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Cruis'n USA

Typed out by Logan Hudson USING THE CONTROLLER Control Stick Function The Nintendo 64 Control Stick uses an analog system to read the angles and directions of its movement. This allows precision control that is not possible using the conventional + Control Pad. When turning the Control Deck power ON, do not move the Control Stick from its neutral position on the controller. If the Control is held at an angled position (as shown in the picture on the left) when the power is turned ON, this position will be set as neutral. This will cause games using the Control Stick to operate incorrectly. To reset the neutral position once the game has started, let go of the Control Stick so it can return to its center position (as shown in the picture on the left) then press START while holding down the L and R Buttons. The Control Stick is a precision instrument; make sure not to spill liquids or place any foreign objects into it. If you need assistance, contact Nintendo Consumer Assistance at 1-800-255-3700 or your nearest Nintendo Authorized Repair Center. 1 CONTROLLER FUNCTIONS Change the controller configuration by selecting CONTROLLER SETUP from the Game Option screen. The + Control Pad or the Control Stick can be used for steering. Control Pad Up Manual Shift Up Control Pad Down Manual Shift Down L & R Brakes C-Up Manual Shift Up C-Down Manual Shift Down C-Right Select Displays A Button Selects racer's view B Button Select Music START Selcts the options on the menu screens. Pauses game play. Control Stick Moves car left or right Z Button Accelerator 2 Starting the Game One or Two player Game If you wantTo play a two-player game, insert a second controller and turn the Control Deck on. If you want to play a onne-player game, you only need one controller plugged in. Selcting your Transmission Use the Control Stick too highlight the desired race. Press START to confirm your selection. Selecting Your Transmission Use the Control Stick to highlight the desired transmission. Press START to confirm your selection. Automatic Cruise-O-Matic changes gears automatically. This is easer because you don't have to think about what gear you should be in. If you choose Manual XL Power, you'll have to shift gears yourself. This is more challenging than Automatic, but gives you more control over your vehicle's speed. Rather than using your brakes, you can shift to a lower gear to reduce your speed. Shift to a higher gear to accelerate. 3 Selecting Your Car Use the Control Stick to highlight the desired car. Press START to confirm your selection. If you are going to cruise the USA, you'll use the same car for the entire race. 4 GAME OPTIONS Press the B Button from most game menus to access the Game Options screen. Once you're there, set up the game so it's ergonomically correct. Onnce the cruise starts, you can't change many of these options Music Volume Change the volume of the background music. Sound FX Volume Change the volume of the sound effects. 2-Player Sound Split L/R: will split the sound effects for both players. Sound effects for player one will be sent to the left speaker while sound effects for player two will be sent to the right speaker. Combined: will send bboth players' sound effects to both speakers. Difficulty Make the race easier or more difficult Racers Race by yourself when this is Off Traffic No traffic when this is Off Metric Change the speedometer to KPH or MPH Center Screen Adjust the screen to your television Game Pad Setup Change the button configurations Pak Copy Use this option to copy information from a game pak to a N64 Controller Pak, or vice versa. 5 Cars '63 Muscle Car Although the '63 Muscle Car isn't the best in a single performanc category, its over all handling is quite good. It's a great vehicle to use if you're interested in balanced handling. It's second in top speed and third in 0-60, skid pad and aero coefficiency (drag). Top Speed: 145 MPH/ 233 KPH Skid Pad: 0.98G Aerocoeff: 0.39 0-60: 2.98 sec Power: 462HP 454 CID V8 La Bomba It has the best 0-60 rating, but the La Bomba lags the other cars in top speed performance. It handles the corners almost as good as the Italia P69! This is a good car to use if you're a beginner. Top Speed: 142MPH/ 228KPH Skid Pad: 0.98G Aerocoeff: 0.45 0-60: 2.51 SEC Power: Super Charged V12 Devastator VI This vehicle has the best Top Speed, but the lowest 0-60 rating. It doesn't handle the corners as good as the other vehicles, so use this car when you've mastered the art of taking corners. Top Speed: 147MPH/ 236KPH Skid Pad: 0.85 Aerocoeff: 0.45 0-60: 3.15 Power: 395HP Twin Turbo V6 6 Italia P69 Probably the best overall machine! The Italia P69 handles like a dream on the corners. It ranks third in top speed, but not far behind the fastest at 147MPH/ 231 KPH. This is a great car for anyone. Top speed: 147MPH/ 231 KPH Skid Pad: 1.01G Aerocoeff: .28 0-60: 2.88 sec Power 472Hp V12 DOHC 48V 7 MODES Cruise the Usa (One or Two Players) Your goal is to race across America, finishing first in every race. By finnishin first, you'll continnue on to the next race. Start in San Francisco and work you way to Washington, D.C. Single race ( One or Two Players) Select one ot the Easy, Medium, or Expert races to practice your skills. Selecting the ????? will let the computer radomly select a race for you. EASY LA FREEWAY EASY US 101 EASY ARIZONA MEDIUM DEATH VALLEY MEDIUM IOWA MEDIUM BEVERLY HILLS MEDIUM APPALACHIA EXPERT REDWOOD FOREST EXPERT GRAND CANYON EXPERT CHIGAGO LA FREEWAY The LA Freeway has wide lanes and easy corners. There are barrels, road barriers and light posts on the sides of the road that can slow you down. Steer clear of 'em US 101 This easy course has wide lanes and long corners. Stay off the shoulder of the road as the sand will slow you down. Oh yeah, there are a couple of sections where the roadway is broken. Keep your speed up to jump the gaps! 8 ARIZONA Wide lanes are inciting, but watch out for some quick S curves and no shoulder on some of the turns. If you do swerve of the track, be careful of the telephone poles and cacti. DEATH VALLEY Thhis two lane freeway makes it difficult to pass due to traffic congestion. The road is fairly flat and has few turns. The road is fairly flat and has few turns. Take advantage of the straight-aways. IOWA A two-lane freeway with corn fields and telephone poles. Keep your speed up and just to stay on the road. Don't worry about paying the fee at the toll bridges! BEVERLY HILLS This estate-lined roadway is adorned with rows of palm trees. Its winding features make it fun to drive. The end of this strip is tunneled. Don't try to hold your breath or you'll pass out before you reach the finish line! APPALACHIA There are four lanes and a lot of hills. Watch out for the unforgiving rock walls. There's a great straight-away near the end. Put the pedal to the metal and cruise to victory! CHICAGO This roadway starts off simple, but you quickly encounter touble when you hit the viaduct. Stay on one side of the road and try not to hit anything. Good luck! GRAND CANYON Beautiful sand and rock formations fill this incredible roadway. There are plenty of hills and turns, so you need to give the wheel your full attention. REDWOOD FOREST This is one of the most difficult roadways in the game. There is little room for mistakes. Narrow lanes cause major traffic congestion. Try to get to the front of the pack early. Stick to the road and beware of the forest. Bad things will happen if you drift from the path. 9 USING THE N64 CONTROLLER PAK Please carefully read and follow the information in the N64 Controller Pak instruction booklet. The N64 Controller Pak is a portable memory cartridge for saving game data, controller button configurations, built up character attributes and more. After saving the game information in a N64 Controller Pak, you can download the information again later or bring your N64 Controller Pak with you and load your saved game information on any Nintendo 64 system. SAVING INFORMATION When you use a new N64 Controller Pak with Cruis'n USA, the game will ask you if you want to create a new game file. Creating a new file is necessary as it configures your N64 Controller Pak for saving Cruis'n USA information. You should definitely creatte a new file! There are 6 game slots where you can save information. Highlight a game slot where you want to save information and press START. After you've confirmed your selection, start playing. Your controller button configuration, cars and options will be saved in the slot you've chosen. All 6 game slots will use the same high scores and the same track split times. If you want to save information in a different slot, simply press RESET on the Control Deck, then select a different game slot. LOADING INFORMATION Inset the N64 Controller Pak with the saved Cruis'n USA information on it (please see the N64 Controller Pak instruction booklet for operation instructions). There are 6 game slots that can have information saved in them. Hightlight a game slot that you want to load and press START. After you'ce confirmed your selection, start playing To load a different slot, press RESET on the Control Deck, then select a different game slot. 10 USING THE "PAK COPY" OPTION You can copy saved game pak information to a N64 Controller Pak. You can also copy saved N64 Controller Pak information to a game pak. When you copy information to a game pak or N64 Controller Pak, any previously saved information on the destination pak will be erased. Go to the Game Options screen, select "PAK COPY", and follow the on screen instruction to copy information. Note that the Cruis'n USA game pak will not save Hot Times information or track split times. This information, however, can be saved using the N64 Controller Pak. DELETING INFORMATION Highlight the game slot that you want to delete. Press and hold the C-Left or C-Right Buttons to delete it. MEMORY MANAGEMENT SCREEN You can acces the Memory Managment screen bby pressing and holding START, then turn on your Nintendo 64 system. Continue to hold START until the Memory Management screen appears. This screen allows you to manage the information on your game pak, or on your N64 Controller Pak. You may delete the entire game file to create additional space on your N64 Controller Pak or game pak. Deleting the game pak information will reset all options and car information. NOTE: Cruis'n USA uses 9 pages of information on your Controller Pak, leaving you with 114 pages for other games. 11

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