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Bomberman 64

Typed out by Ben Kosmina Released: 1997 Game Code: NUS-NBMP-AUS -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 1 TABLE OF CONTENTS The Nintendo 64 Controller.......2 Controlling Bomberman............4 Adventure........................6 Moving the Camera................8 The Story.......................10 Worlds..........................12 Battle..........................22 Battle Stages...................24 Custom Bomber/Options...........26 Items...........................26 Warranty Info...................29 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 2 [pages 2-3 contain information on how to operate the control stick and which hand configuration to use. Use the 'Right position' to play Bomberman 64.] -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 3 [see above] -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 4 CONTROLLING BOMBERMAN START Press during game play to pause the game. Press again to continue the game. CONTROL STICK Moves Bomberman. Move the Control Stick a little to walk, a lot to run. The Control Stick is also used when throwing objects (you may assign this function to the B Button in Options.) The more the Control Stick is moved (or the longer the B Button is pressed), the farther you'll throw an object. Run into a bomb to kick it. When Bomberman is paralyzed, rotate the Control Stick many times to recover faster. Z BUTTON Detonate a Remote Bomb by pressing the Z Button. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 5 R BUTTON Press the R Button to stop a bomb after you've kicked it. C BUTTONS Use the C Left and C Right Buttons to rotate camera direction. Use the C Up and C Down Buttons to zoom in and out. See pages 8 and 9 or [spelling mistake!] more details. A BUTTON Use the A Button to set a bomb. To kick a bomb, stand still and press the A Button to set it down, press the A Button again to kick. Press the A Button repeatedly after picking up a bomb to create a Pumped Bomb. These bombs have more destruction power than normal bombs.
Press the B Button once to pick up a set bomb or a paralyzed enemy. Press the B Button assign to throw the object in the direction Bomberman is facing. Press the A Button, while holding the B Button, to pick up a bomb. This is called a Bomb Lift. Press the B Button to talk to people and read signs. Press the B Button to catch objects being thrown at Bomberman.. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 6 ADVENTURE MAKE A FILE Bomberman 64 can automatically save your progress by using back-up memory located in the Game Pak. When the Adventure mode is selected, the File screen appears. Select the file you want to use. The first time you select a file, you can choose the difficulty level, Normal and Hard. When you select an old file, you will continue from where it was last saved. CHALLENGE 5 DIFFERENT WORLDS! In the Adventure mode, you take Bomberman through the stages, defeating enemies with bombs and collecting various items. There are many puzzles and hidden traps to solve. Also, there are many different types of items that appear throughout the worlds. Some of them can be used by a custom bomber (See Page 26). You'll have to use various techniques to clear the stages. LET'S START THE GAME! After selecting a file, the World Select screen appears. Select the world you want to play. A world consists of 4 stages. You can only access 4 worlds at the beginning of an adventure. After you finish the first 4 worlds, you'll gain access to the last world. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 7 CONTINUING AND CREDITS If you get a Game Over notice before finishing a stage, you can still continue the game. You'll start with 3 Continues when playing the Normal level and 3 when playing the Hard level. Collect 50 gems to increase the number of Continues by one. A gem appears after you defeat an enemy with your bomb. One Red Gem is worth 5 Blue Gems. INITIALIZING THE GAME PAK After the back-up system is initialised, all saved data will be erased. Turn the Control Deck power ON while pressing START on the controller that is connected to Socket 1 on the front panel of the Control Deck. This will initialize the internal back-up system of the Game Pak. While you are initializing the Game Pak, make sure there is NO Controller Pak in the controller. DELETING A RECORD
You can do this when the Game Data in an N64 Controller Pak is full and no more new Records can be made. Insert an N64 Controller Pak into Controller 1, and turn the Control Deck power ON while pressing START. Next, the screen displays a menu for deleting Records. Select the unwanted Record and delete it. Once you've deleted a Record, it is permanently gone.
Page 8

You can move the camera to different locations to get a better view of the game
play. Press the C Left and C Right Buttons to rotate the camera. Press the C Up
and C Down Buttons to zoom in and out. You cannot move the camera when you are
fighting a boss or when you are playing in the Battle Mode.
Page 9

* Don't change the camera while Bomberman is moving.
* Move the camera where you want, then move Bomberman.
* If you're lost, move the camera in all directions to find the way.
* When the game is paused, you can move the camera. This way, there's no need to

Beginner players should use these hints to avoid mistakes!

Time [top left corner]                                  # of Gems collected
                                                        [top right corner]

Gold card [left side]                                   Boss's Life Meter
                                                        [right side]


# of Gold Cards collected                               # of Bomberman lives
in this stage [out of five]                             left [# next to face]

This appears when you have                              This appears when
a Heart item [purple heart                              you've completed the
next to face]                                           stage ['Exit']
Page 10-11 [so it makes sense, as the story is spread across 2 pages]

The Omni Cube absorbs various kinds of energy that exists in the universe. It
provides this energy to its owner. When a man called Altair got the Omni Cube in
his hands, his insane ambition began...

Planet Bomber was a peaceful planet that had never experienced danger. Suddenly,
Altair's huge ship arrived and initiated its attack. Bomberman was stunned as
there was nothing he could do to stop the huge ship. Then, Sirius, a mysterious
helper appeared in front of him...

Listening to Sirius's advise [spelling mistake!], Bomberman began his journey to
destroy the bases of Altair's allies. What is waiting for Bomberman? Who is
Sirius, the mysterious helper? Unless Bomberman destroys the enemies, there will
be no peace on Planet Bomber. This is the beginning of Bomberman's battle.

A mysterious warrior who tests Bomberman's skill. The Bomb Kick and Bomb Throw
are his standard attacks. Is he Bomberman's friend or foe?

The insane owner of the Omni Cube who attacked Planet Bomber. He throws powerful
attacks with a ship called Vega.

Troopers (Red, Blue, Green)
Altair's combat soldiers who appear throughout the game.

She is tough to beat as she throws three fire balls simultaneously. Get close to 
her and fight!

He usually attacks with a Bomb Kick. He's a harsh individual who paralyzes
Bomberman with his shock barrier and runs away from the arena.

He uses a Bomb Kick and charges at you. If you're hit, there's no chance to
Page 12

This is a world of ruin. Stage 1 is the exterior of the ruin. Stage 3 is the
interior. Use bombs to jump and move. There are many puzzles in this world.

A carved stone totem pole. He jumps around in the area.

An egg-shaped creature who attacks with his body when he finds you.

A rock-like creature. Try using the Pumped Bomb to destroy him.

Flare Bird
This bird is hot like burning fire. He runs into you to explode your bombs.

There are gutters that seem to prevent you from accessing some areas. Throw a
bomb into the gutter and step on it to cross to the other side. Master this
Bomb Jump technique.
Page 13

He's flying in the air so you can't bomb him easily. He shoots fire from his
mouth to burn Bomberman.

Hint for Beating Draco
It's difficult to hit him as he moves around in the air. It's easier to attack
Draco when he's shooting fire at you or going under the bridge. Memorise his
Page 14

There's water running throughout this town. Stage 1 is the Eastside of town and
Stage 3 is Westside. Look for water gate switches and let the water out. Explore
the town.

This butterfly lives in Blue Resort. It flutters about the area.

Blue Fish
This fish walks with his two legs when there is no water. When you get close, he
gets angry and chases you.

He used to live in Blue Resort. To stay alive, this soldier had to side with

Jelly Fish
This mysterious creature lives in the water. Do bombs only paralyze him?

Use the hidden water gate switches to adjust the water level. Use pumped bombs
to make some of the bridges fall. Stack Remote Bombs to have your bomb
explosions reach higher ground.
Page 15

He thinks about food more than anything. He's good at splashing water and using
his Tsunami attack! One hit from his angler fish-like antenna will crush

Hint For Beating Leviathan
It's easy to hit him when his head is above the water. Watch out! If you fall
off the raft, you're history.
Page 16

This is a volcanic world! Stage 1 is the exterior of the volcano and Stage 3 is
the interior. There's a lot of action in this world. You need to avoid traps
while traversing narrow mountain roads and rails.

He's a drop-out soldier. He digs through rocks with a pick.

Fire Spike
He looks like a regular rock spike, but he fires at anything close.

Stalker Bat
He flies around high above Bomberman.

Spin Spike
He's usually stuck on the ceiling, but he attacks whoever invades his territory.

This world has easier traps than other worlds, but one mistake could cost you
your life. This world requires quick thinking and precision control. Don't give
up, you're halfway there!
Page 17

This used to be a machine for mining. Orion remodeled it to be a fighting
machine. He hits you with a huge punch and a spinning attack. He's a strong
enemy equipped with a beam weapon.

Hint For Beating Hades
Attack him while he's moving or spinning. Good luck escaping his punch and beam
combo. Watch his movements carefully.
Page 18

This is a world of snow and ice. Stage 1 is a snow stage and Stage 3 is an ice
level. There are junctions which lead you to two different routes and slopes on
which you can slide down but cannot go up.

Snow Flake
This is a snow crystal whose eye balls are spooky.

Snow Rabbit
This is a soft, cute creature who appears at the first part of the world.

Snow Man
This is a snow man who sometimes thows snow balls to play around.

This one skates on ice and romps around Bomberman if he gets close.

White Glacier traps are made of snow and ice. You might slip on the ice so be
careful when you control Bomberman. Bombs may create avalanches in some places!
Page 19

He uses his sickles to throw you away and he'll suddenly jump on you. He spits
out baby spider-like creatures while walking on the wall. What a tough enemy!

Hint For Beating Mantis
The safest place is underneath him. Try to destroy the small spider-like
creatures with your bombs. Attack his body from below or behind.
Page 20

This is a world of machines. Stage 1 is a highway to the main base and Stage 3
is inside the base. You will face Cerberus in Stage 2 and Altair in Stage 4.

Missile Trooper
He's an elite soldier. He attacks invaders with a missile launcher.

A security device to prevent invaders from coming in. It's equipped with a laser

Dive Mech
He moves through the air. When he finds an invader, he attacks with his sharp

Cannon Mech
A moving cannon for shooting invaders. You cannot paralyze Cannon Mechs!

In Stage 1, there's a highway where cars are running. In Stage 3, look for
switches to deactivate the traps. This is a very difficult world as Altair is
very close. Good luck!!
Page 21

This is a machine that guards Altair's base. His body is made of weapons; homing
missiles, lasers and machine guns. He moves quickly and attacks repeatedly.

Hint For Beating Cerberus
Attack repeatedly by kicking Remote Bombs! A Heart item is helpful!
Page 22


Battle is the famous Bomberman game mode. You can play against your friends or
the CPU. Up to four players may participate. If you decide to play in the Battle
mode, the Battle Select screen appears. Select Single Battle or Team Battle.
When you choose either one, the screen will change to the Player Select screen.
When Single Battle is selected, the Player Select screen appears. Select the # of players, and MAN or COM. If MAN is selected, a Custom Bomber saved in the N64 Controller Pak can be used. If a controller is not connected, there will be either COM or OFF. If COM is selected, choose the level under the bombers. 1 is "weak" and 3 is "strong".
After selecting a player, move to the Stage Select screen. Select the stage
where you want to play. The objective for Single Battle is simple, the person
who destroys all the enemies wins.
Page 23

In Team Battle, if you select players like you do in Single Battle, the Team
Select screen appears. Divide Bomberman's team here. In Team Battle, the team
who first destroys all the gems of the enemy team wins. Players can rejoin the
game until a winner is decided.

You can select the # of battles, time for a battle, ON or OFF for Sudden Death
and Ghost. Sudden Death is a rule for Single Battle. If it's ON, it starts 1
minute before the time limit. Ghost is a rule that allows a Bomberman to recover
in a transparent form after death.

A Ghost can do the same thing as a normal Bomberman, except he/she cannot use
bombs. A Ghost can control a normal Bomberman. A normal Bomberman can shake off
a Ghost by rotating the Control Stick quickly. When the remaining time is less
than 1 minute, Ghosts disappear.
Page 24


New stages may appear depending on your progress in the Adventure mode. [Or you
can just cheat by pressing START rapidly when the Main Select screen comes up
until you hear a chime.]

Rock Garden
There is vast nature and ruin in this stage. It looks normal except for five

Up & Down
This is a multi-layered stage. Use ladders to plan your moves and attacks!
Page 25

This is a pyramid stage with many steps. Corner your enemy in a narrow area.

Top Rules
This is a two-story castle. You need to watch out for attacks from the top.

Greedy Trap
The centre of the stage is a water tank. Try not to fall into the gutter!

Field of Grass
This is a field where the centre area is covered with tall grass. It is tough
to see an enemy's attack.
Page 26


You can dress up your Bomberman and give him a name. You change Bomberman's look
with special parts for Head, Body, Arms and Legs.

Parts are hidden in each world of the Adventure mode. You can only use the parts
you've found in the Adventure mode. The Bomberman you make here can be used only
in the Battle mode. Save the data in your N64 Controller Pak.

You can change the sound to either Stereo or Mono. You can assign the throwing
strength to either the Control Stick or the B Button. "????" can be opened when
a certain condition is met in the Adventure Mode.


Increase bomb power by one level. Regular Bomb can be up to level 3 and Pumped
Bomb can be up to level 6.

Bomberman can set one more bomb. You can set up to eight bombs.

Fire power increases. You can break objects that a weaker bomb could not.
Page 27

Bombs become Remote Bombs. Press the Z Button to detonate. You don't keep Remote
Bombs if you die or advance to the next stage.

You can take an extra hit, but it only works once. You cannot stock up.

Gold Card
There are 5 Gold Cards per stage in the Adventure mode. Find them all and
something good may be waiting for you...

Blue/Red Gem
50 Blue Gems are worth 1 continue. 1 Red Gem is worth 5 Blue Gems.

Custom Parts
Parts for Custom Bomber. If you find Custom Parts hidden in the Adventure mode,
you can use them to equip in the Custom Bomber mode. Red parts are for his head,
blue for body, green for arms and yellow for legs.

Item for sick. You can throw it at your enemy.
* Big - Body turns big and moves slow.
* Tiny - Body turns small and moves fast.
* Disarmed - Cannot set a bomb. Cannot make Pumped Bomb.
* Reverse - Reverse analogue. The more the Control Stick is leaned, the slower
Bomberman moves.
* Disguise - Looks like a bomb, but has the power of a Pumped Bomb.
* Instant - Bomb explodes faster than usual.
* Fire - A man with fire. If you cannot beat your enemy before the effect is
gone, you will die.

Be getting this, something will happen to everyone for a short time. It only
appears once during a battle.
* Guliver - Everyone gets bigger and moves slow.
* Twister - A twister appears and touches you.
* Throw - Everyone starts throwing objects.
* Shuffle - Player positions changes at random.
* Maximum - All bombs explode at maximum power.
* Disco - Battle area flashes in rainbow colours.
* Plague - Intermittently, random players get dizzy.
Page 28-29

[Precautions and warranty of Game Pak]

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