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Lego Racers

Typed out by Dottie Instruction Booklet Page 2: Warnings Warning: Please carefully read the consumer information and precautions booklet included with this product before using your Nintendo(R) hardware system, game pak or acessory. This booklet contains important safety information. The official seal is your assurance that Nintendo has approved the quality of this product. Always look for this seal when buying games and acessories to ensure complete compatibility. All Nintendo products are licensed by sale for use only with other authorized products bearing the Official Nintendo Seal of Quality. Page 3: Control Stick Function When turning the power ON, don't move the control stick in any direction. Doing so will result the current position to be set as neutral. This will cause the control stick to work incorrectly. To fix this problem without turning the power off, leave the control stick in its center position and press L, R, and the start buttons. Page 4: Picture of Rocket Racer and his car. Page 5: Contents Page 6: Game set-up 1. Ensure the N64(TM) Control deck is set up correctly, following the instructions provided by the manufacturer. 2. Before inserting or removing the Game Pak ensure that the power is swiched OFF. 3. Insert the Lego Racers Game Pak into the Control Deck. 4. If you have a Controller Pak, insert it now, before you turn the Control Deck on. You can save your custom Racer data and game data to this Controller Pak. 5. Make sure your N64(TM) Controller(s) is plugged into the Control Deck. 6. Turn ON the Control Deck. 7. Pick a language. After the introduction sequence, you will see a screen where you should pick a language. Use the Control Pad or the Control Stick to move left of right to choose the laguage you want. Once you pick a language it will be saved to the controller pak (if one is inserted), So you won't have to choose it again. 8. Once you have choosen a language you will be taken to the Main Menu. From here you can build a custom car or go straight to the racing. Page 7: Quick Start Do you want to start racing right away? Here is how to get going without delay. 1. Selet Single Race from the Main Menu. 2. Select the track that you want to race on. As you are just starting out, you will have four tracks to choose from. 3. Select any racer you like. As you are starting out, you will have four racers to choose from. 4. Now you are ready to race. On your mark, get set, go! Page 8: Controls Control Stick: Turn left and right. A Button: Accelerate B Button: Brake and reverse (hold button) C (down) Button: Reverse camera view (hold button) Z Button: Activate Power Up R Button: Power Slide C (right) Button: Toggle map/speedometer display C (up) Button: Change camera view Page 9: Playing the Game Lego Racers is an action-packed racing game , filled with thrills, spills and exciting challenges. You will be up against the all-time greatest LEGO Racers, each one with a unique brand of clever driving skills and tricks to outwit you. You will have to master lots of driving maneuvers, and find out just when and how to use them. Then you can win races and become a LEGO Racing champion yourself. Turbo Start The Turbo Start is all about timing. Watch the 3-2-1 countdown. As soon as the word GO comes up, hit the acceleration buttion. If you time it just right, you can start the race at full speed! Page 10: Playing the Game Power Sliding You will probably be able to get through the earlier races without learning to power slide. But if you want to beat the LEGO Champs on the harder tracks, you will have to know how to power slide. So why not think as the earlier races as your training ground and use them to learn how to become a power sliding expert? Power slides are not very hard to do. Just hold down the acceleration and power slide buttons at the same time. Then turn left or right while still holding the buttons. Power slides will let you make sharper turns at high speeds. Super Sliding Super sliding is a bit more tricky. Hold down the accelerator, brake and power slide buttons and turn left or right. This will make a very tight turn. When you let go of either the brake or power slide button, the car will zoom off in the direction you are facing. Super slides are not easy, and you will really need to practice to get them right. You can try them out on the test track until you become a super sliding ace. (Find out how to get to the test track on page 25.) Page 11: Playing the Game Power Ups If you want to be a winner, you will have to use power ups. Power ups range from basic shields or projectiles to ultra-powerful enhancements such as the awsome Guided Rockets or the mysterious Mummy's Curse. You will need to know how to use them all. There are four basic powerups: Projectile (red), Hazard (yellow), Shield (blue), and turbo (green). To collect a power up, drive through one of the colored spinning bricks on the track. To increase the level of a power up, you can collect power plus bricks. Power plus bricks are the white bricks. (Chart of power ups) Page 12: Playing the Game Racing Screen Race Position The race position indicator shows how well you are doing while you are racing. If there are 6 Racers in the race, it will show your position from 1st to 6th place. Lap Timers The lap timer shows how long it has taken for you to go round one lap of a race. Once you have completed the first lap, a new timer appears. This shows your fastest lap time within the race. Hot Tip: If you are not in 1st place at the end of a lap you will see a time showing how many seconds behind the leader you are. E.g. -0:01:65 shows that you are 1.65 seconds behind the race leader. Page 13: Playing the Game Power Up Icons This display shows you what kind of power up you are carrying and how many power plus bricks you have collected. Speedometer/ Course Map: This display has three choices: The Speedometer shows how fast your going. The Course Map shows a bird's eye view of the whole track and where the other Racers are during the race. The Close-up Map shows the track around you in more detail. Press the toggle map/speedometer display button to choose the display that you want or to turn them all off. Circuit Race Story of the Circuit Race Meet Rocket Racer- the greatest racing champion in all LEGOLAND(R). But Rocket Racer has a problem. He's such a brilliant racer that no one can beat him and now he's bored. So, to find a real challenge, Rocket has decided to hunt down the best Racers in the history of LEGOLAND and set up a truly awesome racing contest. Page 14: Playing the Game Rocket's friend, Veronica Voltage, is a top scientist and mechanical genius. She has designed and built a fantastic LEGO(R) dimensional warp machine to send her and Rocket all around LEGOLAND. They have hunted high and low and even travelled through time to find to find the best LEGO Racers for the ultimate racing challenge. Now, in a thrilling test of driving skills and nerve, you can take on these top LEGO Racers in a series of Circuit Races. And if you beat them all, you will get the chance to compete in a race to end all races and go head-to-head with Rocket Racer himself. The winner will be declared the Greatest LEGO Racer of All Time! Are you ready to become that LEGO Racer? Scoring A complete Curcuit Race is made up of four races on four different tracks. Each race has three laps. After each race, you will be awarded points. The better you do in each race, the more points you will get. Here are the points for each position. First 30 points Second 20 points Third 10 points Fourth 3 points Fifth 2 points Sixth 1 point To continue the Curcuit Race, you will need at least 10 points after the first race, 20 points after the second race, and 30 points after the third race. If you have fewer points at the end of each race, the Curcuit Race will end and you will have to start the Curcuit again. To be the overall winner of a Curcuit Race, you must finish the curcuit with the most points. Page 15: Playing the Game Unlocking Curcuits When you first start playing LEGO Racers, you will be able to race on only the first curcuit and its four tracks. These early races are a bit easier to help you to learn how to drive and use power ups. But once you become an ace driver and are on of the top three Racers for a Curcuit Race, the next curcuit will be unlocked. Winning First Place in Curcuit Races also unlocks more character pieces and car sets for you to build with and race. Note: The unlocked Curcuits will be saved to a Controller Pak if one is inserted. If you do not have a Controller Pak, Curcuits can still be unlocked, but the unlocked information will be lost when the Control Deck is turned off. Page 16: Playing the Game Single Race If you select Single Race from the Main Menu, you can race against five LEGO champions on a single track. To get racing, choose a Racer and a track. When you first start playing, only the tracks from the first curcuit race will be unlocked for you to use. But as you unlock other curcuits the tracks from those curcuits can be played as Single Races. Versus Race If you choose Versus Race from the Main Menu, you can go head-to-head with a friend. In this type of race the only Racers on the track will be yourself and your friend. The other Racing Champs will not take part. Page 17: Playing the Game Remember that you can only use the tracks you have unlocked. Now each player must choose a Racer to play with. You can choose the same Racer if you wish. Player One chooses first, then Player Two. Once player two has choosen a racer, the race will begin. When you play a Versus Race the screen is split in two halves. Player One's view is the top half of the screen and Player Two's view is the bottom half of the screen. Note: To play a versus race you will need two game controllers attached to your N64. Time Race If you want to race against the clock, select Time Race. This will enter into a race against the great Veronica Voltage. Her "ghost car" will appear on the screen, so you will have something to chase, and eventually beat. If you better Veronica's top time on every track, you will win the pieces of her cool and powerful racing car to use in building your own car. (Find out about building a car on page 21.) Page 18: Playing the Game Options You will be able to change different things such as sound effects and music volume, and controller configuration on the Options screen. Choose: -Game Options to change the number of opponents in a Single Race and the number of laps in the Versus Race. -Audio Options to change the volume of the sound effects and the music, and to choose between stereo and mono sound. -Player 1 and 2 controls to change which buttons are used to play the game, highlight the action you want to change with the Control Stick, press the A Button and then the button you want to replace it with. -Pick Language to change the language shown. Use the Control Pad or Control Stick to select the language you want to use. Select Options to exit the screen. You will now see the language you have choosen. -View Credits to find out who helped to make LEGO Racers. Page 19: Customizing Your Racer Q. What do I need if I want to race? A. A LEGO Racer. Q. What is a LEGO Racer? A. A Racer is made up of three main parts: The driver, the driver's license, and the car. Q. So, How do I make a LEGO Racer? A. Just go to the Build Menu and select the New Racer button. New Racer You can create a new Racer when you start LEGO Racers. You must have a Controller Pak to save your Racer data permanently. You can still create Racers without a Controller Pak, but you will loose this information when the Control Deck is turned off. You can create your car and your driver, giving him or her a name you like. Choose New Racer to create your character. This will take you to a menu where you can specify where to save your New Racer data. You can choose from Controller Pak A-D or Continue without Controller Pak. If you choose any of the controller Paks, your Racer will be saved to the corresponding Controller Pak. If you choose Continue without Controller Pak, the Racer data you create will only be stored until your Control Deck is turned off. TO PERMANANTLY STORE A RACER YOU MUST HAVE A CONTROLLER PAK. Once you have finished creating your Racer and return to the Build Menu, you will see a note below the currently selected Racer that shows what Controller Pak that the Racer Data is saved on. If the Data is not saved to a Controller Pak it will display a "Not Saved" message. Page 20: Customizing Your Racer This will then take you to the Build Driver screen. You can change the hat or hair, head, body, and legs of your driver. Using the Control Stick on your controller, move up or down to highlight the "part" of your driver that you want to change. Then by using the Control Stick move pieces left and right to change them. Choose Mix to quickly build a driver for you. When you are happy with your driver choose Make License. Make License Before you can drive you must get a License! To enter you driver's name, highlight the text entry box using the Control Stick. To delete a letter press the B button. To move to the next letter, press the A button. To change a letter use the Control Stick. Finally, take your driver's photograph by highlighting the Snapshot option using the Control Stick on the controller and pressing the A button to change your drivers Snapshot. Now it's time to build your driver a car. Choose Build Car by highlighting the option using the Control Stick and pressing the A button. Page 21: Customizing Your Racer Build Car First, choose your chassis, the starting point for all cars. To choose a chassis, highlight the arrows and icon just above the view area by moving the Control Stick. Move left and right using the Control Stick to choose a chassis. Press the A button to select the chassis. You now have three options: Quick Build, Remove Bricks, or Build. Quick Build will quickly build a car to fit the chassis you have chosen. Each time you click on Quick Build it will create a brand new car for you. You can select this speedy option if you want to spend more time racing than car building. Remove Bricks will take all the bricks off the chassis. If you have started to build a car, you will need to do this before you can choose a new chassis. If you have choosen a Quick Build car you can choose a new chassis at any time. Build will let you create a unique, custom-built car. It will take you into an area where you can design a car to suit you own driving style. Page 22: Customizing Your Racer Choosing a car set You can select different LEGO bricks to build your car. Use the Directional Pad (DPAD) to select a car set. Each car set contains a different group of LEGO bricks. Using the LEGO Brick Selector You can use the LEGO Brick Selector to choose a LEGO Brick to put on the chassis. Use the L and R Buttons to select an element from the car set. The LEGO Brick in the middle of the selector will be the currently selected one. This LEGO Brick will be above your car in the view screen. Note: You can use Bricks from different car sets to build the ultimate race car. Change camera view You can change the camera to look at your car from different angles. Use the C buttons on your Controller to change the view angle. Rotate LEGO Brick You can rotate the LEGO Brick you have chosen. Use this to get the LEGO Brick in the right position before placing it on your car. Rotate the currently selected piece by pressing the Z Button on your controller.Move piece You can move the LEGO Brick into the position you want above the car by using the Control Stick on your controller. Page 23: Customizing Your Racer Drop LEGO Brick You can drop the LEGO Brick you have choseninto the car using the A Button. A "ghost" image of the brick will drop into place if it will fit on the car. If the Lego Brick won't fit, the ghost image will not drop down and red squares will appear. The red squares show where the brick cannot be connected. If the LEGO Brick won't fit, you can try doing the following things: -Rotate the brick or move it to make a successful connection. -Change the view of your car so that you can see where the brick will connect. -Look carefully at the brick. Just like real LEGO(R) Bricks, some have unique conecting shapes. This could mean that you can't place other bricks on top of them, or they can only fit in certain places. If you are still having trouble placing a LEGO Brick, it's possible that the brick you have chosen is too big for the place you want to put it, or your car might have reached its length, width, or height limit. Undo You can Undo the last brick that you placed on the car by pressing the B Button. You can use this control repeadedly to remove as many bricks as you want. Exit When you have finished creating your car, just press START to leave the build area. Page 24: Customizing Your Racer Quick Reference for Car Building This is a short list of the buttons you can use in the build area. Directional Pad Change currently selected car set L and R Change currently selected LEGO Brick C buttons Change camera view Z button Rotate Piece Control Stick Move Piece A button Drop piece B button Undo START Exit build screen Building and Car Performance The way you build your car will have some effect on how well it races. The way your car is built will effect two things: weight and balance. Changing the weight and balance of a car can make it perform in different ways. You can ignore these effects and simply build the most amazing and incredible car you can think of, or you could go for the best of both worlds- a cool-looking car that handles well. It's you choice. There is no right or wrong way to build a car. It all depends on your driving style. Balance The balance of the car depends on where you place the bricks on the chassis. A stable car will have LEGO bricks spread evenly over the chassis. Building a car with a large number of bricks to one side of the car will make the car unbalanced and effect the steering. Page 25: Customizing your Racer Weight The weight of the car depends on the chassis and the number of bricks you put on the chassis. Different chassis weigh different amounts and some bricks weigh more than others. Heavier cars have a better top speed and are easier to steer, but will take longer to reach their top speed. Lighter cars have a lower top speed and will not turn as easily, but will accelerate more quickly. If you want to try out your new car, take it for a drive on the test track. Select Test Drive from the Build Menu. You will be able to drive on the concrete track for high speed tests or on the off road track to find out how your car handles on rougher driving surfaces. When you've had enough drive to to blue exit door, wand you will be taken back to the Build Menu. HOT TIP: If you have just created your first Racer, it will be the only one to choose from when you come to do a test drive. But later, when you have created more Racers, you will have to make sure that you choose the car you have been working on and want to test. Page 26: Customizing your Racer Unlocking Car Sets and Characters When you start using LEGO Racers, you will have a choice of four basic car sets: General Bricks, Race Bricks, Space Bricks and Castle Bricks. As you become a better driver and start unlocking Circuit Races, you will also unlock more car sets and character sets to choose from. The LEGO Bricks from different car sets can be contained onto one chassis in Build Mode, so the more car sets you win, the more variations you will be able to build. NOTE: The unlocked Car sets will be saved to Controller Pack A if it is inserted. If you do not have a Controller Pak, car sets can still be unlocked, but the unlocked information will be lost when the Control Deck is turned off. Saving Your Racer Your new Racer will be saved automatically if a Controller Pak is present once you have finished creating or editing it. The character, car configuration and driver's license information will all be stored for you to use again. You can also make a copy of your Racer by selecting Copy Racer from the Build Menu. This will create a second copy of the Racer for you to edit. Delete Racer Choose Delete Racer to permanently remove Racers you no longer want. You will be asked if you really want to delete the Racer, so you can cancel if you change you mind. You can only remove Racers you have created yourself. Once you have removed a Racer, it cannot be recovered. Page 27: Racing Tips 1. Try to get really good at the easier races first. Then practice power sliding to get ready for tackling tougher opponents and tracks. 2. Use the test track to try out your car before racing in a real race. 3. If you have trouble beating the LEGO Racer Champs, you may need to get hold of Veronica Voltage's car set. But how do you do that? HOT TIP: It's all in timing. See Time Race on page 17 if you can't remember. 4. There are shortcuts on most tracks that may help you to get the edge. Find out where these are so you can use them often. HOT TIP: Some of the shortcuts are triggered by power ups. 5. Different power ups have different effects. Make sure you learn all the types and the effects they have on you and your opponents. 6. Although collecting power plus bricks will give you the most powerful power up, this is not always the best strategy. Try to learn how each Champ uses power ups and think of a strategy to beat them. HOT TIP: Captain Redbeard likes to use the cannonball so try to use the shields to beat him. Page 28: Building Tips 1. If you are having trouble placing bricks on your car, try moving the camera around. You can move the camera to a top down view. This should show you exactly where the brick will connect. 2. Different chassis have different handling abilities. Experiment to find one that suits your driving style. 3. Always try out a new car on the test track. This will allow you to make sure that it feels right before you start to race. 4. Try to keep the car balanced when building. Don't put all the bricks in one corner of the car. This will make it lop-sided and awkward to drive. 5. To get a really good looking car, try combining different LEGO bricks from each of the car sets. Page 29: Credits Page 30: Technical Support Page 31: Epilepsy Warning

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