrounding the fairway.
Skin: The point received for the best score on a hole in a Skins Match.
Tee Ground: The place from which you first hit your ball on a hole.  The tee
            shot is the first shot on a hole and is taken from the tee ground.
Wood: A club with a wooden head.  Also used to refer to long-range clubs.

Coming Soon!    Game Boy Color
MARIO GOLF for Game Boy(r) Color!

(picture of the Game Boy Color version of Mario Golf)
Can't get enough Mario Golf?  Then be on the lookout for Mario Golf, coming
soon for Game Boy Color!  Create your own characters and raise their skill
levels as you play.  Improve your game in the training mode and visit the
Clubhouse for tips from the pros!
On both the N64(r) and Game Boy Color, Mario Golf is a hole-in-one!
* Actual game screens may vary


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