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Typed out by Adam XENOPHOBE ______________________________________________________________ Pg.1 ---- Xenophobe (Zee-no-phobe) n. One who has a deadly fear of anything alien. Xenophobe is a Video science fiction adventure game that can be played by one or two players simultaneously. Thank You...for purchasing the SUNSOFT "Xenophobe" Game Pak. Please read this instruction booklet carefully before starting to play the game. In doing so, you will be able to play the game better and enjoy it even more. Be sure to keep these instructions in a safe place. CONTENTS Game Objectives......................................................2 Precautions..........................................................2 Joystick Operation...................................................3 How to Play..........................................................5 Scoring..............................................................8 ______________________________________________________________ Pg.2 ---- GAME OBJECTIVES 1. To exterminate hostile alien life forms (called "Xenos") that are infesting derelict space stations and moon bases. 2. To collect various forms of valuable hardware found at each derelict space station and moon base. PRECAUTIONS Be sure to turn the power OFF before inserting the game pak or removing it from the unit. This is a high-tech instrument. Do not store it in an area subject to extreme hot or cold temperatures. Never drop it, bump it or attempt to take it apart. Avoid touching the connectors. Do not allow them to get wet or dirty. Doing so will damage the unit. ______________________________________________________________ Pg.3 ---- JOYSTICK OPERATION -Select Button -- selects 1 or 2 players, selects Exterminator character. 2 can play at the same time -Start Button -- to start game play and to choose Exterminator selected. Pauses action during game play. -B Button -- to destroy Xenos with weapons. -A Button -- jump/pick up items and objects. Press down and press A to sit and crawl. _______________________________________________________________ Pg.4 ---- Exterminator Button & Action Joystick Operation __________________________________________________________________ Call Elevator Press "A" to activate elevator/Wall Button -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Elevator Up/Down When inside elevator, press "A" then Up or Down on joystick when arrow is shown -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Jump "A" Button - when standing -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Stand up Press "A" when seated -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sit Press "A" + Down on joystick -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Throw bomb Press "A" + Down when sitting and loaded with bombs -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Take object Press "A" when touching object -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Warp (to another room) When you are near wall button, press "A" -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Throw "Critter" Press "A" when it grabs on to you ____________________________________________________________________ Pg.5 ---- HOW TO PLAY Select 1 or 2 players. Choose your exterminator. Use the select button to choose the character you wish. Press start to select the character you have chosen. Note: When playing a 2-player game, the same character will be cloned for each player. Player 1 and player 2 will have different color uniforms. Via Transfer Disc, the Home Ship will automatically beam you aboard the first derelict space station. As soon as the particles of your character are fully reassembled, you can go about your mission. Your main objective is to destroy as many Xenos as fast as possible before the space station self destructs. If you clear a sufficient ___________________________________________________________________ Pg.6 ---- amount of Xenos in time, the space station will be declared "cleared of Xenos" and a bonus will be awarded. If you fail to clear out the Xenos, then the space station will be declared "overrun by Xenos" and no special bonus will be awarded. Split screen play: In a 2-player game, each player may independently explore different parts of the various space stations. Health: Player is awarded 1000 Health units at the beginning of each game. When all Health is gone, the game is over. As you, the player, are injured by attacking Xenos, your Health will decrease. When game is over, you must start a new game. There is no way to continue. There are two ways to regain Health. One is by picking up special objects, the other is by successfully clearing a space station of Xenos. The award for clearing a space station of Xenos is 200 Health units. ___________________________________________________________________ Pg.7 ---- Space stations: There are 8 space stations in all; each space station has 8 rooms per floor. Stage Space Station Number of Floors _________________________________________________________________ 1 Mother Ship 1 2 Mother Base 2 3 Star Base 3 4 Moon City 4 5 Star Port 3 6 Moon Port 2 7 Star Ship 3 8 Star City 4 _________________________________________________________________ Pg.8-11 (chart takes up four pages in manual) --------------------------------------------- XENO OFFENSE POINT XENO GENETIC DESCRIPTION "Health Damage" VALUE ____________________________________________________________________ Critter A cross between a small three- Latches onto 100 legged squid and a scorpion Exterminator (10) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Snotterpiller A very large, leaping, heavily Spits slime 500 armored cross between a lizard (50) and a caterpillar -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Laser Ball Hovering ball droid with Laser 250 built-in laser (10) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Giant A mutant amoeba. Blocks off 250 Slime Escaped from 20th Exterminator path Amoeba century science class (20) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Spiderion Cross between spider Hangs from ceiling 500 and scorpion and drops bombs (100) ____________________________________________________________________ Pg.12 ----- Hazards Health Damage to Exterminator _________________________________________________________________ High voltage force wall 50 Slime from ceiling 50 Weapons: By destroying certain Xenos, you can earn special, more powerful weapons. Weapon Type Point Value Fire Power (1-5) ___________________________________________________________________ Phaser Gun Single shot 100 1 Laser Pistol Rapid fire 250 2 Lightning Gun Medium range 250 3 Smoke Gun Short range 250 5 Bomb Plastic explosive 500 MAX ___________________________________________________________________ Pg.13-14 -------- Pick-Up Objects Object Point Value/Function ________________________________________________________ ID card 500 Fuel 250 Medicine I 200 with health recovery Medicine II 100 with health recovery Document 250 Cup 250 with health recovery Tool 250 Skull 500 Knife 250 Bomb 500 Floppy Disc 500 Mystery Object ? :) _________________________________________________________________ Pg.15 ----- Loss of Health Points Action that causes damage to player Points lost (When Exterminator...) __________________________________________________________________ is hit by a laser beam from Laserball 10 is hit by dripping slimes from the ceiling 50 is hit by the slime spat by Snotterpiller 50 is hit by a bomb spat by Spiderion 100 is latched onto by Critter 10 touches Laserball 20 touches the Giant Slime Amoeba 20 touches Snotterpiller 50 touches Spiderion 50 touches Electrical Force Wall 50 _______________________________________________________________ Page 16 is a page to keep scores Page 17 - Compliance with FCC Regulations

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