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Yo Noid!

Typed out by Nicolas Sanabria NES-YC-USA CAPCOMĘ USA YO! NOID Instruction Manual WHAT NOIVE! ----------- Somebody's wrecking New York City! Or maybe it's a whole gang! Wherever you go, hooligans jump out and knock you down. Can you imagine the noive! For instance, try strolling on the wharf, and get flapped by a fish. Or go skateboarding in Central Park -- you'll get shredded by dive bombers. And with loonies everywhere, what a time for a brownout in the Bronx! This is what the NOID is up against, and more! In fact, it looks like his duplicate Mr. Green is causing all the antics. That's double trouble! But the NOID's got plenty of ammo -- supernatural powers, incredible inventions, and a whiz-bang yo-yo. He just needs a pizza every now and then to keep him going! CONTROLLING YOUR NOID --------------------- Move left or right. Press the control pad LEFT or RIGHT. Climb up or down. Press the control pad UP or DOWN. Jump. Press the button A. Press the control pad while jumping to move left or right. The longer you hold down the button, the higher you'll jump. "Shoot the Moon." Press button B. Your yo-yo will spin out and back in a "shoot the moon" trick. Press buttons A and B together to yo-yo while jumping. PLAYING THE GAME ---------------- Your up against a cityful of tricksters. And they're all trying to knock you silly! Bonk them out with your yo-yo, or speed past them on one of your incredibly inventions. And speeds's the word, since you don't have much time! Jump through scrolls in the air to grab them. This boosts up your magical powers. Better yet, boink the large ones open with your yo-yo to get the symbol for a spell. Once you have a symbol (and enough power to use it), you can cast the spell at the pranksters. You start each round with 3 chances to make it through. "Shoot the moon" with your yo-yo to stop any rascals in your way. If they touch you, you lose 1 chance. As long as you have chances left, the round starts again. But if you lose all your chances, the game ends. The scoreboard at the bottom of the screen shows how you're doing. You earn points for every ruffian you put out of business. Watch your time! You start each round with 140 units of time. The count down is fast, and if you run out of time, down you go and the round ends. As you gain more scrolls, you build up your power to spin magic spells. To use a spell, press DOWN on the control pad and press the B button simultaneously. If you have a symbol for a magic spell and enough power to support it, the magic will attack the hooligans. SIDEWALKS OF NEW YORK --------------------- The NOID romps all around New York, chasing after the mysterious NOID look-alike who's behind all the shenanigans. Across the Wharf, through Central Park, and up to the rooftops, the NOID takes off after the brigands. If he survives the brownout in the Bronx, the NOID must take to the skies against air pirates. But all the time he's got to fend off the playful ruffians who would love to see him tumble. There's plenty of land, water, and air action -- if the NOID can stay on his feet! INCREDIBLE INVENTIONS --------------------- HYPERBOARD- Zip past PIZZA CRUSHER- Mamma Ornithopter - Frolics those other dudes on Mia! What a way to go - like a bird in this this four-wheeled - across the rooftops pigeon-chaser. speedster. on the biggest, bounciest pizza masher ever built! THE PIZZA CONTEST ----------------- After every odd-numbered round, the NOID competes in a pizze-eating duel. This is to power him up. NOID TIPS --------- If you start falling, press the control pad LEFT or RIGHT. You just might be able to save yourself. Figure out how to use your inventions, and what they're best for. Then put them to work! Get as many magic scrolls and symbols as you can. These will help you eat hearty in the pizza contest. There's a special bonus area hidden in the ice skating area. Jump high and wide to find it!

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