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Wurm: Journey to the Center of the Earth

Typed out by G. L. Sicherman Wurm: Journey to the Center of the Earth [NES-WQ-USA] Asmik Corporation of America -- * THE STORY: The year is 1999. Strange phenomena has begun to take place on the surface of the earth. Destructive earthquakes and volcanic eruptions have scarred the earth, altering the vital ecological balance of our planet. Worried leaders of the world have summoned their brightest scientists to discuss the possible reasons and repercussions if the phenomena continues to destroy the planet. A decision has been made to mobilize a team of scientists to explore the phenomena deep below the surface. With the Marine Corps as the crew, a multi-configuration vehicle, the VZR, was prepared for the mission. Those that have seen a VZR in action have begun to call it the Wurm. One by one, four VZRs were quickly dispatched. All four became lost and any attempts to establish contact with the lost crews proved to be futile. A special unit of the Marines has been called in to rescue the vanished crews in the face of what appears to be more than just geological phenomena. But as the young Marines boarded the Wurm, they couldn't help but wonder: "What happened to the others?" * BEFORE YOU GET STARTED: This game combines the skill of role playing with action of an arcade game. There are four individual sequences including an additional cinema mode. * THE GAME MODE HSS: Horizontal Scroll Shooting Mode This mode is a shooting sequence where you will have a side view of the Wurm. The Wurm will have three basic modes of operation: The Tank Mode, The Hover Mode, and The Aerial Mode. VSS: Vertical Scroll Shooting Mode This mode is a shooting sequence where you will have a side view of the Wurm. The Wurm will have two basic modes of operation: The Hover Mode and The Aerial Mode. CSRP: Cockpit Shooting/Role Playing Mode This mode combines role playing and arcade style shooting. The shooting sequence will appear as if you are sitting in the cockpit, and you will search and destroy monsters that appear in the crosshairs in front of you. The role-playing mode will allow communication between the crew to analyze and make decisions about the task at hand. SARP: Shooting Adventure/Role Playing Mode This mode is a combination hand-to-hand combat adventure and role playing mode. The hand-to-hand combat mode is a horizontal scroll, shooting adventure where Moby, the crew captain, travels through a maze to find clues. The role playing mode engages automatically when Moby approaches a subject. The Cinema Mode: This mode is a movie-like animated sequence which appears automati- cally between areas to give the game a sense of realism and continuity. There is no action involved here. * THE UNDERGROUND WORLD OF WURM This game is comprised of five Acts, just as in a drama. Each act has 3 to 5 areas of play with 20 areas in all. As each unfolds, you will be drawn deeper and deeper into the game. ACT 1 NONMALTA Area 1 G-Point Fault HSS Mode Area 2 Cave Entrance CSRP Mode Area 3 The Cave SARP Mode ACT 2 DYNA CRYSTAL Area 1 Crystal Cave HSS Mode Area 2 Magma River VSS Mode Area 3 Ruins of Gaia CSRP Mode Area 4 Halls of Gaia SARP Mode ACT 3 MAGMA FALLS Area 1 Subterranean Jungle HSS Mode Area 2 Underground Volcano VSS Mode Area 3 Magma Falls CSRP Mode Area 4 Princess of Dinamur SARP Mode ACT 4 ZIGGY Area 1 Lemuria HSS Mode Area 2 City of Lemuria VSS Mode Area 3 The Control Tower CSRP Mode Area 4 The Laboratory SARP Mode ACT 5 DUAL DUEL Area 1 Dilenium Mines HSS Mode Area 2 Volcanic City VSS Mode Area 3 The VZR 5 CSRP Mode Area 4 Underworld Empire SARP Mode Area 5 Statue of Dyna CSRP Mode * FORMS OF THE WURM The Wurm is a multi-configuration vehicle designed for underground exploration. During the HSS Mode, it can transform into three different forms: The Tank Form, the Hover Form, and the Aerial Form. But in the VSS Mode it can only transform into The Hover Form and The Aerial Form. Tank Form: During the T-Form, the Wurm maneuvers like a tank on the ground. It has the use of its Double Gatling Gun and the Drill. The Drill needs to be activated in order to travel through stone. The Wurm's shields will not decrease even if it travels through very dense stone. Hover Form: During the H-Form, the Wurm responds like a Hover Craft. It can become airborne, and it will have the use of a variety of arsenal that will become available as the game progresses. (See below.) The basic arsenal is the Triple Gatling Gun, and the Drill is activated automatically. The Wurm's shields will decrease if you hit denser stone formations. Aerial Form: During the A-Form, the Wurm transforms into a Super Jet Fighter. The basic arsenal available in the A-Form is the Laser Gun. The number of weapons increases as you progress further. The Wurm's shields will decrease if you hit dense stone formations. * THE ARSENAL OF THE WURM To do battle underground, the Wurm is equipped with a variety of weapons. Many of the Wurm's weapons will activate when it progresses through various areas. Some weapons, however, can not be used in some situations. In this case, "Impossible to Use" will appear on the screen. Weapons of the Tank Mode The Cyclone Drill - A high speed drill which drills through stone Double Gatling Gun - Shoots normal shells in two directions Weapons of the Hover Mode Triple Gatling Gun - Shoots normal shells in three directions Hyper Cannon - Shoots radar homing energy balls (Unit Gamma) Doppler Cannon - Shoots a wave of energy in two directions (Unit Omega) Weapons of the Aerial Mode Laser Gun - Shoots normal laser blasts in three directions Hydro Sonic - A high powered water cannon (Unit Alpha) Melt Needle - Shoots a high powered electro-blast which will spin around your craft and act as a shield (Unit Beta) | Normal Optional Optional ----------+--------------------------------------------- T-Form | Double Gatling Drill H-Form | Triple Gatling Hyper Cannon Doppler Cannon A-Form | Laser Gun Hydro Sonic Melt Needle * THE CREW AND OTHER CHARACTERS MOBY - Crew Chief of Wurm and Lady Protagonist of this story. She is searching for her lost love, Ziggy, who was lost in the VZR-3 DAN - Chief Engineer of Wurm. He is the brother of Sylvia, lost with the VZR-3. LOCKE - Geological Physicist aboard Wurm. SYLVIA - Engineer lost with the VZR-2. G-13 - Analytic Robot lost with the VZR-2. ZIGGY - Engineer lost with the VZR-3. PROFESSOR BANDA - Chief of the lost VZR-4 and Moby's father. DAVIS - Electrical Engineer lost with the VZR-3. ALLAN - Engineer lost with the VZR-3. MIKE - Biologist. DIANE - Princess of Dinamur taken hostage by the Nonmaltas. KING OF DINAMUR - King of the Underworld Empire of Dinamur, taken hostage by the Nonmaltas. * GETTING STARTED Insert your Asmik, WURM Game Pak correctly into the Nintendo Enter- tainment System(r) and turn the power ON. The title screen will appear and the music will begin to play. Press the Start Button to begin. * GAME OVER AND CONTINUE MODE After the Game Over sign appears at the end of the game, you have the option of continuing or ending the game. Use the Select Button to choose CONTINUE or END and press the Start Button to enter. * PASSWORD When the Game Over screen appears, a password will be given. You can use the password to continue from that particular ACT at a later time. To enter your password, use the Left an Right Buttons on your Control Pad to move the cursor to the right or left, and use the Up and Down Button on your Control Pad to select the numbers. * HOW TO USE THE CONTROLLER: Horizontal and Vertical Scroll Mode Start Button - Pause game A Button - Use with Control Pad to change Form and Weapon Control Pad - Moves Wurm up, down, right and left - Moves Wurm right and left in Tank Form only B Button - Fires Wurm's Weapons Cockpit Shooting/Role Playing Game Start Button - Pause game Select Button - Bypass Role Playing Mode A Button - Cancel Command - Fire Wurm's Weapons Control Pad - Select Command - Select Crew - Select Weapon - Move Aiming Crosshairs B Button - Enter Command - Fires Wurm's Weapons Shooting Adventure/Role Playing Mode Start Button - Pause Game A Button - Moby Jumps Control Pad - Moves Moby Back and Forth - Moby Kicks (Up Button) B Button - Moby Fires Her Gun - Forwards Dialogue Cinema Mode - B Button Forwards Dialogue * HOW TO PLAY Horizontal and Vertical Scroll Shooting Mode Destroy Enemy Monsters. Collect Energy Capsules to Gain Fuel. When you destroy a monster, some of them will turn into energy capsules. Collect them to restore the Wurm's fuel. Change the Wurm's Form and Weapons as needed. Use the Up and Down Buttons on the Control Pad together with the A Button to select the Form. Use the Left and Right Button on the Control Pad with the A Button to change weapons. Watch Your Shield Indicator. Every time the Wurm takes a hit, the shields will be reduced. Understanding the Screen. (Fuel Gauge) (Shield Indicator) (Change Mode) (Available Weapons) (Current Form) Cockpit Shooting/Role Playing Game Analyze the Situation. Communicate between members of the crew. Select the Talk command and listen to each of the crew members. They can help you find the best way to destroy the monster. You will have 8 changes to communicate. You can bypass the role playing mode by pressing the Select Button if you wish. Increase Possibility Factor. Increase the Possibility Factor by communicating with the crew in the right order. The Possibility Factor represents your chances of destroying the monster. Try to reach 100% for your best odds. Select the Right Weapons. Use the aiming sight on the screen to aim and shoot at the monsters. When the Life Meter expires, the game is over. If you fail to destroy the monster the first time around, the communication mode will return. Understanding the Screen. (Command Select) (Character Roster - (Character Monitor) Dialogue Monitor) (Status Monitor) (Possibility Factor - Life Meter) Shooting Adventure/Role Playing Mode Destroy Enemy Monsters. Moby can use the Starlight Gun of Kicks to destroy the enemy. The game is over when the Life Meter expires. Collect Items. Collect the Heart item to restore life. Collect the Diamond to restore energy for the Starlight Gun. Collect Information. Search the area for clues which may help resolve problems and unanswered questions. When Moby approaches an item or person, the Dialogue Monitor will automatically engage. Save the Lost Characters. The lost characters will also have important information, and most importantly, they may have the key to open up doors. Understanding the Screen. (Monitor) (Arms) (Life Meter) (Dialogue Monitor) * INTRODUCTION OF THE ENEMY CHARACTERS Boss Characters CSRP Mode Bemul - A Proto-Bio monster. A mutation of a primitive life form. It has a large eye in the middle with tentacles extending from it. Anrock - A Bio-Geo monsters. A stone monster with biological properties. Virtually invincible. Zatan - A reptilian monster. Thought to be a surviving dinosaur of years past. Beware of its powerful tail. Sogalz - The evil ruler of the Nonmalta Empire. The Boss of all Bosses. Bandal - A Bionic Monster. A part machine part human monster, created in the evil laboratories of Nonmalta. SARP Mode Icamod - Sogalz's right hand monster. The number two monster of the Nonmalta Empire. * MINOR CHARACTERS HSS Mode Crysbali Anvil Diawheel Byrd Thumper Diadom Znail Dragon Bitonga Jelligun Quartz Geoid Stargun Diamech Spore VSS Mode Iceburn Firebird Fireball Homegun Worm Spilgut Homebase SARP Mode Stingle Loepin Listbat Bill

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