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Typed out by NES-KO-USA Xexyz Hudson group - Hudson Soft(r) --- The game story In the year 2777, the earth existed in a totally different atmosphere. Due to nuclear wars and natural disasters, the population decreased dramatically and only five small islands existed on the surface of the earth. Those five islands formed a nation and for hundreds of years people lived peacefully. The new nation is called XEXYZ. At XEXYZ, aside from human beings, there exist fairies and spirits who lived under the ruling of King Xeu Star. But one day, XEXYZ was attacked by the mechanic fortress, GORUZA, from outer space. XEXYZ did not have many weapons to fight back and was forced to surrender. GORUZA built mechanic castles on each island, captured a queen from each island and confined them. King Xeu Star was murdered and his only daughter, Maria Star, has been missing since then. Battle-soldier Apollo could not endure the cruel treatment of GORUZA any longer. So he put on his space battle suit and challenged the mechanic beasts' empire! --- Game mode & controller GAME MODE: This game consists of two different playing modes. They are ACTION MODE and SHOOTING MODE. Both of them will alternate as the game progresses. "UP" and "A" button to jump higher "UP" to enter doors and entrances A: Jump B: Shoot Start: Start the game or pause the game Select: Move the cursor Pad: Move the cursor A: Proceed with conversation B: Proceed with conversation Start: Pause the conversation Select: Select --- Screens Title screen Use SELECT button to choose START or CONTINUE. Start - Start the game from the beginning. Continue - Input the password to start the game from where you ended. Game over screen When you loose all the players and the game is over, this screen will appear. Continue - Game will start from the beginning of the area you have just ended the game at. The score will be erased to "0" and half of E balls will be taken away. End - When END is selected, the password will be displayed on the screen. Be sure to write them down. Password screen Input the password as explained below. Move the cursor in the box to choose a number or a letter and press "A" to input. When a wrong number or letter is input, use "B", button to move the cursor back to where you want to make a change and re-input. Press START after completing the password to start the game. When CONTINUE is selected after the game is over, you will be able to continue the game but you will lose the items you possessed. However, by using the password to continue the game, the items will remain the same as when the game ended. Screen 1) SCORE BAORD - 1 up for every 50,000 points 2) Number of FORCE STARs collected 3) LIFE GAUGE - Whenever Apollo's level is upgraded, 4 additional levels will be added. 4) Number of E balls collected (Max. 99) 5) MESSAGE ROOM 6) AIR WELL 7) EXIT --- Item Items in action mode E Energy Ball - Equivalent to money L Life Ball - Recovers life level by one mark E Energy Box - Box of five E balls L Life Box - Box of four L balls * FORCE STAR - Works as a key to get into the mechanic castle. It can be found somewhere on the islands. Items in shooting mode P Power Capsule - Will strengthen the attacking force S Speed Capsule - Will strengthen the mobility --- Power up items Hand Beam Use "B" Button to shoot. Up + "B" to shoot upward. Power-up makes it shoot in longer range. 45B ball Use "B" button to shoot. It will bounce off any objects at 45 degree angle. Power-up makes 45B Ball to travel faster. Laser Use "B", button to shoot. Keep pressing the "B" down to shoot the LASER continuously. Power-up makes double LASER Foot wing You can jump high by using "A" and keep pressing "A" to walk on the air. Lose effect if hit by enemy 3 times. Wave ball Use "B" to shoot. WAVE BALL will go through walls and objects. Power-up makes it shoot double WAVE BALL. Moon ball Use "B" to shoot. Power-up will add extra moon which works as a shield. Up + "B" makes Apollo to whip. Mirror Add other self of Apollo on top of him to boost the attacking force. Lose effect if hit by enemy 3 times. Typhoon TYPHOON will make Apollo's body to turn into a tornado and become invincible for 9 seconds. Cyborg riders Found at the hangar of the mechanic castle Vardex Gardex Demex Jennex Given by queens Zebox Doorax Dolfix Shrix Cammex Xexex --- Image map Island of ruins Island of forest Island of crystals Island of lakes Island of volcano Goruza castle Bosses of each stage Braiza Jeliza Stinza Megaza Shelza Gidoza Loboza Jawza Horrza Cavuza Goruza

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