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Gex 64: Enter the Gecko

Typed out by Steve Begin NUS-NX2E-USA GEX 64: ENTER THE GECKO Instruction Manual ('E' Everyone ESRB logo) (Midway logo) Midway (Nintendo 64 logo) PAGE 1 ------ Warning: Please read the enclosed consumer information and precautions booklet carefully before using your Nintendo(R) hardware system, game pak or accessory. This booklet contains important safety information. This product has been rated by the Entertainment Software Rating Board. For information about the ESRB rating, or to comment about the appropriateness of the rating, please contact the ESRB at 1-800-771-3772 This game is compatible with the Controller Pak accessory. Before using the accessory, please read the Controller Pak accessory instruction booklet carefully. Follow on-screen instructions to determine when you should insert or remove the Rumble Pak accessories. Midway Customer Support 903 874-5092 10:00am - 6:30pm - Central Time Monday - Friday Automated help line open 24 hours a day Need more Gex: Enter the Gecko game hints? Call 1-900-737-4SOS (4767) $0.85/minute - 18+ - Touch Tone Only Experienced game counsellors available M-F 9:00am - 5:00pm PST Recorded hints available 24 hours a day. Licensed by Nintendo (picture of the Official Nintendo Seal of Quality) This official Seal is your assurance that Nintendo has approved the quality of this product. Always look for this seal when buying games and accessories to ensure complete compatibility. All Nintendo products are licensed by sale for use only with other authorized products bearing the Official Nintendo Seal of Quality. Nintendo, The Official Seal, Nintendo 64 and the 3-d "N" Logo are trademarks of Nintendo of America Inc. (C)1996 Nintendo of America Inc. PAGE 2 ------ TABLE OF CONTENTS Getting started.........................................3 Control Stick Function..................................4 Controller..............................................5 Game Controls...........................................6 Camera Control..........................................7 Mission Briefing...................................8 - 10 Main Menu..............................................11 Options................................................12 Jeopardy...............................................13 TV Rejects.............................................14 This Gecko Moves!......................................15 Screen Icons...........................................16 Power Ups..............................................17 Collectibles...........................................18 TV Remotes & Bonus Levels..............................19 Pause Screens..........................................20 The Enemies.......................................21 - 22 Credits...........................................23 - 24 Warranty...............................................26 PAGE 3 ------ GETTING STARTED Warning: Never try to insert or remove a game pak when the power is on! * Turn the power OFF on your N64. * Insert the Game Pak into the slot on the N64. * Press firmly to lock the Game Pak in place. * Turn the power switch ON. After the legal screens appear, you may go right to the game by pressing the START Button. (picture of the N64 Control Deck and a N64 Controller) Power On/Off (switch on the left side of the N64 deck) Reset (button on the right side of the N64 deck) Controller Pak Menu Press and hold the Start Button upon powering up or reset to access the Controller Pak Menu. This will allow you to view and delete saved information from a Nintendo 64 Controller Pak. You can also view an In-Game Controller Pak Menu by selecting Options, then Controller Pak from the Media Dimension Map Pause Menu (see Pause Screens, Page. 20) PAGE 4 ------ CONTROL STICK FUNCTION The Nintendo 64 Control Stick uses an analog system to read the angles and directions of its movement. This allows precision control that is not possible using the conventional Control Pad. When turning the Control Deck power ON, do not move the Control Stick from its neutral position on the controller. (picture of the Control Stick held to the right with a grey X on the picture) If the Control Stick is held at an angled position (as shown in the picture on the left) when the power is turned ON, this position will be set as neutral. This will cause games using the Control Stick to operate incorrectly. (picture of the Control Stick at the neutral position) To reset the neutral position once the game has started, let go of the Control Stick so it can return to its center position (as shown in the picture on the left) then press START while holding down the L and R Buttons. The Control Stick is a precision instrument, make sure not to spill liquids or place any foreign objects into it. If you need assistance, contact Nintendo Consumer Assistance at 1-800-255-3700 or your nearest Nintendo Authorized Repair Center. PAGE 5 ------ CONTROLLER Before you begin your game familiarize yourself with the controls. (picture of the N64 Controller) L Button (top left of the controller) R Button (top right of the controller) Control Pad (+ control pad at left of controller) Start Button (red button in the middle of controller) Z Button (underneath the controller) Control Stick (analog joystick under Start Button) B Button (green button at right of controller) A Button (blue button at right of controller) Left C Button, Top C Button, Right C Button, Bottom C Button (yellow buttons at right of controller) Quitting a Level in Progress Press START to pause the game. The Pause Options Screen will appear. Highlight Exit Level, then press the A Button. PAGE 6 ------ GAME CONTROLS (picture of the N64 Controller) Pause Game (Start Button) Move Gex - All Directions (Control Pad) Duck (Z Button underneath) Karate Kick (hold Z Button while running and use with Jump + Control Pad or Control Stick) Move Gex - All Directions (Control Stick) Tail Whip (B Button) Jump (A Button) Camera Rotate Right (Right C Button) Camera Switch (Top C Button) "Hold down and use with Control Pad or Control Stick for Gex look around" Camera Rotate Left (Left C Button) Tongue Lash (R Button) Menu Selections * Control Pad or Control Stick Up, Down, Left or Right to highlight or toggle options. * Press the A Button to select options. * Press the B Button to go back to a previous menu. PAGE 7 ------ CAMERA CONTROL GEX: Enter the Gecko has three different camera settings. You can change cameras when the camera icons appear at the bottom right corner of the screen. Press the Start Button to pause the game, select Options from the Pause Menu then select Camera to change. During play, tap the Top C Buttons to change camera angles. Press and hold Top C Button and use the Control Pad or Control Stick to look in all directions. Here are the camera selections available in the game: Semi-Auto Cam (default): (picture of an orange circle with wings) This camera automatically moves behind GEX when he stops moving. In general, it's the best camera for beginners. During the game, you can press the Right or Left C Button to rotate the camera left or right on the fly. Auto Cam (picture of a green oval with a spiral in it) This camera follows behind GEX, always pointing in the direction GEX is looking. It is most effective in open spaces. (Unlike Semi-Auto Cam, you cannot override Auto Cam by manually rotating the camera.) Manual Cam (picture of a purple triangle with 2 gears in it) This setting gives you complete camera control. By pressing the Right or Left C Button, you can swing the camera in a full 360o rotation for a complete view in any direction. Manual Cam is the favorite of players who want minimum computer assistance. Try using it when lining up technical jumps. Note: In certain levels the game defaults to a fixed camera for a short time to assist you through difficult areas. PAGE 8 ------ MISSION BRIEFING It was such an easy life, uneventful and fulfilling. A far cry from the paparazzy frenzy of a few years ago. Thinking back to those days brought a dull ache to GEX's forehead. Remembering the horrible press conference with the President, the mobs of groupies, the TV interviews as well as those compromising photos in The International Inquirer only made the pain worse. (picture of Gex in a James Bond costume) Since GEX's retirement from the public eye in 1996, television held the only enjoyment in this young gecko's existence. GEX resigned himself to a life of solitude, tucked away in the Maui hillside with his life long partner, a big- screen TV. And what a partnership they had. GEX was never bothered for an autograph, never needed to cuddle, and could shut his new friend up with a push of a remote control. Gex's TV was his true soul mate. For two years, GEX started his day sharing a cup of coffee with Kung Fu Theater, a donut with his favorite cartoons and a bag of chips with His Majesty's Secret Service. Days, then weeks, blurred into one long television marathon. Never leaving the house without first checking with Dionne Warwick's psychic friends, GEX found himself on the verge of insanity. PAGE 9 ------ MISSION BRIEFING (picture of GEX with a remote control) And then things start getting interesting... These two goons appear at his side, flash badges, and tell GEX that they work for a secret government agency. They need his assistance regarding an old acquaintance. GEX tells them that The Inquirer has it all wrong, that he only met Farrah that one night, and wishes she would stop bothering him. They tell him it's not about her, it's about Rez. Ahh, Rez. The old tin can has returned and he's after the world's TV channels. Again. They want GEX to go back in and fix that. GEX tells them to find some other fool. He has saved the universe once already. Call in some other sucker, he's missing Colt Seavers reruns and he just loves Colt's gullible sidekick. But the skinny agent grabs him by the shoulders and then asks really nicely if GEX will help them out. GEX still says no. The men tell him they understand, then smash him over the head with a blunt object. When GEX regains consciousness, he finds himself in an interrogation- style room, sitting in a chair under a single harsh light. He asks them how long he's been out. They tell him ever since the crowbar impacted the side of his skull. PAGE 10 ------- MISSION BRIEFING The big agent asks him what he knows about Rez. GEX tells them everything he knows, and once again, the men insist he help them. Suddenly the skinny guy reached under a table and opens up a briefcase full of cold, hard cash. GEX takes one look at the pile and replies, "Now WHAT was it you wanted me to do?" As GEX thumbs through the bills, the agents start taking his measurements. The goons throw in a secret agent suit - GEX knows how the ladies love a gecko in uniform. The big agent starts to talk... GEX's mission is to save television and make Rez "disappear." Plain and simple. The agents give GEX a map and instruct him to hide the body between Jimmy Hoffa's and Spuds Mackenzie's. GEX replays the mission in his head as he leaves the building to get into his waiting limo. As he nears the car, a beautiful female agent walks up to him, introduces herself as Special Agent EXTRA and wishes him good luck in his mission to rescue television. "I really love television", she says with a giggle. As GEX steps into the limo he smiles and says to himself, "All right Rez, it's tail time." PAGE 11 ------- MAIN MENU (picture of the main menu) The Main Menu appears at the start of a game. Press the Control Pad Up or Down to highlight a selection, then press the A Button to select it. Main Menu Options New Game Start a new game from the Media Dimension Map. You'll select a TV to begin your game. If a gate isn't open, you'll need to collect a specific remote(s) to access the gate (see TV Remotes & Bonus Levels, Page. 19). Load Game Select this option to Load a previously played game by entering a Password or selecting a note from your Controller Pak. To enter a password, select Password from the Load Game Screen. Press the Control Pad Up or Down to scroll though the available symbols, then press Left or Right to move to the next space. Repeat the process until you've entered the entire password. You can get a password from the Save option from the Media Dimension Map Pause Menu (see Page. 20). When you complete a level, get the password, write it down and use it later to continue a game in progress. To continue a game using your Controller Pak, select Controller Pak from the Load Game Screen. If you've saved a previous game, it will be displayed in the Controller Pak Screen. Select the saved game to continue at the beginning of the game with all of the remotes you previously collected. PAGE 12 ------- OPTIONS Audio View options for adjusting all of the game's Audio settings. Press the Control Pad Up or Down to scroll through the available options, then press Left or Right to turn Music, Voices or SFX (Sound Effects) ON or OFF. You can also adjust the volume levels of the game's Music, SFX and Voice. (picture of GEX running) Camera Select the type of camera you want to use during your game. See Camera Control, Page. 7, for details on this option. Controller Pak If you have a Controller Pak plugged into your controller, you can Save or Load a game in progress. When you select this option, you can view all saved games on your Controller Pak, including saved notes from other N64 games. Use this option to manage your Controller Pak by deleting unwanted notes. If you don't have room on your Controller Pak, you will be prompted whenever you try to save to a game in progress. PAGE 13 ------- JEOPARDY! Navigating the Media Dimension Map 1. Use the Control Pad or Control Stick to move GEX to any TV on the map. (picture of a game screen) 2. Jump onto the green button located in front of each TV to warp into the level. 3. Jump on floating platforms to fly to new map areas. Level Mission Hints 1. When GEX enters a level, a list of missions appears. 2. Press the Control Pad or Control Stick to highlight a mission and then press the A Button. 3. A hint will be revealed on how to obtain that mission's Red Remote (see TV Remotes & Bonus Levels, Page. 19). 4. Once the mission has been completed, an X will be shown before the hint, instead of (right arrow). 5. Press the B Button to bypass the hints after selecting a mission. PAGE 14 ------- TV REJECTS Pre-history Channel Go back to your distant roots when reptiles ruled the world and... yada, yada, yada. Hey, that guy could almost buy drinks with my ID. Scream TV Who's ready to turn an insane 12-year-old knife-wielding brat into bratwurst? Hey, the little zombie has a discipline problem, OK? Meet a guy who lost his soul and other body parts. Check out some artwork that's worth dismembering. You gonna choose what's behind Door #1, Door #2 or Door #200? Circuit Central Pay hommage to all those strange Sci-Fi shows that snatched control of your TV set. Grab a charge and hit the launchers. Rocket Channel There are billions and billions of ways to get the intergalactic shaft here. GEXIE needs air! Toon TV It's open season on rabbits but you're a lizard, right? Beware of flowers bearing mallets. Drop into a hutch for a makeover. Those ears are just you! Kung-Fu Theater Grab some take-out and then turn some guy into Kung Fu Chicken. Pulling out chest hair is no fair. Rezopolis Look out for Flatheadbots. After you see what Rez has to offer, you'll run to Rupert, begging for shelter. PAGE 15 ------- THIS GECKO MOVES Jump (A Button) Use to reach high platforms. Tailbounce (A Button) Tap the Jump Button, then press and hold for Air GEX. TailWhip (B Button) Use to dismember enemies and destroy objects. Some monsters love punishment; they will hold out for several whacks before disintegrating. Eat Bug (R Button) Use tongue to grab flies into your mouth and down the hatch... gulp!! Karate Kick Run, hold down the Z Button, and when ready, press Jump to leap huge spans and kick some hairy monster butt. Wall Climbing Jump onto a wall or ceiling while pressing the Control Pad or Control Stick. GEX will stick with true gecko grit. Note: GEX's suction-cup paws can only stick to certain surfaces. Checkpoints Although Gex loves reruns, replaying the same area over and over can be frustrating. To make your TV trippin' a little easier, in some of the larger levels Gex will come across Checkpoint TVs containing checkers. Run past one of these TVs and hit it with a Tailwhip to "mark your spot" in the level. Then if Gex loses a life, you will restart the level from that spot instead of from the beginning. PAGE 16 ------- SCREEN ICONS (picture of GEX's head) Lives When GEX gains or loses a life, his number of Lives Remaining appears. GEX starts out with five Lives. Run out of Lives and your show is cancelled. (picture of GEX's paw) Hit Paws Hit Paws appear when GEX gains or loses a hit point. GEX can have up to four Hit Paws. (picture of a skull token and then number 03) Collectible Count When you pick up a Collectible, a number and a corresponding Collectible icon appear to show how many you have so far. (For info on how Collectibles add up, and what they're for, check page 18.) (picture of GEX with a bone in his mouth) PAGE 17 ------- POWER-UPS Feed ME TV is on the air, and televisions are tuned in throughout the worlds. Tailwhip any boob-tube to crack it open and release a delicious fly. Snap up the fly with tongue action (R Button) to collect power-ups or extra powers (good for a limited time only). Green Health Fly (picture of a green fly) Add a Hit Paw. By eating Green Flies, GEX can gain up to a maximum of four Hit Paws at one time. Red Fire Fly (picture of a red fly) Fry enemies by holding down Tailwhip and running around them in a circle. Release Tailwhip to deliver a "Wall o' Flame." GEX is invincible for a short period while buzzed on this power. Contact with water douses the effect early on. Blue Ice Fly (picture of a blue fly) Freeze monsters by holding down Tailwhip and running around them in a circle. GEX is invincible for a short period of time while chillin'. Contact with fire melts the power prematurely. Purple Life Fly (picture of a purple fly) Gain one extra Life. Bonus Letting any fly circle GEX act as an extra Hit Paw. PAGE 18 ------- COLLECTIBLES Each GEX world has its own set of riveting TV Collectibles. These are divided into three "tiers" per world. You must collect a certain number of items in each tier before you can advance to the next tier (and eventually collect the Silver Remote). Collectibles needed to advance Tier 1....30 Tier 2....40 Tier 3....50 * In tiers 1 and 2, you receive an extra Life when you complete the tier. * In tier 3, when you collect 50 items, you receive a Silver Remote. You also gain an extra Life for every additional 50 items (over the first 50) you collect. * A Collectible icon and the number you have so far appear at the top right of the screen when you acquire an item. (picture of a game screen) PAGE 19 ------- TV REMOTES & BONUS LEVELS Gain access into different areas by collecting TV Remotes. Red Remotes (Open New Levels) Red Remotes reveal more channels for GEX to explore in the Media Dimension. Obtain Red Remotes by finding various exits in each world. After collecting 33 red remotes, you will gain entry to Channel Z and the final battle with Rez. Silver Remotes (Open Bonus Levels) Two Silver Remotes are stashed in each world. One is hidden somewhere for you to find. The other Silver Remote is yours when you acquire the Collectibles from all three tiers in that TV (see page 18). Everytime you collect three Silver Remotes, up to 21, you gain entry to a Bonus Round. Gold Remotes Once in a Bonus TV, you have a set time limit to grab a random number of items. The Bonus Time Countdown and the Collectible Countdown appear at the bottom of the screen. Make your quota in the allotted time and win a Gold Remote. Defeating a boss is another way to gain a Gold Remote plus access to new areas. PAGE 20 ------- PAUSE SCREENS In-Level Pause 1. During a game, press the Start Button to pause. 2. On the Pause Menu, press the Control Pad or Control Stick to highlight your selection, and press the A Button. Resume: Return to the game. (Pressing the Start Button again also resumes the game.) Exit Level: Exit the current level and return to the Media Dimension Map. Options: See Options, Page. 12. Stats: View the total count of Gex's collected items. This screen also lets you know how many remotes are located on each level. Media Dimension Map Pause 1. See In-Level Pause (above) for instructions on returning to the Media Dimension Map. 2. In the Media Dimension Map, press the Start Button to bring up the following menu: Resume: Resume the game you just paused by returning to the Media Dimension Map. New Game: Begin a new game. Load Game: Load a game via Password or Controller Pak (see Load Game, Page. 11). Save Game: Preserve your current game as a new saved game. When you select Password, a password will be given to you. Write it down. If you select Controller Pak, you can name and save your game to a new note on the Controller Pak. Follow on-screen instructions to complete the process. Options: See Options, Page. 12. Stats: See Stats, above, for details. PAGE 21 ------- ENEMIES Pterodactyl (the dinosaur bird of the same name) Triceratops (the dinosaur of the same name) Walker (robot) Alien (green-skined being) PAGE 22 ------- ENEMIES Hucky (Jason-like crazy man without the hockey mask) Ghost (purple spirit) Mylot (manta ray) Raptor (add Veloci before the name!) PAGE 23 ------- CREDITS: Crystal Dynamics Director: Glen A. Schofield Product Marketing Manager: Chip Bundell Producer: Jeffrey Zwelling Marketing: Scott Steinberg (V.P.), Executive Producer: Jonathan Miller Brian Silva, Jim Curry & Steve Groll Lead Design: Evan Wells Intro & Outro: Keyframe Digital Prod. Lead Programming: Adrian Longland Original Gex Character: Lyle Hall & Danny Chan Voice of Gex: Dana Gould Programmers: Meilin Wong, Robert Voice of Gex (U.K.): Leslie Phillips Calfee & Evan Wells Voice of Rez: Bruce Robertson Senior Designers: Richard Lemarchand Backstory & Script: Rob Cohen, Ken & Jim Stiefelmaier Daly, Dana Gould & Scott Steinberg Designers: Quinlan Richards, Bret Test Manager: Alex "UnaPooper" Ness Robbins, Dave Robinson, Bruce Lead Tester: Billy "Cooter" Mitchell Straley & Samuel Villanueva Tester: Jeffrey Bloom, Jeremy "J-Dogg" Artists: Scott Anderson, Amy Bond, Bredow, Christopher "Hippie" Bruno, Bruce Staley & Chris Thompson James "Double O.G." Cabot, Rolef Animators: Eric Elliot, Spencer Hall "Lee Majors" Conlan, Casey "Where is & Jim Houska he?" Craig, Rick Cummings, David Stunt Programmers: Charles Marin, Jon "Orion" Dao, Damien "Aussie" Lacey, Miller & Jonah Stich Doug "El Guapo" Leslie, Todd "Pro Additional Support: Dan Arey, Jeff Tip" Malone, Daniel "2 Cents" Miley, Bloom, Jeremy Bredow, Mark Miller, Christopher "X-Ton" Pappalardo, Matt Kenny Reeves, Josh Rose, Steve "CMP" Prescott, Alex Simonian, Tony Ross, Sheatiel Sarao, Sunspark "The Tiger" Townsend & Matt & Matthew Titlebaum "Muttnew" Young Lead Audio/Video: Steve Papoutsis Special Thanks: Katie Bolich, Chuck Sound Programming: Fred Mack Eyler, Will Faust, Troy Gillette, Sound & Music: Ted Allen, Kurt Laura Grieve, Tate Mosesian, Tim Harland & Jim Hedges Roberts & Mike Slisko PAGE 24 ------- CREDITS: Midway Home Entertainment Producer: Brian Lowe Assistant Producer: Will Shen Print Design & Production: Debra Test Manager: Rob Sablan Austin, Jon Mongelluzzo, Chris Lead Tester: Eric Navarez Mowry, Erin Shems & Dave Young Assistant Lead Tester: Chris Herndon Testers: Tyler Everett, Donny Special Thanks: Deborah Fulton Hamilton, Steve Montano & Peter Chang CREDITS: Realtime Associates Executive Producer: Dave Albert Producers: Chris Archer, Dave Brooks Lead Programmer: Chip Burwell Programmers: Xheryl Durham, Andy Hsiung Lead Artist: Alan Flores 3D Animator: Samati Boonchisitsak Artists: Lance Powell, Connie Goldman Audio Director: Greg Turner Special Thanks: Shippy Ohka, Charles Amsellem, Jacob Watt, Scott Smith, Tom Grevera & Dave Warhol. PAGE 25 ------- GETTING LICKED IN THE MEDIA DIMENSION? Obtain every secret and chronicle Gex's quest with the only Official Strategy Guide for Gex 64! (cover art of Gex 64: Enter the Gecko) (cover art of Gex 64: Enter the Gecko Official Strategy Guide) On sale now, only $11.99! Wherever good books are sold Order direct for only $9.99! To order, call: 1-800-691-7886 A Millennium Publications Presentation PAGE 26 ------- Warranty (not written) (picture of Gex on the ground) Midway Home Entertainment Inc. 903 874-5092 P.O. Box 2097 Corsicana, TX 75151-2097 BACK COVER ---------- (picture of GEX) (Midway logo) (Crystal Dynamics logo) Midway Home Entertainment Inc. P.O. Box 2097 Corsicana, TX 75151 Crystal Dynamics, the Crystal Dynamics logo, GEX and the GEX character are trademarks of Crystal Dynamics. (C)1998 Crystal Dynamics. All rights reserved. Midway is a registered trademark of Midway Games Inc. Distributed my Midway Home Entertainment Inc. under license. Eye Jacket, Iridium, Oakley and the Ellipse design are all registered trademarks in the U.S. and foreign countries, of Oakley Inc. (C)1996 Oakley Inc. Printed in USA

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