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US-2 Zapper - a whole different caliber of excitement! Nintendo Entertainment System(r) --- Zapper(r) Instruction Manual The Zapper is a new type of light gun that challenges your reflexes and quick judgment. It combines a light-sensitive gun with video-game fun. To play with the Zapper, you need: 1) The Nintendo Entertainment System(r) (NES) 2) A Light Gun Series Game Pak Need help? Nintendo consumer assistance telephone hotline 1-800-422-2602 (Mon to Fri, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Pacific time) Nintendo of America Inc. (c) 1988 Nintendo --- 1. Connecting the Zapper to the NES TV --- NES Control Deck --- Zapper *Important! Insert the Zapper's connector into Controller Socket 2. (It will not work if connected into Controller Socket 1.) Note: Your NES Control Deck should be connected in accordance with the directions given in the NES Instruction Manual. --- 2. Operation of the Zapper - Range: Approximately 6 feet The range of the Zapper depends on the size of the TV screen, the TV adjustment, and surrounding light. - Target: TV Screen The Zapper works by receiving the light from the screen. The contrast and brightness controls of the TV must be adjusted properly or the shots may not register. (The characters should be as bright as possible while the back- ground areas should be as dark as possible.) - How to Aim Point the Zapper toward the target and aim so that the target, the front sight, and the rear sight are all aligned. - Game Selection Point the Zapper away from the screen and shoot. The arrow will move from one game to another. When the arrow points to the game you want, shoot directly at the screen. The game will start. --- 3. If the Zapper does not operate Check that you have plugged the Zapper connector into Controller Socket 2. If the TV if not adjusted properly, the Zapper may seem unresponsive. If this occurs, use the TV controls to adjust the brightness and contrast. Make the game menu as bright as possible while keeping the background as dark as possible. The Zapper may not work properly if the sun or some other strong light is shining on the screen or on the Zapper itself. In such cases, you may need to close the curtains, turn off the strong light source, or face your TV in a different direction. - Precautions: 1) Do not pull or tug on the Zapper cored, or swing the Zapper around. 2) Do not drop or strike the Zapper. Use it with care. 3) Do not point the Zapper toward the sun. --- 4. Care of the Zapper To clean the Zapper and its lens, use a soft, dry cloth. Do not wipe the Zapper with volatile cleaners such as paint thinner, benzene, or alcohol. --- Nintendo Entertainment System (r) Nintendo of America Inc. PO Box 957, Redmond, WA 98073-0957 USA Printed in Japan

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