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Hydro Thunder

Typed out by Alex Case Hydro Thunder Instruction Manual -------------------------------------------------Page 1 Says the game is rated Everyone with mild animated violence. It's compatible with a rumble pak and a controller pak. It says a N64 Expansion Pak is required for a 3 or 4 player game. After that, Midway Customer Support and shows a telephone number - (903) 874-5092. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 2 TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. Getting Started 2. Controller 3. The H.T.R.A 4. Main Menu 5. Controller Menu 6. Rumble Pak Menu 7. Options Menu 8. Playing the Game 9. Selections 10. Hydro Strategies 11. Easy Tracks 12. Medium Tracks 13. Hard Tracks 14. Bonus Tracks 15. Easy Boats 16. Medium Boats 17. Hard Boats 18. Bonus Boats 19. Hints and Tips 20. Credits ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 3/4 GETTING STARTED Explains how to insert the N64 Game Pak into the N64 Deck! Then shows how not to move the Control Stick from it's neutral position. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 5 CONTROLLER Shows what buttons are which. Quitting A Game In Progress Press START to pause the game. The Pause Options Screen will appear. Highlight QUIT GAME, then press the A Button. Next you will be notified that you are quitting a game. If you wish to continue and quit the game, press the A Button. If not, press the B Button to go back to the previous menu. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 6 THE H.T.R.A. So, you have your own boat you say? You've tapped out your bank account and spent endless months building it out of state-of-the-art racing materials. You've tuned the specialized motors, refined the hull shape to perfection and won more races than you can count. You're at the top of the international boat racing game. Nobody comes close. You long for a challenge. Then one day that challenge comes to you in the form of a sealed envelope with no return address. Only the words Hydro Thunder Racing Association mark the envelope. You open it. Inside, a single sheet of blue paper, with your name written upon it, simply states, "You have been chosen as a permanent member of the H.T.R.A." Below, a map and date are printed. The next secret rare location. Now, you've certainly heard of the H.T.R.A. There is no signing up with these guys. Nobody even knows who they are or on which watery location they'll race next. But if you're good enough and have what it takes to be one of them, don't worry, they'll find you. This underground clan of adventurous racing renegades doesn't let anything get in the way of their racing. No place is to sacred. No time is too dark. No unexplored waterway is too dangerous. No guidelines. No restrictions. No manners. No law. These guys are deadly serious and have only one goal: Do anything to cross the finish line first. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 7 MAIN MENU Press START at the Title screen to access the Main Menu. The Main Menu will let you do a variety of things. From here you can select from a 1-Player or a Multi-Player game, adjust the Sound Options, view High Scores, and even configure your Controller. To select an item on the Main Menu, use the Control Pad or Control Stick to highlight the item. After you have selected, press the A Button to access the item's menu. 1.) One Player Game 4.) 2-4 Player Game 2.) Controller Menu 5.) Sound Options Menu 3.) Rumble Pak Menu 6.) Hydro Champions Menu ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 8 CONTROLLER MENU There are two Controller configurations you can choose from. At the Main Menu, select the Controller image on the left side (the Configuration Menu) and press the A Button. This will access the Controller Configuration Menu. Move the Control Pad or Control Stick Left and Right to view the different configurations. When playing a Multi-Player game, press Up and Down on the Control Pad or Control Stick to select the player whose game controls you wish to change. CONFIGURATON ONE STEER - Control Pad or Control Stick ACCELERATE - A Button BRAKE - B Button BOOST - L Button or R Button or Z Button CAMERA 1 (High View) - Down C Button CAMERA 2 (Low View) - Right C Button CAMERA 3 (Pilot View) - Up C Button CONFIGURATON TWO STEER - Control Pad or Control Stick ACCELERATE -L Button or Z Button BRAKE - R Button or B Button BOOST - A Button CAMERA 1 (High View) - Down C Button CAMERA 2 (Low View) - Right C Button CAMERA 3 (Pilot View) - Up C Button Select one of the configurations and press the A Button. If you are using a Controller Pak, your configuration will be automatically saved to it. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 9 RUMBLE PAK MENU On the Main Menu screen (located directly beneath the Controller icon on the Configuration Menu) is the Rumble Pak icon. Select this and press the A Button. The Rumble Pak Menu will allow you to adjust the vibration level in the Rumble Pak accessory. To adjust the levels, highlight the item by pressing Up and Down on the Control Pad or Control Stick. Press Left and Right to move the meter on the item. The left side of the meter decreases vibration and the right side of the meter increases vibration. After you have made your adjustments, highlight DONE and press the A Button. There are four items you can make adjustments to: BOOST: This will activate the Rumble Pak whenever the boosters on your boat are engaged. SPLASH DOWN: This activates the Rumble Pak when your boat splashes down in the water. BOAT COLLISION: Whether your boat's "Mighty Hull" system is engaged or you just happen to smack into another racer, colliding with another boat will cause the Rumble Pak to shake. TERRAIN COLLISION: Even though you are driving a boat, there are times when you just can't stay in the water. If you are trying to jump over something or make a shortcut, you may hit a bridge glacier, wall or other part of the track. When you do this the Rumble Pak will activate. Note: Remember to insert the Rumble Pak into your Controller only when prompted to. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 10 OPTIONS MENU The right side of the Main Menu is the Options Menu. The icon showing the music note is the Sound Options Menu. The Checkered Flat/Trophy icon is the Hydro Champions Menu. To access either option, highlight the appropriate icon and press the A Button. SOUND OPTIONS: In the Sound Options Menu, you can adjust the volume of the games Sound Effects (SFX) and background Music. Each sound's volume can be raised or lowered by highlighting the option (by pressing UP and Down on the Control Pad or Control Stick), then by moving the meter Left and Right (using the Control Pad or Control Stick). The more Left you go will lower the volume and the more Right you go will raise the volume. When you are finished adjusting the volumes, highlight DONE and press the A Button. HYDRO CHAMPIONS: The Hydro Champions screen is basically a High Scores screen. This will display the best times on all of the tracks. To view the times for different tracks, press Left and Right on the Control Pad or Control Stick. Pressing the A Button at any time will bring you back to the Main Menu. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 11 PLAYING THE GAME The Object of Hydro Thunder is simple: cross the finish line first, at all costs! Along the way, collect BOOST icons to enable your boat's specialized engines to fire up and propel you faster. Boost icons are located throughout all tracks. Some are hidden in secret areas of the track and some are even invisible! The following will give you an overview of everything you need to know to win the race. GAME PROGRESSION When beginning Hydro Thunder, you will only have access to 3 tracks and 3 boats. Both the tracks and boats are designated as EASY. If you complete each Easy designated race and place First, Second or Third, you will gain access to the MEDIUM division boats and tracks. When racing on the Medium tracks, you must complete each race with a First or Second place finish to advance to the HARD division. Racing the Hard boats and Hard tracks takes a lot of skill. It is recommended that you really master the previous tracks before advancing to these challenging ones. You must complete each track with a First place finish to access a special Bonus Track. You must continue to place First on all the Bonus Tracks to access the Bonus Boats. There are a total of 4 Bonus Track sand 4 Bonus Boats, if you're good enough to earn them. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 12 PLAYING THE GAME BOAT SELECTION Each boat in Hydro Thunder is unique. Not only in appearance, but also in control and overall performance. Some boats are faster than others, while some fly and take turns better. When selecting a boat, keep in mind which track you will be racing on. Every boat is listed in detail on pages 21-30. "MIGHTY HULL" Developed by the H.T.R.A. (see Page 6), "Mighty Hull" technology is utilized by every boat in Hydro Thunder. When your boat's boosters are activated for a short period of time, your boat will flash. This means that the boat's Mighty Hull is activated. Use your Mighty Hull power to clear unwanted obstacles and opponents out of your course as you race to victory. Each boat is unique when it comes to Mighty Hull activation time. BOOST ICONS The tracks in Hydro Thunder are littered with Red and Blue diamond- shaped Boost icons. Each boost will cause your boat's engines to transform and enable your boat to travel faster as well as activate its "Mighty Hull" power. Red Boost icons will give you 9 seconds of boost fuel. Blue Boost icons will give you 4 seconds of boost fuel. Use your boost sparingly as you never know when you will need it. Use your boosters to help your boat take corners faster as well as clear any obstacles in your way! ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 13 PLAYING THE GAME While you're racing, it's important to both watch and listen for key information that can help you win the race. [Picture of the screen and shows what things are on the screen] When racing against the clock, you must pass specially numbered buoys (checkpoints) that will give you more time. If your time is getting short, you will hear the announcer say "Time running low!", followed by a series of beeps when your race clock enters the single-digit range. When running out of booster fuel, the announcer will say "boosters running low!", followed by another series of beeps when you're almost empty. Remember, keep an eye on your booster fuel! You can pause the game by pressing START. When the game is paused, you can choose CONTINEUE, RESTART LEVEL or QUIT GAME. Highlight each item by pressing Up and Down on the Control Pad or Control Stick. To activate the selection, press the A Button. If you choose to quit a game, you will go back to the game's title screen. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 14 PLAYING THE GAME Hydro Thunder allows up to four players to race at the same time. This is done by splitting the screen into sections of two, three and four. It is important to note that you must have the correct amount of Controllers plugged into the Control Deck BEFORE turning the POWER to the ON position. Also remember that the N64 Expansion Pak (sold separately) is required for a 3 or 4-Player game. To play a Multi-Player game, at the Main Menu highlight the icon that shows two boats and press the A Button. Next you will choose how many racers there will be. You can select by pressing Up and Down on the Control Pad or Control Stick to highlight the number of players and then pressing the A Button. Only Player One can control this part of the selection menus. Next, Player One can choose the track that the players will be competing on (track and boat selection instructions are given on the following page). After the track has been selected, Player One can choose their boat. After Player One has selected their boat, the other players may choose their boats. Refer to the pervious page for On-Screen information. The screens to the right will show the different screen displays for a Two, Three or Four-Player game. The placement for each player is shown on the THREE-PLAYER screenshot. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 15 SELECTIONS After you have selected how many players there will be, you now will choose both a track to race on as well as what boat you will be racing with. Remember that initially you will only be able to race with three boats and race on three tracks. More boats and tracks will become available to you as you progress in the game. When playing a Multi-Player game, remember that you can only race with the tracks and boats you have unlocked. To select a boat or a track, press the Control Pad or Control Stick Left and Right to cycle through the available boats and tracks. To choose a boat or a track, press the A Button. Each boat and track are unique with their own secrets and dangers. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 16 HYDRO STRATEGIES As you gain experience in Hydro Thunder, you will find that each game is different, depending on your style of racing. Each in the H.T.R.A. lineup is unique in both appearance and overall performance. Each track is unique with its onwn shortcuts and tricks to mastering them. Practice does make perfect in this game. This page is devoted to some great tricks and pointers to help you along your path. BOAT DESIGN: You will notice that each boat is different. Some boats are designed to fly, while others are built for speed. Try to learn each boat's weaknesses and advantages. You will find that some boats are very easily knocked around by other boats, while some tend to do more of the knocking. HYDRO JUMP: Each boat can use its boosters to propel into the air for a brief period of time. As your boat is moving forward (by holding down the Accelerate button), quickly let go and press the Brake button. Once you have activated the brake, immediately press the Boost button. This takes practice to learn, but is well worth the effort. Use the Hydro Jump to access out-of-reach boost icons and gain entry into secret pathways. Some boats will travel through the air very well if you can master the Hydro Jump. Using the jump with these boats will allow you to cut seconds off of your course time. MIGHTY HULL TECHNIQUES: When your boosters are activated for a short period of time, your boat will begin to flash. When it does, your boat's Mighty Hull technology has been activated. While your boat is flashing, you can ram other boats and send them flying into the air! Mighty Hull also helps you rid your path of annoying obstacles without crashing your boat. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 17 EASY TRACKS THUNDER PARK A traditional H.T.R.A. circuit track. On a sunny day, Thunder Park offers a competition-style hydroplane raceway loop. Try to find the hidden 9 second boost on this track. Note: When racing on a circuit track, each boost icon can only be picked up once. LOST ISLAND: Located somewhere in the South Pacific, the Lost Island track offers a fast -paced trek through a volcanic island. Lush greenery, native villages, ancient ruins and numerous secrets await you! ARCTIC CIRCLE: Gigantic ice formations and a variety of wildlife line this unique track. The race starts near a fishing village high above sea level, continues in a river that winds its way down a glacier, through water carved ice tunnels until finally dropping you to the ocean for the remainder of the race. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 18 MEDIUM TRACKS GREEK ISLES: The Greek Isles water track winds through both modern towns and ancient ruins, providing one of the most visually sunning tracks available. This is a bright and challenging rack, highlighted by a downhill sliding finish. LAKE POWELL: Lake Powell, located in Utah, is one of the largest man-made lakes in the world. With its gigantic narrow canyon walls, 1000-year-old Anasazi ruins and smooth water, it is the perfect place for a high- speed super-boat race. Unfortunately, the Utah State Police don't agree. THE FAR EAST: The Far East track, located on a river deep in the misty mountains of China offers a unique blend of challenging river racing and beautiful scenery. The river drops from the mountains into small villages, ancient brick canals and even through palace motes. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 19 HARD TRACKS SHIP GRAVEYARD This deserted atoll was once a productive military shipyard. Now, endless numbers of forgotten, decrepit naval ships line the coast as far as the ey can see, forming a maze-like water raceway in and oat of hollow steel hulls. Rough waves, shark infested waters, stormy weather and the military police all await you! VENICE CANALS: Ah, Venice. One thinks of lovers, romance and of course the ear- piercing roar of sixteen super-boat motors tearing through the moonlit canals! With its extremely sharp turns that never let up, Venice Canals is arguably the most difficult track in Hydro Thunder. NEW YORK DISASTER: A giant meteor has destroyed the Big Apple and flooded its once crowded streets. Sounds like a fun race, huh? Tear through the remains of the late city, avoiding the N.Y.P.D. and the countless submerged vehicles along the way, until you come crashing down to a tragic finish. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 20 BONUS TRACKS There are 4 Bonus Tracks total along with 4 Bonus Boats. In order to complete the tracks, you need to practice on them. Try to use a familiar boat, as opposed to using the bonus boat. They look cool, but sometimes it's best to race an old favorite. The following is a brief description of the 4 Tracks you will hopefully unlock. HYDRO SPEEDWAY Set at night, Hydro Speedway is another circuit track in the game. With fast-paced excitement and boost icons at every turn, Hydro Speedway will test even the best racer. CATACOMB Go full throttle through a mysterious cavern willed with crashed ships, sharp rocks and of course, the competition. Turn and Hydro Jump your victory, If you can. CASTLE VON DANDY Journey to Scotland and take a watery romp through an abandoned castle. Steer around the moat and ancient graveyard to victory! NILE ADVENTURE Race through ancient pyramids and narrow waterways. This track features danger at every sharp turn. This is the longest track in Hydro Thunder. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 21 EASY BOATS DAMN THE TORPEDOES DESCRIPTION: Damn the Torpedoes is a good introductory boat for racing. Although it is slower than most boats in speed and Mighty Hull activation time, it is ideal for the beginner racer. MOTOR TYPE: Twin 545 HP Turbo-charged Silva Trek motors, each driving a single extra-large prop. BOOSTER TYPE: Embedded twin Mega-rockets. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 22 EASY BOATS MIDWAY DESCRIPTION: Very stable and not susceptible to being knocked around by other boats, Midway is another good choice for the beginning racer. Midway's weaknesses are its slow booster and Mighty Hull activation time. MOTOR TYPE: Marine 850 HP Browning V-Drive with a single extra-large prop. BOOSTER TYPE: Twin V-Drive motors. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 23 EASY BOATS MISS BEHAVE DESCRIPTION: Able to slice the water for better turning, Miss Behave is one of the smallest boats in the H.T.R.A. lineup. The boosters are slightly under-powered but Miss Behave's real strength lies in her ability to glide while in the air. With parts salvaged from a world War II aircraft, Miss Behave is the "flyer" of the beginning boats. MOTOR TYPE: Customized Goffman 1800 HP motor driving twin counter- rotating props. BOOSTER TYPE: Binary micro-rockets coupled with a single ultra-blower. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 24 MEDIUM BOATS BANSHEE DESCRIPTION: Once a standard hydroplane, Banshee was altered for H.T.R.A. racing. Banshee is lightweight and easily knocked around by other boats, but once you've mastered the unique handling of the boat you may never choose another boat again! MOTOR TYPE: 900 HP Patterson Fire-Spitter Twin Turbine driving a single hyper-angle prop. BOOSTER TYPE: Twin micro-rockets ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 25 MEDIUM BOATS TIDAL BLADE DESCRIPTION: Tidal Blade's sleek, dragster-like hull design allows it to slice through any water condition. When you have activated your Mighty Hull feature, use Tidal Blade's long bow to knock the competition out of the water. At times, if Tidal Blade gets bumped it can be hard to control and keep stable. MOTOR TYPE: Modified, dual-exhaust 2000 HP Carbonyl dragster motor driving a specialty monster prop. BOOSTER TYPE: Twin micro-rockets. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 26 MEDIUM BOATS THRESHER DESCRIPTION: Known as the "caddy" of the H.T.R.A. lineup, Thresher is the easiest boat to control, Big and heavy, the boat is well balanced and is easy to steer. Although it has a fairly slow Mighty Hull activation time, Thresher's secret weapon is its ability to knock opponents around by using its heavy frame. MOTOR TYPE: Dual 800 HP Turbo-charged Wilson motors, each driving oversized-props. BOOSTER TYPE: Swivel-mounted harness with twin mega-rockets. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 27 HARD BOATS CUTTHROAT DESCRIPTION: Lightweight and as close to a military jet fighter as you can get, Cutthroat is one of the best boats in the H.T.R.A. lineup. Heavily altered and using "borrowed" military hardware, Cutthroat can soar off of H.T.R.A. ramps or other objects for great distances. Use this to your advantage. Even though it has an extremely fast Mighty Hull activation time, it is very light and easily tossed around by other boats. MOTOR TYPE: Single 1200 HP Ranck 1 racing engine with dual, counter- rotating stock props. BOOSTER TYPE: Binary mega-rocket thrusters. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 28 HARD BOATS RAD HAZARD DESCRIPTION: Created with scrap parts found outside U.S. Government Area 51 property, Rad Hazard is recommended for the most experienced racers. Use the boosters to help you take corners better. The fast Mighty Hull activation time helps to keep the competition away. Fast and powerful, Rad Hazard is a boat to reckoned with. MOTOR TYPE: Some form of antimatter, subatomic energy, driving a single dual-cast prop. BOOSTER TYPE: Bursts of neutralized antimatter ventilation (we think). ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 29 HARD BOATS RAZORBACK DESCRIPTION: The most difficult boat to control in the H.T.R.A. lineup! Once thought of as a total design failure. Razorback was forgotten until an H.T.R.A. member learned the secret to mastering this fast and furious boat! With speed and Mighty Hull activation time like no other, Razorback is recommended for only the most experienced racers! MOTOR TYPE: Triple 650 HP Starich 5.7 inboards, each with a single DuRanc prop. BOOSTER TYPE: Triple supercharged outboards, each with dual, counter- rotating DuRanc props. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 30 BONUS BOATS These are the elite boats of Hydro Thunder. Only the best drivers will be able to race with them. These boats will become available as you beat all the bonus tracks. If you are fortunate enough to race one of these, you will notice how different they are from the rest of the H.T.R.A. lineup. Since you are not authorized (yet) to view these boats, we can only show you their shadows. Remember once you gain access to these boats (if you can), save them to your Controller Pak to add them to your lineup! ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 31 HINTS AND TIPS Here's a few pointers to remember as you take to the water. -Try pressing the Accelerate and Brake buttons a couple times at the countdown. If you perform a certain sequence, you will get a 4 second Boost at the Start! -Try going through caves and waterfalls. Not only are there a bunch of short-cuts, but you'll find lost of Boost Icons as well. -Look for hidden 9 Second Boost on Hydro Speedway as well as Thunder Park! -Beware of underwater debris! -Learn the Hydro Jump! It is essential!!! -Jumping in the Nile Adventure track will lead to great hitngs! -WATCH YOUR BOOST FUEL CLOSELY!!! -REMEMBER THAT IN ORDER TO PLAY A 3 OR 4-PLAYER GAME, YOU NEED AN EXPANSION PAK!!! ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 32 CREDITS MIDWAY HOME ENTERTAINMENT HYDRO THUNDER ARCADE TEAM STEVE RANCK, MICHAEL STARICH, SCOTT PATTERSON, LORI MILLER, DUSTY MONK, DETMAR PETERKE, ERIC BROWNING, SCOTT GOFFMAN, BRIAN SILVA, DALE HENDERSCHEID, GARY CARBONELL, ANDY WILSON, ORPHEUS HANLEY AND BRIAN JOHNSON. PRODCUER KEVIN POTTER ASSOCIATE PRODCUER SEAN WILSON ASSISTANT PRODCUER ED DURAN TECHNICAL DIRECTOR SAM CALIS ADDITIONAL TRACK DESIGN JOHN STOOKEY AND STEVE CRAMER PRINT DESIGN AND PRODUCTION MIDWAY CREATIVE SERVICES - SAN DIEGO TESTING MANAGERS ROB SABLAN AND HANS LO TESTING SUPERVISOR SHEILA JULATON LEAD PRODUCT ANALYST JEFF TAMAYO PRODUCT ANALYSTS DONALD HAMILTON, SHAWN CHARRON, SEHER BASAK, RICK WAIBEL, RYAN CASTIGLIA AND GREG ROSARIO TECHNICAL STANDARD ANALYST AJAMU SHAW SPECIAL THANKS DEBORAH FULTON, IRA KALINA, HUGH BINNS AND NANCY RAMSEY ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 33 CREDITS MIDWAY HOME ENTERTAINMENT LEAD PROGRAMMING PAUL BATES LEAD ARTIST COLIN GARRATT ADDITIONAL ART CHRIS BOYLE, ADRIAN MANNION AND PAUL ROBINSON ADDITIONAL PROGRAMMING TIME ROGERS AND DAVE LONG AUDIO NEIL BALDIN AND GUY CROCKFORT QUALITY ASSURANCE LEAD ANDY COLLINS QUALITY ASSURANCE JOHN BAKER, PHILL BENNETT, ADAM TIMMINS AND ANDREW WALKNER QUALITY ASSURANCE MANAGER MIKE BOTHAM DIRECTOR HUGH BINNS SPECIAL THANKS STEVE RANCK, SCOTT GOFFMAN AND ED DURAN

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