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Goldeneye 007

Typed out by David Instruction Booklet Goldeneye 007 Contents The Nintendo 64 Controller........................................4 GoldenEye Story...................................................6 Default Controller Information....................................8 Main Menu.........................................................9 Mission Game.....................................................10 Q Watch V2.01 Beta...............................................13 Bond Arsenal.....................................................16 Friends, Enemies and Villains....................................19 Multiplayer Game.................................................20 Tips for Success.................................................21 Warranty and Service Information.................................22 Page4---------------------------------------------------------------------- Control Stick Function (Explains how the Control Stick Works) -Don't move the Control Stick out of its neutral position when turning the power ON. -Use the 'right position' to play GoldenEye 007 Page6------------------------------------------------------------------------- The GoldenEye Story All right 007, it's time to get down to business. Some time ago, Pirate, a top-secret combat helicopter, was hijacked from a French war vessel in Monte Carlo. Pirate was stolen by Xenia Onatopp. She was assisted by several mysterious comrades. Xenia, a former Soviet pilot, is a known accomplice if the Janus Syndicate, an international organization that is world renowned for its dealings in topflight illegal arms. They are currently based in St. Petersburg, Russia. Pirate reappeared two days ago in Russia near the site of an unusual disturbance believed to be the result of the discharge of the GoldenEye weapon satellite. The situation is serious, 007. If Pirate or GoldenEye has fallen into the wrong hands, I don't have to tell you that the security of the free world could be in jeopardy. We want you to recover the pirate helicopter and get to the bottom of this. You are licensed to kill. Page 8------------------------------------------------------------------------- Default Controller Information (Tells the functions of each button) -GoldenEye is Rumble Pak compatible -Hold the L or R button and press C-down to duck -Hold he L or R button and press C-left or C-right to lean Page 9------------------------------------------------------------------------- Main Menu Correctly insert the GoldenEye Game Pak into your Nintendo 64 system and move the POWER switch to the on position. When the Tile screen appears, press either the START, the A or Z button to view the Main Menu. Creating a Game File ON the Main Menu, use the Control Stick to move the Target Icon to the desired game file (four game files can be saved). Press START, the A or Z button to advance ti the Game Select screen. Chose "SELECT MISSION" to play the mission-based game or "MULTIPLAYER" to play the multi-player game. Copying a Game File On the Main Menu, move the Target Icon to the Copy Icon to the bottom of the screen. Press START, the A or Z button to activate the copy command (press the B button to cancel). Move the Copy Icon to the game file you wish to copy from and press START, the A or Z button. The game file you selected is copied to an empty game file. If there is not an empty game file, you must erase one before you can copy. Erasing a Game File On the Main Menu, move the Target Icon to the Erase Icon at the button of the screen. Press START, the A or Z button to activate the copy command (press the B button to cancel). Move the Erase Icon to the game file you wish to erase and press START, the A or Z button. Highlight "CONFIRM" by pressing the Control Stick or the + Control Pad to the right, or by pressing the R button. Press START, the A or Z button to execute. The game file you selected is erased. Page10------------------------------------------------------------------------ Mission Game Selecting a Mission On the Game Select screen, choose "SELECT MISSION" to play the one-player mission-based game. Move the Target Icon to the desired mission Press START, the A or Z button to confirm and view the Difficulty screen. Selecting a Difficulty Level. On the Difficulty screen, highlight the desired level with the Target Icon and press START, the A or Z button to advance. There are three levels of difficulty; Agent (easiest), Secret Agent (medium), and 00 Agent (most difficult). Background You missions will take you all over the world. Make sure to read the background information to keep current on the pending mission. When you begin a level, make sure to pay attention to the opening cinema scene as it may contain useful clues to help you solve objectives. M Briefing M will provide you with more detailed background information Q Branch Aside from even more background information, Q will give you the lowdown on any handy gadgets that you may require for this mission. Moneypenny Don't forget Moneypenny. For each mission, she'll wish you well providing you with light-hearted comments. Objectives Unlike other first-person perspective games, the object of the game isn't necessarily to destroy everything or everyone you come into contact with. Some people or objects are necessary to complete the mission. Shoot the wrong person or destroy the wrong computer and the mission could be a failure. Make sure to read through the list of the objectives for each mission. The fate of the free world depends on it! Page13------------------------------------------------------------------------ Q Watch V2.01 Beta During the mission-based game, press START to pause the game and view the Q Watch. The Q Watch allows you to view information on the current mission, change weapons, controller configuration, and other game options. Use the + Control Pad, Control Stick, L, R or C buttons to toggle through the different screens or highlight different options. Mission Status Screen This is the first screen you see after pressing START. Here, you can check your mission status, the current item in hand, amount of ammunition and your Life/Armor meter. Abort Mission If you find yourself stuck in an area with no way out, or the difficulty level is just too much for you, select ABORT MISSION and try again. A different approach could be the key to success. Weapons and Items Screen Select the desired weapon or item, then press the A or Z button to equip. Press START to resume game play. Controller Configuration Screen Highlight "CONTROL STYLE" or "CONTROLLER," then press the A button to activate and deactivate one of the two options here. Control Style - change your controller setup to one of four different configurations Controller - move the controller and test the current control style For the true professional, try using two controllers (connected to Sockets One and Two) and select one of two different controller configurations. General Options Screen Highlight the desired option, then press the A button to Adjust Music volume meter Adjust volume of game music FX volume meter Adjust volume of sound effect Look up/down Reverse/Upright Auto-aim On/Off Aim Control Hold/Toggle Sight On-screen On/Off Look Ahead On/Off Ammo On-screen On/Off Screen Full/Wide/Cinema Ratio Normal/16:9 (best suited for larger or wide screen televisions giving the game a more cinematic look). Mission Objectives Screen On the Mission Objectives screen, scroll up or down with the + Control Pad, Control Stick, pr the C-Up or C-Down buttons to view the different screens of mission information. Press START to resume game play. Page16 ------------------------------------------ The Bond Arsenal Weapons Throwing Knife - The ultimate silent weapon. Commando standard equipment on convert missions. Fighting Knife - A lethal knife deigned for vicious close-quarters fighting. PP7 - Special Issue A small, easily concealed automatic pistol, which can be fitted with a silencer. 007's weapon of choice. DD44 - Dostovei A Soviet-made automatic pistol, issued to officers. Loud but powerful. Cougar Magnum - Possibly the most powerful revolver in the world. Can fire through some objects. Spyder - A modern variant of the Czech machine pistol. Small, but capable of automatic fire. ZMG - 9 mm Powerful sub-machine gun. Noise is a problem, but offset by excellent man-stopping capability. D5K - Deustche Special Forces equipment. Can be fitted with a silencer for covert missions where firepower is needed. Phantom - Sub-machine gun with a specially extended magazine. Brute force is all, no subtlety here. A terrorist favorite. KF7 - Soviet The standard issue rifle to Soviet troops. Tough and capable, with a long range. Ar33 - Assault Rifle US-manufactured assault rifle. Excellent range and stopping power. RC P90 - A phenomenally powerful submachine gun with a near-bottomless magazine. Grenade Launcher - Takes practice to use well, but deadly in the hands of an expert. Rocket Launcher - Tank-stopping heavy weapon. Devastating against soft targets. Sniper Rifle - An extreme-range, single shot rifle. Highly effective, but patience and timing are required. When aiming, press C-Up and C-Down to zoom in and out. Grenades - Pull out the pin, count and throw. Simple. The fuse is five seconds, so a count of 2 or 3 is safe. Remote Mines - A versatile device. Clings to most surfaces and can be set off by remote control. Timed Mines - A limpet mine with a 5 second fuse. Proximity Mines - Motion-sensing limpet mines. Fire, but DON'T forget, as they can't tell the difference between friend and foe. Gadgets Bungee Equipment - An extra strength cord and reinforced fastenings for those really long jumps. Door Decoder - A powerful crypto-breaker program. It cracks the code on security doors in seconds. Bomb Defuser - A device built for 007; cuts the correct wire automatically. Key Analyzer - Built by Q specifically to copy the GoldenEye code key. Tracker - This magnetic tracker has a long life and a huge range. Just have to plan it carefully. Covert - Modem Ideal for gaining access to closed data storage systems. Above ground, that is. Micro camera - Compact camera, with a manual zoom facility. Perfect for spying.... Datatheif - A high speed, high density, data copying device. Can break through nearly all protective measures. Plastique - A shaped charge plastic explosive with a timer setting. Watch - Laser Q Branch standard issue cutting laser. Limited life span means Bond will have to work fast. Watch - Magnet A miniature electromagnet. Only a few users before charge is drained completely. Page18------------------------------------------------------------------------ Game Over Too many hits from unfriendly fire could prove fatal. It will also mean game over. If this happens, you will return to the Background screen where you will have another crack at the mission. Make sure to pick up the body armor. While the body armor won't make you invincible, it could give you the protection you need to complete a mission. Page19------------------------------------------------------------------------ Friends, Enemies, and Villains Friends Natalya Simonova A computer programmer based at Severnaya, she is the only survivor of the terrorist attack. Valentin Zukovsky - A former enemy of Bond, he has become a black market trader in arms and information in the new Russia. 006, Alec Trevelyan - A fellow 00 agent, Bond trusts his life to Alec Trevelyan. Defense Minister Mishkin - A patriotic member of the Politburo. Enemies Janus - The Shadowy leader of the Janus Syndicate Xenia Onatopp - A Janus lieutenant, she is a hotshot pilot and a crack killer who enjoys her work. General Arkady Ourumov - A traitorous Soviet officer, in league with the Janus Syndicate Boris Grishenko - The programming genius behind the main systems of the GoldenEye satellite who sells out to Janus. Other Villains Jaws - An arch villain, eight feet tall and virtually indestructible. Avoid at all cost. Mayday - A slim target with a sharp draw. A lethal adversary. Baron Samedi - His countrymen fear his skill in the black arts, buts he's equally at home more conventional weaponry. Oddjob - A diminutive villain sporting a bowler hat. He's small and deadly. Page20------------------------------------------------------------------------ Multi-Player Game On the Main Menu. Move the Target Icon to the desired game file, then press START, the A or Z button. Use the Target Icon to highlight "MULTIPLAYER," then press START, the A or Z button. Options Use the Control Stick to toggle between options. To change settings, press the A button (press the B button to cancel). When you're ready to play, ress START. Players Up to four players may play. Scenario The eight different game scenarios are as follows: 1) Normal Standard competitive mode 2) You only Live Twice Each player lives twice. The last player alive wins. 3) The Living Daylights (Flag Tag) Whoever has the flag longest is the winner. When carrying the flag, no objects can be collected or used. 4) The Man With the Golden Gun Whoever has the Golden Gun can defeat enemies in a single shot. 5) Licensed to Kill Every hit is fatal 6) Team: 2 vs 2 7) Team: 3 vs 1 8) Team: 2 vs 1 Level Play in one of several standard areas. Game Length Play for time (10 or 20 minute time limit), score (first player to 5, 10 or 20 points) or the thrill of the kill. Characters There are many different characters available. Con you find them all? Weapons Choose form an assortment of weapons. Health To make the game more even, adjust the health level of one or all four players. Veteran players can select a lower health level to make the game more interesting. Novice players should select a higher health level. Page 21------------------------------------------------------------------------ Tips for Success -Some weapons that normally fire a short burst of bullets will fire a single shot when using the aim. The single shot will be more accurate then a burst because the weapon's recoil spoils your aim when you fire continuously. -Throwing knives can be thrown more quickly if you prepare yourself. -Some of the high-power weapons are able to shoot through objects including doors. -Leaning is ideal when under heavy fire. Stand behind a corner or column, then lean out left or right and fire off a few rounds. Page22------------------------------------------------------------------------ Warranty and Service Information (Tells about 3-Month Limited Warranty)

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