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Yoshi's Cookie

Typed out by NES-CH-USA Yoshi's Cookie(tm) Instruction Booklet --- Shake and bake with Yoshi(tm) Yoshi's Cookie is a fast-paced puzzle game that can be enjoyed by everyone as it is easy to play, but challenging to complete! To play, move the randomly placed cookies (HEART, FLOWER, DIAMOND, CHECK, CIRCLE and YOSHI [Yoshi's face]) into rows and columns of cookies with similar patterns. When you successfully assemble a row or column of the same cookies, the lien will disappear and you can start working on a new row or column. The "Yoshi" Cookie is very special in both the 1-player game, a screen-clearing game, and the 2-player game, a race that lets you test a friend's skill. Since the Yoshi Cookie is the key to both games, you must use it wisely to avoid sticky situations. --- How to use the controller * Use Controller [1] when playing a 1-player game. Use Controllers [1] and [2] when playing with an opponent. Button operations for basic play START Button: (1) Press the START Button to start the game. (2) Press the START Button during the game to pause the game (the cookies will disappear from the screen and the "PAUSE" message will appear). Press the START Buton again to resume your game. Control Pad: Use the Control PAd to move the cursor (+) in the playing area. Examples: (1) Press right on the Control Pad to move the cursor to the right. (2) Press up on the Control Pad to move the cursor up. A Button: Hold down the A Button and press the Control Pad to move the cookies from row to row Example(1): Hold down the A Button and press up on the Control Pad to move the selected cookie and the cursor (+) to form a row of diamond cookies. Example(2): Hold down the A Buton and press right on the Control Pad to mvoe the selected cookie and eliminate a row of heart-shaped cookies. B Button: In the one player game, you can use the B Button to make the new cookies drop faster. Hint from Yoshi "Think of the cookies at the far edges of the rows and columns as being side by side. For example, if you move one of the top cookies up, it will appear at the bottom of the vertical column. Likewise, if you move one of the right- hand cookies to the right, it will appear on the left side of the horizontal row." --- Let's start the game Correctly insert the cartridge into the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) and depress the power switch on the NES to the ON position. Use either the Control Pad or the SELECT Buton to select the 1P (1-player) or VS. (2-player) games. Then press the START Button to display the menu screen. Let's set the menu Menu Screen - 1-Player Game - Round: 1 to 10 This displays the game's difficulty level. Use either the Control Pad or the SELECT Button to make the game more or less challenging. - Speed: Low [slow], Med [medium], Hi [fast] This changes the speed at which the new cookies appear on the screen. - Music Type: A, B, C or OFF Use this to select the background music. Select "OFF" to stop the music. Menu Screen for VS. Game - Time Speed: Low [slow], Med [medium], Hi [fast] In the VS. mode, both players can adjust the speed of their individual time gauges. This function can be used to handicap more experienced players. - Handicap: 0 to 20 Use this to give a player with less experience a head start. * To select the items to be set, press up and down on the Control Pad. To set each of the levels, press left and right on the Control Pad. Once you've finished using the menu screen, press the START Button to start the game. --- How to play a 1-player game To play the one player game, line up similar cookies in vertical columns or horizontal rows to make the completed columns and row disappear. From time to time, the very special Yoshi Cookie will appear. Since it's a wild card, you can match the Yoshi Cookie with any of the other cookies! Get rid of all the cookies on the screen to clear the stage. If you clear 10 stages, you will advance to the next round. However, the game ends if your pile of cookies expands to the edges of the screen. Scoring Eliminate rows and columns of cookies to score. If you can get rid of a long row, or simultaneously or continuously remove several rows, you'll be rewarded with a better score. You'll also get bonus points if a Yoshi Cookies is in the row or column that you are discarding. 2-cookie row - 10 points 3-cookie row - 20 points 4-cookie row - 40 points 5-cookie row - 80 points 6-cookie row - 160 points 7-cookie row - 320 points Simultaneously deleting 2 rows - The score of the 1st deleted row + the score of the 2nd deleted row * 2 Simultaneously deleting 3 rows - The score of 2 deleted rows + the score of the 3rd deleted row * 4 Simultaneously deleting 4 rows - The score of the 3 deleted rows + the score of the 4th deleted row * 8 [etc.] * When deleting two rows or columns simultaneously, the rows below and the columns to the right will disappear first. Hint from Yoshi "You'll receive 1 Yoshi Cookie each time you eliminate 15 similar cookies. Use the graphi n the lower right corner of the screen as a guideline. If you complete ROUND 10, you'll get a special message from Mario." --- How to play the VS. game Arrange the similar cookies in a vertical column or horizontal row on the 5x5 grid. Your pointmeter will increase each time you remove a row or column. The player who fills his or her point meter first wins the game. Also, your game will end if you fail to delete a row or column of cookies before the time gauge expires. If you win a game, you will reeive a Yoshi Mark. The first player to collect 3 Yoshi Cookies wins the match. How to successfully attack your opponent When playing against an opponent, the Yoshi Cookie is not a "joker" cookie. A Yoshi Cookie will appear each time one player eliminates a row or column of similar cookies. Once you create a row of 5 Yoshi Cookies, the action in the box above the playing board will occur. -7 Removes 7 points from point meter -3 Removes 3 points from point meter +3 Adds 3 points to point meter PANIC! Scrambles cookies on specified player's screen BLIND Places a shield over the center of the specified player's screen SLAVE Allows attacking player to assume control of opponent's cursor * 1P (PLAYER 1) or 2P (PLAYER 2) will also appear in the display to indicate which palyer is affected by these actions. The display box above the playing field changes randomly, so it's possible that you can accidentially hurt yourself and help your opponent! To avoid this, be sure to keep an eye on the display box as you use the Yoshi Cookies. Successful Attack Example 1 If PLAYER 1 aligns a row or column of Yoshi Cookies when "2P PANIC" is displayed... ...the cookies belonging to PLAYER 2 will scramble. Example 2 If PLAYER 1 aligns a row or column of Yoshi Cookies when "2P -3" is displayed... ...PLAYER 2 will lose three points from his or her point meter. Unsuccessful attack Example 1 If PLAYER 1 aligns a row of Yoshi Cookies when "1P BLIND" is displayed... ...his or her own screen (1P) will be temporarily obstructed. Example 2 If PLAYER 1 aligns a row of Yoshi Cookies when "2P +3" is displayed... ...PLAYER 2 will add three points to his or her point meter.

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