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Wild Gunman

Typed out by Steve Begin WILD GUNMAN Instruction booklet Mode d'emploi (picture of the light gun) Light Gun series Serie pistolet a rayons PAGE 1 ------ Look for this seal on all software and accessories for your Nintendo Entertainment System. It represents Nintendo's commitment to bringing you only the highest quality products. Items not carrying this seal have not been approved by Nintendo, and do not meet our standards of excellence in workmanship, reliability and most of all, entertainment value. (picture of "This seal is your assurance that NINTENDO has approved the quality of this product"). PAGE 2 ------ English. Thank you for selecting the Nintendo Entertainment System Wild Gunman Pak. This game requires the Zapper, Light Gun Attachment. Object of the game/Game description. Put yourself in the middle of a western showdown. Armed with the Zapper, it takes a quick hand and dead-eye to earn your reward. Draw against the most wanted outlaws in the West. Then, if you're brave enough, take on the whole gang at once! Please read this instruction booklet to ensure proper handling of your new game, and then save the booklet for future reference. 1. PRECAUTIONS 1) This is a high precision game. It should not be stored in places that are very hot or cold. Never hit or drop it. Do not take it apart. 2) Avoid touching the connectors, do not get them wet or dirty. Doing so may damage the game. 3) Do not clean with benzene, paint thinner, alcohol or other such solvents. 4) Read the instruction booklet for the Zapper thoroughly. Note: In the interest of product improvement, Nintendo Entertainment System specifications and design are subject to change without prior notice. (C) 1986 Nintendo PAGE 3 & 4 ---------- 2. CONNECTING THE ZAPPER TO THE NINTENDO ENTERTAINMENT SYSTEM CONTROL DECK. (picture) -------- | | ______ | TV |---------/ \ | | / NES \ -------- ----------- Zapper | _ _ ::|-Socket (no I'm not going to ----------- ascii-draw this one!) |______________________________________| Insert the Zapper's connector into the Controller socket 2. PAGE 5 & 6 ---------- 3. NAMES OF CONTROLLER PARTS AND OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS. Controller 1 used for START/SELECT Control Pad - not used. A button - not used. B button - not used. SELECT button When this button is pressed, the arrow ( -) ) on the screen moves. Line up the arrow with the game you wish to play. Game selection is also possible with the Zapper. START button Press this button to begin. Starting is also possible with the Zapper. Pause: If you wish to interrupt play in the middle of a game, press the START button. The pause tone will sound, and the game will stop. Press the START button again when you wish to continue play. The game will continue from where you left off. * The TOP SCORE will disappear if the reset switch is pressed or the power switch is turned off. 4. OPERATING THE ZAPPER. Target range: approx. 6 feet * The target range depends somewhat on the size of your TV. Adjusting the TV screen * The TV screen must have its contrast and brightness adjusted properly for this game. If not, shots may not hit the targets. Selecting and starting games with the Zapper * Point the Zapper away from the screen with the game menu displayed, and shoot. The arrow ( -) ) will move. * Line up the arrow ( -) ) with the game you wish to play, and then shoot directly at the screen. The game you selected will start. (picture of a little boy holding the Zapper and pointing it at a TV) PAGE 7 ------ 5. HOW TO PLAY Game A In this game, you draw against a single gunman. * When the gunman's eyes flash and he says "Fire," he'll draw his gun and fire. * The hit range is the entire TV screen. * "You Won" is displayed when the gunman is beaten, "You Lost" is displayed when the gunman beats you. * If you shoot before the gunman says "Fire", "Foul" appears on the screen and you lose the wave. * As the game proceeds, faster shooting gunmen appear (maximum speed 0.4 seconds). (picture of Game A screen) Quickshooting time of the player (top right of the screen) Shooting time of the gunman (under the player's Quickshooting time) Score (middle bottom of the screen) Wave number (beside the score and preceded with a "W:" mark) Number of players left (under the Wave number & preceded with a gun icon) Reward for the gunslinger (bottom right of the screen) Game B In this game you draw against two gunmen. Play just like Game A, except that sometimes only one gunman will say "Fire." When this happens, shoot only the gunman who says "Fire." (picture of Game B screen) PAGE 8 ------ Game C Point the gun toward the screen and wait. Then gunmen appear one after another from the windows and door of the building. Shoot them before they shoot you. * Beat 10 gunmen to clear a wave. * You have 15 bullets. (picture of Game C screen) Number of bullets (bottom left corner of screen) Score (bottom center of the screen) Wave number (bottom right of the screen and beside a "W:" mark) Number of players left (under Wave number and beside a Gun Icon) [RULES] Games A and B 1) The gunman says "Fire." At the same time, his eyes flash and he draws his gun. 2) Quickly draw your gun and shoot the gunman. * It is against the rules for a player to draw his gun before the gunman does. 3) The player loses if the gunman shoots first. 4) If you shoot & hit the gunman before he says "Fire," it is a "Foul" and you lose. * It is also a "Foul" in Game B to shoot the gunman who did not say "Fire" first. 5) The game ends after three losses. PAGE 9 ------ Game C 1) Shoot 10 gunmen with 15 bullets. * Two gunmen may appear at the same time. 2) The player loses if a gunman shoots first, and the game ends after three losses. [Scoring] Games A and B When the gunman is beaten, the reward become the score. In addition, bonus points are awarded, depending on the number of seconds left after beating the gunman. The quicker the win the higher the bonus. Game C After beating a gunman, the score is displayed. These are added up as the game proceeds. PAGE 10 ------- [Characters] WANTED (Picture of 5 criminals.) PAGE 11 & 12 ------------ Warranty (not written) PAGE 13 to 25 ------------- French version of the booklet (not written, peut-etre plus tard!) (maybe someday!)

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