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Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego?

Typed out by Will Armstrong NES-9K-USA How to play Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego? --- Konami Limited Warranty --- Welcome to the world of Konami! You're now the proud owner of Konami's authentic version of Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego? for the Nintendo Entertainment System. We suggest that you read the following instructions thoroughly before dialing your Chronoskimmer for a blast to the past. TABLE OF CONTENTS A MEMO FROM THE CHIEF.................4 LETTER OF EMPLOYMENT..................6 WORKING AT ACME Sign in, Please......................7 Resuming a Previous Career...........7 Your Assignment......................8 The Object of Your Mission...........8 CHRONOSKIMMER USER'S MANUAL..........10 FROM THE DESK OF THE CHIEF...........15 Deciphering Clues...................16 Deciphering A Sample Clue...........17 --- A MEMO FROM THE CHIEF To: All Acme Offices From: The Chief Re: Sandiego, Carmen As you all know, Carmen Sandiego is the ringleader of an international band of thieves who have been making life difficult for Acme and police forces throughout the world. They travel from one country to another as easily as you or I go to the supermarket. While we've been able to nab her precious mobs, no prison seems able to hold her. I need you all to help Acme crack its toughest assignment yet...track Carmen through time! Carmen and her V.I.L.E. henchmen have gained the ability to travel through time. They've broken into a super-secret laboratory and made off with the latest model time machine. Not content with pillaging the present, they are using this technology to loot the most famous treasures of the past 1500 years: Napoleon's hat, Don Quixote's lance, and even Paul Revere's horse. (Fortunately they took Mr. Revere's hore on April 19, 1775, the day after his famous ride, so no damage was done.) You will be issued the latest development in portable time travel devices; the Chronoskimmer 325i. You will use it to travel 1500 years of time and 48 locations. You can electronically scan the crime scene for clues and translate conversations with witnesses. It also contains a Capture Robot to nab your suspect with a minimum of fuss. --- Acme has been granted a Federal Time Travel Commission license allowing us to use the Chronoskimmer with certain time limit restrictions. The attached information will assist you in your tasks. Best of luck from all of us at Headquarters. We're counting on you! THE CHIEF --- ACME Detective Agency Acme Detective Agency Time Crime Division Acme Bldg. San Francisco, California Greetings: Acme Detective Agency is pleased to offer you the position of Time Cadet in our Time Crime Division. This letter makes the offer official and outlines the details of your employment. Please report to the Personnel Department on the 2nd floor of the Acme Building to complete the necessary forms priot to starting work. You will report to a veteran agent during your probation period. You will be eligible for all Acme employee benefits should you survive your initial period of employment. Promotions are based on merit and the ability to remain alive long enough to earn them. I have enclosed some background information that you may find useful. Please review this material before you arrive as it will give you a better chance of surviving your first cases. We're very pleased to have you join Acme; we look forward to the significant contribution we know you will bring to the position Sincerely, DIANE CALDICOTT Diane Caldicott Personnel Manager --- WORKING AT ACME Sign in, Please You will begin the game in the elevator of the Acme Detective Agency. If you wish to start a new career as an Acme detective, then go up to the Personnel Office on the second floor. The Personnel Manager will ask you to sign a standard Acme Detective Agency Liability Release Form. Use the CONTROL PAD to highlight the letters, and the A BUTTON to enter your choice. (If you make a mistake, select [RUB] and press the A BUTTON to backspace.) Once you sign in, you will be issued a Chronoskimmer and then given your first assignment. Resuming a Previous Career Every detective needs to take a break from work now and then. When you exit the game, you are assigned a Security Access Code. When you return to the game, the Personnel Manager will ask you to sign in again. If you have a Security Access Code, she will ask you to enter it. If it matches, you will resume your detecting with the same acconplishments as when you left. That means you'll have the same rank and credit for all your solved cases, but you won't be involved in the case you were investigating when you left --- Your Assignment Your Chronoskimmer will run through its on-board diagnostics and then connect you with the Chief. He will give you an assignment. You'll be told what treasure was stolen, where it was stolen from and when, whether the criminal was a man or a woman, and how much time the Federal Time Travel Commission has authorized for the use of your Chronoskimmer. The Object of Your Mission The thief is heading for a hideout somewhere in time. There are sixteen possible suspects. To win the game and advance your career, you must accomplish two tasks before your deadline: *Track the thief's movements to his or her final destination. You have to use the clues you'll find at each location to determine where the criminal is going next. *Determine the identity of the criminal and obtain an arrest warrant. You will gather clues to the criminal's identity as you interview witnesses and informants. --- Warrants are issued based on information you've entered in the Evidence Database. Therefore, as you uncover clues to the culprit's identity, be sure to log them in the Evidence Database. As you complete cases you will recieve promotions. You start as a Time Cadet, and as you move up the ranks you will become a Time Patroller, Time Investigator, Time Inspector, Time Detective, Ace Time Detective and Super Time Sleuth. Once you have solved about 80 cases, you are retired from active duty. You can continue to serve Acme by signing in under an alias - a good idea, as Carmen's gang may be after you. --- CHRONOSKIMMER USER'S MANUAL The basic operation of your Chronoskimmer is very simple: use your CONTROL PAD to move the pointer to the desired option, then press the A or B BUTTON to enter your choice. To get the most out of your state-of-the-art time travel apparatus, the following section will cover each of the functions on the Chronoskimmer. --- Selection Buttons These buttons are used to choose between options offered by the Chronoskimmer. For example, in travel mode, the buttons will be used to select a time and place. Using the CONTROL PAD, move the pointer to the button you wish and press the A or B BUTTON to select. Travel/Time Leap Button When you select this button, the Chronoskimmer displays the destination panel. This contains the locations and time periods that you can travel to from your current location. Next to each time/place option is a selection button. Pressing one of these activates the Warp Sequence that transfers you to that destination. If you are using the Travel buttons to help evaluate a clue, you can simply move the pointer to a different option button, such as the Data or Search buttons. --- Search Button Selecting the Search button lets you interrogate witnesses, question informants, and scan the crime scene for clues to the villain's appearance and character traits. When you first choose the Search button, you will see three options appear next to the Selection buttons. You may use these buttons as often as you wish, but they use precious time! Two options let you question witnesses or informants. The third searches the location for physical evidence. Each button provides you with a different clue. Sometimes a witness or informant will have information about the suspect's character. If this is the case, the option more will apear at the bottom of the Communication Window. Checking this information does take a little more time, so keep your eye on the Time Remaining Clock. If there is no more information from that source, the option CONTINUE appears. --- Data Button Selecting the Data Button lets you use the Chronoskimmer to enter Evidence and view the Dossiers (A dossier is a file containing information about a suspect.) Each dossier contains a list of the gang member's sex, hair, and eye color, and favorite author and/or artist. The Chronoskimmer also contains the Evidence Database. This checks your notes in the database against all of the criminal's dossiers. If it finds a single match, you are issued a warrant and the Capture Robot is activated. If more than one suspect matches the clues you've entered, you are given a list of possible suspects. You'll need to collect more clues to get a warrant issued. Note: Only one warrant can be active at a time. If you modify or add to the Evidence Database and then choose COMPUTE, any existing warrant may become void even if no new warrant is issued. You can leave the Evidence Database by selecting any other option with the CONTROL PAD and pressing the A or B BUTTON. --- Abort Button Selecting the Abort Button lets you quit the case your are investigating and leave the game, if you wish. If you select Abort and change your mind, you are given an option to resume the game. --- FROM THE DESK OF THE CHIEF Remember to work quickly. Keep track of the time left on the Chronoskimmer control panel. The Federal Time Travel Commission has never granted an extension on authorized hours for solving a crime. Don't waste time traveling to destinations unless you're sure its the one to which the suspect has fled. You'll know you are on the right track when you see a suspicious looking person or occurrence on the location panel. The suspect uses other V.I.L.E. gang members to check you out when you are getting close. If you interrogate a witness and they know nothing, you are probably in the wrong location. Beware of sneak attacks - they mean you're closing in on your suspect's hideout. Make sure that you have a warrant before you close in in or the criminal will get away. You may want to return to the previous location to gather more clues or obtain a warrant. --- Keep notes on a piece of paper. Not all of the clues are contained in The New American Desk Encyclopedia. You will find additional location clues in the destination descriptions that appear in the communication window on your Chronoskimmer. Keep track of everything, you never know what might be important. Don't get discouraged. Even an Ace Detective can't solve every case. Remember that as you rise up in the ranks, the cases become more difficult Dechiphering Clues The key to your success in tracking Carmen and her gang is to decipher the clues you find accurately and efficiently. Remember that you may be able to decipher clues and information from both The New American Desk Encyclopedia and the on-screen descriptions of each destination. --- You'll find it easier to locate the information you need for your investigation if you become familiar with The New American Desk Encyclopedia. Take a moment to look at the section "How to Use" at the beginning of the Encyclopedia. When you look up an item, you may want to note those additional items cross-referenced in the entry. Cross references are in small caps. Deciphering a Sample Clue Here's how I teach my detectives to solve a clue: If your investigations don't lead to any immediate conclusions, consider checking possible destinations by looking at the destination panel. For example, let's say you use the Scanner button, and the clue is: "You find a telescope." This doesn't bring a specific destination immediately to mind. To narrow down the possibilities you check the location panel and find four locations/times: India 1700-1899, Spain 1900-1959, Japan 400-1299, and Italy 1300-1699. With these possible destinations in mind, look up "telescope". Reading through the entry, you find cross-references to "astronomy" and "Galileo", but nothing that helps narrow down the search. Looking up "astronomy", you find several references: Babylonia, China and Egypt, all prior to 2000 B.C., to early for your use. Other references include Greece (Not in the destination panel list) and a second cross-reference to "Galileo." Time to look him up. The entry for Galileo shows that he was an Italian who lived from 1564 to 1642, and that he was the first to use the telescope for astronomical observations. Both his location and time match one of the destinations found on the destination panel. Time to take a trip to Italy. If some of the clues seem harder than this to solve, you can widen your investigation by doing a second or third scan of the area, or questioning witnesses. For example, doing a second scan in this case would turn up the clue: "'Galileo Galilei' is scratched on the side of the telescope," and a third scan would reveal: "The telescope was manufactured in 1609." Remember, however, that you've got a deadline and investigating takes up valuable time. THE CHIEF --- TREAT YOUR KONAMI Game Pak Carefully *This Konami Game Pak is a precision-crafted device with complex electronic circuitry. Avoid subjecting it to undue shock or extremes in temperature. Never attempt to open or dismantle the cartridge. *Do not touch the terminal leads or allow them to come into contact with water or the game circuitry will be damaged. *Always make sure your NES Control Deck is SWITCHED OFF when inserting the Game Pak or removing it from the NES Control Deck. --- COMPLIANCE WITH FCC REGULATIONS --- NOTES

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